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The Detroit of California: An Oakland Raiders Dynasty (HC09)

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Free Agency


Free agency started off with a bang, I released Ronald Curry (WR). Oddly enough, he was released in 2009 IRL. Last year the wide receiving core was so weak, that he could start, but with a deep draft at WR, I figured I could get at least 3 guys better than him, maybe even a 4th so I could cut Jonny Lee Higgens. There were no free agents of interest; I was mildly interested in Matt Birk (C, 92 OVA), but he went around 6 M, which was about 1.5 M over my budget, plus I'd have to move Justice to G, and I had no idea if that would work. So I passed, along with the Colston RFA (wanted a 1st and 3rd). Here are my draft picks:










I have 32 M in cap space. QB and HB are decent draft needs, but not vital. WR is very important, and most of the OL needs an upgrade. I'm pretty much set on the defensive side of the ball, but some DL depth would be nice.

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NFL 2009 Draft, Day 1


MarQuise Acho (LE) goes 1st overall, which is a bit dissapointing, since he went 6th in the mock and I considered trading up for him. But I had no chance, plus Joe Kain (QB) went second, so I was 95% sure I was going to move down and pick up Ozzie Jones (HB). We get to my pick (13th), and my offers aren't outstanding, so I consider taking the best WR (Fitzgerald comparison), but I convince Seattle to give me a 5th now and a 5th in 2010, and I drop 11 places to 24th overall. The draft goes smoothly, and I take Ozzie Jones (HB) at 24th.


My next target was Noah Wyoming (QB), and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it to 45th. Things were moving smoothly, and then Arizona comes up, and looks primed and ready to take him, so I have to make a move. I give up my 2nd round pick, the extra 5th I just got and a 4th in 2010 to move up... 4 spaces (fricken CPUs low ball your ass) and take Noah Wyoming (QB).

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NFL 2009 Draft, Day 2


In the third round I have the 78th pick. I was looking at Thurman Bayless (LT), compared to Walter Jones (although not as good). We get to the pick, and it still looks like we could wait. So I move down 10 spots and pick up a 7th rounder and a 6th next year. At the 88th spot, I decide to take Bayless, and lower my stress level instead of moving down again and hoping for him to be there. I moved Mark Wilson back to RT.


I have no picks in the 4th round, so it's a long painful wait until my 5th rounder. Pete Browning (WR) is still there, so I take him. He's compared to Isaac Bruce, so I can't go wrong there. A few picks later, I deal Bryant (WR), the UDFA I resigned and a 7th rounder next year for the 154th pick, and I take Raymond McDaniel (LG). He's pretty solid, I'll move Hale over to RG.


So we roll down to the sixth round and I just deal that pick away for 2 7th rounders next year, since I can wait. With my 2 7th rounders, I want to move down, but no one wants them, so I take 2 more WRs. Yeah it's boring, but there is a lot of talent here.


Draft Recap


24th- Ozzie Jones (HB)

41st- Noah Wyoming (QB)

88th- Thurman Bayless (LT)

141st- Pete Browning (WR)

154th- Raymond McDaniel (LG)

205th- Edwin Mays (WR)

216th- Dedric Zeller (WR)




Neal Cook (WR)

Senaro Gray (MLB)

Colton Boxer (QB)

Dane Byrd (CB)

Josh Boyd (FS)

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Beat Dallas 20-17 (OT)

Loss to Philly 38-22

Loss to Washington 13-10

Loss to Giants 23-20 (OT)


Yep, two OT games in the pre-season. This was a pretty slow time, I mostly just signed depth guys as they became available. I also trade Tommy Kelly (DT moved to RE) to the Jets for a 2nd rounder in 2011. But now my RE spot is manned by a waiver wire guy (78 OVA), and no one wants to trade their stud to me. The Brees comparison has 87 potential under my new QB coach, who locked my philosophy to "pure passer". Noah Wyoming has 91. Russel's ended going up to 86...


I plan to start lots of rookies again, at LT, LG, QB, HB, and all the WRs minus Manningham.

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Roster (2009):



QB- Noah Wyoming (77/91)

HB- Ozzie Jones (89/95)

FB- Dan Kreider (85)

WR- Mario Manningham (86/90), Pete Browning (77/93), Edwin Mays (78/93)

TE- Zach Miller (81/86)

LT- Thurman Bayless (84/90)

LG- Raymond McDaniel (81/88)

C- Steven Justice (84/85)

RG- David Hale (74/87)

RT- Mark Wilson (87)


Defense (3-4):

LE- Calias Campbell (86/88)

DT- Dre Moore (89/92)

RE- Chris Canty (79)

LOLB- Thomas Howard (89/91)

MLB- Jeremiah Trottier (85), Kirk Morrison (83)

ROLB- Keith Rivers (90/94)

CB- Nnamdi Asomugha (93), DeAngelo Hall (87)

FS- Michael Huff (85/91)

SS- Craig Steltz (85/88)


Special Teams (KPA/KAC):

K- Serna (97/85)

P- Lechler (96/94)

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Draft Picks (2010 Draft):





3rd (Pitt)

4th (Philly)

5th (Sea)


6th (Wsh)

7th (Ari)

7th (Cle)

7th (Buff)


I made two trades; both moving undrafted free agents. I traded Josh Boyd (FS) to Pittsburgh for a 3rd round pick, and Neal Cook (WR) to Philly for a 4th round pick (I really had to negotiate hard for that one). Both would have been trouble to resign and only would have been backups. I signed some bum to backup Huff and added Eddie Royal to my WR core. Royal is pretty shitty at being a WR, but he adds a lot to my return game.

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Oakland Raiders Schedule:





@ Chargers


@ Denver (MNF)

@ Redskins


@ Chiefs

@ Bengals





@ Philly

@ Steelers

@ Jets


I'm gonna edit this thread and add each game in as I go along, so I can stretch this until I go home and play some more. So check beack each day to see the progress of Al Davis' baby. My goals include winning 3 of the first 4 games, and beating Denver on MNF.


Predictions on how many wins for the Raiders? Over under is 10.5 wins.


I'll start the season once I return from vacation.

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Following man.


I think I am going to bring my Indiana Pacers association over here as well. If all goes well, I might start up a My Player and post it here too.

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