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(EHM 1) Atlanta Really?

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Well one day I will keep up with a story for you guys. however in the past I tried to go way to in depth I feel so I will try to dial that back.


EHM 1 - Atlanta Really?

I downloaded a patch for the game which let's me play in 1974. So here we are in the hockey hot bed of Atlanta, Georgia? Oh well. Let's see what we can do here.


History up to 1974

The city of Atlanta was awarded a franchise in 1971 and began play in 1972. They were created because the NHL wanted to reach out to the marketplace before the WHA could therefore NHL was to begin play in Atlanta, a non traditional hockey market. The team was named the Flames to pay homage to the Atlanta Burnings during the American Civil War.


1972-1973 Season

The Flames finished 25-28-15 for 65 points which was not enough to make the playoffs. The team did win it's first game against expansion cousins New York Islanders though and even tied in their first ever home game against the Buffalo Sabres. They did finish ahead of the California Golden Seals though in the standings. The Flames were built from the net out as Dan Bouchard was drafted 2nd overall before the season along with 1st pick in the Expansion draft, who the Flames selected Phil Myre.


1973-1974 Season

In the 1973 off-season, the Flames took Tom Lysiak with the 2nd overall selection and he would go on to become the face of the team for years to come. The team would finish with the record of 30-34-14 for 74 points which secured the Flames a playoff spot in just their 2nd season. The Flaes finished 9 points ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins. However the team would have to play the 50-16-12 Philadelphia Flyers who finished the season in 1st with 112 points. The Flames would get swept out of the playoffs.


Now we arrive at present day in the game. Next up, we will do a roster review


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