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Five Friends/Foes (DDSCB2017)

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Post-Season Tournaments


Tournament Selections: 

Conference T teams:

Cornell is the 8th seed in the East in the CIT Tournament
Howard is the 3rd seed in the East in the CIT Tournament
Samford is the 4th seed in the West in the CIT Tournament
Loyola-Maryland is the 6th seed in the West in the CBI Tournament
Sacramento State is in a play in game for 16th seed in the East in the NCAA Tournament

Conference U teams:

Abilene Christian is the 3rd seed in the South in the CIT Tournament
Utah Valley is the 7th seed in the West in the CBI Tournament
Lamar is the 8th seed in the West in the CBI Tournament
Wofford is the 5th seed in the West in the CBI Tournament
SIU-Edwardsville is the 14th seed in the East in the NCAA Tournament

CIT Tournament:

CIT Tournament—1st Round:

Western Carolina—74, Cornell—63
Howard—87, Monmouth—77
Arkansas-Pine Bluff—76, Samford—67
Abilene Christian—87, New Jersey Tech—67

CIT Tournament—2nd Round:

Ohio—90, Howard—80
Abilene Christian—80, Hartford—63

CIT Tournament—3rd Round:

Abilene Christian—74, Navy—72

CIT Tournament—Semi-Finals:

Abilene Christian—79, Arkansas-Pine Bluff—68

CIT Tournament—Championship:

Western Carolina—77, Abilene Christian--62

CBI Tournament:

CBI Tournament—1st Round:

Lamar—74, Brown—57
Utah Valley—73, Washington State—54
Fordham—71, Wofford—67 (The lead swayed back and forth throughout the first half, with Wofford holding a slim 31-29 lead at the break. But turnovers by the Terriers allowed Fordham to jump ahead in the 2nd half by as much as 16 points. Wofford came back in late in the game but the gap was just too much to overcome. C Jamaal Hobbs scored 18 and had 9 rebounds for Wofford and PG Antuan Lackey hit for 12 points and dished out 6 assists while SG Victor Griffin scored 11 and grabbed 8 boards.)
Purdue—79, Loyola-Maryland—63

CBI Tournament-2nd Round:

Fordham—67, Lamar—65
Purdue—82, Utah Valley--67

NCAA Tournament:

NCAA Tournament--Play in game:

Sacramento State—74, Lafayette—70

NCAA Tournament—1st Round:

Syracuse—79, Sacramento State—51
Texas—72, SIU-Edwardsville—64

Tournament Champions:

CIT: Western Carolina
CBI: Purdue
NIT: Indiana
NCAA: Oregon

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PF Robert Allocco—Conference T 1st Team All-Conference

PF Maurice Braun—Conference U 2nd Team All-Conference

Announcement: Robert Allocco announced that he has accepted an offer to play for Umana Venezia in the Italian professional league next season.


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With the exception of Wofford’s Kyle Anders, all of the other 5 coach’s recruiting quite simply…sucked. Anders had 4 scholarships to award and signed 4 recruits with national rankings of #1059, 1414, 1630, and 1742.

On the other hand:

DJ Brower of Chicago State had 7 scholarships to offer, but only signed 3 recruits with national rankings of #1061, 1579, and 1644.

Monroe Thurlow of Cal-Davis had 8 scholarships to offer, but only signed 3 recruits with national rankings of #538, 1321, and 1525. 

Parsons Nyland of Jacksonville had 5 scholarships to offer, but only signed 2 recruits with national rankings of #1412 and 1491.

Vernell Strom of Texas State had 5 scholarships to offer, but only signed 2 recruits with national rankings of #1067 and 1241.

Totally inexcusable!

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Coaching and Team records/update


Coach and Team Records after 2 seasons:

DJ Brower, Chicago State Cougars, 30-27, .526, NIT (1st round), Reputation: 11, Team Prestige: 13
Kyle Anders, Wofford Terriers, 31-28, ,525, CBI (1st round), Reputation: 11, Team Prestige: 13
Monroe Thurlow, Cal-Davis Aggies, 27-34, .443, NCAA (Play-in), Reputation: 10, Team Prestige: 11
Vernell Strom, Texas State Bobcats, 28-28, .500, NIT (1st round), Reputation: 11, Team Prestige: 13
Parsons Nyland, Jacksonville Dolphins, 28-31, .475, Reputation: 10, Team Prestige: Team Prestige: 10

All 5 coaches remained with their initial teams. 

Assistant Coaches:

Wofford—contracts for all 3 assistants expired and were not renewed. (Wofford hired 3 new assistants, 2 of whom had very good skill ratings for scouting and recruiting)
Texas State—contracts for all 3 assistants expired and were not renewed. (Texas State hired 3 new assistants, 2 of whom had very good skill ratings for scouting and player development and one of whom had reasonably good ratings across the board)
Cal-Davis—contracts for all 3 assistants expired and were not renewed. (Cal-Davis hired 3 new assistants, one of whom had very good skill ratings for player development and one of whom had reasonably good ratings across the board)

Starter graduation:

Cal-Davis losing 4 of its 5 starters to graduation.
Chicago St. losing 4 of its 5 starters to graduation.
Texas St. losing 3 of its 5 starters to graduation.
Jacksonville losing 3 of its 5 starters to graduation.
Wofford losing 3 of its 5 starters to graduation.

So none of the teams will go into next season with a depth of experience.

Board Requests:

All of the 5 coaches had their requests denied for improvements that they made to their respective boards.


Cal-Davis and Chicago State will remain in Conference T and Wofford and Jacksonville will remain in Conference U for the 2018-2019 season. After being promoted last season from Conference U to Conference T, Vernell Strom’s Texas State Bobcats will regress back to Conference U for the 2018-2019 season.

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2018-2019 Season


The third season (2018-2019) of coaching begins for the 5 Friends/Foes. None of the 5 coaches has yet to show much success. Having been unable to replenish their rosters with any stellar recruits, the prospects for a break out this season appear dim, but hope springs eternal.



Assistant Coach Hiring


Following two lackluster recruiting seasons at Texas State, you’ve got to wonder about Vernell Strom. He hired strong scouting and player development assistants, but failed to hire a good recruiting assistant. That doesn’t bode well for the Aggies this season.

On the other hand, Kyle Anders at Wofford hired a strong recruiting assistant. His new scout also is strong. But he was unable to bring a strong player development assistant on board.

At Cal-Davis, Monroe Thurlow hired a strong player development assistant. But his new recruiting and scouting assistants are both subpar. The Aggies also have had 2 poor recruiting seasons, so it looks like Thurlow will be hard-pressed to turn things around on that front this season

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Transfer Sessions:


Bad news for Cal-Davis. C/PF Dale Linton (one of the few remaining strengths for the team inside) decided to transfer away from the school.


With 4 of the 5 teams coached by the “friends” have a lot of unfilled scholarships (Cal-Davis has 6 unfilled scholarships, Chicago State has 4 unfilled scholarships and Jacksonville and Texas State both have 3 unfilled scholarships), you’d think that all 4 of those schools’ coaches would be trying to fill some of these vacancies with transfer players. So let’s see what the results were:


Session #1: no transfers to any of the 4 schools.

Session #2: A ton of transfer players align with new schools. Texas State picks up a PF but the other 3 schools get no transfer players.

Session #3: Again a lot of transfer players picked up by many different schools. Texas State gets a SG. Jacksonville picks up a PF and PG. But Monroe Thurlow at Cal-Davis and DJ Brower at Chicago State still make to headway on filling scholarships.

Session #4: Fewer transfer players picked up this session and none by any of the 4 coaches.

Session #5: Just 4 transfers this session and none by any of the 4 coaches.

Session #6: Only 2 transfers in the final session and none by any of the 4 coaches.


So that means Cal-Davis will have 6 unfilled scholarships and 8 walk-ons this season and Chicago State will have 4 unfilled scholarships and 6 walk-ons while both Texas State and Jacksonville will have just one unfilled scholarship each and therefore both will have 3 walk-ons. All interior players for Cal-Davis are walk-ons. All PG’s for Chicago State are walk-ons. We’ll see if Monroe Thurlow and DJ Brower are able to overcome these big deficiencies. Otherwise it could be a long, hard season for these two Conference T teams.


But it raises the question: What’s the problem with Monroe Thurlow (Cal-Davis) and DJ Brower (Chicago State)? Poor recruiting and no transfer players.

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Summer and Fall Recruiting:


June 25, recruiting begins:

Here’s how many scholarships each of the 5 coaches needs to fill this season:

Parsons Nyland at Jacksonville: 4 with a $51,500 recruiting budget
DJ Brower at Chicago State: 6 with a $40,800 recruiting budget
Monroe Thurlow at Cal-Davis: 8 with a $40,600 recruiting budget
Kyle Anders at Wofford: 3 with a $42,950 recruiting budget
Vernell Strom at Texas State: 3 with a $42,300 recruiting budget

November 13, recruiting continuing (but coach focus now shifts to coaching games). Here’s how each of the 5 coaches has done thus far:

Parsons Nyland at Jacksonville: Has verbal commitments from 2 recruits (C ranked #1763 and PF ranked #1774) and has 2 scholarships to fill.
DJ Brower at Chicago State: Has verbal commitment from 1 recruit (SF ranked #1596) and has 5 scholarships to fill. 
Monroe Thurlow at Cal-Davis: Has verbal commitments from 2 recruits (C ranked #1216 and PG ranked #1792) and has 6 scholarships to fill.
Kyle Anders at Wofford: Has commitment from 1 recruit (SF ranked #682) and has 2 scholarships to fill.
Vernell Strom at Texas State: Has verbal commitments from 2 recruits (C ranked #1228 and SG ranked #1317) and has 1 scholarship to fill.

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Predictions for the upcoming season


Conference T: 

DJ Brower’s Chicago State Cougars are predicted to finish 11th an Monroe Thurlow’s Cal-Davis Aggies are expected to finish last.

Chicago State has strength at the SG, SF, and PF positions but lacks experience and talent at the PG and C positions.

Cal-Davis’ strong point should be at the SF position with reasonably good ability also at PG and SG, but a weak interior is likely to produce problems for the Aggies.

Conference U: 

Vernell Strom’s Texas State Bobcats are predicted to finished 4th, Kyle Anders’ Wofford Terriers are projected to finish 8th, Parson Nyland’s Jacksonville Dolphins are anticipated to finish in 10th place.

Texas State’s strength positions appear to be at PG and PF and they are weakest at SG.

Wofford looks reasonably strong at all starting positions with the exception of SG.

Jacksonville seems to be strong at the two guard positions and also has experience back at the C position, but SF and PF are weaknesses.


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Jacksonville enters the season with two scholarship players on academic probation. PF Chris Richardson has a 1.5 GPA and PF Eric Harris has a 1.9 GPA. Coach Parsons Nyland has both players being tutored, hoping that Harris will regain eligibility after the fall academic term and before entering conference play. Richardson is a transfer player and needs to get above a 2.0 GPA before next year when he will be ready to join the team.


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Results from Week #1 (ending Nov. 19, 2018):


Jacksonville (0-0) at Grambling (0-0): Jacksonville and Grambling exchanged the lead several times in the early going, but then the Dolphins let Grambling pull away to fall behind 50-41 at the half. The Tigers expanded their lead in the 2nd half, and Jacksonville fell 83-68. Jacksonville let Grambling hit 52% of their FG attempts. PG Michael Frederick scored 14 and SG Jacque Thompson and PF Willie Howard added 10 for the Dolphins. [0-1]

Wofford (0-0) at Radford (0-0): Wofford streaked out to a 59-41 lead at the break. The Terriers then cruised to a 94-81 victory on the road. Both teams him over 50% of their FG attempts but Wofford hit 14 of 20 three points shots. Reserve SG Cory Whiting scored 18 points in 14 minutes of play and C Jamaal Hobbs hit for 14 points, SF Chris Wilder scored 11 points, and reserve DeShawn Wane added 10. C Rodney Hawkins scored 21 points for Radford. [1-0]

Texas St. (0-0) at Toledo (0-0): Texas State looked good in the first half, building a 15 point before going to the locker room with a 35-24 advantage. But Toledo put together a strong defense and an effective offense to come back with a vengeance in the 2nd half and put the Bobcats away 65-58. Texas State was out-rebounded 40-22. The Bobcat’s SF Darryl Brown hit for 15 points , PF Andre Virgil scored 12, reserve David Colbert put in 10 points and PG Garrick Allen dished out 7 assists while scoring 9. [0-1]

Cal-Davis (0-0) at St. Bonaventure (0-0): Cal-Davis took advantage of St. Bonaventure's turnover to jump out on top and build a 41-34 halftime lead. The Aggies continued to apply pressure in the 2nd half and opened an 18-point lead before settling for a 77-67 road win. SG Chauncey Ammons had a solid game with 16 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals. Supporting his effort for Cal-Davis were PG B.J. Dumas with 12 and PF Mark Stone with 10. PF Justin Reynolds scored 19 and grabbed 8 boards for St. Bonaventure. [1-0]

Furman (0-0) at Chicago St. (0-0): Chicago State hit their shots to take a 46-37 lead at the break. Even though Furman caught fire in the 2nd half, the Cougars offense continued to click and they won their season opener by a score of 94-86. Chicago State was led by PF Brian Cross who scored 22 points and pulled down 11 rebounds. SG Tom Romar scored 16 plus had 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks for the Cougars. Furman C Michael Evans scored 21 points. [1-0]

Bradley (1-0) at Jacksonville (0-1): Jacksonville could barely find their way to the basket in the first half and limped along to a 28-21 deficit at the half. But the Dolphins’ fortunes turned around in the 2nd half and they surged past the Braves to open a 7 point lead. Bradley rallied late to make it close, but Jacksonville pulled out a 64-61 win. SG Jacque Thompson dropped in 16 points, PF Marcus Graves scored 13 and had 9 rebounds, and reserves Willie Howard and Jamie Townes scored 11 and 10 points respectfully. [1-1]

Wofford (1-0) at Brigham Young (1-0): Wofford was never in this game and trailed 49-29 at the break. They were unable to rally in the 2nd half and were drubbed 81-62. Four Terriers scored in double figures: PF Chris Wilder (17), PF Rob Leonard (13), SG Sam Spurgeon (12) and C Brandon Linton (11). PF James Hendrik had a double-double (22 points and 11 rebounds) for Brigham Young. [1-1]

Texas St. (0-1) at Tulsa (0-0): Texas State was unable to keep up with the quickness o Tulsa and found themselves in a 44-28 hole at the halftime. Tulsa expanded their lead to 24 early in the 2nd half. The Bobcats got their offense in gear at that point, but the gap was far too great to overcome and they lost their 2nd straight game on the road by a score of 84-70. Both teams hit over 50% of their shots, but 26 turnovers by the Bobcats were a killer. PG Garrick Allen popped in 21 points and SG Marcus Robertson added 12 for Texas State. All five starters for Tulsa scored in double figures. [0-2]

North Dakota (0-1) at Cal-Davis (1-0): The first half was a real battle with 10 lead changes, but Cal-Davis used a late spurt to give them a 43-37 halftime advantage. The Aggies clamped down defensively in the 2nd half holding North Dakota to just 18 points in the final stanza. Cal-Davis came away with a solid 72-55 victory. C Abraham Jackson topped the Aggies’ scoring with 22 points while PF Mark Stone and SG Chauncey Ammons both scored 13. [2-0]

Chicago St. (1-0) at Denver (1-0): Chicago State struggled but kept close to Denver in the first half, trailing 36-30 going to the 2nd half. The Pioneers came out of the locker room smoking and blitzed Chicago State by a 83-60 margin. PF Brian Cross led Chicago State with 15 points. [1-1]

Injuries: Cal-Davis’ PG B.J. Dumas has a badly bruised leg and is likely to miss the Aggies’ next game. SG Tom Romar is day-to-day for Chicago State with a shoulder injury.

Standouts in Week 1: 

Chauncy Ammons (Cal-Davis SG)-14.5 ppg, 7.0 rpg, 6.0 apg, 54.5% 3P%
Abraham Jackson (Cal-Davis C)-15.0 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.0 spg
Brian Cross (Chicago St. PF)-18.5 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 58.8% FG%
Jacque Thompson (Jacksonville SG)-13.0 ppg, 3.0 apg
Marcus Graves (Jacksonville SF)-11.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg
Garrick Allen (Texas St PG)-15.0 ppg, 5.5 apg, 2.0 spg, 55% FG%
Chris Wilder (Wofford SF)-14.0 ppg
Antuan Lackey (Wofford PG)-9.5 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 5.5 apg, 71.4% FG%, 80.0 %

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Results from Week #2 (ending Nov. 26, 2018):


Jacksonville (1-1) @ New Mexico (0-1, Conf D): Jacksonville hung with talented New Mexico for just a couple minutes and then the game slipped away from them. By the half, the Dolphins trailed 41-29. The Lobos didn’t let up in the 2nd half, so Jacksonville got rocked 84-63 as New Mexico poured in 30 points in the paint. 25 turnovers by the Dolphins kept them from ever being able to make a serious run. C Ross Walker led Jacksonville with 12 points and 7 rebounds. [1-2]

Wofford (1-1) @ Northwestern (2-1, Conf C): In Wofford’s 3rd straight game on the road, the Terriers nipped Northwestern early and opened a 16 point lead, but let the Wildcats back into the game and only led at the half by a 43-37 score. During the first portion of the 2nd half, there were 12 lead changes. Northwestern’s defense then tightened and Jacksonville fell 81-70. Northwestern scored 14 more points at the foul line. PF Rob Leonard knocked down 17 points and SF Chris Wilder had 15 for Wofford. [1-2]

Morehead St. (0-1, Conf N) at Texas St. (0-2): In Texas State’s first home game of the season, the Bobcats looked nervous early and fell behind by 11 points. But the Bobcats fought back to gain a 40-40 tie at the break. In the 2nd half, the Bobcats defense overwhelmed the Eagles. Texas State pulled away for a convincing 75-57 smack down of Morehead State. SF Darryl Brown, PF Andre Virgil, and PF Garrick Allen each scored 15 points for Texas State, while Virgil accomplished a double-double with 11 boards. [1-2]

Wright State (1-1, Conf I) at Cal-Davis (2-0): This game had 23 lead changes and 12 ties. Cal-Davis trailed 36-35 at the half. The Aggies out-lasted the Raiders to gain a 79-73 victory. For Cal-Davis, SG Chauncey Ammons poured in 19 points, PF Mark Stone scored 14, and SF Tori Johnson added 10. Wright State’s C Nate Hahn scored 16 and grabbed 12 rebounds. [3-0] 

Chicago St. (1-1) at North Dakota (0-2, Conf U): The first half was close throughout. Chicago State finished the half trailing 40-38. North Dakota scored early and often in the early stages of the 2nd half, and then hung on to pin a 75-67 loss on Chicago State. PG Desmond Pugh was the Cougars top scorer with 11 points while SG Tom Romar added 10. [1-2]

Hartford (2-1, Conf R) @ Jacksonville (1-2): This game was close the entire way. The score at the half was 41-38 in favor of Hartford. Momentum swayed back and forth throughout the 2nd half. With 2-1/2 minutes left in the game, Jacksonville finished a 6 point run that put them on top 61-58. Fortunes turned abruptly at that point when the Dolphins went stone cold and failed for score again, while the Hawks hit for 7 points resulting in a disappointing 65-61 loss for Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s offense was paced by C Ross Walker’s 14 points, SG Jacque Thompson’s 13 points, and SF Robbie Martin’s 10 points. Martin also had 7 steals. For Hartford, PG Josh Laster had 10 turnovers, but that was offset by last season’s Conference S freshman player of the year and 1st team all-conference C George Neal dominating the paint and scoring 21 points while hauling in 10 rebounds. His interior running mate, PF James Green, also had 10 boards. Another factor weighing in Hartford’s favor was that they got to the line 11 more times and scored 9 more points on free throws that the Dolphins. [1-3]

Delaware St. (2-1, Conf P) @ Wofford (1-2): Wofford gained control early in this contest. By the end of the first half the Terriers were in charge by a 38-25 score. Wofford’s dominance became even more pronounced in the 2nd half as they outshot the Hornets 60% to 34%, controlled the boards 27-15, and hit 11 of 14 from beyond the arc. After expanding their lead to 32 points, Wofford finished the game by whipping Delaware State 75-48. PF Rod Leonard and PG Antuan Lackey both scored 14 points to lead the scoring for the Terriers and reserve Colin Emery scored 12. [2-2] 

Texas St. (1-2) @ Iowa St. (0-2, Conf D): Texas State controlled the game early in the first half and built a 9-point lead. But Iowa State struck back and by the end of the half the Cyclones had the Bobcats in a 38-28 deficit. Iowa State then put on a dazzling offensive show in the 2nd half. Their lead grew to as much as 24 points. Texas State sustained an 88-71 drubbing. Texas State’s PF Andre Virgil scored 17 and pulled down 8 boards and SF Darryl Brown and PG Garrick Allen both scored 11 points. [1-3]

UIC (2-1, Conf O) @ Cal-Davis (3-0): The lead in this game shifted back and forth throughout the entire contest. At the half the score was tied 49-49. But following 29 lead changes and 16 ties, Cal-Davis allowed a home game to slip away by a score of 88-79 as UIC hit 14 of 24 three-point shots. SG Chauncey Ammons chipped in 13 points (as well as 7 rebounds and 5 assists), SF Tori Johnson had 12, PG B.J. Dumas scored 11, and reserve Dustin Jordan added 10. UIC’s PG Blane Grigsby dished out 11 assists. [3-1]

American (3-0, Conf U) @ Chicago St. (1-2): Chicago State relished home-cookin’ and jumped out to a 38-20 halftime advantage before dispensing with American 67-47. The Cougars held the Eagles shooting to just 24%. C Dane Jackson dropped in 17 points and PF Brian Cross hit for 13 for Chicago State. [2-2]

Injury: Reserve SG Will Rowland of Chicago State is nursing a sore knee but should be available for the Cougars’ next game. 

Standouts in Week 2: 

Dane Jackson (Chicago State C)-12.0 ppg and 6.5 rpg
Brian Cross (Chicago State PF)-10.5 ppg and 6.5 rpg
Chauncey Ammons (Cal-Davis SG)-16.0 ppg, 5.0 rpg, and 2.5 apg
Ross Walker (Jacksonville C)-13.0 ppg and 6.0 rpg
Garrick Allen (Texas St. PG)-13.0 ppg
Darryl Brown (Texas St. SF)-13.0 ppg and 67% 3P%
Andre Virgil (Texas St. PG)-16.0 ppg, 9.5 rpg, and 100% 3P%
Rod Leonard (Wofford PF)-15.5 ppg and 65% FG%

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Results from Week #3 (ending Dec. 3, 2018):


Jacksonville (1-3) @ Houston (1-2, Conf D): In the first half, Jacksonville was stymied by Houston’s defense and fell behind by a score of 37-18 at the break. Although the Dolphins’ offense improved in the 2nd half, they never could make inroads against the Cougars and were beaten 71-51. The biggest difference in the game was that Jacksonville had 23 turnovers to just 7 by Houston. C Ross Walker scored 12 and grabbed 12 rebounds and SG Jacque Thompson scored 10 and had 11 boards, a steal and 3 blocks. Houston’s PF Anthony Leath also had a double-double (17 points and 10 rebounds). Starting SF Robbie Martin sustained a stressed hamstring and will miss the next 2-3 games for Jacksonville. [1-4]


Wofford (2-2) @ Bethune-Cookman (4-0, Conf Q): Wofford was trounced the unbeaten Wildcats in the first half to the tune of 40-19. The Terriers fell behind by 32 in the 2nd half before rallying late to cut the final losing margin to 62-47. SF Chris Wilder and SG Sam Spurgeon both scored 10 points for Wofford while PG Antuan Lackey dished out 8 assists. [2-3]


Texas St. (1-3) @ Seattle (1-1, Conf V): There were 9 lead changes and 5 ties in the first half, but Texas State took control late to post a 38-30 halftime lead. The Bobcats dismantled the Redhawks in the 2nd half to garner a 76-53 road win. Texas State’s PG Garrick Allen popped in 22 points, SF Darryl Brown hit for 13 points, and C David Colbert scored 12. [2-3]


Cal-Davis (3-1) @ Dayton (1-3, Conf G): Dayton raced out to a 55-36 halftime advantage. Cal-Davis was unable to cut into the deficit in the 2nd and fell 83-63. For the Aggies, SF Tori Johnsen hit for 16 while reserves Tomas Morrill and Dustin Jordan scored 11 and 10 points, respectively. [3-2]


Air Force (2-1, Conf G) @ Chicago St. (2-2): Chicago State shot down the Falcons in the first half 42-34, but Air Force strafed the Cougars in the 2nd half to plant a 77-67 home loss of Chicago State. The Cougars were outshot by Air Force 51% to 41%. SG Tom Romar notched 19 points, C Dane Jackson hit for 12 points, reserve Lamont Millford scored 11, and PF Brian Cross added 10 points for Chicago State. [2-3]


Belmont (1-2, Conf N) @ Jacksonville (1-4): Jacksonville gradually built a lead throughout the first half and finished the half in front by a score of 34-26. The Dolphins expanded their lead to as much as 23 points in the 2nd half and knocked off the Bears 71-54. Jacksonville was led from the outside by SG Jacque Thompson’s 16 points and PG Michael Fredericks’ 14 points while PF Marcus Graves did interior damage with 10 points and 12 boards. [2-4]


UMBC (3-2, Conf Q) @ Wofford (2-3): Wofford dominated the Retrievers and took a 46-26 lead to the locker room. Connecting on 12 of 23 from 3-point land, the Terriers won easily 78-59. Reserve Colin Emery scored 18 points to lead Wofford’s offense while SG Sam Spurgeon hit for 14. [3-3]


Texas St. (2-3) @ Chicago St. (2-3): Vernell Strom and DJ Brower challenged each other. The game was close throughout, but Brower’s Cougars took a 40-34 lead at the half. In the 2nd half Strom’s Texas State team never game in but came out on the short end of a 75-67 score. PG Desmond Pugh and PF Brian Cross both scored 16 points (Cross also had 8 boards, 2 steals, and 3 blocks) for Chicago State while SG Tom Romar added 11 points and C Dane Jackson finished with 9 points and 12 rebounds. Texas State was led offensively by PF Darryl Brown with 14 points and PF Andre Virgil with 11 points. [Chicago State: 3-3; Texas State: 2-4]


Oregon St. (1-3, Conf E) @ Cal-Davis (3-2): After starting the season with 3 straight wins, Cal-Davis entered this game with a 2-game losing streak. Monroe Thurlow had the Aggies employ a solid defense which succeeded in their gaining a 29-23 halftime lead. Oregon State was unable to solve the Aggies’ defense in the 2nd half and Cal-Davis came away with a 53-46 victory. C Abraham Jackson scored 12 and SF Tori Johnsen added 11 for the Aggies. [4-2]


Award: SG Tom Romar of Chicago State was named the Conference T Freshman Player of the Week based on his scoring 30 points in the Cougars’ two games this week.


Injury: SF Robbie Martin of Jacksonville remains sidelined with a hamstring injury but should be ready to play in the Dolphin’s 2nd game this coming week.


Standouts in Week 3: 


Tom Romar (Chicago St. SG), 15.0 ppg

Brian Cross (Chicago St. PF), 13.0 ppg and 6.0 rpg

Dane Jackson (Chicago St. C), 10.5 ppg and 9.0 rpg

Tori Johnson (Cal-Davis SF), 13.5 ppg and 6.0 rpg

Jacque Thompson (Jacksonville SG), 13.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg and 2.5 bpg

Ross Walker (Jacksonville C), 10.0 ppg and 8.5 rpg

Garrick Allen (Texas St. PG), 13.5 ppg and 60.0% FG%

Darryl Brown (Texas St. SF), 13.5 ppg

Sam Spurgeon (Wofford SG), 12.0 ppg

Colin Emery (Wofford SF), 11.5 ppg and 64% FG%

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