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Five Friends/Foes (DDSCB2017)

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Over the years through premier youth basketball, AAU basketball, and college basketball, five players became friends. Sometimes they were on opposing teams and at other times they played on the same teams.

After graduating from college, all five eventually became assistant coaches. 

In 2016, college basketball realigned into twenty-two 16-team conferences. These were set up based on the present strengths of the 352 teams with the 16 best teams in Conference A, the next 16 best teams in Conference B, and all the way down to the lowest rated 16 teams being in Conference V.

Due to this drastic change, many coaches left or were fired so there were many colleges needing to hire coaches. The five assistants, who had continued to communicate regularly, decided the time was ripe for all five to apply for head coaching jobs. Since they would be rookie head coaches, they realized that they would have to aim for head coaching jobs at lower rated programs. They wanted to try to get jobs where they would be in direct competition with each other as much as possible. Since many of the colleges in Conference U had openings, they decided to focus on applying for jobs at colleges in that conference. During the spring of 2016 the five friends each landed a head coaching job at a college in Conference U and therefore, while remaining friends, were now also foes.

DJ Brower became the head coach for the Chicago State Cougars in Chicago, IL. Academics at Chicago State are rated as C- and its facilities are rated D+. Their team prestige is 13 and minimum SAT score is 860.

Kyle Anders landed a job with the Wofford Terriers in Spartanburg, SC. Academics at Wofford are rated B+ and facilities are rated C. Team prestige is 13 and the minimum SAT score is 960.

Monroe Thurlow became the new head coach for the Cal-Davis Aggies in Davis, CA. Academics at Cal-Davis are rated B and facilities are rated C. The minimum SAT score is 940.

Parsons Nyland is now the head coach for Jacksonville Dolphins in Jacksonville, FL. Academics at Jacksonville are rated C and facilities are rated B-. The minimum SAT score is 880.

Vernell Strom was hired to coach the Texas State Bobcats in San Marcos, TX. Academics at Texas State are rated C+ and facilities are rated C. The minimum SAT score is 900.

[This dynasty was developed to test the game’s multi-coach component. Therefor this dynasty report will focus mostly on how each of the coach’s teams are doing rather than developing a detailed story line. All team functions are being handled by the AI and games are being simmed to avoid favoring one coach over another.]
Chicago State—3 scholarships to fill; no recruits signed.

Wofford—1 scholarship to fill, verbal acceptance by PF Ron Leonard, a HS senior from Duncan, SC, a good defender and scorer who is ranked as the #593 best recruit nationally.

Cal-Davis—4 scholarships to fill, no recruits signed.

Jacksonville—2 scholarships to fill, verbal acceptance by PG Josh Jones, a HS senior from Daytona Beach, FL, a good ball handler and passer as well as a strong defender and good scorer who is ranked as the #1437 best recruit nationally.

Texas State—4 scholarships to fill, verbal acceptance by PG Collin Jackson, a HS senior from Lorenzo, TX, an excellent passer and good ball handler who is ranked as the #1441 best recruit nationally.

Obviously the five rookie head coaches and their assistants sucked with their recruiting efforts (well, with the exception of Kyle Anders at Wofford who had just one scholarship to fill but did so and seems to have gotten a fairly solid recruit). But since the other 4 programs only filled 2 of 13 available scholarships, that puts the onus on those 4 head coaches to do some heavy duty work over the winter and particularly in the spring.
Lamar is expected to top the conference, but with respect to the teams being coached by the Five Friends, Texas State is predicted to finish in 2nd place followed by Chicago State in 3rd and Cal-Davis is 4th.Jacksonville is pegged to finish 8th and Wofford 11th.

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Week 1 (ending 11/19/16) results:


Jacksonville @ George Washington—Jacksonville fell behind immediately and never caught up, losing 83-68. SG Rowland Bolton scored 20 for Jacksonville but the Dolphins allowed 4 of George Washington’s starters to score in double figures. (0-1)

Troy @ Cal-Davis—Cal-Davis led by 13 points at the end of the first half, but let Troy go on a scoring spree in the 2nd half. Troy eventually overtook them to saddle the Aggies with a 63-61 loss. C Jeremy Wolthers led their scoring with 13 points. (0-1)

Wofford @ Boston College—Wofford was over-matched in this contest, never leading and falling by a final score of 73-55. C Jamaal Hobbs scored 12 points for Wofford. (0-1)

Eastern Illinois @ Texas St.—Texas State held a slim 36-35 lead at the half, but couldn’t hold off Eastern Illinois in the 2nd half, losing 73-61. PG Gilbert Lemeke dropped in 19 points for Texas St. (0-1)

Chicago St. @ Eastern Michigan—This was a back-and-forth game with 17 lead changes and 13 ties. But Chicago State lost a squeaker, 59-58 when they couldn’t get their last second shot to fall. PG Steve Greer led Chicago State with 16 points. (0-1)

So all of the five friends started their head coaching careers with a loss.

Tennessee State @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville played well in the first half and held a 45-41 halftime advantage. But their offense sputtered in the 2nd half which resulted in an 84-69 loss. SF Morgan Moore and reserve C/PF Ross Walker both scored 14. (0-2)

Minnesota @ Cal-Davis—This was a close game from start to end with 19 lead changes. Coach Monroe Thurlow’s underdog Aggies pulled out an exciting 68-66 win. C Casey Givens scored 14 for Cal-Davis. (1-1)

Wofford @ Troy—While Cal-Davis was unable to beat Troy earlier in the week, Wofford took control early and came away with a nice road win over Troy by the score of 67-55. SF Brandon Detmer, C Jamaal Hobbs, and SG Antuan Lackey each scored 11 points for Terriers to give Kyle Anders his first victory. (1-1)

Texas St. @ Florida International—A tale of two halves. Florida International came away with a 29-20 lead at the half, but Texas State outscored their opponents 31-18 in the 2nd half to pull out a 51-47 victory for Coach Vernell Strom. SG Terry Deng scored 12 points and C John DePina had a double-double (11 points and 11 rebounds) for the Bobcats. (1-1)

Akron @ Chicago St.—Both teams had substantial leads at various points in the gam, but Akron held on toward the end of the game to down the Cougars 78-73. PF Robert Allocco scored 20 and SF Garvin Johnson scored 12 while pulling down 12 boards for Chicago State. But the Cougars let SG Andre Sales pump in 30 points for Akron. (0-2)

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Week 2 (ending 11/26/16) Results:


Baylor @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville led by as much as 12 points in the first half, but then let their lead slip away in the 2nd half. The lead shifted repeatedly in the latter stages of the game, but SG Michael Frederick launched a 3 that slipped through the silk to give Parsons Nyland his first win as a head coach by the score of 67-64. Frederick finished with 16 points, but again reserve PF/C Ross Walker came up big with 17 points. Jacksonville’s Reggie Scholl and Justin Hartfield combined for 10 assists at the PG position. (1-2)

Illinois State @ Cal-Davis—The game was close early in the first half, but then Cal-Davis took control and was able to maintain a small lead throughout the rest of the game to come away with a 70-63 victory. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 15 points to go along with his 7 rebounds to lead the Aggies. (2-1)

Wofford @ #4 Utah—This was a mismatch from beginning to end. Utah had as much as a 28 point lead and won easily 74-55 with their PG Charles Grant scoring 26 points while dishing out 7 assists. C Jamaal Hobbs led Wofford with 18 points. (1-2)

Utah St. @ Texas St.—This game was close only in the early moments. Texas State then began pulling away and led 37-23 at the half. Their lead expanded to 17 early in the 2nd half and the Bobcats were never seriously threatened before finishing with a 58-50 triumph. SG Terry Deng and PG Gilbert Lemeke both scored 10 points. (2-1)

Chicago St. @ #17 Arkansas—Chicago State hung with the Razorbacks for most of the 1st half but then Arkansas’ defense clamped down and Chicago State fell 75-59 making DJ Brower the only one of the friends to be without a head coaching victory. PF Robert Allocco played a solid game (14 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 4 blocks). (0-3)

Jacksonville @ Columbia—The game was extremely close with 13 lead changes and 7 ties, but Columbia used their home court advantage which resulted in 6 more attempts and points at the line to plant a 74-70 heartbreaking loss on the Dolphins. PF Maurice Braun was imposing for Jacksonville with 18 points and 12 rebounds. C Fred Smith twisted his ankle early in the game limiting him to just 9 minutes of play which contributed to Jacksonville’s loss. (1-3)

Cal-Davis @ Holy Cross—The Aggies opened a 10 point lead in the first half, but slumped late to go to the locker room with just a 33-30 advantage. Holy Cross came out on fire in the 2nd half and jumped out to a 15 point lead. Cal-State made a game of it towards the end, but still lost 71-64. SF Adrian Ballard hit for 20 points but the rest of the Aggies could only hit 33% of their shots. Reserve C Angelo scored 22 points and grabbed 7 boards in just 16 minutes of play for Holy Cross. (2-2)

Bryant @ Wofford—Wofford put 47 points on the board in the first half and led by as much as 17 points midway through the 2nd half before cruising to an easy 82-74 thumping of Bryant. PG Alton Johnson tossed in 24 points while SG Antuan Lackey posted a double-double (12 points and 11 rebounds). (2-2)

Texas St. @ Eastern Washington—Texas State pulled away early and led by as much as 18 points before Eastern Washington trimmed their lead late. The Bobcats won 79-73. C John DePina topped the scoring for the Bobcats with 17 points, but Eastern Washington’s C Byrant English topped all scorers with 24 points. (3-1)

Chicago St. @ Lehigh—Chicago State stayed close in the first half but completely fell apart in the 2nd half to suffer a 97-77 beatdown. SG Jason Simmons blitzed the Cougars with 32 points. PF Robert Allocco led the Cougars with 21 points. (0-4)

Chicago State’s dismal early start is partially due to playing 3 of their 4 games on the road. Their fortunes are unlikely to soon improve as their next 3 games are away games and are against higher ranked teams.

Chicago State’s PF Robert Allocco was selected as the Conference U Player of the Week. In this week’s two games, Allocco scored 35 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, and had 4 assists, 3 steals, and 5 blocks.

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Coach Backgrounds:


DJ Brower (Chicago State Cougars)—DJ is 30 years old and was the most talented player of the 5 friends. But the NBA showed no interest following his graduation from St. Louis University. His major strength is player development. He likes to employ a tenacious defense, have his team crash the offensive boards, and play a deep bench. He probably has the highest amount of ambition of the 5 friends and has a high degree of integrity.

Kyle Anders (Wofford Terriers)—Kyle is 33 years old. He played at and graduated from New Orleans. His major strength is evaluating defense. He likes his team to crash the boards on both ends of the court, prefers a rather deliberate style of play, and likes to use younger players. He isn’t very ambitious but places a very high degree of emphasis on academics.

Monroe Thurlow (Cal-Davis Aggies)—Monroe is also 33 years old. He played college ball at and graduated from UC Irvine. He had a strong college career, but sustained a broken ankle midway through his senior year. His main strength is recruiting. He is pretty middle of the road in all coaching philosophies. His personal qualities are also pretty average, although he doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on discipline. 

Parsons Nyland (Jacksonville Dolphins)—Parsons is 32 years old. He played for WIsconsin as a freshman but after getting little playing time, he transferred to Rhode Island where he played for 3 years and graduated. He’s main strength is scouting. He prefers to play veteran players, use a shallow bench, and likes to use a zone defense. Discipline is very important to Parsons but he doesn’t worry too much about academics.

Vernell Strom (Texas State Bobcats)—Vernell is 31 years old. He played ball for Texas Southern and graduated Summa Cum Laude. He main strength is recruiting. He prefers man-to-man defense, likes to use a deep bench, and likes his team to crash the offensive boards. He is ambitious, is very concerned about academics, and discipline is very important to him.

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Week 3 (ending 12/3/16) Results:


Jacksonville @ Illinois—Playing on the road against a much stronger team, Jacksonville came back from a 20 point deficit to nearly overtake the Fighting Illini before losing 71-66 in a game that proved their tenacity and ability to compete with strong teams. C Fred Smith came back from an injury in their previous game to score 20 points while SF Michael Frederick pulled down 14 rebounds. The Dolphins were sent to the foul line only 2 times. Illinois’ 8 more points at the line were the difference in this game. Jacksonville was a +17 in rebounds but a -13 in turnovers. (1-4)

Cal-Davis @ Weber St.—The Aggies never led in game and trailed by 18 at the half. They allowed Weber State to hit 50% of their shots while only converting 30% of their own FG attempts, thus leading to their 74-54 loss. SF Adrian Ballard led their scoring with 11 points. (2-3

Wofford @ Providence—Providence ran away with this game to the tune of 83-50, but the Terriers embarrassing loss was made worse by injuries to 3 of their players. Two suffered hamstring strains. Coach Kyle Anders reported after the game that while SG Victor Griffin is expected to just be shut down for a couple days of practice, SF Brandon Linton is likely to miss 2-3 games. SF Brandon Detmer sustained strained abdominal muscles and also is expected to be out for 2-3 games. PG Alton Johnson led the Terriers in scoring with 16 points. (2-3)

Akron @ Texas St.—Texas State came out on top in the first half 39-35. But Akron came from behind at the end of the game. With the game tied, Akron pulled off a perfect pick and roll freeing them for a jumper with 2 seconds on the clock that resulted in a 76-64 loss for Texas State. Reserve C Matt Wright came off the bench to lead the Bobcats in scoring with 24 points. SF Russell Brown scored 10 and hauled in 10 boards. High-scoring SG Andre Sales popped in 31 poisteadints for Akron. (3-2)

Chicago St. @ Mississippi St.—Chicago State came out on a mission and slowly pulled away from Mississippi State. By the half, the Cougars were in charge 43-32. They kept Mississippi State at arms’ length in the second half to win 69-58 and give Coach DJ Brower his first victory as a head coach. PF Robert Allocco’s 19 points led Chicago State. (1-4)

Akron @ Jacksonville—Akron won their 3rd game against teams coached by one of the friends. In a hard-fought battle, the Zips conquered Jacksonville 75-69. SG Andre Sales scored 26 for Akron (giving him 87 points in the 3 games against friends’ teams). PF Maurice Braun topped Jacksonville’s scoring with 15 points. PG Rowland Bolton sustained a concussion when he was knocked to the floor contesting a rebound. He will miss the Dolphins next game. (1-5)

Cal-Davis @ TX Rio Grande Valley—Cal-Davis stayed close in the first half and trailed by a mere 4 points at the break. But they lost contact in the 2nd half, falling behind by 20 points before being saddled with a 74-63 loss. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 16 to lead Cal-Davis. (2-4)

Northeastern @ Wofford—The two teams slugged it out in the first half with Wofford coming away with a 40-36 halftime lead. In the 2nd half, Wofford kept up their attack but coupled it with a crippling defense that resulted in an 82-63 stomping of Northeastern. None of Wofford’s three injured players played, but Wofford overcame that disadvantage. Antuan Lackey came in off the bench to pour in 19 points in 15 minutes of floor time. SF Chris Wilder made the most of the chance to start by scoring 18 points and grabbing 5 rebounds plus getting 2 steals and a block. Wofford’s 3 losses are to teams (Utah, Boston College, and Providence) with a combined record of 19-2 with one presently ranked #2 and another #25 in the polls. The Terriers thus have earned their RPI ranking them as the 55th best team in the country. (3-3)

Texas St. @ Miami (OH)—Miami smothered Texas State in the first half to take a 38-24 lead at the break. Texas State continued to be outclassed in the 2nd half, falling behind by as much as 27 points. The final score was 78-55 in favor of Miami (OH). With this e Bobcats’ offense stymied, their leading scorer, PG Gilbert Lemeke, scored just 9 points. (3-3)

Chicago St. @ Mississippi—The second part of Chicago State’s trip to the state of Mississippi wasn’t as successful as the first. After taking an early 7 point lead, Chicago State was overwhelmed by Mississippi’s defense. Trailing 39-32 at the half, they steadily fell further and further behind in the 2nd half. The Cougars fell and fell hard, 79-57. PG Steve Greer scored 15 for Chicago State, while SG Lionel Ball topped all scorers with 21 for Mississippi. (1-5)

Wofford’s C Jamaal Hobbs was selected as the Conference U Freshman Player of the Week. Hobbs is averaging 10.2 ppg and 4.2 rpg thus far this season.

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Week 4 (ending 12/10/16) Results:


Jacksonville @ Northern Arizona—The Dophins took no prisoners in this game. After gaining a quick advantage, they controlled the boards (39-28) and scored 40 points in the paint compared to 10 by Northern Arizona. Jacksonville expanded its 12 point halftime advantage to 25 points in the 2nd half and bludgeoned Northern Arizona by a final score of 74-55. PG Reggie Scholls scored 15 points while hauling in 8 rebounds. (2-5)


Cal-Davis @ Toledo—When you hold your opponent’s shooting to 40%, you normally have a good chance of winning. But not if, like Cal-Davis in this game, you can only drop in 32% of your FG attempts. The Aggies could never put together a sustained offensive effort and dropped this game to the tune of 72-54. C Casey Givens scored 16 for Cal-Davis, but Toledo’s SF Keith Lightfoot topped all scorers with 22 and his teammate PF Anthony Welch scored 10 points while pulling down 12 boards. (2-5)


Air Force @ Wofford—The two teams exchanged the lead 8 times in the first half and were separated by just a point at the halftime break. But Air Force took flight in the 2nd half and soared to a 76-60 win. PF Kenny Taylor scored 18 for Wofford. For Air Force, SG Ray Marek scored 23 and SF Marque Lloyed had 21. The two combined to hit 10 of 14 three-point attempts. (3-4)


Texas St. @ High Point—Those attending this game got their money’s worth. 23 lead changes, 13 times tied, and neither team having greater than a 5 point lead. Texas State shot a little better and worked the boards better allowing them to come away with a 72-68 road victory. The Bobcats’ guard duo scored a combined 31 points (16 for PG Gilbery Lemeke and 15 for SG Terry Deng). C John DePina barely missed recording a double-double finishing with 9 points and 9 rebounds. (4-3)


Chicago St. @ Seton Hall—It’s likely the AD for Chicago State won’t schedule a game against Seton Hall for next season. Although the Cougars were able to hang with the Hall for the early going, they trailed by 19 at the half and suffered an ignominious defeat 91-59. PF Robert Allocco score 20 and had 7 rebounds for Chicago State. PG Levall Howard chipped in 25 for Seton Hall. (1-6)


Jacksonville @ George Mason—Jacksonville played a strong 1st half, opening an 11 point lead and gaining a 32-26 halftime advantage. But George Mason wrestled control in the 2nd half and gradually caught up and then overtook the Dolphins, winning 65-60. SF Michael Frederick topped Jacksonville’s scoring with 17 points. C Roderick Allen scored 15 and pulled down 13 rebounds for George Mason. (2-6)


Wofford @ Mississippi St.—Wofford was unable to emulate Chicago State’s earlier victory over Mississippi State. Mississippi State’s defense completely dominated Wofford. The Terriers his just 25% of their FG attempts and they were forced into making 19 turnovers. Wofford fell and fell hard 71-40. PF Kenny Taylor scored 14 for the Terriers. C Mike Shine dropped in 22 points and SG Jason Cameron had 17 point and 11 boards for Mississippi State. (3-5)


Texas St. @ East Tennessee St.—A second straight tight game for Texas State. 24 lead changes, 15 ties, a one point variance at the half. But again Texas State came out on top, scoring a 78-71 victory. C John DePino scored 21, but the player of the game for Texas State was SG Terry Deng who poured in 19 points and came away with 12 rebounds. (5-3)


Sacramento St. @ Chicago St.—A rare home game for the Cougars and they took advantage of home-cooking to storm to an 83-63 triumph. Chicago State completely dominated the boards (46-22), but getting to the line 24 more times where they scored 20 more points than Sacramento State didn’t hurt their cause at all. SF Bernard Merton had a surprising big game, scoring 19 points. (2-6)

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Week 5 (ending 12/17/16) Results:


Vanderbilt @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville annihilated Vanderbilt in the first half, taking a 34-16 lead to the locker room. Their defense dissolved in the 2nd half and Vanderbilt poured in 47 points in the final 20 minutes of play. But the Dolphins were able to hold off the onslaught to come away with a 70-63 win. Jacksonville was +16 in rebounds but scored 12 more points on free throws than Vanderbilt. PG Ryan McDonald scored 16 points. (3-6)


William & Mary @ Cal-Davis—Cal-Davis got out in front early and never looked back winning easily 76-55. The Aggies hit 51% of their shots, were +16 in rebounding, and scored 18 more points at the line than the Tribe. SG Steffon Forman topped the scoring for Cal-Davis with 19 points. (3-5)


UNC-Greensboro @ Wofford—UNC-Greensboro outscored Wofford 36-30 in the first half. In the 2nd half, Wofford applied a tenacious defense and steadily pulled away to post a 70-59 victory. C Jamaal Hobbs led their scoring with 11 points. The Terriers bench contributed 30 points. (4-5)


Texas St. @ Valparaiso—This was Texas State’s 3rd straight close game. The Bobcats held a 40-37 halftime advantage. Most of the 2nd half was close, but then Texas State faded at the end and dropped the game 70-61. Poor shooting contributed to the Bobcats loss as they hit just 31% of their FG attempts. PG Gilbert Lemeke scored 15 for Texas State. (5-4)


Chicago St. @ Canisius—Chicago State opened an 11 point lead at the half and then held on throughout the 2nd half to win their 2nd straight game by the final score of 80-71. The Cougars dropped in 52% of their shots. SG Ryan Roberts was high point man with 21 points, but PF Robert Allocco scored 18 and grabbed 8 boards. (3-6)


Akron @ Cal-Davis—Akron continued its dominance with their 4th victory over a 5-friends’ team. Cal-Davis went to the break with a slim 29-27 edge. But the Aggies were sloppy in the 2nd half, finishing with 22 turnovers and a 68-61 loss. C Casey Givens scored 14 for the Aggies. SG Andre Sales wasn’t as dominant for Akron as in previous games against teams coached by one of the friends, but still had high-point honors with 16 points. (3-6)


Even though DJ Brower’s Chicago State Cougars have an unimpressive 3-6 record, their wins in their last 2 games plus their strength of schedule which includes a loss to 11th ranked Arkansas, gives them the 72nd best RPI in the nation at this point. They travel to take on #7 ranked Villanova for their next game. Reserve PF David Johnson is nursing a bad bruise to his thigh, but isn’t expected to miss a game.

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Week 6 (ending 12/24/16) Results:


Jacksonville @ Weber St.—Jacksonville couldn’t control Weber State in this game, allowing the Wildcats to hit 51% of their FG attempts and to dominate the boards (37-25). Weber State stomped the Dolphins 82-65. C Fred Smith had 11 points and 9 rebounds for Jacksonville and SF Michael Frederick scored 12. (3-7)


Drexel @ Cal-Davis—Cal-Davis fell behind by 11 points at the end of the 1st half. They struggled to get back into the game and made a game of it towards the end, before falling 79-75. The Aggies were a -12 in rebounding, but the main difference in this game was that the refs put Drexel on the line 19 more times where they scored 13 more points than Cal-Davis. Coach Monroe Thurlow rode the refs hard and had to be restrained by one of his assistants at one point. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 13 points but was limited to just 14 minutes on the floor due to foul trouble. (3-7)


Wofford @ Central Florida—After falling behind by 7 points in the first half, Wofford came back to take a 37-30 lead to the locker room. They expanded their lead to 15 in the 2nd half, but a late run by Central Florida nearly caught the Terriers. They managed to hold on, though, to edge the Knights 71-66, even though 2 of their starters fouled out and another finished with 4 fouls. PG Alton Johnson scored 14 points. Chris Wilder came off the bench to score 7 points and pull down 10 rebounds. (5-5)


New Orleans @ Texas St.—The lead flipped back and forth throughout the first half, but Texas State gained a 39-35 halftime advantage. They pulled away in the 2nd half, opening a 17 point lead. Even though New Orleans cut into the their lead in the late stages, the Bobcats weren’t seriously threatened. C John DePina scored 16 and also had 9 boards. (6-4)


Chicago St. @ #7 Villanova—Villanova controlled this game the entire way, leading by as much as 25 points. But Chicago State showed spunk but coming back toward the end of the game to draw to within 12 at the end, losing 82-70. PF Robert Allocco had a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds. PG Robert Beshara scored 27 plus had 8 rebounds and 8 assists for Villanova. (3-7)

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Week 7 (ending 12/31/16) Results:


Jacksonville @ Southern—The only thing Jacksonville did well in this game was to control the boards (34-20). But their defense was porous allowing Southern to drop in 52% of their shots. Southern also only had 9 turnovers compared to 25 by Jacksonville. Southern overwhelmed the Dolphins by a score of 80-59. SG Justin Hartield was the top scorer for Jacksonville with 11 points. (3-8)

Cal-Davis @ Stanford—The Aggies jumped out on top and opened an 11 point lead in the first half. Stanford closed to within 3 points at the break. The score remained close throughout the 2nd half but Stanford was able to come back late in the half and take the game by the score of 60-55. A great effort by the Aggies on the road against a talented team. Four fouls were called against Stanford during the entire game (yes, just 4), and the Aggies never got to the foul line the entire night. Meanwhile Stanford made 15 of 19 free throws. PG Jason Everett carried the Aggies offense with 20 points. During the post-game interview, Coach Monroe Thurlow was asked about the officiating, to which he replied, "It's often said that if you don't have something good to day, don't say anything at all. So with respect to your question about officiating, I have nothing to say." (3-8)

Wofford @ Portland—This was a close game the entire way. Portland led 37-35 at the half. The game was tied 73-73 at the end of regulation. But the Pilots came on strong in OT and won 90-81. Wofford hit 59% of their shots, but made 25 turnovers. PG Alton Johnson popped in 21 points for Wofford. For Portland C Tezale Walcott scored 19 and had 10 boards. (5-6)

Texas St. @ Texas Tech—Playing on the road, Texas State hung with the higher-rated Texas Tech team the entire game. The Bobcats simply ran out of time at the end of the game and lost a squeaker, 65-63. SF Russell Brown scored 13 for Texas State. SF DeShawn Thompson was high-point man for Texas Tech with 21 points. (6-5)

Morgan St. @ Chicago St.—Morgan State controlled the game in the first half but only led by a score of 37-34 at the half. Chicago State chipped away and pulled away in the latter stages of the 2nd half to win 78-70. Chicago State won by knocking down 53% of their shots. PF Robert Allocco poured in 28 points plus had 9 rebounds. PG Steve Greer had 8 points and 8 assists. (4-7)

Chicago State’s Robert Allocco was named the Conference U Player of the Week based on his 28 point, 9 rebound performance. For the season he’s tied for 2nd in scoring in Conference U with 16.3 ppg, is 4th in rebounds with 6.9 rpg, and is 5th in blocks with 1.5 bpg.

In non-Conference U news, Virginia Tech was put on probation due when 2 players were found to have accepted bribes. Virginia Tech will be prohibited from offering scholarships for 2 years and will be banned from post-season play for a year. It’s suspected that Coach Hollis Gunder may likely be fired.

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Coach Feedback going into Conference Play:


DJ Brower (Chicago State Cougars, 4-7, RPI 102)—We had a tough start, losing 4 straight to open the season, but we bounced back to win 5 of 9 and 3 of our last 4 games. And this call came about even though we only played 3 of our 11 pre-conference games at home. So I’m optimistic and look forward to taking on the rest of Conference U. I’m pleased with how the team has done on the boards but we need to tighten up our defense. Our perimeter players needs to improve their shot selection so their shooting percentage improves, but overall Steve Greer (9.2 ppg, 3.5 apg) at PG, Ryan Roberts (9.5 ppg) at SG, and Gavin Johnson (6.8 ppg, 7.4 rpg) have playes well. C David Bracey (4.9 ppg, 3.7 rpg) has had a couple good games, but needs to improve his consistency and attack the boards harder. PF Robert Allocco (16.3 ppg, 6.9 rpg) is our anchor and has played exceptionally well.


Kyle Anders (Wofford Terriers, 5-6, RPI 117)—It was disappointing to lose in overtime to Portland in our last game, otherwise we’d be playing above .500, but I’m really enjoying my time here in Spartanburg. My guys are excited about starting play in Conference U. But we’ve got a ways to go. Too many turnovers (16.5 per game) and we need to get stronger both on offense (64.8 ppg) and defense (71.3 ppg). I like my guys to be tough on the boards and thus far, they’ve done pretty well. PG Alton Johnson (11.8 ppg) has been our workhorse and our leader offensively. Freshman C Jamaal Hobbs (9.1 ppg, 3.8 rpg) is still acclimating to Division I college ball and has done well on offense but we’re going to need more rebounding from him. PF Kenny Taylor (8.1 ppg, 5.8 rpg) has been steady for us. SF Brandon Detmer (6.0 ppg, 4.9 rpg) missed 3 games due to an injury, but will be a key player for us, I believe. We’re still solidifying who will be starting at SG. Freshman Antuan Lackey (6.6 ppg) has been on the floor the most time, but Jimmy Griffith (4.0 ppg) and Victor Griffin (3.2 ppg) are challenging him. We really need one of the 3 to step up and put consistently put some points on the board for us. PF Rod Leonard, who we signed for our lone scholarship this year, should be a big addition next year both offensively and on the boards.


Monroe Thurlow (Cal-Davis Aggies, 3-8, RPI 303)—We’ve played well in 2 or 3 games. But I’m not happy with our record thus far. We’ve lost too many close games. The guys need to nail down those games that we have a good chance to win, and we just haven’t done that so far. We’re going to be working harder on getting our guys familiar with our offensive sets so we can put some more points on the board. Our interior guys have done pretty well but both PF Jeremy Wolthers (10.2 ppg, 5.4 rpg) and C Casey Givens (9.9 ppg, 6.4 rpg) need to hit a higher percentage of their shots. Our perimeter players, PG Jason Everett (8.0 ppg, 3.9 apg), SG Steffon Forman (7.4 ppg, 4.6 rpg), and SF Adrian Ballard (7.7 ppg, 4.5 rpg) are shooting well, but need to put more shots up when they get good looks at the basket. We didn’t win as many pre-conference games as I would have liked, but only 6 of the conference teams has 6-5 records and all others were below .500 so I think we have a good chance to do well in conference play. Our goal now though is to beat the Conference U teams one by one starting with Parson Nyland’s Jacksonville Dolphins this coming week.


Parsons Nyland (Jacksonville Dolphins, 3-8, RPI 196)—This head coaching gig isn’t as easy as I expected. Pretty rough start. We had a couple good wins against some good competition (Baylor and Vanderbilt), but haven’t played well otherwise. But his is a young team with 5 freshmen and 4 sophomores and just 2 seniors. Thus far PF Maurice Braun is leading us offensively with 10.5 ppg, plus he’s come up big on the boards (7.0 rpg). C Fred Smith isn’t far behind with 9.5 ppg and Ross Walker has been None of our perimeter players has yet stood out, but we have 4 of them (Reggie Scholl, Michael Frederick, Justin Hartfield, and Rowland Bolton) scoring between 7 and 8.5 ppg. Recruiting wise, I’m happy with the point guard (Josh Jones) who has signed an LOI to play for us next year…even though he’s not ranked that highly, our assessment is that his passing, ball handling and defensive skills will make him a key player for us, if not as a freshman, at least for the 3 remaining years. We’ve got one more scholarship to fill and are looking closely at a couple strong centers.


Vernell Strom (Texas State Bobcats, 6-5, RPI 176)—Overall I think we’ve played pretty well so far. And we played a heckuva game against a very talented Texas Tech team in our last game and even though we lost by 2 points, our guys now realize they can compete with anyone. Defensively we’ve played particularly well. And offensively we’ve got 3 players averaging in double figures (C John DePina, 11.7 ppg; PG Gilbert Lemeke, 11.0 ppg; and SG Terry Deng, 10.4 ppg) so that keeps the opposition from focusing on any one guy. SF Russell Brown is averaging 7.9 ppg, but if he can start hitting his 3’s, he could be in double figures also. PF Kebu Dupay (5.5 ppg) has had a slow start and is being challenged as a starter by Brian Robertson (3.6 ppg in 7.6 mpg). We have landed one recruit but still need 3 more so have some major work to Thdo on the recruiting front.

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Week 8 (ending 1/7/17) Results:


Conference play began this week.

Lamar @ Texas St.—Lamar came out of the gate scoring and quickly opened a 15 point lead, but Texas State came on to pull ahead 39-30 at the half. The Bobcats then streaked to a 24 point lead midway through the 2nd half before cruising to an easy 76-61 walloping of the Cardinals. SG Terry Deng topped Texas State’s scoring with 13 points and also had 8 boards, 3 assists, 3 steals and a block. C John DePina added 12 points plus yanked down 12 rebounds. PG Gilbert Lemeke scored 9 and had 7 assists. (7-5, 1-0)

Wofford @ Nebraska-Omaha—The first half was a defensive battle during that was close all the way, although Wofford trailed at the break 24-22. Things stayed close until late in the 2nd half when Nebraska-Omaha pulled away for a 59-50 victory. C Jamaal Hobbs and PF Kenny Taylor both scored 11 points for Wofford. (5-7, 0-1)

Howard @ Chicago St.—Howard came out strong and led by 9 in the first half before Chicago State put on a late run to lead 40-36 at the half. Then the Cougars put 54 points on the board in the 2nd half to clobber Howard 94-72. Both teams hit just over 50% of their shots, but Chicago State forced Howard to turn the ball over 21 times whereas the Cougars had just 11 turnovers. PF Robert Allocco dropped in 26 points plus had 4 blocks. (5-7, 1-0)

Jacksonville @ Cal-Davis—In the first contest between two of the friends (now foes), Monroe Thurlow got the best of Parsons Nyland as Cal-Davis got on the board first and held a lead the entire game, winning 68-59. SG Steffon Forman led all scorers with 17 points for Cal-Davis and C Casey Givens scored 16 plus had 8 boards. For Jacksonville, PG Reggie Scholl scored 16 and dished out 6 assists. (Cal-Davis: 4-8, 1-0; Jacksonville: 3-9, 0-1)

Incarnate Word @ Texas St.—After the first few minutes, Texas State took control and maintained it the rest of the game, blasting Incarnate Word 74-59. John DePina stroked in 18 points and muscled his way to 15 rebounds. SF Russell Brown also had a double-double for Texas State (10 points and 10 boards). Neither team shot well, but the Bobcats had a 46-32 rebounding advantage. (8-5, 2-0)

Lafayette @ Wofford—Wofford totally destroyed Lafayette in the first half to take a 42-19 lead. They then maintained their lead in the 2nd half, stomping Lafayette 78-55. The Terriers hit 53% of their shots, including knocking down 14 of 30 three-pointers. Reserve SG Antuan Lackey drilled in 26 points (hitting 9 of 11 from the field including 8 of 9 from beyond the arc). (6-7, 1-1)

Chicago St. @ Longwood—Chicago State was focused from the very beginning. By the half they led 42-34 and then opened the game further in the 2nd half to pick up a nice road win, 84-76. The big difference in the game was the Cougars 41-27 rebounding advantage. PF Robert Allocco continued to score well, hitting for 20 points while grabbing 7 boards, and getting 3 steals and 2 blocks. (6-7, 2-0)

Florida Gulf Coast @ Cal-Davis—Cal-Davis put on an offensive show in the first half to take a 54-31 lead to the locker room. They never let Florida Gulf Coast back into the game and posted a 90-63 win. The Aggies hit 58% of their FG attempts and a very impressive 16 of 24 threes. SF Adrian Ballard topped their scoring with 19 points. PG Jason Everett scored 11 points while handing out 8 assists. (5-8, 2-0)

Jacksonville @ Grand Canyon—Jacksonville kept the game close in the first half, trailing by just 2 at the half. But Grand Canyon shut down the Dolphins offense in the 2nd half enroute to a 69-55 flattening of the Dolphins. PG Reggie Scholl scored 15 but had 9 turnovers for Jacksonville. For Grand Canyon, PF Eric Williams scored 15 with 10 rebounds. (3-10, 0-2)

Chicago State’s Robert Allocco was named the Conference U Player of the Week for the 2nd straight week and the 3rd time this season. This week he scored 46 points and pulled down 13 rebounds in Chicago State’s two wins.

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Week 9 (ending 1/14/17) Results:


Texas St. @ Abilene Christian—While staying close in the first half, Texas State had a 30-25 deficit at the half. Abilene Christian pulled ahead by as much as 16 points in the 2nd half, but Texas State made a run late the came up a little short. Texas State lost their first game in Conference U by the score of 68-63. SG Terry Deng scored 11 for the Bobcats. SF Higgins Harmon scored 12 and had 11 rebounds for Abilene Christian. (8-6, 2-1)


Utah Valley @ Wofford—The two teams exchanged the lead 10 times plus had 7 ties in this game. Utah Valley led by 3 at the half and at the end of regulation, the game was tied 79-79. In overtime, Wofford took control and pulled out a 91-85 victory. Team stats were as close as the game. C Jamaal Hobbs scored 20 points for the Terriers. PG Alton Johnson added 18 points plus dished out 8 assists. (7-7, 2-1)


Cal-Davis @ Grand Canyon—Cal-Davis led by 7 during the first half, but by the break the score was tied 31-31. Grand Canyon gradually took control in the latter stages of the 2nd half. The Aggies hit just 2 of 19 three’s which was a big part of their 63-55 loss. PF Jason Everett scored 11 and had 9 rebounds and 5 assists, but also had 8 turnovers. SG Steffon Forman had 7 blocks and 6 steals in this game. (5-9, 2-1)


Florida Gulf Coast @ Jacksonville—The first half was a battle with 9 lead changes. Jacksonville came away with a 41-38 halftime lead. The Dolphins then scored 53 points in the 2nd half as they rolled to a 94-76 triumph. Jacksonville shot the lights out, hitting 62% of their FG attempts. C Fred Smith scored 24 for Jacksonville. SG Mills Keown scored 20 for Florida Gulf Coast. (4-10, 1-2)


North Dakota @ Chicago St.—Chicago State held the lead throughout this game and knocked off North Dakota by a score of 73-58. PF Robert Allocco scored 13 points for the Cougars, but North Dakota’s SG Rashun Harper topped all scorers with 20 points. (7-7, 3-0)


Texas St. @ Nebraska-Omaha—Texas State took apart the Mavericks from beginning to end, leading by as much as 23 points, and finished with an easy 70-58 road win. The Bobcats outshot Nebraska-Omaha 50% to 33%. PF Kebu Dupay broke out to score 18 points for the Bobcats. (9-6, 3-1)


Incarnate Word @ Wofford—Wofford quickly gained control of this game and led at the half 36-24. Their lead ballooned to 22 in the 2nd half. That allowed Coach Kyle Anders to play his bench extensively enroute to a 79-63 victory. C Jamaal Hobbs led Wofford offensively with 17 points while PF Kenny Taylor scored 10 and grabbed 10 rebounds. (8-7, 3-1)


North Dakota @ Cal-Davis—The Aggies gained a 10 point lead in the first half, only to lose it and go to the locker room tied 33-33. Cal-Davis folded in the 2nd half to suffer a bad 74-57 home loss as they hit just 36% of their shots. Reserve guard Nicholas Crudup scored 11 points in 8 minutes of play. PF Jeremy Wolthers added 8 points and also had 10 rebounds. (5-10, 2-2)


Howard @ Jacksonville—An exciting first half ended tied 37-37. But Jacksonville’s defense was like a sieve in the 2nd half and they got blown out at home 90-71. Howard hit 58% of their FG attempts and 15 of 24 from 3 point distance. PF Maurice Braun led Jacksonville’s scoring with 16 points. But Howard’s SG Kyle Fisher dropped in 24 points while his teammate SF Antonio Stallings added 22. (4-11, 1-3)


Chicago St. @ Florida Gulf Coast—Chicago State pulled away to lead 45-32 at the half. But they nearly let the Eagles overtake them before finally edging Florida Gulf Coast, 76-72. PF Robert Allocco had another big game, scoring 24 and taking down 11 boards. SG Mills Keown led Florida Gulf Coast with 20 points. (8-7, 4-0)


Chicago State is on top of Conference U with a 4-0 record. Texas State and Wofford are in a 5-way tie for 2nd place with 3-1 records.

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Week 10 (ending 1/21/17) Results:


Utah Valley @ Texas St.—The Bobcats took the lead from the outset and by the end of the first half led 44-32. They maintained a double digit lead throughout the 2nd half, finishing the game with a solid 77-64 win. The biggest difference in the game was that Texas Tech out-rebounded the Wolverines 36-26. SG Terry Deng led Texas State’s scoring with 22 points. PG Gilbert Lemeke played a strong all-around game, scoring 11, grabbing 7 rebounds, dishing out 5 assists, and getting 3 steals while C John DePina scored 14 and pulled down 8 boards. (10-6, 4-1)


Wofford @ Abilene Christian—Wofford’s offense couldn’t get untracked in the first half and they trailed 33-20 at the break. The Terriers scored 41 in the 2nd half, but Abilene Christian scored 42 to drop a 75-61 loss on Wofford. PG Alton Johnson scored 15 and PF Kenny Taylor added 14 with both players picking off 8 boards. Abilene Christian’s PF Ryan West scored 24 points. (8-8, 3-2)


Cal-Davis @ Howard—This game was close throughout the early part of the first half, but Howard pulled away for a 42-26 halftime lead. Howard continued pounding the Aggies in the 2nd half to open a 25 point lead. Cal-Davis narrowed the difference but still lost 68-55. Cal-Davis had 21 turnovers to Howard’s 9. The Aggies blocked 14 Bison shots. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 10 and had 9 rebounds for Cal-Davis. (5-11, 2-3)


Jacksonville @ Chicago St.—Another game involving two of the 5 coaches. DJ Brower’s Chicago State Cougars took control of the game early and never let up. They led 39-23 at the half and expanded their lead to 24 in the 2nd half. The final margin of victory for the Cougars over Parsons Nyland’s Jacksonville Dolphins was 73-56. Chicago State outshot Jacksonville 47% to 35%. PF Morgan Moore came in off the bench to lead Chicago State in scoring with 13 points and rebounds with 9. Jacksonville’s PF Robert Allocco led all scorers with 21 and his teammate SF Gavin Johnson had a double-double (11 points and 10 rebounds). (Chicago State: 9-7, 5-0; Jacksonville: 4-12, 1-4)


Texas St. @ Wofford—Vernell Strom squared off against Kyle Anders. Ander’s Wofford team had the best of it in the 1st half, leading by as much as 7 points and taking a 40-39 lead to the locker room. But Strom got his Texas State team on track in the 2nd half and they gradually pulled away to take a 79-71 win over Wofford. Texas State had just 9 turnovers while Wofford turned the ball over 19 times. For Texas State, SG Terry Deng and reserve C Matt Wright both scored 19 points. PG Alton Johnson dropped in 22 points for Wofford. (Texas State: 11-6, 5-1; Wofford: 8-9, 3-3)


Longwood @ Jacksonville—The first half was a barn-burner. The lead switched back and forth with Longwood holding a 34-33 edge at the half. Jacksonville applied a staunch defense in the 2nd half that allowed Longwood to score just 16 points in that stanza. Jacksonville ran away to stomp the Lancers 72-50. Longwood hit just 29% of their shots during the game. Jacksonville controlled the boards 49-34. PG Reggie Scholl led the Dolphins’ scoring with 18 points while PF Maurice Braun scored 15 and grabbed 13 rebounds. (5-12, 2-4)


Chicago St. @ Cal-Davis—Another game involving two of the friends, now foes (DJ Brower of Chicago State vs Monroe Thurlow of Cal-Davis). While Chicago State held a 37-27 rebounding advantage, Cal-Davis held a 25-8 turnover advantage. Turnovers turned out to be the controlling factor as Cal-Davis pinned a first-loss within Conference U on Chicago State by a score of 77-64. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 16 points for Cal-Davis and SF Adrian Ballard had 6 steals. Tim Watson came in off the bench to lead Chicago State’s scoring with 11 points. SF Gavin Johnson pulled down 10 rebounds for the Cougars. (Cal-Davis: 6-11, 3-3; Chicago State: 9-8, 5-1)


Chicago State and Texas State are part of a 3-way tie with Howard for first place in Conference U with 5-1 records. Wofford and Cal-Davis are tied for 7th place with 3-3 records. Jacksonville is tied for 11th place with a 2-4 record. 


Injuries: SF Tori Johnsen of Cal-Davis has a badly bruised foot and is day-to-day but ex not expected to miss a game.

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Week 11 (ending 1/28/17) Results:


Wofford @ Lamar—Lamar clamped down defensively in the first half and jumped out to a 45-23 lead at the half. Wofford was unable to get back into the game and underwent a 74-55 stomping. C Jamaal Hobbs with 16 points was the only Terrier to score in double figures. Lamar’s C Greg Ryan scored 18 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. (8-10, 3-4)

Lafayette @ Texas St.—Texas State scored first and never gave up the lead. The Bobcats hit 50% of their shots enroute to a 78-65 victory. Both SG Terry Deng and C John DePina scored 21 points for Texas State and PG Gilbert Lemeke score 10 and dished out 7 assists. (12-6, 6-1)

Cal-Davis @ Longwood—The game was close for much of the first half, but Longwood pulled away in the latter stages to post a 37-26 halftime advantage. The Aggies’ 21 turnover sealed their doom and they dropped the game to the tune of 68-59. SG Steffon Forman led the scoring for Cal-Davis with 15 points. C Andy Datcher scored 22 points for Longwood. (6-12 3-4)

Jacksonville @ North Dakota—The two teams exchanged the lead 11 times in the first half, but North Dakota gradually pulled away to lead 41-32 at the half. Jacksonville fell behind by as much as 21 points in the 2nd half. They cut the lead late in the game but still lost 73-60. Reserve SG Rowland Bolton scored 17 points for Jacksonville in his 17 minutes on the court. (5-13, 2-5)

Grand Canyon @ Chicago St.—Chicago State his 56% of their shots and rolled to a 41-22 halftime lead before winning decisively by a score of 68-50. PF Robert Allocco scored 20 points plus had 2 steals and 3 blocks for Chicago State. (10-8, 6-1)

Texas St. @ Longwood—Neither team could pull away in this game. Texas State finished the first half with a slim 42-39 lead. After 14 lead changes and 9 ties, the Bobcats edged Longwood 89-81 for their 5th straight win. The biggest difference in the game was Texas State’s control of the boards (40-29). PG Gilbert Lemeke scored 19, SG Terry Deng added 18, and C John DePina recorded a double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds. C Demond Harris scored 21 points for Longwood. (13-6, 7-1)

Abilene Christian @ Chicago St.—The game was close throughout the early-going, but Chicago State moved out to a 48-38 lead at the break. The Cougars then expanded their lead to 19 in the 2nd half before finishing with a commanding 78-64 win. Guard Tim Watson came off the bench to lead Chicago State’s scoring with 17 points. (11-8, 7-1)

Utah Valley @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville played solidly in the first half to build a 43-27 halftime advantage. The Dolphins then held off Utah Valley in the 2nd half to prevail 70-59. PG Reggie Scholl poured in 22 points for Jacksonville. (6-13, 3-5)

Wofford @ Cal-Davis—Monroe Thurlow’s Cal-Davis Aggies held a small lead throughout the first half and went in the 2nd half ahead by a 30-26 score. The Aggie’s defense continued to stymie Kyle Anders’ Wofford Terriers in the 2nd half and the Aggies rolled to an easy 64-46 victory. Wofford hit just 31% of their shots while Cal-Davis knocked down 51% of their FG attempts. C Casey Givens scored 22 and pulled down 8 boards for the Aggies. Reserve SF Brandon Linton topped Wofford’s scoring with just 8 points. The loss was Wofford’s 4th straight. (Cal-Davis: 7-12, 4-4; Wofford: 8-11, 3-5)

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Week 12 (ending 2/4/17) Results:


Chicago St. @ Texas St.—Another meeting of two of the friends found DJ Brower’s Chicago State Cougars visiting Vernell Strom’s Texas State Bobcats in a game between two of the teams tied atop Conference U standings. Throughout the first half the lead shifted back-and-forth with Texas State eking out a 41-35 lead at the break. The Aggies used their home court advantage to pull away in the 2nd half and cruise to a 86-77 triumph. Texas State’s PG Gilbert Lemeke tossed in 19 points and PF Kebu Dupay added 18. For Chicago State, PF Robert Allocco led all scorers with 23 while SF Gavin Johnson hauled down 13 boards. Texas State mpw has a 6 game win streak. (Texas State: 14-6, 8-1; Chicago State: 11-9, 7-2)


Cal-Davis @ Utah Valley—This game was tight most all the way with 23 lead changes and 14 ties. Utah Valley held a slim 39-38 halftime lead, but it wasn’t until the final portion of the 2nd half that the Wolverines were able to pull away and drop an 85-69 loss on Cal-Davis. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 18 for Cal-Davis. PG Billy Felix scored 13 while dishing out 10 assists for Utah Valley. (7-13, 4-5)


Grand Canyon @ Wofford—Wofford used a stingy defense to defeat Grand Canyon 62-49. The Terriers forced the Antelopes into 23 turnovers. PG Alton Johnson scored 13 for Wofford. (9-11, 4-5)


Jacksonville @ Nebraska-Omaha—The Dolphins used sharp shooting to get on to and stay there. By the end of the first half they led 43-31 and then held off the Mavericks to achieve a 74-66 road win. PF Maurice Braun was the top scorer for Jacksonville with 15 points. (7-13, 4-5)


Lamar @ Chicago St.—Chicago State jumped out to a lead and by the half was on top 39-28. They continued their dominance in the 2nd half and finished with a 75-56 beatdown of the Cardinals with whom they were tied for 2nd place in the conference before the game began. PF Robert Allocco scored 23 for the 2nd straight game for Chicago State. (12-9, 8-2)


Texas St. @ Howard—Texas State came into the game in sole possession of first place and one game ahead of Howard. But they were unable to control the potent offense of Howard and trailed 40-27 at the half and couldn’t recover, losing 80-68. PF Kebu Dupay led Texas State’s scoring with 16. For Howard SG Kyle Fisher scored 20 and SF Antonio Stallings scored 18 with 9 rebounds. The loss put the Bobcats back into a 3-way tie for first place in the conference with Howard and Chicago State. (14-7, 8-2)


Nebraska-Omaha @ Cal-Davis—The Aggies used their home court advantage to lead wire-to-wire enroute to a 74-64 victory. C Casey Givens scored 20 points to top the scoring for Cal-Davis. (8-13, 5-5)


Lafayette @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville poured it on offensively in the first half and held a commanding 49-34 advantage at the break. The Dolphins then failed to stop the Leopards defensively in the 2nd half and fell behind before rallying late to gain a slim 82-79 victory. PG Reggie Scholl carried the Dolphins offensively with 26 points. (8-13, 5-5)


Wofford @ Florida Gulf Coast—Playing the last place Eagles, Wofford completely folded in the first half. By the end of the half they trailed 50-25. The Terriers tried to come back in the 2nd half but the difference was just too great and they tumbled to a 79-65 loss. The Terriers defense was so bad that Florida Gulf Coast made just 5 turnovers. C Jamaal Hobbs scored 12 points for Wofford. (9-12, 4-6)


Injury: SG Victor Griffin of Wofford strained his back and will miss practices but is expected to be ready for the Terriers next game.

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Week 13 (ending 2/11/17) Results:


North Dakota @ Texas St. –Texas State controlled the game from beginning to end. The Bobcats outplayed the Fighting Hawks in all aspects of the game and won the game 66-54. C John DePina scored 19 and yanked down 7 rebounds for Texas State. (15-7, 9-2)

Jacksonville @ Wofford—Parsons Nyland’s Dolphins took on Kyle Anders’ Terriers. Nyland had his Jacksonville team playing as if they were on their home court. Early in the first half they gained control and built a 43-37 halftime advantage. They then completely smacked down the Terriers in the 2nd half and won easily 79-61, hitting 55% of their FG attempts and 47% of their 3 point shots. For Jacksonville PF Maurice Braun scored 20 points. PG Alton Johnson led Wofford’s offense with 13 points. This was the Dolphins 4th straight win. (Jacksonville: 9-13, 6-5; Wofford: 9-13, 4-7)

Cal-Davis @ Lafayette—This was an exciting game the entire way. Cal-Davis eked out a 34-32 lead at the half. Following a total of 13 lead changes and 4 ties, the Aggies brought the ball up court with 26 seconds remaining and trailing by a single digit. They played for the last shot and were rewarded when SG Steffon Forman took a pass from PG Jason Everett and hit an 18 foot jumper with 2 seconds remaining giving the Aggies a 73-72 win. The saving factor for Cal-Davis in the game was that they hit 11 of 19 shots from beyond the arc. 4 starters for Cal-Davis (SF Adrian Ballard, PF Jeremy Wolthers, C Casey Givens, and SG Steffon Forman) each scored 12 points with Givens also grabbing 9 rebounds. Jeremy Wolthers bruised his shoulder and likely will miss the Aggies next game. (9-13, 6-5)

Chicago St. @ Incarnate Word—Another nail-biter with 29 lead changes and 14 ties during which neither team had more than a 7 point lead. Chicago State held a 36-31 halftime lead, but the game remained close throughout the 2nd half. Incarnate Word scored the final 4 points and to come away with a 74-72 win and snatch victory from the teeth of the Cougars. Chicago State controlled the boards (41-26) but ultimately lost this game because they had 23 turnovers to the Cardinals 13 while Incarnate Word also outshot the Cougars 47% to 40%. PG Steve Greer scored 12 points for Chicago State. PF Robert Allocco twisted his ankle limiting him to just 12 minutes of play, another factor in the Cougars’ loss. SG Ryan Roberts also was injured, spraining his wrist late in the game. Allocco is expected to be ready for Chicago State’s next game, but Roberts will miss at least 2 games. Coach DJ Brower was observed muttering obscenities following his team’s 2nd loss in its past 3 games. (12-10, 8-3)

Cal-Davis @ Lamar—Lamar exploited their home court advantage to spurt to a 20 point lead at the half and then coast to an 81-68 bruising of the Aggies. Cal-Davis’ starting SF Adrian Ballard and his substitute Tori Johnson both scored 11 points. But PF Chris Amaker of Lamar was the player of the game 2ith 12 points and 13 rebounds. (9-14, 6-6)

Texas St. @ Florida Gulf Coast—Texas State held a small lead throughout much of the 1st half but was only able to take a 42-40 lead to the locker room. The Bobcats maintained a small lead throughout the 2nd half and edged the Eagles 81-75. SF Russell Brown led Texas State’s scoring with 19. (16-7, 10-2)

Abilene Christian @ Jacksonville—Once the Dolphins got untracked, they sprinted out to a 40-27 lead at the half. Their lead ballooned to 27 in the 2nd half, and they came away with an 87-66 pasting of the Wildcats. Abilene Christian hit 50% of their shots, but Jacksonville dropped in a phenomenal 62% of their shots. PF Ryan West had 16 to lead Jacksonville’s scoring. The win was the Dolphins fifth straight. Getting a 6th straight is a tall order since they travel to take on a hot Texas State team for their next game. (10-13, 7-5)

Chicago St. @ Nebraska-Omaha—Chicago State came out focused on turning their recent misfortunes around following what was likely a tirade by Coach DJ Brower…and they did so dramatically. At the half they led 52-38. They continued their dominance in the 2nd half, going on to win in a cakewalk, 96-71. The Cougars hit 60% of their FG attempts. PF Robert Allocco came back from a brief stay on the injured list to score 35 points. SF Gavin Johnson contributed 14 points while pulling in 10 boards for the Cougars. (13-10, 9-3)

North Dakota @ Wofford—The game was close in the early going, but Wofford pulled away to lead 41-31 at the break. Wofford continued to apply presume throughout the 2nd half, walloping the Fighting Hawks 95-61. Wofford popped in 60% of their shots including 17 of 28 from 3-point distance. PG Alton Johnson led the offensive onslaught by Wofford with 25 points. (10-13, 5-7)

Standings: Texas State (10-2) is now in sole possession of 1st place in Conference U with Chicago State (9-3) tied for 2nd a game behind. Jacksonville (7-5) has moved into 5th place. Cal-Davis (6-6) is tied for 6th place. Wofford (5-7) is tied for 10th place.

PF Robert Allocco of Chicago State was the Conference U Player of the Week based on his 35 point performance against Nebraska-Omaha. He’s now the leading scorer in Conference U, averaging 18.1 ppg. He also tops the conference in blocks, averaging 1.6 per game.

Injuries: PF Jeremy Wolthers (Cal-Davis), sore shoulder, should be return for their next game; SG Ryan Roberts (Chicago State), sprained wrist, expected to miss one more game.

Team Leaders

Scoring: Cal-Davis, Jeremy Wolthers, 10.7 ppg; Chicago St., Robert Allocco, 18.1 ppg; Jacksonville, Maurice Braun, 11.0 ppg; Texas St., John DePina, 11.7 ppg; Wofford, Alton Johnson, 12.5 ppg.

Rebounds: Cal-Dais, Casey Givens, 5.8 rpg; Chicago St., Gavin Johnson, 8.0 rpg; Jacksonville, Maurice Braun, 6.2 rpg; Texas St., John DePina, 7.2 rpg; Wofford, Kenny Taylor, 5.8 rpg.

Assists: Cal-Davis, Jason Everett, 4.0 apg; Chicago St., Steve Greer, 3.4 apg; Jacksonville, Reggie Scholl, 4.0 apg; Texas St., Gilbert Lemeke, 3.9 apg; Wofford, Alton Johnson, 2.9 apg.

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Week 14 (ending 2/18/17) Results:


Jacksonville @ Texas St.—Jacksonville’s Parsons Nyland and Texas States’ Vernell Strom got together for lunch and went over old times, but had their game faces on for the start of the game between their two teams. The two team were evenly matched in the first half although Texas State held a 36-31 halftime advantage and then again for 10 minutes of the 2nd half. 22 lead changes and 8 ties attested to how evenly matched the two teams were to that point. But Texas State then scored 14 straight points. Before the end of the game the Bobcat’s lead expanded to 19 through a combination of Texas State’s control of the boards and some hot shooting. The final score was 77-60 thus ending Jacksonville’s win streak. C John DePina and SG Terry Deng provided an inside-outside attack that the Dolphins were unable to stop. Both players scored 21 points with John DePina also picking off 11 rebounds. PF Maurice Braun was the top scorer for Jacksonville with 14 points. (Texas State: 17-7, 11-2; Jacksonville: 10-14, 7-6)

Utah Valley @ Chicago St.—The score remained tight throughout the first half and the early stages of the 2nd half with 18 lead changes and 10 ties. But then PF Robert Allocco took over the game for Chicago State and the Cougars pulled away all the way to the end of the game scoring a resounding 78-55 conquest over the Wolverines. Allocco finished the game with 30 points and 11 rebounds. The win kept Chicago State in a tie for 2nd place a single game behind Texas State. (14-10, 10-3)

Wofford @ Howard—Wofford played evenly with Howard in the first half and trailed by just 5 at the break. But in the 2nd half it was another story with Howard simply outclassing the Terriers. Howard hit 54% of their shots compared with Wofford’s 30% shooting and that led to Wofford’s 70-46 demise. C Jamaal Hobbs was the leading scorer for the Terriers with just 8 points. (10-14, 5-8)

Incarnate Word @ Cal-Davis—A large and loud home crowd pumped up the Aggies who responded by rolling to a 50-34 halftime advantage. Midway through the 2nd half, Cal-Davis had opened a 30 point lead and then cruised to a 74-50 shellacking of the Cardinals. The Aggies outshot Incarnate Word 52% to 37% and dominated the boards 37-23. SG Steffon Forman scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. (10-14, 7-6)

Texas St. @ Lamar—Texas State continued to shine in conference play. Even though this was a close game with the Bobcats having a slim 2 point lead at the half and with 13 lead changes and 7 ties, Texas State had the ability to pull away in the middle of the 2nd half. After leading by as much as 18, the Bobcats held off a late run by Lamar to win by a score of 73-64. PF Kebu Dupay led the Bobcats’ attack with 17 points and also pulled down 10 rebounds. PF Chris Amaker also scored a couble-double for Lamar with 12 points and 11 rebounds. (18-7, 12-2)

Nebraska-Omaha @ Wofford—Nebraska-Omaha jumped out to an early 7 point lead, but the Terriers reeled them in and took a 30-22 halftime lead. Wofford then corralled the Mavericks in the 2nd half to brand them with a 67-47 loss. A 38-25 rebounding advantage was the difference in the game for Wofford. PF Kenny Taylor’s 16 points were high for the Terriers. (11-14, 6-8)

Chicago St. @ Howard—Chicago State took on the team tied with them for 2nd place in Conference U. The first half was tightly contested with Chicago State coming out on top 35-34. But the Cougars came out of the locker room and clawed their way to a 20 point lead. The finished the game in sole possession of 2nd place with a 74-60 win. Chicago State hit 52% of their shots compared to just 32% for the Bison. PF Robert Allocco scored 18 and had 9 rebounds for Chicago State. Howard’s SF Antonio Stallings led all scorers with 26 points. (15-10, 11-3)

Cal-Davis @ Jacksonville—Parson Nylands Jacksonville Dolphins had another contest against one of the friends…this time Monroe Thurlow’s Cal-Davis Aggies. In a well-played and highly competitive game by both teams, Jacksonville was able to build a 53-42 lead at the half and then hang on for an 83-78 victory. SF Michael Frederick scored 19 points for Jacksonville and PF Jeremy Wolthers had 16 for Cal-Davis. (Jacksonville: 11-14, 8-6; Cal-Davis: 10-15, 7-7)

AwardsChicago State’s PF Robert Allocco again was Conference U’s Player of the Week while Jacksonville’s SF Michael Frederick was the Conference U Freshman Player of the Week. Allocco had 48 points, 20 rebounds and 6 blocks in his team’s 2 games this week. Frederick scored 28 ooints to go along with 6 rebounds and 3 steals in Jacksonville’s 2 games.

Injury: PF Kenny Taylor of Wofford is nursing a sore back so has backed off from practicing but should be ready to go for the Terriers’ next game.

Texas State is 61st on the Bubble Watch’s “Who’s In” list while Chicago State is 24th on the “Who’s Out” list for the NCAA Tourney. But it will all come down to what Conference U team wins the conference tournament since only one “U” team will be chosen by the NCAA Committee. Texas State RPI is 65th and Chicago State’s RPI is 58th nationally.

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Week 15 (ending 2/25/17) Results:


Texas St. @ Incarnate Word—Incarnate Word embarrassed Texas State in the first half and saddled the Bobcats with a 47-26 deficit. Texas State was unable to overcome such an abysmal half and fell hard 88-73. To put it mildly, Texas State’s defense simply stunk, allowing the Cardinals to hit 52% of their shots with the Cardinals making just 6 turnovers. PG Gilbert Lemeke’s 19 points were the highlight for the Bobcats. (18-8, 12-3)

Wofford @ Lafayette—Wofford overcame Lafayette’s home crowd. By the end of the first half the Terriers were ahead 38-34. They maintained their positive momentum in the 2nd half and came away with a 73-61 road win. Wofford offset their 19 turnovers by hitting 54% of their FG attempts as well as 48% of their 3’s. PG Alton Johnson dropped in 21 points for Wofford. (12-14, 7-8)

Longwood @ Chicago St.—Chicago State got off to a good start and poured it on all the way through the 1st half and led 46-28 at the break. The Cougars stumbled a bit in the 2nd half, but the refs kept them afloat so that they held on to take an 80-71 victory and move into the first place tie in Conference U. PF Robert Allocco led the Cougars in scoring with 19 points and SF Gavin Johnson grabbed 11 rebounds. (16-10, 12-3)

Cal-Davis @ Florida Gulf Coast—The biggest lead by both teams in this game was 6 points. Florida Gulf Coast led 34-30 at the half. While the game was constantly in doubt, Cal-Davis missed some big shots in the final 2 minutes and fDJell 68-65. PF Jeremy Wolthers topped the Aggies’ scoring with 14 and SF Adrian Ballard added 12 points and 9 rebounds. (10-16, 7-8)

Grand Canyon @ Jacksonville—Jacksonville had a tough time getting untracked in the first half and trailed 32-25 at the break. The Dolphins came out with a daunting defense in the 2nd half and opened a 16 point lead, but then Grand Canyon struck back and pulled closer and closer and just ran out of time as Jacksonville was able to hang on by their fingertips to win 64-61. Reserve C Ross Walker scored 14 points and PF Maurice Braun had a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. (12-14, 8-7)

Abilene Christian @ Texas St.—Texas State wasn’t about to absorb a 2nd straight loss and led from beginning to end in this game. They led 45-20 at the half and expanded their lead to 32 early in the 2nd half before relaxing to roll to an 84-63 rollover of the Wildcats. SG Terry Deng banged in 25 points and C John DePina added 14 points, 6 assists, and 9 rebounds for the Bobcats. (19-8, 13-3)

Wofford @ Utah Valley—Wofford controlled the game in the first half, opening a 13 point lead before going to the locker room with a 34-27 advantage. Things turned abruptly around in the 2nd half and the Terriers fell behind by as much as 8 points before putting on a late comeback. Trailing by 2 with 12 seconds to play, Wofford brought the ball up court quickly and PG Alton Johnson got the ball over to SG Antuan Lackey who drilled in a last second 3 which allowed Wofford to notch a 63-62 road win. PG Alton Johnson led the Terrier’s scoring with 14. (13-14, 8-8)

Grand Canyon @ Cal-Davis—Grand Canyon struck early and often to gain an 8 point lead, but the Aggies made a late run that put them in front 32-26 going to the locker room. Cal-Davis added to their lead in the 2nd half and then had to hold on as Grand Canyon made a late run. The final score was 62-54 in favor of Cal-Davis. Cal-Davis won the game on the basis of their rebounding advantage (36-24). Tyrone Dickenman came off the bench to lead the scoring for Cal-Davis with 12 points. (11-16, 8-8)

Jacksonville @ Florida Gulf Coast—Jacksonville employed a sound defense. By the end of the first half they led 30-23. Their defense remained strong in the 2nd half as they moved on to a 67-54 victory. The Dolphins held the Eagles shooting to 37% and forced them into 19 turnovers. Reserve C Ross Walker again led Jacksonville’s scoring with 14 points. PF Maurice Braun just missed out on a double-double, scoring 9 and getting 9 rebounds. (13-14, 9-7)

Chicago St. @ North Dakota—Could the Cougars win and share 1st place in the conference? The first half was a doozy. The lead flipped back and forth. The Cougars trailed 46-44 after the first stanza. But the game fell apart for Chicago State in the 2nd half as their offense fizzled. They lost 80-68 and fell not only out of 1st place, but into a 2nd place tie in the conference. PG Steve Greer scored 14 for Chicago State and SF Gavin Johnson yanked down 10 rebounds. But North Dakota’s SG Rashun Harper dazzled the home crowd by hitting 10 of 14 FG’s, 6 of 9 three’s, and 4 of 5 from the foul line for 30 points. The Fighting Hawks’ SF Shaun Nelson scored 21 and had 10 rebounds. (16-11, 12-4)

A good showing by the 5 friends within Conference U: Vernell Strom led his Texas State team to a 1st place finish, DJ Brower’s Chicago State team finished in a tie for 2nd place, Parsons Nyland brought Jacksonville into a tie for 4th place, and Kyle Ander’s Wofford team and Monroe Thurlow’s Cal-Davis team finished in a tie for 6th place within the 16 team conference.

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Conference U Tournament-Day 1


Incarnate Word (12th seed) vs Jacksonville (5th seed): Incarnate Word’s offense was firing away on all cylinders and they led the entire way, by 7 at the half (49-42), then by as much as 17 in the 2nd half and winning 88-78. Jacksonville’s defense was porous allowing the Cardinals to his 54% of their FG attempts and 63% of their 3’s. A disappointing ending for Parsons Nyland and his team. SF Michael Fredericks led Jacksonville’s scoring with 18 points. Rowland Boland came in off the bench and dished out 8 assists while scoring 8 and getting 3 steals. SG Adam Marvray tossed in 24 points for Incarnate Word. (13-15)

Utah Valley (11th seed vs Cal-Davis (6th seed): Cal-Davis scored first and never looked back. They led 48-35 at the break and by as much as 22 in the 2nd half. They scorched Utah Valley 77-57. SG Steffon Forman had 18 points and C Casey Givens scored 17 for the Aggies. (12-16)

Abilene Christian (10th seed) vs Wofford (7th seed): This was a close game all the way. The two teams were tied at 35-35 at the half. Wofford fell behind in the 2nd half and then just couldn’t catch up, losing 72-67. The Terriers top scorer was C Jamaal Hobbs with 18 points. (13-15)

Longwood (9th seed) vs North Dakota (8th seed): Longwood won a fiercely fought game 69-61.

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Conference U Tournament-Day 2


Longwood (9th seed) vs Texas St. (1st seed): Texas State played soundly in the 1st half and led 43-34 at the break. But their offense fell apart in the 2nd half and Longwood streaked by them to pull off a huge 73-65 upset. The Bobcats hit just 36% of their FG attempts and only 4 of 25 from beyond the arc. Starting C John DePina fouled out and was on the court only 6 minutes! His replacement Matt Wright scored 16 points to lead the Bobcats’s scoring. (19-9)

Abilene Christian (10th seed) vs Chicago St. (2nd seed): This was a very close game the entire way. Abilene Christian led 44-40 at the half. Neither team could pull away in the 2nd half, but Abilene Christian was able to put on the last run and topple the favored Chicago State team by a score of 92-86. PF Robert Allocco led Chicago State’s scoring with 27 points. For Abilene Christian, PG Paris Budde scored 26 and SG J.R. Crider added 20. (16-12)

Cal-Davis (6th seed) vs Howard (3rd seed): There were 6 lead changes and 5 ties early in the 1st half, but Cal-Davis then took control and was up 38-29 at the intermission. The Aggies continued to hold their lead in the 2nd half and won 63-52. Cal-Davis had a 35-25 rebounding advantage and a 21-15 turnover advantage. PG Jason Everett, SG Steffon Forman, and C Casey Givens each scored 10 points for Cal-Daivs. (13-16)

Incarnate Word (12th seed) vs Lamar (4th seed): Incarnate Word continued their run of upsets by whipping Lamar 71-60 as SG Adam Marvray scored 23 points.

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Conference U Tournament-Day 3


Incarnate Word (12th seed) vs Longwood (9th seed): Incarnate Word marched on with a minor upset.  But they had to make a late comeback to win 75-73. 

Cal-Davis (6th seed) vs Abilene Christian (10th seed): Cal-Davis stopped the Wildcats defensively to take a 32-17 halftime lead. The Aggies continued their commanding performance in the 2nd half and flattened Abilene Christian 63-41. The Aggies’ defense limited the Wildcats’ shooting to 28% with only 2 of 21 from 3 point distance. PF Jeremy Wolthers scored 24 points for Cal-Davis. (14-16)

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Conference U Tournament-Championship


Cal-Davis (6th seed) vs Incarnate Word (12th seed): Who would have predicted that the #6 and #12 seeds would play for the conference championship? Incarnate Word controlled the action in the first half, building a 13 point lead and they were up at the break 40-31. It looked like the Cardinals would pull off 4 straight upsets. Cal-Davis came out of the locker room with a stout defense, though. That allowed the Aggies lto move out to a 10 point lead. Incarnate Word came back late to make a game of it. But ultimately the Cardinals' 3-point shooting let them down (4 of 18 from beyond the arc). Cal-Davis escaped with a slim 67-63 win that sends Monroe Thurlow's Aggies to the NCAA Tournament. Substitutes Rashif Swan (13 points) and Jacob Robinson (12 points) were the leading scorers for the Aggies while SF Fredrik Sheppard scored 9 and grabbed 9 boards. (15-16)

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Leading Players:


Cal-Davis: Jeremy Wolthers-11.2 ppg, 5.3 rpg; Casey Givens-10.0 ppg, 5.8 rpg; Steffon Forman-8.7 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 2.3 apg; Jason Everett-8.1 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 3.8 apg; Adrian Ballard-7.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg; Tyrone Dickenman-5.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg.

Chicago StateRobert Allocco-18.6 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.8 bpg; Steve Greer-9.4 ppg, 3.1 rpg, 3.5 apg; Ryan Roberts-9.0 ppg, 2.1 rpg; Jared Fisher-7.6 ppg, 2.5 rpg; Gavin Johnson-6.9 ppg, 8.0 rpg; David Bracey-5.9 ppg, 3.6 rpg; David Johnson-5.7 ppg, 1.9 rpg

Jacksonville: Maurice Braun-11.0 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.5 bpg; Reggie Scholl-10.8 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 4.3 apg; Fred Smith-9.2 ppg, 5.0 rpg; Michael Frederick-8.1 ppg, 4.2 rpg; Rowland Boland-7.7 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 2.3 apg; Justin Hartfield-7.6 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 1.9 apg; Ross Walker-7.5 ppg, 3.6 rpg

Texas StateTerry Deng-12.3 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 2.3 apg; John DePina-11.4 ppg, 6.9 rpg; Gilbert Lemeke-10.6 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 4.0 apg; Kebu Dupay-8.1 ppg, 5.1 rpg; Russell Brown-7.9 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 24. apg; Matt Wright-7.5 ppg, 2.0 rpg; Mike Brown-5.7 ppg, 3.0 rpg

WoffordAlton Johnson-12.4 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.9 apg; Jamaal Hobbs-10.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg; Kenny Taylor-8.8 ppg, 5.7 rpg; Antuan Lackey-7.2 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.1 apg; Brandon Linton-5.7 ppg, 2.8 rpg; Chris Wilder-5.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg; Brandon Detmer-5.5 ppg, 4.0 rpg

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