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Three On Five (FHM14- Original Players Dynasty)

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Hello All,


I'm looking to shake up the Dynasty boards and start a new type of dynasty, one that focuses not on the general manager but on the development of the players.  I started a game with Mar. 2014 rosters and simmed the game ahead one year.  I then went to the Bantam league and customized three newgens to be the starts of the show.


I will be chronicling their careers as they try to make it to the NHL.  I tried to vary their skill levels and potentials to hopefully get them into the NHL as realistic players.  It'll be an interesting case study for the player development system, and something fun to do while we all wait for FHM2.  The story will be done in a style similar to Big Six's The Base Ball Life of Patrick O'Farrell (an absolute classic dynasty), being told through emails, newspaper articles, letters, and maybe even some tweets.


So without any further ado, let's dive into...



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The Skaters

Name Travis “Cuddles” Kudleychuk [kood-LUH-chuhk]
DOB December 16, 2000
Hometown Kenora, ON
Height 6’2
Weight 205
Position Right Defense
Strengths Incredible leader, will be able to step into a captaincy role at any level.  Is a great checker and is willing to take a lot of character roles in the backend.  Has a strong understanding of hockey and is willing to work to make himself a better players.
Weaknesses Lacks a second gear in his skating that will prevent him from joining the rush when he has to.  His puck moving and slapshot need to get better.  Right now projects to be a penalty killing defender only.  His selfless style of play will cause him to have a lot of injuries, and he will take a bad penalty on occasion.
CHL Draft 2016
NHL Draft 2019
Name Marc Dupont [doo-PONT]
DOB April 11, 2000
Hometown Lévis, QC
Height 5’10
Weight 195 lb.
Position Centre
Strengths Marc is a great hockey player for his age.  His skating ability is above average, and his puck skills make him a top line talent.  Will have no problem getting to the next level.  Can one day become a true sniper.
Weaknesses: His defensive abilities need to go a long way for him to ever think about professional hockey.  His competitive nature often leads to him taking bad penalties and he has a mean streak unnecessary for his role on the team.  Overconfidence also can lead to him driving a wedge between himself and his coaches.
CHL Draft 2016
NHL Draft 2018
Name Dylan Bailey [bEY-lee]
DOB March 27, 2000
Hometown Richmond, BC
Height 5’8
Weight 150 lb.
Position LW
Strengths Dylan Bailey’s potential as a hockey player is hard to tell.  Still new to the game he is learning and getting better everyday.  His skating is top notch and will be his meal ticket to better leagues.  He takes his conditioning seriously and hits the gym regularly.
Weaknesses Undersized and underdeveloped at this age, Bailey still has a lot of developing to do before he is ready to move to the WHL.  Has no real stick skills and is still learning the game.  His Bantam year will be a huge year to see where he ends up eventually.  
CHL Draft 2015
NHL Draft 2018

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From:          Travis Kudleychuk

Sent:           Sunday, July 27, 2014 22:02

To:              Thomas Kudleychuk

Subject      no subject





Thanks for letting me come to this training facility, it's a lot colder than I would have expected in July... but that's Calgary for you.  The programs being run are incredible.  We’ve been divided up into three “teams”, and guess what!?  They named me captain!  Do you remember Eli Dura from Dryden?  He moved to BC last year and he is here too.  One of the coaches heard him call me Captain Cuddles on the first day, everyone thinks it’s hilarious so they voted me captain of my team.


I really like a lot of the guys over here.  Most of them are going to be drafted into the WHL next year, so it’s kind of fun to talk about who we think will be drafted where.  I think Jordan Boyle is the real deal (he’s one of the other team captains).  He’s got to be the best stickhandler I’ve ever met.  The other captain is Jay Henry.  Jay is my easily the best defenseman here, he is 10 months older than me so I’m not too ashamed to admit that, but I really wish I could skate like he does.  His slapper is also really nice, but he’s helped me work on mine and I think it’s already getting better  Jack Wandowhich is the best forward on Jay’s team, he isn’t quite as good at stickhandling as Boyle, but he has a good pokecheck and works harder on the PK drills than any other forward, I think he’s like a young Datsyuk.


As far as my team goes we have a real mix of talent, but the best player far and away is this blond kid from Quebec, Marc Dupont.  Dupes is a real good goal scorer and can move around the other team’s defense with ease, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with him playing against me.  He does have an anger issue though, we don’t really check each other that hard but the other day he buried Wando into the wall and I had to hold back Jay from trying to kick Marc’s French butt.


There’s one guy who’s really taken a liking to me as well.  I forget what Dylan’s last name is, but there is one thing you won’t forget about him, he has wheels.  I think he said he used to do figure skating but he wasn’t really interested in it anymore and wanted to try something new.  He’s only been playing hockey for a little over a year, so he makes some bad plays sometimes but he is trying and I think he will get drafted by a WHL team based on his skating alone.  He’s a shy kid, but when he comes out he is really quite nice.


Anyway, it’s getting late and we have an early scrimmage tomorrow.  I’m really excited for my bantam year to start when I get home, I think I’m gonna do pretty good with everything I’m learning here.  Tell mom and Kathryn I say hi, and I miss them.



Thanks again,


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Monday August 11th, 2014
Rosemary Jennings
33452 Tessaro Crescent
Apart. 432
Abbotsford, BC
Dear Mom,
I hope this letter finds you as well as my last two.  Things have been going really good.  Cuddles, that’s Travis Cuddlichuck, has been working with me on some of the basic defending tactics.  He said because I’m such a good skater I could be a pretty good 2-way forward, like Jonathan Towes.  That might be getting a little ahead of ourselves.  But it is so nice of him to help me out like he does.  I wish he did not live in Ontario, it would be so much fun to be in the same league as him, or even on his team one day!
Speaking of Cuddles and our team, I think we have the best team here.  We’ve won a lot of the scrimmages, no thanks to me.  I get called on a penalty almost every other shift.  The penalties are a bunch of stupid things that I do because I get out of position or I don’t read the play right.  Marc Dupont has scored the most goals out of everyone here, but he isn’t really that much fun to be on the ice with.  When things don’t go his way he always is yelling on the bench.  Coach B had to take him into his office after one outburst.  I think he threatened to send him home, because he’s been a little bit better this week.
If you see Mr. Coxe let him know how I am doing, and thank him again for this kindness.  He really blessed me with this opportunity.
I love you.  I miss you.  And yes, I am having fun.

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Friday August 15th, 2014


Mr. Timothy Coxe

2699 Eagle Mountain Drive

Abbotsford, BC




I can honestly say out of the 18 forwards we had here at camp Dylan Bailey was the worst.  He played a lot on a line with Jerry Dupont’s nephew.  Let me tell you that kid is gonna take someone’s head off if he doesn’t cool his jets.  Dylan on the other hand has the exact opposite issue, I think he might be too nice for such high level hockey.  He gets called for a lot of tripping, hooking, and holding penalties; but never a slash or rough.  


His skating is above the rest of the kids here, and I think some of them even resent him for it.  It’s easy to tell he used to be a figure skater, but looking at how he’s growing I think this is going to be the better career path for him, once he learns what to do with the stick.  I don’t think he’s going to be a very good Bantam player, or even Midget; but the team that takes a shot on him in the draft is gonna have a pretty good hockey player in three or four years.  I’m excited to see how far he will go.


Billy Byrne

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To:              Mr. Brent Sutter

Sent:          Sunday, August 16th, 2014 08:47

From:         Britt Donohoe

Subject:     Scouting Update from Byrne's Bantam Training Camp



Mr. Sutter,


Here's my rankings of the players from Byrne's training camp. I made note of the three prospects not from Western Canada.  As a special note: I have Jay Henry pegged as the top prospect early in the season.



RW- J. Boyle [bC]

C- J. Wandowhich [bC]

C- D. McReavey [AB]

LW- E. Dura [bC]

RW- K. Howell [AB]

C- P. Murdoch [AB]

*C- M. Dupont [QC]

LW- S. Marc [bC]

RW- B. Scheidl [sK]

LW- W. Buhr [bC]

LW- D. Ford [sK]

RW- B. Atamanenko [MB]

LW- B. Pusey [AB]

C- S. Blanchard [MB]

RW- B. Stanley [MB]

C- A. Robertson [MB]

RW- C. Kirkwood [AB]

LW- D. Bailey [bC]



LD- J. Henry [MB]

LD- L. Goddard [AB]

*RD- T. Kudleychuck [ON]

RD- J. Mapletoft [bC]

LD- B. Terris [bC]

RD- L. Koller [AB]

RD- M. Chiu [bC]

LD- D. Spence [sK]

RD- M. Andrew [MB]

RD- P. Dura [sK]

LD- M. Boisvenue [AB]

LD- A. Pucknell [sK]



M. Garrison [sK]

C. Gammond [bC]

*T. Paquen [ON]





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