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Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)

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Week 14 Recap Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (10-3) at Oklahoma City Bison (7-6)

   The Bison and Fluties have met three times over the last two seasons, with their meeting prior to this one resulting in the Bison being knocked out of the 2036 Playoffs. Unfortunately for the Bison, that playoff meeting last January was a much better game. Bret Marquez just wasn't on his game in a contest the Bison needed desperately for their playoff hopes. Marquez finished just 12/29 for 130 yards, a TD, and a pick, and took 6 sacks. Gerald Mccarthy only added 45 yards on 15 carries, and over the last games, has averaged just 2.60 yards per carry over 30 carries. Norman Bennett was the only Bison receiver to top 25 yards, with 78 on 5 grabs. Alan Isbell added 22 on 2. Steven Green's lone catch was a 10 yard touchdown. Larry Delacruz led with 9 tackles, and David Rumbley had 7, seeing rare time as a free safety in place of injured Christopher Silverman. (Silverman is expected to miss the rest of the regular season for sure, and may be back as soon as the Divisional Round of the 2037 playoffs.) Luis Spratte had the lone Bison sack. Justin Mcdaniel had his 4th interception of the season, and Billie Devor added 12 GCOV. 

   For the Fluties, Billy Hoffman finished 27/44 for 305 and 2TDs, RB Joseph Anderson had 11 carries for 73 yards, Richard Brown and Lincoln Skelton combined for 12 carries, 68 yards, and 2TDs, and WR Clarence Cronin had 10 grabs for 122 yards and a touchdown. DT Johnny Lee added 4 sacks.

   Starting Bison guard Frank Jones had now allowed 17 sacks, and though he has an 8.4 Grade as a run blocker, he'll be benched the rest of the regular season for Oscar Yoshiyama. In fact, the Bison have activated reserve lineman Julian Schiaffino in his place. 

Team Stats                              Bison          vs     Fluties

Pass Yards                              130                          305

Yards Per Completion          10.83                       11.29

Yards Per Pass                       4.48                          6.93

Rush Yards                                58                          146

Yards Per Rush                      2.76                         5.61

Offensive Plays                          56                           71

NET Yards                               164                            440

Yards Per Play                        2.92                         6.19

Points                                           7                              36


Bison Media Player of the Game: WR Norman Bennett


Bison Media Rival of the Game: WR Clarence Cronin

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2037 Playoff Race - Week 14 Update

Democratic Conference

1. Toronto Tiger Cats (13-1) South

2. Pennsylvania Posse (10-4) North

3. Kansas city Chiefs (9-5) West

4. Graham Bullies (9-5) East

WC5 New Orleans Gators (9-5) South

WC6 Trenton Revolution (8-6) East

Playoff Contenders:

7. Long Island Lunatics (7-6-1) West

8. Los Angeles Rams (7-7) West

9. Chicago Governors (6-8) North


10. Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases (5-9) North

11. Rimmington Redskins (5-9) North

12. Munster Hodors (4-9-1) West

13. Brampton Steal Yo Girls (4-10) South

14. Oakland Raiders (4-10) East

15. Atlantis Tsunamis (4-10) East

16. Harrisburg Cougars (3-11) South

Republican Conference

1. Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (11-3) West

2. Alabama Slammers (11-3) South

3. Tijuana Bales (10-4) East

4. Chicago Coyotes (9-5) North

WC5 New Orleans Marauders (11-3) West

WC6 Burthorpe Badiaks (8-6) North

Playoff Contenders:

7. Goshen Blue Collars (8-6) North

8. Oklahoma City Bison (7-7) South

9. Philadelphia Eagles (7-7) East

10. London Horde (6-8) West

11. Compton Calzones (6-8) North

12. New York Giants (6-8) South

13. Tampa Bay Sun Devils (6-8) South


14. Manawa Allblack (4-10) East

15. Indiana Aces (3-11) West

16. The Marvels (3-11) East


Key: clinched playoffs, clinched division, clinched first round bye

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Former Oklahoma City Bison receiver (and failed field reporter) Robert Dyer signed a 1 year deal a few weeks back as a midseason signee with the Manawa Allblack. So far, Dyer has posted 19 grabs for 233 yards and a TD through 5 games. 

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Reserve QB Douglas Stewart has signed a 2 year extension through 2039. Stewart has seen action in the 2035 and 2036 seasons with the Bison, and played both playoff games in Bison history. The extension is worth $5.255M, with $730k in guarantees. In 16 regular season games, Stewart has gone 9-7, passing for 4602 yards, 27TDs, and 23INTs.


The re-signing leaves 13 Bison players with contracts set to expire after the season, including starting free safety Christopher Silverman, starting corner Larry Delacruz, starting outside backer Corey Sorenson, punter Eddie Moore, and fan favorite safety and former Pro Bowler David Rumbley.

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Week 14 Recap Oklahoma City Bison (7-7) at Manawa Allblack (4-10)

   The Bison came in to a must-win game heavily favored, but their downfall of the last month has continued after a slow first half. Bret Marquez finished 14 of 26 for 177, 2TDs, and 2INTs, getting sacked 4 times. Gerald Mccarthy managed 77 yards on 15 carries, while Sean Thurby added a 15 yard carry. Norman Bennett caught 6 passes for 81 yards and 2TDs, and Alan Isbell added 4 for 63. Henry Ballesteros led with 9 tackles, while Robert Buseck and James Nelson each added sacks. Sean Thurby returned a kick 100 yards for a score. 

   For the Allblack, QB Kevin Davis went 25/30 for 257 and 3TDs. Ronald Teitsort added 91 yards on 27 carries, and David Rodriguez had 8 receptions for  87 yards and 2TDs.

Team Stats                              Bison          at    Allblack

Pass Yards                              177                          257

Yards Per Completion          12.64                       10.28

Yards Per Pass                       6.80                          8.56

Rush Yards                              103                          140

Yards Per Rush                      5.15                         3.58

Offensive Plays                          50                           71

NET Yards                               363                            381

Yards Per Play                        7.26                         5.36

Points                                         24                              31


Bison Media Player of the Game: WR Norman Bennett


Bison Media Rival of the Game: QB Kevin Davis

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2037 Playoff Race - Week 15 Update

Democratic Conference

1. Toronto Tiger Cats (14-1) South

2. Pennsylvania Posse (10-5) North

3. Kansas city Chiefs (10-5) West

4. Graham Bullies (9-6) East

WC5 New Orleans Gators (10-5) South

WC6 Trenton Revolution (9-6) East

Playoff Contenders:

7. Los Angeles Rams (8-7) West


8. Long Island Lunatics (7-7-1) West

9. Chicago Governors (7-8) North

10. Rimmington Redskins (6-9) North

11. Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases (5-10) North

12. Oakland Raiders (5-10) East

13. Munster Hodors (4-10-1) West

14. Brampton Steal Yo Girls (4-11) South

15. Atlantis Tsunamis (4-11) East

16. Harrisburg Cougars (3-12) South

Republican Conference

1. Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (12-3) West

2. Alabama Slammers (11-4) South

3. Tijuana Bales (11-4) East

4. Chicago Coyotes (10-5) North

WC5 New Orleans Marauders (12-3) West

WC6 Goshen Blue Collars (9-6) North

Playoff Contenders:

7. Burthorpe Badiaks (8-7) North

8. Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) East


9. Oklahoma City Bison (7-8) South

10. New York Giants (7-8) South

11. London Horde (6-9) West

12. Compton Calzones (6-9) North

13. Tampa Bay Sun Devils (6-9) South

14. Manawa Allblack (5-10) East

15. Indiana Aces (3-12) West

16. The Marvels (3-12) East


Key: clinched playoffs, clinched division, clinched first round bye

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The Bison, now eliminated from playoff contention, decided to make a few key changes to their lineup.


New Starters                        

QB Douglas Stewart          

RB Jimmy Baker

WR Robert Ilalio

LT Daniel Doxie

C Kyle Mandel

RT Julian Schiaffino

DE Daniel Ortiz

DT Luis Spratte

CB Christopher Ross

SS Aaron Delpozo


Gerald Mccarthy has been benched 50 yards from a 1000 yard season, but the Bison said they want to see how other players can fit at certain spots. 

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The Bison fell in Week 16, finishing with a 7-9 record, and the 14th pick in the upcoming draft. The Ft. Lauderdale Fluties defeated the Toronto Tiger Cats in the Championship Game, 20-17. The Bison finished with one Pro Bowler, rookie LB Henry Ballesteros. TE Alan Isbell missed out on his second Pro Bowl by one fame point. 


The 2038 season will be different. Bison owner freebundy said being sub-par is unacceptable, and he will bring in camp competition at as many positions as possible.

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Bison Free Agency - First Spin - 2038

   Free Agency opened, and the Bison were immediately active, signing 39 players to their camp roster. 

Returning Bison

#    Pos          Name                              College                YrsPro        YrsLft

3    QB           Douglas Stewart              Michigan                   6                 2         

9    K             Michael Camburn             Maryland                   2                3

11  WR         Earnest Mckenzie             Indiana                      6                1

12  QB          Bret Marquez                   Tiffin                          4                 4

13  TE           Leonard Harvey               Florida                      2                  2

24  CB          Christopher Ross              Bethune-Cookman   7                  1

25  CB          Billie Devor                        Wisconsin                6                   2

29  RB          Gerald Mccarthy                Texas Tech             4                  1

31  RB          Jimmy Baker                      Arkansas                 8                  1

35  CB          Brian Mcconnell                 Temple                    1                  4

43  SS          Justin Mcdaniel                  Pearl River CC         2                  3

53  LB          David Ferguson                  Houston                   6                  1

57  LB          Jesse Vanetta                     Syracuse                 2                   3

59  C            Richard Owca                     Purdue                    6                   2

61  OL          Geoffrey Mcalister              Connecticut             6                   1

62  DT          John Wyandt                      Houston                   2                   3

63  OT          Leonard Sarelas                Missouri                   5                   3

65  LS           Edmond Zych                    Notre Dame             2                   1

66  OT          Matthew Miller                   Texas Tech              5                   2

67  G            Oscar Yoshiyama               Mississippi State      3                   2

68  DE          Joseph Snyder                   Villanova                  12                 3

71  OT          Julian Schiaffino                 Miami                       3                   2

72  C             Kyle Mandel                      USC                          3                   1

73  DE           Robert Buseck                  Illinois                        9                   2

75  DE           Daniel Ortiz                      Tulane                        2                   1

77  OT           Daniel Doxie                     Miami                         1                   4

78  OL           Donald Solarski                Arizona State              8                   2

79  DT           Luis Spratte                      Georgia Tech             4                   3

81  WR          Jeff Munoz                        Georgetown               4                   2

85  TE           Alan Isbell                          Michigan State           2                   3

87  WR         Steven Green                     Utah State                 9                    2

88  WR         Robert Ilalio                        Samford                    6                    2

89  WR         Norman Bennett                 Boise State                9                   1

91  LB          Henry Ballesteros               California                    1                   4

92  DT         Anthony Williams                Hawaii                         7                   1

94  LB          Nathaniel Fitch                   Texas Tech                 3                   1

95  NT         Eric Parmer                         Central Florida            1                   4

98  LB         Matthew Edwards                Wisconsin                  10                   1 


1   OT         Raymond Johnson               Oklahoma                   1                    2

5   QB         Osvaldo Albers                     Southern Miss             6                   2

6   P            Kirby Hood                           Penn State                  12                 1

10 P            Eddie Moore                        Tennessee                   9                  1

14 P            Bruce Clark                          Miami                           5                  1

26 FS          Christopher Silverman         Iowa                             8                  1

28 RB          Edward Howard                   Florida                         7                   1

30 CB          Michael Brock                      None/N/A                     8                   1

33 CB          Larry Delacruz                     LSU                             8                    1

36 SS          Fritz Holland                         Washington                8                    1

39 CB          Andrew Jiminez                    Nebraska                   5                     4

42 SS          Aaron Delpozo                      Central Florida          1                      4

43 RB         Stephen Cole                         Appalachian State     3                     1

44 FS         Michael Mcwhorter                Akron                         6                      1

45 SS         Bradley Vineyard                   Notre Dame               1                      2

46 SS         Joseph Frear                         West Virginia              3                     3

49 FS         Charles Atherton                    Oregon                       5                    2

50 C           Tommy Jones                        Iowa                           1                     1

51 C           Glen Okeefe                          Wisconsin                   3                      1

52 C           Kenneth Carter                      Mississippi State         5                      1

54 LB         Marcus Bowen                       Nebraska                    4                       3

55 C           Thomas Kline                        Purdue                       12                      1

56 LB          Paul Buxton                          Southern Illinois           6                       2

57 LB          John Dunphy                        Illinois                         11                      1

58 LB          Kenneth Green                    Boise State                    7                      2

60 OT         James Estes                         Arizona State                6                      1

63 G           James Garcia                       Penn State                     7                      2

64 OT         Steven Dempsey                  Penn State                     2                      4

69 DT         Richard Andrews                  Nebraska                       4                       2

70 G           Charles Mazuo                     Alabama State               4                       3

74 OL         Douglas Fox                         USC                               3                       4

76 DT         Daniel Ballard                       Texas A&M                    7                       1

78 OT         William Starkweather            Kansas State                 8                        1

81 WR         Richard Mather                    Maryland                       7                        1

82 WR         William Paquette                  Clemson                        6                        1

90 LB           Eugenio Hodgkins               Eastern Michigan           4                        4 

96 DE          John Schweda                     Southern Miss                1                        3

97 DE          Craig Paul                            Michigan                         1                       4

99 LB           Corey Sorenson                  Mississippi                       7                      1

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Bison Pre-Draft Storylines

Bison release DE Joseph Snyder

12th Year Defensive End Joseph Snyder was released by the Bison. Snyder projected as the #4 end on the pre-draft roster. "Snyder spent his career with this franchise, being drafted when we were still in Saskatchewan, moving briefly to KC, and then starting our years in Oklahoma City, laying a great foundation," said Bison owner/GM freebundy. Snyder totaled 44 sacks while with the franchise, including 15 as a Bison. His season-best mark came in the first year in Oklahoma City, as Snyder made 9 sacks. He appeared in 177 games for the franchise, appearing in 92 straight to start his career. "Injuries held him back the last two years, and age has finally caught up to him."


Bison stadium deal has major effects

In 2035, when the Bison moved to Oklahoma City, they signed a 5-year lease with the city to convert an old, abandoned high school field into a temporary home. The field was originally designed to hold 2500, saw major renovations, kicking the capacity up to 40,000. But the Bison are a professional franchise, and want to be able to host major events, like the league championship, the NCAA basketball finals, and potentially the Olympics. In 2035, the team moved to Oklahoma City, with the promise that the city would be open to funding a stadium within the next 5 seasons. Three seasons have since past, with no stadium resolution. A new stadium would need to be started immediately to be ready for the 2040 regular season opener, and the Oklahoma City taxpayers, represented by their local government, have made no committment to funding the new stadium. The Bison have plans for a $2.2 billion dollar stadium in Oklahoma City, a proposed retractable-roofed field that would seat 75,000, have room for additions to host up to 130,000, and would be centered between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma City Universities. The owner would be responsible for around $340M,  the city $100M in available funds, season tickets over the first five years $250M, the state $380M, available grants $250M, and $150M from the league, leaving the Oklahoma City taxpayers with about $438M and the state taxpayers $292M. The Bison would also pay back the $100M in stadium funds over 20 years, would pay the states funds back up to $10M per year over 25 years, and would work with local colleges to place students as interns with the team. 


Because of the city's seemingly lost appeal, the Bison have started to look elsewhere for a stadium. Originally, the cities of Milwaukee (WI), Atlanta (GA), Nashville (TN), and San Antonio (TX) were considered in 2035. Milwaukee has shown the most interest, with three different stadium proposals. The first plan, the most promising one, would demolish Miller Park, the longtime home of the baseball team Brewers. The Brewers would be responsible for raising half of the funds, and they are very interested. The cost of the shared stadium would total around $1.9B, as the roof would only be partially retractable. Unfortunately for the Bison, the league only chips in $50M in event of a relocation, leaving the Bison at about a $60M shortfall on their half. The State of Wisconsin has said it's not open to contriubuting to the stadium, while the city of Milwaukee has hit harder times, leaving their input as a miniscule amount. The Brewers side of the funding is much further away from completion, as they've only been able to account for $400M of their $950M share.


The second and third Milwaukee plans are currently out of reach financially. "The Mitchell Park Project" would place the Bison between Miller Park and Marquette University. The "Veterans Park/Lake Michigan Project" would place the Bison between the Milwaukee River and Veterans Park.


Atlanta has backed out of the race for a franchise, and Nashville isn't exactly sold on a franchise, either. San Antonio is putting together a plan that would have the Bison purchase the Willow Springs Golf Course, placing them near the home of the San Antonio Spurs. 


Bison owner/GM freebundy declined to comment on the story, saying he's more focused on the offseason moves.


2038 Draft agency

The Bison hired an agency for draft scouting for the second time in their four years. The 2035 draft yielded Oscar Yoshiyama and Julian Schiaffino, both players who might finally be able to crack the starting lineup in 2038. Freebundy scouted in 2036 and 2037, coming away with twelve players currently on the Bison roster. He was busy negotiating a stadium deal in 2037, and an agency will again decide the future players of the Bison.


Former Bison retirees

2036 draft selection DE Max Juliusson has decided to hang it up. Juliusson played 51 snaps over 12 games during his rookie season, before being released at the start of the 2037 league year. 


Bison sign 3

The Bison made three pre-draft signings, adding TE Burton Stamper and FB John Wiskowski as potential H-Backs, and signing 9th year pro Charles Sietz, a guard who won a championship with Ft. Lauderdale last season. Sietz spent the last 4 years in Ft. Lauderdale, and allowed no sacks and earned a 9.2 run blocking grade in the playoffs.


Bison release Mcalister

With the signing of Charles Sietz, Geoffrey Mcalister was finally made expendable. Mcalister, who was projected to be the 4th left tackle, or the 9th option at guard, played in 45 games with the Bison, allowing just 3 sacks over 644 pass attempts, a 0.4% sack average. Mcalister also racked up 81 Rblk in his time with the Bison. Releasing the 6th year lineman saves $730k on the salary cap this season.


LB Matthew Edwards takes salary cut

Matthew Edwards, currently the 4th option at outside linebacker, was originally scheduled to make $11.835M this season. Edwards recorded 70 tackles and a sack in 2037 with the Bison, but the 10th year linebacker wanted to do everything possible to remain with the team. After adding his bonus to the dead hit, the Bison now have $5.405M in dead money, but Edwards contract comes down to $2M on the season.


RB Gerald Mccarthy signs extension

Entering a contract year, Gerald Mccarthy was re-signed to a deal with a 2 year extension. His cap hit (including renegotiated dead money) for 2038 comes to $7.155M (as opposed to $7.345M , but it drops to $4.83M in 2039, and $5.235M in 2040. 

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Oklahoma City Bison Franchise Records Set in 2037

STAT- Setter, Record (Previous Holder, Record, Set)

Most QB Wins - Bret Marquez, 7 (tied Marquez, 7, 2036)

Most QB Losses -  Marquez, 8 (Douglas Stewart, 5, 2035)

Pass Attempts - Marquez, 561 (Stewart, 454, 2035)

Completions - Marquez, 355 (Stewart, 265, 2035)

Comp. % (20+Att) - Marquez, 63.2 (Marquez, 62.1, 2036)

Pass Yards - Marquez, 3798 (Stewart, 3156, 2035)

Pass TDs - Marquez, 29 (Stewart, 16, 2035)

TD/Pass % - Marquez, 5.1 (Stewart, 4.8, 2036)

Passer Rating - Marquez, 91.3 (Stewart, 84.1, 2036)

Rush Att - Gerald Mccarthy, 221 (Mccarthy, 156, 2036)

Rush Yards - Mccarthy, 970 (Mccarthy, 718, 2036)

Rush Avg/Att - Jimmy Baker, 5.01 (Mccarthy, 4.60, 2036)

Most Fumbles - Bret Marquez, 14 (Stewart, 8, 2035)

Most Tackled For Loss - Mccarthy, 24 (Baker, 22, 2035)

Receptions - Norman Bennett, 96 (Bennett, 80, 2035)

Most Drops - Willie Livingston, 4 (Bennett, 3, 2035)

Receiving Yards - Bennett, 1155 (Bennett, 1065, 2036)

Receiving TDs - Bennett, 11 (Bennett, 7, 2035)

Tackles - Henry Ballesteros, 160 (Dale Martin, 131, 2036)

MTACK - John Wyandt, 9 (Wyandt, 8, 2036)

Sack Yards - Robert Buseck, 69 (Jesus Anderson, 62, 2035)

Forced Fumbles - Ballesteros, 4 (Martin, 3, 2036)

Fumble Recoveries - Buseck, 3 (7+ players, 1, 2035-36)

Defensive Touchdowns - Buseck, Ballesteros, & Matthew Edwards, 1 (tied David Rumbley (twice), 1, 2035 & 2036)

GCOV - Billie Devor, 137 (tied John Kinabrew, 137, 2036)

KRAVG - Norman Bennett, 36.0 (Jimmy Baker, 31.7, 2036)

KR TDs - Gerald Mccarthy & Sean Thurby, 1 (tied Baker, 1, 2036)

XPA - Michael Camburn, 41 (Camburn, 32, 2036)

XPM - Michael Camburn, 41 (Camburn, 32, 2036)

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2038 Pre-Draft Projected Starters

Position                   2037 Incumbent                          2038 Projected Starter

QB                            Bret Marquez                                Bret Marquez

RB                            Gerald Mccarthy                           Gerald Mccarthy

HB                            Roy Nersesian                              John Wiskowski

TE                            Alan Isbell                                      Alan Isbell

WR1                         Norman Bennett                            Steven Green

WR2                         Steven Green                                Jeff Munox

LT                             Matthew Miller                               Matthew Miller

LG                             Donald Solarski                             Douglas Fox

C                               Richard Owca                                Richard Owca

RG                           Frank Jones                                    Donald Solarski

RT                            Leonard Sarelas                             William Starkweather


LE                            Joseph Snyder                                John Schweda

LDT                          John Wyandt                                   John Wyandt

NT                            Eric Parmer                                      Eric Parmer

RDT                          Anthony Williams                             Luis Spratte

RE                            Robert Buseck                                  Craig Paul

WLB                         Corey Sorenson                                Paul Buxton

MLB                         Henry Ballesteros*                             Henry Ballesteros

SLB                          Matthew Edwards                              Kenneth Green

CB                            Billie Devor                                         Andrew Jiminez

CB                            Brian Mcconnell                                  Billie Devor

FS                            Christopher Silverman                         Christopher Silverman

SS                            Justin Mcdaniel                                   Justin Mcdaniel


K                              Michael Camburn                                 Michael Camburn

P                              Eddie Moore                                         Eddie Moore

LS                            Edmond Zych                                       Edmond Zych

KR                           Gerald Mccarthy                                   Gerald Mccarthy

KR                           Sean Thurby                                         Jimmy Baker

PR                           Jimmy Baker                                         Jimmy Baker


KEY: * indicates 2037 Pro Bowl, slash indicates player no longer with team, italics indicates rookie, bold indicates new acquisition 

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2038 Oklahoma City Bison Schedule


Week                Team

1                        at Indiana Aces

2                        vs The Marvels

3                        at Ft. Lauderdale Fluties

4                        vs Philadelphia Eagles

Regular Season                                                              Line                      Last Years Record

1                        vs Burthorpe Badiaks                             Bison (2)                          9-7

2                        vs Tampa Bay Sun Devils                      Bison (1)                          7-9

3                        at Pennsylvania Posse                           Posse (6)                        11-5

4                        at Alabama Slammers                            Slammers (5)                  11-5

5                        at Compton Calzones                             Calzones (3)                    7-9

6                        vs Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases             Bison (2)                           5-11

7                        vs New York Giants                                Bison (2)                           8-8

8                        vs New Orleans Marauders                    Marauders (2.5)              13-3

9                        at Rimmington Redskins                         Redskins (4)                     7-9

10                      at Tampa Bay Sun Devils                       Sun Devils (3)                   7-9

11                      at Goshen Blue Collars                           Blue Collars (3)                9-7

12                      vs Chicago Governors                            Pick (--)                            7-9

13                      vs Alabama Slammers                            Slammers (1)                   11-5

14                      at Manawa Allblack                                 Allblack (3)                        5-11

15                      vs Chicago Coyotes                                Pick (--)                              10-6

16                      at New York Giants                                 Giants (1)                            8-8

                                                                       Projected Record                     Total Record (SOS)

                                                                              4-10-2                                        135-121 (.527)

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List of 2038 Pre-Draft Bison signees

Pos     Name                    Contract                               Former Team (Last Season/Preseason with)         

LB         Matthew Edwards     1yr/$2.0M/$1.045Mgtd              Bison (2037). Took salary cut to remain with team.

RB        Garald Mccarthy        3yrs/$14.66M/$8.07Mgtd          Bison (2037). Two-year extension to his contract.

FS        Michael Mcwhorter     1yr/$1.59M/$245Kgtd               Bison (2037).

G          Charles Sietz              1yr/$2.52M/$520Kgtd               Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (2037)

C          Tommy Jones             1yr/$495k                                 No prior experience (UDFA 2037).

C          Kenneth Carter            1yr/$730k                                Kansas City Black Dynamite (2034).

C          Glen Okeefe                 1yr/$730k                               Bison (2037 Preseason)

RB        Stephen Cole                1yr/$730k                               Graham Bullies (2037)

P          Bruce Clark                    1yr/$740k/$10Kgtd                Bison (2037 Preseason)

HB       Burton Stamper              1yr/$855k                              Pennsylvania Posse (2034)

SS       Frtiz Holland                    1yr/$855k                             No prior experience (UDFA 2030).

CB      Larry Delacruz                  1yr/$855k                            Bison (2037).

CB      Michael Brock                   1yr/$855k                            The Marvels (2034).

WR     Richard Mather                 1yr/$855k                            Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (2037).

RB      Eward Howard                  1yr/$855k                            The Marvels (2035).

DT      Daniel Ballard                  1yr/$855k                              Bison (2037 Preseason).

LB       Corey Sorenson            1yr/$855k                                Bison (2037).

OT      James Estes                   1yr/$855k                               No prior experience (UDFA 2032).

WR     William Paquette            1yr/$855k                                Ferguson Chokers (2036).

FS      Christopher Silverman     1yr/$875k/$20kGTD              Bison (2037).

OT      William Starkweather       1yr/$945k/$90kGTD              New Orleans Gators (2037).

C         Thomas Kline                  1yr/$955k                              Bison (2037 Preseason).

LB        John Dunphy                   1yr/$955k                             Harrisburgh Cougars (2037).

P          Eddie Moore                    1yr/$955k                             Bison (2037).

P          Kirby Hood                       1yr/$975k/$20kGTD             Pennsylvania Posse (2036).

OT       Raymond Johnson           2yr/$1.22M/$20kGTD           Bison (2037 Preseason).

SS       Bradley Vineyard              2yr/$1.22M/$20kGTD            Bison (2037 Preseason).

HB       John Wiskowski                2yr/$1.54M/$20kGTD            Bison (2036).

DT       Richard Andrews              2yr/$1.54M/$20kGTD            Philadelphia Eagles (2034 Preseason).

FS       Charles Atherton              2yr/$1.705M/$60kGTD          Bison (2037 Preseason).

LB       Kenneth Green                 2yr/$1.79M/$20kGTD            Bison (2037 Preseason).

LB       Paul Buxton                      2yr/$2.02M/$180kGTD          Goshen Blue Collars (2037).

G         James Garcia                  2yr/$2.435M/$410kGTD        Graham Bullies (2037 Preseason). 

QB       Osvaldo Albers                2yr/$6.84M/$670kGTD          Chicago Governors (2037).

DE       John Schweda                 3yr/$2.11M/$60kGTD            Bison (2037 Preseason).

SS       Joseph Frear                    3yr/$2.43M/$60kGTD           New Orleans Maruaders (2035 Preseason).

LB       Marcus Bowen                  3yr/$2.555M/$60kGTD         No prior experience (2034 7th Rd Ferguson Chokers)

G        Charles Mazuo                   3yr/$2.78M/$285kGTD        Bison (2037 Preseason).

G        Douglas Fox                       4yr/$12.17M/$2.0MGTD      Tijuana Bales (2037 Preseason).

SS      Aaron Delpozo                    4yr/$3.08M/$120kGTD        Bison (2037).

DE      Craig Paul                           4yr/$3.08M/$120kGTD        Bison (2037 Preseason).

OT      Steven Dempsey                4yr/$3.315M/$120kGTD      Chicago Governors (2037). 

LB       Eugenio Hodgkins              4yr/$3.65M/$120kGTD        No prior experience (2034 7th Rd Chicago Governors)

CB      Andrew Jiminez                  4yr/$30.25M/$14.0MGTD    Chicago Governors (2037).

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Draft Day Signings

The Bison brought in two camp legs to push Michael Camburn at kicker. 9th year pro Leroy Darrow kicked for the Maruaders last year, finishing 26/30 on FGs with a 50 Long. William Moreno hasn't ever kicked officially in the league, but he spent time on the Bison's roster last offseason.

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2038 Draft

The Indiana Aces opened up with DE Justin Rayes of Furman with the 1st overall selection. The Manawa Allblack and Atlantis Tsunamis made selections of RB Corry Norris and WR Frank Oborne, both of Nebraska-Omaha, at 6 and 7 overall. It was a weak QB draft, with the first one selected coming at 22nd overall, Robert Chaudhuri of LSU to the Graham Bullies.


Oklahoma City Bison 2037 Draft Class

Round   Overall     Pos      Name                       College                         

      1          14          CB       Juan Rinaldi              Texas Tech                           

      2          46          DE        William Sneed          Auburn                            

      3          78          WR       Brad Jones                Monmouth                                    

      4         110         DE        Craig Burleson          Memphis                     

      5          142        G           Louis Treece             Maryland                      

      6           174       G           Kevin Kraft                Purdue                

      7           206       CB        Michael Bruce           North Texas

Rinaldi likely won't see playing time early in his career, but in a weak overall draft, he could be a gem in a few years. Sneed offers great depth as an end, and could progress, much like John Schweda and Craig Paul, into a starter over time. Jones is a reliable pass catcher, but his speed was limited majorly after two ACL tears, once in college and once at his pro day. Craig Burleson could likely be a practice squad designation for his rookie year, and maybe his first season after that, but his 6'4", 318 body looks great as a run-stopping end/goal line end. Louis Treece also appears headed for the practice squad, with hopes of development. Kevin Kraft will have a hard time even making the practice squad. Michael Bruce was released, as he's decided to attend Oxford. Bruce offered little as a football player.           

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OTAs, 2038

Coming out of OTAs, the Bison have lost a few faces. Guard James Garcia was cut to make playing time for the two rookie guards. Linebacker David Ferguson was a surprising cut, but was slotted to be the 4th inside linebacker and 6th oustide linebacker. 


The Bison said they liked what they saw out of the first team defense, and while the receiving corps could use an upgrade, the offense ran smoothly as well. 

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2038 Training Camp Report

The Bison come in to 2038 with high hopes of returning to 2036 form. Bret Marquez is coming off of a season in which he actually looked like a legitimate franchise QB, Gerald Mccarthy ran for more yards than ever before, and Alan Isbell continues to be a top-tier tight end. An improved offensive line should protect Marquez better. Defensively, the line is full of youth, and the linebacking corps is led by one of the hottest young players in the league. Andrew Jiminez vastly improves the cornerbacks, moving Brian McConnell back to his more comfortable nickelback role, and the safety group is full of young depth.


The Bison signed runningbacks Brian Allen and Walter Giordano during camp, both expecting to compete as return men. As RBs, neither have had much experience, with Allen appearing in 5 season (62 games) totalling 571 yards on 140 carries (4.07 average), with 10 touchdowns. Giordano has seen the field in just 2 games, both coming in 2034 with the Alabama Slammers. He's rushed for 59 yards (with 3 touchdowns) on 15 carries, a 3.93 average. The Bison also added H-back prospect Tracy Hutt, an undrafted rookie out of Mississippi State. Hutt doesn't offer much right now, as he mostly played special teams in college, but the 6'5", 256 prospect could be a promising player with a year or two spend on the Practice Squad.

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Bison owner expands ownership

Bison owner FreeBundy has moved some of his funds around, purchasing teams in both hockey and baseball.


The hockey team, an expansion team in League III.11, is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has done nothing to silence the rumors of the Bison potentially moving there. However, FreeBundy said he isn't sure as to whether or not he will take as much controll of the team as he has the Bison. The team, the Milwaukee Robins, is currently 13-18.


His baseball team, the Des Moines Rebels, is 32-18. The Rebels compete in league IV.8. FreeBundy has said he would like to focus on the Rebels, and is interested in moving them out of Des Moines. 

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Five ex-Bison sign elsewhere

   Following final cuts for the Bison, five former Bison players were signed to opening day rosters around the league.

WR Robert Ilalio signed a 1-year, $3.5M deal with the Pennsylvania Posse. CB Christopher Ross signed a 3-year, $13.475M deal with the New York Spartans. WR Jeff Munoz also signed a 3-year deal with the Spartans, worth $8.495M. LB Matthew Edwards signed a 1-year, $1.30M deal with the New Orleans Marauders, and K Leroy Darrow signed a 1-year, $1.02M deal with the Marauders.


   The Bison also cut lineman Steven Dempsey to pick up WR Michael Beavers. Beavers, an 8th year pro out of Louisville, projects as the #1 Bison receiver. He previously played for the Graham Bullies for his entire career, hauling in 258 catches for 3330 yards and 28 TDs in 96 games, along with 15 receptions for 219 yards and 2TDs in 11 playoff games. He's also returned 68 kicks for 1636 yards (24.05 AVG) and 3TDs, and 233 punts for 1916 yards (8.22 AVG). 

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2038 Starters

Position                   2037 Incumbent                          2038 Starter

QB                            Bret Marquez                                Bret Marquez

RB                            Gerald Mccarthy                           Gerald Mccarthy

HB                            Roy Nersesian                              John Wiskowski

TE                            Alan Isbell                                      Alan Isbell

WR1                         Norman Bennett                            Michael Beavers

WR2                         Steven Green                                Steven Green

LT                             Matthew Miller                               Matthew Miller

LG                             Donald Solarski                             Douglas Fox

C                               Richard Owca                                Richard Owca

RG                           Frank Jones                                    Donald Solarski

RT                            Leonard Sarelas                             William Starkweather


LE                            Joseph Snyder                                Robert Buseck

LDT                          John Wyandt                                   John Wyandt

NT                            Eric Parmer                                      Eric Parmer

RDT                          Anthony Williams                             Luis Spratte

RE                            Robert Buseck                                  Craig Paul

WLB                         Corey Sorenson                                Paul Buxton

MLB                         Henry Ballesteros*                             Henry Ballesteros

SLB                          Matthew Edwards                              Kenneth Green

CB                            Billie Devor                                         Andrew Jiminez

CB                            Brian Mcconnell                                  Billie Devor

FS                            Christopher Silverman                         Christopher Silverman

SS                            Justin Mcdaniel                                   Justin Mcdaniel


K                              Michael Camburn                                 Michael Camburn

P                              Eddie Moore                                         Kirby Hood

LS                            Edmond Zych                                       Thomas Kline

KR                           Gerald Mccarthy                                   Gerald Mccarthy

KR                           Sean Thurby                                         Jimmy Baker

PR                           Jimmy Baker                                         Jimmy Baker


KEY: * indicates 2037 Pro Bowl, slash indicates player no longer with team, italics indicates rookie, bold indicates new acquisition 

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2038 Week 1 Recap Burthorpe Badiaks (0-0) at Oklahoma City Bison (0-0)

   The Bison came into the game excited to take the league, and hoped to return to 2036 playoff form. (From a personal perspective, the Bison current offense is far better than that team, while the defense could hold the Bison back.) They looked perfect here in Week One.

   Bret Marquez showed MVP-like flashes in 2037, but had games where he would regress. Against the Badiaks, he went 32-39 (82.05%!) for 393 (12.28 average) and 4TDs, with no picks. At this rate, he could throw for nearly 6000 yards and 60+ TDs, and while those numbers would be hard to keep up for an entire season, Marquez certainly seems on pace for some gaudy stats. 

   Gerald Mccarthy rushed for 74 yards on 17 carries (4.35AVG), and added a touchdown. The rest of the team managed just 34 yards on 12 carries (2.83 AVG). Mccarthy's success can be attributed to the starting line, specifically guard Douglas Fox and center Richard Owca, who both had 10.0 run grades and totaled 7 RBLK between themselves. Matthew Miller and Donald Solarski also contributed well, adding respective 9.5 and 9.3 grades, and 17 combined RBLK. William Starkweather struggled to a 6.7 grade. Reserves Charles Sietz and Thomas Kline played well over 11 offensive run plays, but Leonard Sarelas struggled to a 6.0 grade.

   The Bison bost an aging triple-threat of wide receivers. Michael Beavers could be a steal of free agency, hauling in 13 of 14 passes for 183 yards (14.07) and three touchdowns. Steven Green added 8 for 98 (12.25) and a score, and Norman Bennett went 4 for 46 (11.50). Bennett said he loves his new #3 role, and while he probably won't break 1000 yards for the third consecutive season, he loves doing what he can for his team. Alan Isbell added 3 for 23.

   Henry Ballesteros led the defense with 9 tackles. Paul Buxton had a sack, and Andrew Jiminez picked off a pass, in addition to 12GCOV and 2PDEF.  Michael Camburn was perfect on the day, hitting 5 of 5 XP and booting a 32 yard field goal. Kirby Hood punted three times for a 46.00 average, Gerald Mccarthy added a 19 yard kick return, and Jimmy Baker had two punt returns for 23 yards, with a 21 long. 

   The Badiaks struggled, as Robert West went 16-25 for 156, a TD, and a pick passing. Kevin Brown led their ground attack with a 10-42 outing, and receivers Dan Luna and Kevin Schuelke went 4-49 and 4-42 and a TD, respectively. Richard Sexton had 9 tackles, and Robert Springer punted 6 times for a 48.16 average.


Team Stats                              Bison          vs        Badiaks

Pass Yards                              393                          156

Yards Per Completion          12.28                         9.75

Yards Per Pass                      10.07                         6.00

Rush Yards                              108                             81

Yards Per Rush                      3.72                         3.85

Offensive Plays                         68                            48

NET Yards                               501                            234

Yards Per Play                        7.36                         4.87

Points                                         38                            10


Bison Media Player of the Game: QB Bret Marquez


Bison Media Rival of the Game: WR Kevin Schuelke

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50 years ago, my grandfather FreeBundy was part of a small group of owners who were competitive in what was known as League 41 of DeepRoute, a football league that struggled to keep owners and viewers alike. He single-handedly turned around  a failing franchise, but the reason he moved the team to Oklahoma City from Kansas City had been the promise of a new stadium; that stadium never came. He purchased two minor league teams in other sports, with hopes of creating a large enough fortune to build his own multi-sport complex, with all of his remaining funds; baseball's Des Moines Dragons, and hockey's Milwaukee Robins. Both of them failed within the first year of ownership, and to make matters worse, it sunk the Oklahoma City Bison. The League took away the bankrupt Bison, and relocated them to League HQ in Brooklyn, New York. FreeBundy was devastated, and the family had no money. His single son watched as his father spiraled out of control.


My father didn't know what to do about his father's despair, so he left home at the age of 18, in 2040. He eventually earned enough money on his own, to go to college. It was there where he met my mother. My father went into oil, and quickly rose the ranks to the top position of one of the finest Texas oil refineries. After some time, I was born, in 2052. Just a few months later, my father abandoned my mother, moving to somewhere in Europe; he told her he "wasn't fit to be a father," and he left most of his fortune to a bank account that would more than support me in my youth. My mother, young and now alone, and having no remaining family of her own, moved from Texas, to the house of FreeBundy, my paternal grandfather. We lived with him in a small apartment in Iowa, where he had once owned his minor league baseball team, and now had a job announcing all of the local high school sports games. It didn't pay well, but it was something. FreeBundy isn't my christian name, but I spent so much time with my grandfather that people started calling me a replica of him. We watched all of the local games together, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, whatever - and he would tell me stories of his GM position, all of the athletes he'd met, etc. I was hooked.


My mother remarried when I was 10, but she left me to stay with my grandfather. All of this time, the wealth my father had set aside for me remained untouched in a high interest account, and it was accumulating rapidly. When I was 18, I moved out of my grandfather's home and went to a D3 college, where I tried out for the football team. I didn't make it, as I was very undersized for a lineman, under 6 feet tall and barely 190lbs soaking wet. But this didn't deter my love for the game. I ended up coaching locally for a high school while going to college, and ended up the head coach by the time I graduated at age 23. After three seasons and a state semifinals loss, I regrettably had to move on from the position, as I was advancing through the ranks of my job and no longer had the time for football coaching. I left the company at age 28 to form my own startup company in video production, and lived in L.A. for half a decade, expanding to owning my own record label and being in charge of some of the top movie and TV sets in the world. When I was 33, my grandfather began declining in health, and while I still own my production companies, I took a step away from the daily activities. I moved to Oklahoma City, where the winters would be warmer for my grandfather, and it would be a familiar location for him. In 2086, he passed away at the age of 91, but before he died, he asked me if I ever wanted to own a football team some day. I told him "that would be amazing," and he gave me some contact names for the areas he'd once tried to relocate the Bison to, though most of them were no longer alive. I began investing all of my own time into finding a team to own, and halfway through the 2090 season, the sale went through for me to purchase the struggling Deep Route League 13 Tennessee Titans. If you remember my grandfathers purchase history of the Droids, then this Titans team would be the Droids to my own team. I tried to get a team in Oklahoma City or L.A., but it was much too short of notice for either. I eventually got permission to move the Titans to Boise, Idaho, sharing the field (and famously blue turf) with the Boise State Broncos.


This Titans team was 0-5 when I purchased them. I wanted nothing to do with their failing name, and so I asked around about what would be a good representation of the region. Someone suggested I go with a fierce bird or the state bird, and so I put some research into it, and I decided that the Mountain Bluebird would be a good symbol (and it was blue, so it would match Boise's turf). We had a logo sketched up, and I loved it, the bird's beak was wide open and screaming, and the Boise "Ballistic Bluebirds" were here to stay... or so I thought. While I was on the phone ordering jerseys, I accidentally got in a discussion about fierce birds, and I'd once seen an Indigo bunting fight two much larger crows and a blue jay away from a bird feeder in my youth. In the discussion, the person placing my order had a mix up, and wrote down "Buntings" as the team name for the uniform. This would have been fine and all, but there are no Buntings in Idaho. I kept the jerseys through the 2090 season, and the Boise Buntings were born! (though there is a competition running to come up with a more appropriate team name.)

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The new Boise Buntings were immediately transformed when I took the helm of the team. Gone were the losing ways of the Titans, and with them, the prior coaching staff. I hired a former arena football assistant, Mark Montagu, as the interim head coach. Mark and I went way back to my high school coaching career; after leaving the arena league, he coached his son's high school team, and his final high school season was my first season. The next year, he recruited two of my players to go to a D-II school, and we remained in contact ever since. 


Along with the coaching staff, I severed ties with a few different players before the move from Tennessee. Rookie and 2090 4th round selection Danny Ingram hadn't seen the field in the regular season, and while the kid had heart, it seemed he would never be more than a 3rd string option. LB Derek Ogden had been drafted by the Titans in the 6th round of 2089, and while he hadn't seen any preseason action in either of his two offseasons, he did manage to make it on the field 7 times in 4 games during his rookie season, recording no stats. In 2087, the Titans franchise (then located in Fresno, California) drafted guard James Mckinney, and he only saw the field in four 2090 preseason games and 1 2090 regular season game. RB James Mclean had been with the team since 2088, for their first season in Tennessee, and he played in 32 games over the 2.3 years he was there, rushing 346 times for 1163 yards and 10 TDs. However, he managed only 16 rushing yards through 4 2090 games. 


This team didn't have a punter or kicker on it when I took over. I quickly signed undrafted rookies Tyler Mohler of Kansas and Steven Pippin of McGill to take those respective roles. I also added two rookie WRs who had been cut from their teams, Glen Peery, a 7th round pick by the Texas StormTroopers out of St. Mary's Canada, and Russell Speaker, a 7th round pick by the Winnipeg Panthers out of Tennessee. (They both would combine for 1 reception, 12 yards, and a TD on 12 plays over 4 games.) UDFA TE John Testerman of Clemson was signed as well, but he was never active before being released during the playoffs. Over the remaining games, RB Mike Knuth was signed and later released, rushing 16 times for 42 yards and 2TDs in 6 games played. UDFA Gene Krahulec was picked up when starting FB Steven Taylor was lost to injury, and he rushed for 15 yards on 4 carries in his lone regular season game.


We started off hot, beating the Texas StormTroopers, New World Forsaken, Kansas City Chiefs, and L.A. Conquistadors over a 4 game home stretch, and added a 5th consecutive win in Cleveland over the Browns, igniting a passionate Boise fanbase. The Winnipeg Panthers and San Francisco Hell defeated us in back to back weeks, and we were down to 5-7, with an outside shot at the playoffs. We finished the season on a 4 game win streak, but to make the playoffs, it came down to division rival Cleveland needing to lose to the Venus Velocity. Venus won it! Boise was going to the playoffs!


Quarterback Robert Rinke was on fire. He went 19 of 29 for 220 yards and 2 TDs in a 27-24 Wild Card round victory over the Dayton Cheesemongers, and 25 of 37 for 283 and a TD in the divisional round at the #2 seed Leonia Lions, contributing to the 22-15 upset. And the wild card Gary Train Wrecks beat the 1 seed, making the Democratic Conference Championship being played in Boise! Rinke finished with 286 yards, 2TDs, and a pick, but it wasn't enough, and the Buntings fell 24-21 in overtime. 


2090 was a huge first step for me and this young franchise. But my grandfather also experienced similar early success, and I knew where that had gotten him. Boise had been a great team in 2090, but big changes were coming for 2091.

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