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WFFL Considering Madden '08 For PC

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WFFL Considering Madden '08 For PC


The long-running Web Freaks Football League ( ) has been on hiatus for 2 years now and we're considering a switch to Madden '08 as our game engine.


We played a very fun FOURTEEN consecutive seasons using FBPro'98 - from 2003 through 2010 the longest uninterrupted continuous-season streak in H2H FBPro league history!


But lack of interest has put the league on hold and now that we have found that Madden '08 can now be modified to have Custom teams, Custom players, with Custom plays - playing our games LIVE "Head- To-Head" online - we're very interested in starting up again!


The Madden '08 league that inspired us is this "Joystick-Mode" league, the SMCFL:


Unfortunately I am not a fan of joystick play otherwise I would just join that league.


We would like to use that model and make our own league as "Coach-Mode"


If you or anyone you know has Madden '08 Commissioner- experience and know how to help set up and run a "Custom Coach Mode" league like this with Custom team locations, names, uniforms, stadiums, player names, etc. please let us know - we have the web site and plenty of web space to host the league!


League membership size will simply depend on how many coaches are interested in playing.


Our Mission Statement:

What we want here is a fun "Coach's league".


That means parity- all players have the same ratings. There are no super freak players with crazy abilities. We like our "fresh" player names, custom teams and logos.


The rules are strict- but only because we want AI-buster free games.


The coaches in this league are able to trust each-other to play a clean and honest game- because we are all committing at least an hour of our time each week to play these league games...




Please contact me at: jaytando [at] yahoo [dot] com if interested!!

Jay the FBPro-Fan

"Give Us This Day Our Daily Online Football"


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