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NHL: The Beginning

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I will take what I deem to be the worst franchise at the time of the game which starts in 31-32. At this time the only team to not win the Stanley Cup or appear in the finals was the Detroit Falcons (Red Wings) and Chicago Blackhawks. I think I will take over the Falcons because that was my uncles fav. team. 


*in the event I get fired I will automatically take over the last place team*


NHL A New Era


Up to this point in the NHL there was no drafts and mostly the Canadian teams were getting the best players. So the American team threatened to leave the NHL unless a new precedent was established. So NHL President Frank Calder introduced an NHL Amateur Draft which will include players 18 years and younger. Since this old NHL was established under old rules, Calder put forth a Draft that will include all eligible players who will be drafted to new teams. As you can tell the Montreal Canadiens were upset about this and threatened to boycott the NHL but Calder stood his ground mainly because he thought where else would the Canadiens play? There are no other top flight leagues.


More to come tomorrow.



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