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Fishbowl Map

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Looks like a northern and southern conference would be more appropriate for this league. A theoretical current Conference standings for Fishbowl gold would be something like this:


(x indicates playoff position)


Northern Conference


1.x Wildwood Violent Rush

2.x Montmorency Vortex

3.x Larson Knights

4.x Sellwood Spirits

5.x Hawkeye Revolution

6. Pinewood Lumberjacks

7. Wolfe Wolves

8. Batchawana Battlin Bears


Southern Conference


1.x Urbancrest Comets

2.x Horn Lake Hooligans

3.x Jolly Rattlers

4. Portland Cyclones

5. Cuba City Eagles

6. Cedar Rapids Panthers

7. Blenheim Pirates

8. Mississauga Masons


However, if playoffs were determined by conference standings instead, 6th place Hawkeye would miss the playoffs in favour of 9th place Portland.


Clearly the Northern Conference is the better conference on paper, boasting 5 out of the eight current playoff teams. However, historically the Southern Conference has been much better, with Jolly, Blenheim, Horn Lake, Cedar Rapids, and Cuba City awarding the South seven out of only nine cups ever awarded in Fishbowl. Larson and Wildwood have two cups representing the North.


Sigh, just like in real life, Canadian teams seem to completely struggle in the playoffs. Perhaps Canadian cities are cursed?




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I like yours better.  I need to do Biscuit over without the circles around each logo.



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