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PRESS RELEASE - Spring Valley Statesmen Welcome New Ownership

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Spring Valley, WI



A new owner has taken over for the Spring Valley Statesmen of the LIHL.  New Owner/Manager Arthur Kuh has been quoted as saying, "Anything is possible for this team.  Right now we're trying to get a handle on the talent we have and how we can rework our roster.  I expect some growing pains, but our aim is to bring a Championship to Spring Valley."


"We're not locked into anything right now." Kuh said in reference to if he would be open to trades.  "Everything is an option.  We will listen to all callers."


The Statesmen have gone through many ownership over its years, but Kuh says he is committed to the challenge.


Since taking over the reigns the Statesmen have gone 3-0-0-4.


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