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Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

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Yeah, can't wait to hear you chirp some more.


If you haven't noticed, I only have something to say in response to your insults. 


If you haven't noticed, I asked for the other "Cheese" thread to be locked, because it offered no

further value. *We* destroyed that thread with our own personal opinions, and you couldn't help but run

over here mins. after I win another championship to make that remark. The exact same thing, again. How coincidental. 


If you need to make that comment otherwise and don't like Lumber or myself, then suggesting another league

is a reasonable solution to that problem till reset.


If you stick to the subject matter and don't attack people you'd be fine, and If you really care about the sim

and its creators then keep your points directed to the subject of the thread.


GPM has already commented on this topic days ago in the other thread so it would be great if 

we could move on. 

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