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Staff of GPHM - Need help, advice or any other support?

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There are three different roles of the GPHM staff; Moderator, Advisor and Support team member. You're always welcome to contact any staff member at any time. Check the role descriptions below to know who is best suited to assist you.



Moderators main task is to help users find information on the forum and moderate posts and topics.


Current moderators (hover names for more info)



A moderator’s role include:

  • Help users find information on the forum
  • Moderate forum posts, for example:
    - Move topics that may have been created in the wrong section
    - Merge duplicate topics
    - Lock or delete offensive or inappropriate topics and posts
  • Help keep discussions healthy and constructive
  • Notify the support team with any urgent problem that have not been reported or already tended to
  • Move, lock or delete bug reports that have been stated not being an actual bug



Advisors main task is to help users with game related questions and contribute to the help files.


Current advisors (hover names for more info)





An advisor’s role include:

  • Help new users (if asked) to get going with the game basics
  • Answer any game related question asked on the forum (if not already answered)
  • Contribute to the Help files section of the forum. Specially for frequently asked questions.
  • Help sort out if a reported bug is actually a bug
  • Suggest and prioritise most wanted features for future development
  • Notify the developer if any feature or game aspect isn’t working  out as intended or is flawed (not bugged).


Support team

Support team members main task is to take action against cheaters and help users with urgent problems.


Current support team (hover names for more info)




NOTE! Please send an email to [email protected] to get in contact with the support team.


A support team members role include:

  • User account management
  • Investigate reported cheating suspicions
  • Help users with any other urgent problems

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