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For the first ever player of the day, I have decided to nominate the first player drafted in the Fishbowl universe, Jeffrey Richardson.




Drafted: 1st overall, season 4

Drafted by: New Hartford Rangers

Current Team: Larson Knights


Age: 21

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 214lbs

Shoots: Left


For his only minor league year, Jeffrey played 37 games for the Regina Condors in the CAJHL and posted an incredible 97 points, including 71 points (a career high) and 26 assists. His ridiculous amount of goals earned him both CAJHL goal scorer of the year and point getter of the year.


After going first overall to the New Hartford Rangers, he immediately signed with the team in hopes of elevating the recently promoted Rangers and win the Golden Cup. Unfortunately, the season did not go as planned and Jeffrey played abysmally and Rangers remained near the bottom of the league. In a last ditch effort to avoid relegation, Richardson was traded to the league leaders Larson Knights in return for a few average players in their prime. The trade failed and the Rangers went on to be demoted in the SHL where they are still currently playing today.


For his first season in the GHL, he posted 13 points in 47 games for the Rangers and 5 points in 4 games for the Knights.


Over the next few seasons, his play has been improving and in season 6, lifted the Golden Cup with the Knights. In season 7, Richardson put up his GHL career high 54 points in 52 games. He also extended his contract to an astonishing contract of 3.2mil for 10 seasons.


Currently, in season 8, Richardson has posted 46 points in 38 games putting him 2nd in the scoring race, 3 points behind 1st.







*note: I doubt that I will actually do this every day, If you have an interesting player, please post about him for me.  :)



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Player of the Day #2 - Vincenc Janez       Player Link: http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=23541

Top GHL centerman, currently the 4th highest reputed player in game world Fishbowl is none other than Slovenian Vincenc Janez.

Standing at 6'2", and 203lbs, the versatile right shooter is a built player.

He began his journey in season 1, at 81 overall, aged 26.

He was signed by the Butte City Bald Eagles in season 1 to a 2 year, $2.75 million per season contract.

In his first season, he racked up a decent 10 goals and 29 points in 39 games.

However, the tide turned, as in his second season, he scored 64 points in a full 60 game season.

He never again reached those heights with Butte City, and that led him to be shipped out of town (or should I say city) in season 5 after three 20 goal seasons, and scoring 244 points in 266 games, a very consistent total.

He was shipped out to Horn Lake 55 games into season 5, to help on Horn Lake's playoff run, scoring a combined 66 points for both teams.

There he only scored 4 points in 9 playoff games, but he and his team won the Golden Cup, making the deal work out for Horn Lake to this day. Butte City Bald Eagles went on a downwards spiral since, with the GM resigning, but a new one did come in and relocated the team, and they look to have a good future.

By then, Janez' rating hit 87 and was still trending upwards.

The superstar immediately signed a 2 year deal at $4.3 million aav.

The Horn Lake Hooligans got their money's as Janez scored a career high 61 assists to go along with 15 goals.

Sadly, the 30 year old then began to trend downward ever since in points, though his overall is strong at 90.

So far in his career, he has racked up 431 games, scoring 430 points, including 162 goals. His faceoff percent is 57.4%.





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