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[FHM14] The Leafs Rebuild

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August 16th 2013


Today, Larry Tanenbaum at a Press Conference inside the Air Canada Centre announced that the Toronto Maple Leafs have hired 33 year old Joe Murphy from England as new General Manager and Head Coach. The move has come as a surprise to the Leafs Nation with Murphy's only prior job as Head Coach of local peewee team. As part of Murphy's speech he said that the team need to undergo a full rebuild and not to expect too much from the team in his first year. 




Players on the trade block

  • Davey Clarkman
  • Dion Phaneuf
  • Joffrey Lupul
  • Tim Gleason 
  • Davey Bolland
  • Carl Gunnarsson
  • Nikolay Kulemin
  • Colton Orr
  • Cam Abney


Pre-season trades to follow. 


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October 8th 2013 Update


I only managed to make 2 pre-season trades that I thought would help the team bring in two very good LW in Taylor Hall and Matt Moulson. Outgoing are Joffrey Lupul, Tim Gleason and Dave Bolland. I feel this will only help the team and give Phil Kessel a good winger to play with on the first line. At the deadline I'll likely trade Phaneuf if we aren't in the playoff picture. From now I'll start doing an update at the trade deadline, end of playoffs and start of season. 






The team I feel could challenge for the wildcard playoff places if we get the top two lines scoring. I feel Hall-Kadri-Kessel could be one of the best lines in the league. 







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End of Season 1


It's like I'm having flashbacks, we went out in Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs in OT... 


First off we made three trades in November-December just to players that wanted a ridiculous salary to stay beyond their expiring contract so I cashed in on them for prospects. 



  Nikolay Kulemin

  Colton Orr

  Drew MacIntyre

  Mason Raymond



  Seth Griffith

  Harri Pesonen

  Spencer Martin

  Andre Petersson


Overall I'm happy with how the season went finishing 8th in the conference despite a stupid amount of injuries with a total of 6 different centres playing between Hall and Kessel on the first line ranging from Kadri to Greg McKegg, despite this both wingers still put up incredible points showing that next season if we can grab someone in FA they can dominate. How can you not be impressed with the assists that Franson put up getting the most assists in the league, if my money was on anyone on our team to get that it would have been Kadri or Hall.  We'll get a medium round draft pick but hopefully Nylander will be available as he's predicted to go 14th currently. 














Next update will be at the start of next season.


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Start of Season 2 


Hoping to get to the second round of the play-offs this season if not further, I feel our top two lines could be incredible and the addition of Gaborik behind Kessel gives us great depth. 



R1 Pick 17 - Leon Draisaitl 6.5/8.5

R2 Pick 47 - Julius Honka 6.5/8.0

R2 Pick 57 - Nikolai Goldobin 6.5/8.0

R3 Pick 77 - Nikolaj Ehlers 5.5/9.0

R4 Pick 108 - Chase De Leo 6.0/7.5

R5 Pick 137 - Pius Suter 6.0/7.5

R6 Pick 167 - Alexei Shestopalov 5.5/6.5

R7 Pick 184 - Kaapo Kahkonen 4.9/7.0

R7 Pick 197 - Rinat Valiev 6.0/6.5


Free Agency


Marian Gaborik - $3.2mil / 3 years

Jussi Jokinen - $1.5mil / 1 year

Dan Boyle - $1.3mil / 1 year

Dany Heatley - $0.8mil / 1 year

Petr Kalus - $0.55mil / 1 year

Scott Clemensen - $0.55mil / 1 year


Traded For Cap Space / Roster Space


Bobby Robins

Frazer McLaren

Brad Staubitz

Troy Bodie

Kenny Ryan

Trevor Smith

Carl Gunnarsson









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