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Fishbowl Power Rankings season 10

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* This is slightly different from other formulas used. I thought that the performance of goalies varies so much that I thought that their values weight shouldn't be changed. Here's what I used: Overall = (OFF + DEF * 2 + SG) / 25

* Like others, I went for 3 significant digits - however, I went to 4 whenever I needed to break a tie.

* This is based off day 3 teams after free agents were signed.


1.Larson Knights (GM: Kelvin .)

              OFF: 89.4 DEF: 92.2 SG: 92 OVR:  90.8

Previous finish: 1st


2.Horn Lake Hooligans (GM: Mike Grub)

              OFF: 87.8 DEF: 89 SG: 97 OVR: 88.72

Previous finish: 10th


3.Hawkeye Revolution (GM: Marcel Proust - MProust)

              OFF: 87.8 DEF: 89.5 SG: 89 OVR: 88.68

Previous finish: 3rd


4.Cuba City Owls (GM: Mare Maro)

              OFF: 87.8 DEF: 88.8 SG: 88 OVR: 88.3

Previous finish: 5th


5.Urbancrest Comets (GM: Noah High)

              OFF: 86.4 DEF: 88 SG: 93 OVR: 87.4

Previous finish: 12th


6.Cedar Rapids Panthers (GM: Mauri Nieminen)

              OFF: 88.8 DEF: 85.7 SG: 89 OVR: 87.3

Previous finish: 4th


7.Wildwood Violent Rush (GM: Juho Kainulainen - Keskustankeisari)

              OFF: 86 DEF: 88.2 SG: 91 OVR: 87.24

Previous finish: 2nd + Golden Cup


8.Pinewood Lumberjacks (GM: Matt H - MattLumberjacks)

              OFF: 87.1 DEF: 87.2 SG: 89 OVR: 87.20

Previous finish: 9th


9.Montmorency Vortex (GM: Peter T. - Ineffableleafs)

              OFF: 85.8 DEF: 87.5 SG: 93 OVR: 86.9

Previous finish: 7th


10.Jolly Rattlers (GM: computer, previously Jaryn Barnes)

              OFF: 85.5 DEF: 86 SG: 90 OVR: 86.7

Previous finish: 8th


11.Sellwood Spirits (GM: Misco Grossi)

              OFF: 86.1 DEF: 86.6 SG: 89 OVR: 86.6

Previous finish: 6th


12.Mississauga Masons (GM: computer)

              OFF: 86.9 DEF: 85.5 SG: 88 OVR: 86.3

Previous finish: 14th


13.Batchawana Battlin Bears (GM: Joe Leconte)

              OFF: 85.7 DEF: 86 SG: 87 OVR: 85.9

Previous finish: 2nd SHL


14.Wolfe Wolves (GM: Marcel Cloutier)

              OFF: 85.1 DEF: 86.2 SG: 90 OVR: 85.8

Previous finish: 11th


15.Portland Cyclones (GM: Zach Furness)

              OFF: 84.1 DEF: 84.7 SG: 91 OVR: 84.7

Previous finish: 1st SHL


16.Blenheim Pirates (GM: Martin J.)

              OFF: 84.3 DEF: 83.3 SG: 92 OVR: 84.4

Previous finish: 13th


According to the overalls;

Best Offense: Larson Knights at 89.4

Best Defense: Larson Knights at 92.2

Best Goaltending: Horn Lake Hooligans at 97


I'll probably edit this in a little bit to show how much salary each team is spending on their top roster.

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Good stuff! Thanks for going to the work of putting these power rankings together, I always find it interesting to see where everyone falls (compared with how they perform). Good luck to everyone this season, and may the best team win!

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