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Kip Clark Staying with it [a DDSCB3 story]

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February 1966


1st operational weather satellite


Dow hits all time high of 955


February 1


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have the coach on the line. What a week, Coach. 2 wins and you’re in a 5 way tie for 1st.”


We beat 2 tough teams by 10 points each. With Portland State we knew outside play was the key and our guard play was incredible. 6 TOs and we forced 20. We didn’t rebound, yet again, but it didn’t matter. Our big guys scored.

At Inane Word Dee had 24 with 4 steals. Tod had 19, 7, Clay had 14, 7. We had 18 TOs but we forced 25, and we were +5 on the boards. Like the Portland State game this one was never as close as the final score.”


“Next week?”


“9-11, 6-3 Delaware State at our place. They’ve won 5 of 6. They play a lot of people. No one stands out but everyone is steady so they’re hard to defend.

“Then we travel to Northern Colorado, 8-12, 4-5. They’ve been very up and down. They’re good outside but only one decent big.”


“Let’s take a call. Max in Leominster.”


“How long until Tim May is back?”


“He’s making good progress. The docs tell us about 3 weeks if things continue to go well. Looks like he’ll miss the regular season but he’ll be back for the conf. tournament.”


“Agnes in Hudson, New Hampshire.”


“Did you get that fourth recruit yet?”


“Not yet. We’re still waiting on the guy we want and talking to a bunch of other guys.”


“Thanks Coach.”


February 8


“We’re back. Coach, great week again.”


“It was. Clay Toll had a fantastic week. We beat Delaware State 67-43, and Clay had 20 and 10. 11, 6, 3 for Tod, and 7 and 9 for Jon. And the big guys got 41 boards, our best rebounding since we lost Tim. Curt had 19, 9, 4 outside.


Then we beat Northern Colorado 65-57 there and Clay had 20, 8, and 2. That game was never as close as the final score indicates.”


“5 wins in a row.”


“We’re playing well. It took time to adjust but we’re there now.”


“Next week?”


“We start at 6-16, 5-6 Savannah State. They lost their C, who was probably their best player, for the season. They really struggled. Lately they’re playing better.


“Then we host 8-14, 3-8 Abilene Central. Their starting PG is out with a broken foot.”


“Sounds like 2 cupcakes.”


“Last time we played a cupcake they beat us if you recall.”


“Good point. Let’s take a call. Mo from Franklin.”


“Coach, how’s the Ph. D. work coming?”


“Thanks for asking. I had a great semester in the fall but I really got my brain stretched. This semester it’s only one course, but it’s ‘Symbolism in the Modern Novel.’ A lot of reading and more analysis and interpretation, and a whole lot of writing. Loving it though.”


“Lou in Foxboro.”


“Coach, you’re 16-6, 8-3. Looks like you’re headed for Conf. T.”


“That’s the goal, Lou, but there’s a lot of teams bunched at the top.”


“Thanks Coach.”


February 15


“Dick Hertz, ‘Sportstalk,’ here with the Coach. Coach Clark, a 2-0 week and you’re alone in 1st with 3 to play. Looking good!”


“I’ll take it. Just as a reminder, 2 of our last 3 are on the road and there are a lot of teams within striking distance.”


“True enough. Tell us about the week.”


“Well, we started at Savannah State and it was no contest, 72-56. Clay Toll had a field day, 31, 5, and 2. Jon and Dee, and Alex Jamm from the bench also had good games. 7 TOs.


“Then Abilene Central came to us and we won 63-39, best defensive performance of the season. Curt Silk led the way with 18 and 9. Tod Mack had an off night but our other starters all played well. 34 rebounds, 11 turnovers.”


“And next week?”


“We start at Texas State. We beat them by 19 at our place. They’re 11-13, 7-6. They score mostly inside but they have trouble with the ball.


“Libber Tea comes to us. We won by 19 there the night Tim May broke his hand. They’re 11-13, 6-7. They’re an inside team.”


“You could use Tim May in that game.”


“We could, but if we win at Texas State I definitely won’t. And if we lose there it will depend how the game is going. The final week I could use Tim and likely will.”


“Okay, no questions tonight.”


February 22


“’Sportstalk,” Dick Hertz. Coach Clark, tied for 1st with 1 to play!”


“We lost 54-68 at Texas State, which hurt, but we survived it. Clay had 20 and 7, Craig Jain had 14, 5, 2 from the bench and no one else did much.


“Then the game with Libber Tea became a must win. We started strong and won it 66-50. 21 and 9 for Clay, good backcourt work and lots of bench help. 10 TOs didn’t hurt.”


“You wind up at Kennesaw State.”


“Beat them by 20 at home, without Tim May, and Tim will be back. He’s been practicing with us, going full bore, and looking good.”


“Best of luck, Coach.”

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March 1966


215,000 U. S. troops in Vietnam.


Supreme Court rules poll tax unconstitutional


Anti-war demonstrations in several countries


March 1


“’Sportstalk.’ We host the Conf. U tournament and there are 4 play in games today. We have Coach Clark on tape.”


“Heck of a finish to the regular season. We beat Kennesaw State by 3 and Longwood lost by 2 so we ended up alone in first place. 


“Clay had 22 and 13 to lead us. Tim had a good first game back, and Dee and Curt played well but we survived a horrible 28 TOs, most in any game I’ve ever coached. The other team had 24, which helped.”


“Okay, tonight will determine who UML plays first. We’ll be here every night as long as UML is in it, and we’ll have the Coach on live post game.”


March 2


“Dick Hertz here. All the play in games were upsets so UML plays #9 seed, 14-14, 9-7 North Alabama. Here’s the coach on tape.”


“We played there and they crushed us by 18. We need to be a lot better tonight.Their bench got 41, and that’s what did it.”

“Dick Hertz here post game. Narrow escape, Coach.”


“Man! Oh well, the important thing is to win and move on.”


66-64 over North Alabama.”


“Threes almost sank us, they got 11 of them, but in the end our big guys pulled us through, 18, 8, and 4 for Clay, 15 for Tim, 12 and 4 for Jon, and then 12, 5, 3 for Curt. They never led in the 2nd half but if that 3 point shot at the end had gone we’d be watching.”


And tomorrow?”


“All the favorites won so it’s Inane Word. We won by 10 at their place. Their starting Point broke his arm last week. He was their leading scorer. They’re 1-1 since but they aren’t the same team.”


March 3


Dick Hertz here following the game between UML and Inane word. Good win, Coach, 69-58.”

“Well, yes and no. I thought we played pretty well and I’m happy with the win but Curt Silk sprained his wrist. He’ll probably play tomorrow but he won’t be at 100%. Clay was unbelievable, 34 and 7. Dee had a good night and Tod was really good from the bench.”


“So how will you adjust?”


“We’ll give Craig Jain some of Curt’s minutes, Tod Mack some, and Craig will play a little.”


MD Eastern Shore upset Longwood.


“Yes, so they’re who we play for the title. We beat them by 12 at our place. They’ve won 5 of 6 and 7 of 9. We feel like we need to control the boards to win.”


“Talk to you after the game, Coach.”


March 4


“Dick Hertz here following the title game for conf. U. 62-54 and UML wins the title. Coach?”


“We did a lot of things right, 10 TOs, 34 rebounds, our big guys scored lots of points. 16, 4, 2 for Clay, 12 for Tim, 6, 10, 2 for Tod Mack. Dee had 11 points and no TOs.”


SO now we wait for Selection Sunday. How high can you go?”


“It’s hard to say. I’m hoping for a 14 or even a 13, but the committee generally isn’t kind to schools from low conferences. We’ll see.”


“And we’ll be here for a special edition of ‘Sportstalk’ a week from today. Coach is not available this Wednesday so we’ll talk to him in a week.”


March 12


“Dick Hertz here for the NCAA selection show. UML’s EPI is 38 so hopes are high. 


“Not in the East.”



“Not in the Midwest.”



#15 in the South and we’ll face #2 Michigan State, 23-5, ranked #7. Tough match up Coach.”


“It’s disappointing. I thought we had a real chance at a #14 or a #13. Oh well, we’ll prepare for the game. It is what it is.”


“How’s Curt Silk?”


“Oh he’s fine. He’ll be 100% for the game, is now, really.”


March 15


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have Coach on the line. Coach, this the first time you’ll face a team from conf. A.”

“First time with anyone above D. We hung in with Minnesota but A is a lot higher than D.”


“Tell us about Michigan State.”


“They play the high post, and on D they play mostly man, pressing from time to time. They would likely have been a #1 but they lost in the first round of their tournament, a big upset to #14 seed Syracuse. They have very good guards who score and who take care of the ball. They’re thin up front, but the guys they do have are good. Still, they are essentially an outside team. If we can manage to get their bigs in foul trouble we have a chance.”


“Talk to you after the game, Coach. Good luck.”


March 17


Dick Hertz here after the UML-MSU game. 70-74. Coach, you did us proud.


“Thanks, Dick. We got behind early and had to play catch up all night. We never quite got there but we never gave up. That is one fine team we lost to tonight. Clay Toll had 20, 4, and 5 and he never quit, but I could say the same for all the guys.”


“We’ll have Coach in the studio on Wednesday, April 4, to wrap up the season and talk about awards, then we’ll have him back again at the end of April. Thanks Coach.”

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April 1966


Bill Russell becomes first black coach in NBA


Leonid Brezhnev becomes head of communist party in USSR


April 4


“Welcome to ‘Sportstalk.’ Dick Hertz with the Coach. We said he’d be in the studio tonight but plans changed and he’s in the middle of some meetings so this will be quick. Awards were announced today. How’d you do, Coach?”


“We did well. Clay Toll was named conf. Player of the Year and 1st team along with Curt Silk. I thought we might get one or two guys on the second team, but it didn’t happen.”


“And the Coach was awarded Coach of the Year. We’ll be back with the coach in late April to wrap up the season and talk about next year.”


April 23


“Dick Hertz on ‘Sportstalk. We have Coach Kip Clark in the studio and the lines are open. Coach, pretty good season, 23-8, 12-4, won the tourney. Moving up to conf. T.”


“Yes, I think we did well, all in all.”




“We played well together, as a team. We took good care of the ball in most games. We were +3.8 in turnovers. I thought we could have rebounded better but we were +1.8 there. We outscored our opponents by 7.2 per game. Individually, first we’re losing only Debro and Jamm. We’ll miss those guys but we have some terrific recruits coming in. Our entire starting 5 and our 6th man and 7th are all back. Rather than go player by player I’d just say I am thrilled to have them all back and I think we’ll be a real contender in T.”


“And overall?”


“Team Prestige is now 11. My record for three seasons is 61-30, .670. My ratings all started at 1, but now, off.- 10, Def.-16, Recruit- 41, Scout- 2, Player Development- 13, and Reputation- 14.”


“Coach, did you get any head coaching offers?”


“I’m not interested in moving but there were some calls. Oh, we got a $2,000 budget increase. It’s not a lot but we’ll take it.”


“And you got a $4,000 salary increase.”


“I’ll take that too!”


“Let’s go to the phones, Rob in Chelsea.”


“Coach, do you think you’ll still be playing the two walk ons next year?”


“Rob, we’ll play whoever earns minutes. Mack and May have worked hard for us, and they’ve earned playing time. If some guys come along and show that they deserve those minutes, they’ll get them. Otherwise, my walk ons will keep playing.”


“Joe, here on campus.”


“Coach, if you’re gonna play the walk ons why not give them scholarships.”


“Never thought of that. I’ll check into it, see if either of them needs it. Actually I think Tim May is on an academic scholarship so he’s probably okay.”


“Steve from Dorchester.”


“Any staff changes?”


“As of now the entire staff is back. We’ve gotten to know each other and we work well together. Assistant coaches want to move up, and I support that, but it’s nice to keep the staff together.”


“Grace from Cambridge.”


“Coach, how long can UML expect to keep you? A young, successful coach is in demand. I’m guessing if you haven’t already, you soon will be getting offers from schools a lot higher up than T.”


“Thanks, Grace. I’m not going to comment on offers I may or may not have gotten, but I’ve said regularly that Lowell is my town and UML is my school. I don’t see myself leaving here for a long time, if ever.”


“We’re out of time. Looking forward to another great season, Coach.”

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May 1966


Buddhist monk self immolates in South Vietnam


300 U. S. planes bomb North Vietnam


June 1966


Civil rights activist James Meredith wounded by sniper


Stokely Carmichael launches “Black Power” movement


Miranda decision by Supreme Court


June 26


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with UML head basketball coach Kip Clark. Welcome back Coach. How does the recruiting scene look?”


“Well, Dick, first of all, Tod Mack decided not to play this year. He’s taking a heavy course load as a senior and he felt he needed to concentrate on academics. He’ll be missed. Our other walk on, Tim May, will continue to be with us. We have 4 scholarships. “


July 1966


LBJ signs Freedom of Information act


NYC transit fare rises from 15 to 20 cents


Race riots in several U. S. cities


Bob Dylan hurt badly in a motorcycle accident


U. S. airplanes bomb demilitarized zone in Vietnam


August 1966


Anti-Vietnam, and pro-civil rights marches proliferate in U. S.


Beatles last public concert


August 14


“’Sportstalk’ back after the break. We have Coach Clark on the line. Coach, how’s recruiting going?”


“We’re talking to a whole bunch of kids and quite a few are showing interest. This program has shown it knows how to win and that helps.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll talk again soon”

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September 1966


Star Trek premieres


LBJ proposes gun control legislation


Jimmy Hendrix changes name to Jimi Hendrix


September 18


‘Dick Hertz back on ‘Sportstalk.’ We have Coach Clark. Coach, any recruits commit yet?”


“Not yet, but we have kids showing interest.”


“Tell us about the schedule.”


“Well, it’s a bit stronger than last year’s. Nothing tremendous but one ranked team and a few others up the line from conf. T.”


Thanks Coach. Talk to you soon.”


October 1966


LSD is first declared illegal


Rolling Stones record their 1st LP


Black Panther Party created


National Organization of (later "for") Women formed


October 2


“We’re back. Coach Clark, first day of practice.”


“Yes. I can’t wait to work with this group. It looks like I have 9 or 10 guys who can play this game. I’m excited.”


“That’s great. Recruiting?”


“We have 3 that I feel we are very close with, and a few others almost as close.”


“Great. We’ll check back soon.”


October 23


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have the coach on the line. Coach, some recruiting news.”


“Yes, we have commitments from 2 PGs and an SF. Hoping to grab a big guy.”

Some questions though?”

“Well, all three are borderline as to whether they’ll hit our SAT score but they’re very solid players o we’re gambling.”


“How’s practice going?”


“Really well. I think we’re going to have a very good year.”

“Thanks Coach.”


November 1966


Edward Brooke, of Massachusetts, becomes first black U. S. Senator.


NYC smog attack kills 400.

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November 6


“Dick Hertz with Coach Clark here on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach, what’s the starting lineup look like?”


“We’ve got Lan Wood at Point, Curt Silk is still at SG, Web Monk is at 3, and the inside guys are the same as last year. Clay Toll and Tim May.”


“So the walk on kept his job?”


“He looked better than anyone else at Center.”


“What about Dee Port?”


“First guy off the bench, getting lots of minutes, and he may start before it’s all said and done.”


“Jon Dark?”


“First big guy off the bench. We gave him every opportunity to earn a starting spot, but it didn’t happen- at least not yet.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll start talking to Coach most every week, on Sunday nights this year.”


November 20


“’Sportstalk’ with the Coach on the line. Coach, tell us about the first week.”

“A little disappointing. We started off beating Wofford, but only by 5. Curt Silk had a big game and Dee Port had a really good game from the bench. We had only 11 TOs but we were -3 on the boards.

“Then we had a very frustrating OT loss to North Carolina Central. We had several chances to put it away in regulation and didn’t. This game we had 34 rebounds but wer turned it over 23 times. I guess it really shows that it’s early season.”


“And this week?”


“Northeastern at home and then Navy on the road.”

“Okay Coach, talk to you on Sunday.”


November 27


“Dick Hertz here with the Coach on the line. Better week this week, Coach.”


“Yes it was. We beat Northeastern at home by 12. 12 TOs, -1 RB. Tim had 18 and 9, and Clay had 18. Good bench minutes from Port and Dark.


“Then we went to Navy and beat them by 4 in a thriller. It was close all the way, and we scored the last 6 points. 8 TOs made me really happy, but -9 RBs didn’t. Silk and Wood led us, and we got good minutes from Port. Our inside players both got in early foul trouble and were hampered for the whole game. That nearly caught us.”


“So you’re 3-1 after 4. This week?”


“Two real challenges, both at home, Houston from conf. F, and Canisius from J.”

“Let’s take a call or two. Bert in Chelsea.”


“Coach, I don’t get why Port isn’t starting. Wood’s having a lot of trouble and Port’s looked real good.”


“Bert, I want to give Lan Wood a little time. I think he has tremendous potential. It’s possible he’s not quite ready but I think he will be very soon, and when he is I think he’ll do a great job for us.”


“Marty, here in Lowell.”


“Coach, from what I’m reading those three recruits who committed, all of them are lousy students. What happens if they don’t hit the SAT score?”


“We recognize that it’s a possibility. If it happens we’ll go get some other people. But these three are top notch and we think it’s worth the gamble. We’re doing all we can to encourage them to prepare for the test.”


“Thanks Coach. Talk to you next week.”

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December 1966


U. S. bombs Hanoi for the 1st time


December 4


“’Sportstalk’ has Coach Clark on the line. Coach, 2-0 this week against good teams.”


“Yes, I was definitely pleased. We beat Houston by 21. Web Monk had his best game of the season for us, 25, 4, 3. 7 TOs, 35 rebounds. 18 and 9 for Tim May, good bench play, 9 assists, only 1 TO for Wood.


“Then we beat Canisius by 14. 9 TOs, 31 RBs. Tim had 20 and 8, Clay 13 and 9, Monk 14, 5, 2. Great bench play.”


“Tough one this week.”


“Toughest on the schedule, #14 Virginia, there. Then it’s La. Tech at home.”


“Time for one question. Eddie in Haverhill.”


“Coach, I’m with ya for sticking with the new guys, at least for awhile. I think both Monk and Wood are starting to get it done, and having Port and Dark to come in off the bench means ya don’t lose a thing when ya sub.”


“That’s the plan, Eddie. I’ve said before that I have confidence in the two new starters. If they continue to improve we’re going to be a very tough team.”


“Thanks Coach.”


December 11



“We’re back. Coach is on the line. Not a good week, Coach.”

“To say the least. I wasn’t shocked to lose to Virginia, they’re a very tough team. I didn’t think we played badly. Lan and Dee played well, actually. They just had more firepower. I was definitely disappointed to lose to La. Tech in OT. Their guards killed us. Curt played fairly well but Lan and Dee were invisible. It’s still December, and we have work to do, but we’ll get better.”


“Any lineup adjustments on the horizon?”


“We discuss the lineup every day at the coaches’ meeting, and we’re always open, but for now we’re keeping things the way they are.”


“Coach, you’re on the road for the next five. Talk to us about that.”


“It’s awful, and I’m not happy about it. We don’t play at home again until January 9. We’ll come home a couple of times between games but this is going to be difficult.”


“Who’s up this week?”


“Only one game, Appalachian State, from conf. L. They will test us inside.”


“Thanks Coach. Talk with you next week.”


December 18


“’Sportstalk’ with the Coach on the phone. Coach, a 9 point loss at Appalachian State.”


“We’re a little frustrated right now, Dick. We only scored 46. Curt’s really been in a slump and he shot 0-8. Our D was fine, we rebounded fairly well, we had 13 TOs, which isn’t great but it isn’t awful either. We simply couldn’t score points.”


“Let’s take a question or two. Tom in East Hampton.”


“Coach, when things are going bad lots of teams shake up the lineup. Any thoughts of that?”


“Well Tom, we are definitely thinking along those lines. The only problem is that our starters are putting up better numbers than our subs. I’ll very likely find a way to give Dee more minutes but Jon Dark hasn’t shown me enough yet.”


“Joe in Swansea.”


“You’re in a rut, Coach, shake it up. Sit Silk and Monk, and see what happens. Whatta ya got ta lose?”


“Thanks Joe. I think I answered that with the last caller but we’re keeping changes in mind.”


“Next week?”


“Only one game, Stephen F. Austin from L. They’ve got a Point who really lights it up. I’m hoping we’ll come to play and start to turn things around.”


“Good luck, Coach, See you next week.”


December 24


“We’re back and we have the coach on the line. The losing streak ended at three, Coach.”

“Yes it did. We beat Stephen F. Austin by 3. It was close all the way but we hung tough and just refused to lose at the end. I’m particularly happy that we scored some points. 71 is more than we put up in any of the 3 recent losses. Our three bigs all played really well. We knew their Point was tough but I have to say that Lan matched him almost evenly. I thought he played his best game of the season, given the competition. Curt was a little better than he’s been, too. Hopefully we’ve turned a corner.”


“And this week?”


“One game, against Albany from K. We scheduled lots of teams in conferences quite a bit higher than ours. We’ve lost some games because of that but I think it’s going to make us really tough when we get to conf. play. They’re strong inside.”


“No time for calls tonight. See you on new year’s day, Coach.”

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January 1967


Green Bay wins the NFL championship.


Lester Maddox inaugurated as Governor of Georgia.


“Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo sentenced to life.


January 1


“Happy new year, Coach. Another road loss.”


“Yes. 59-67 to Albany. May and Toll were in foul trouble from start to finish and they only played 16 minutes each. As a result we were -9 on the boards and that, as well as poor shot selection, did it.”


“Still sticking with the lineup?”


We’re going to make Sam Fry our first big guy off the bench. He’s been working hard in practice, and he looked good when we put him in against Albany.”


“So you’re giving up on Jon Dark?”


“Not at all. I’m hoping this will challenge him to work harder and to earn minutes.”


“Let’s go to the phone. Fred from Hadley.”


“Coach, Port is a solid, experienced player who did a good job for ya last year. I don’t understand why he doesn’t start.”


“Good question, Fred. I’m giving him more minutes starting now. He’s not starting, but he may soon.”


“Grace from Cambridge.”


“Heading for conf. play, Coach. Your thoughts?”


“Well, I think all these tough teams we’ve played will make us really ready for conf. play. I’m not happy about having our first 2 and 3 of 4 on the road, but we’ll deal with it. I’d very much like to be at least 3-1 after these 1st 4.”


“Let’s talk about those 1st 2 opponents.”


“Northern KY is 3-8. Their strength is inside. South Dakota State is 4-7. They’re probably a little stringer inside than out as well.”


“Okay Coach. Good luck this week.”


January 8


“’Sportstalk’ here with the coach on the line. 1-1 start to conf. play, Coach.”


Lost by 10 to No. KY. 19 TOs and poor shot selection did us in. 


“Then we were much better against So. Dakota ST, 70-60. Tim May and Dee Port both had big games.”


“And speaking of Dee, I understand there’s news.”


Dee Port is my starting Point from now on. Lan and Curt will split the rest of the guard minutes. I need Dee’s experience. We gave the other guys every chance, but it’s time to make this change.”


“Let’s hear from the fans. Bobby here on campus.”


“Good call, Coach. Hope about the 3 spot?”


“I think Web Monk has gotten better as the season’s gone along. I don’t anticipate any big changes up front. We need to give Sam Fry a little time. If he can get it done for us great. If not, we’ll try something else.”


“Jeff in Boston.”


“About time! I’m thinkin’ Dee will really turn it around for us.”


“That’s what we’re hoping, Jeff.”


“This week?”


“Finally a home game. Miss. Valley ST is 8-5, 2-0, one of the best teams in the conf. They’re good at all 5 spots. This would be a big win for us.


“Then we’re back on the road with 7-6, 1-1 Longwood. They’re better in than out, especially at Center.”

“Okay Coach, talk to you next week.”


January 15


“88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO. Dick Hertz with Coach Clark. Great week, Coach!”


“Yes it was, Dick. We beat Miss. Valley ST at home, 72-64. Interestingly enough Dee didn’t have a very good game but Lan had 13, 3, and 4 from the bench. Tim had 23. We were +7 on TOs and +5 on boards.


“Then at Longwood we won 73-62. Dee and Curt each had 11 points and 4 assists, and Web Monk had 22 and 9 boards.”


“So you’re where you want to be?”


“Hardly! We still need to rebound better, and our shot selection isn’t what I want it to be. We’re at 12.8 TOs a game and I want that below 12. Lots of improvement still needed.”


“You’re 9-6, 3-1 in conf. Who’s up this week?”


“10-5, 3-1 Eastern Wash. here. They’ve looked good, especially inside. Then we travel to Southeast LA. They’ve struggled, 4-11, but they’re 2-2 in conf. play. Their shooting guard can really score points.”


“We’re out of time. Talk to you next week, Coach.”


January 22


“Dick Hertz here. We have coach on the line. Tell us about the week, Coach.”


“Well, we beat Eastern Wash. 62-41. Our D was terrific, our front court controlled the inside and we only had 8 TOs. Unfortunately Sam Fry went down with an ankle injury and he’s out for about 2 weeks. We’re giving Mark Witt a try as our first big off the bench.


“Then we went to SE LA. And got beat 67-74, and the D was as bad as it was good in the previous game. We got only 22 rebounds and had 16 TOs. I will say that Witt looked very good, as did Web Monk.”


“This is a tough team to figure out, Coach.”


“Yes, it is. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell which team is going to show up. This is the most frustrating season I’ve encountered as a coach. I do still have hope that the team will find itself. I think we have plenty of talent.”


“Who’s up this week?”


“8-9, 5-1 Morgan ST comes to us. They’re a good inside team.


“Then we travel to South Fork. They’re 6-11, 2-4, and they’re a little stronger inside than out. We need a road win, badly, and of course we need to win at home, too.”


“Let’s hope we get that 2-0 week. We’re out of time.”


January 29


”’We’re back from break and we have the Coach on the line. Coach, it’s unusual to call a 2-0 week, which vaulted you to 2nd in the conf. disastrous but that term applies. Tell us about it.”


“Well Dick, you’re right. We had commitments from 3 recruits and all 3 failed to make our SAT score. So it’s back to square one. We’ve offered to a PG but we’re going to spend the week analyzing the situation before we make any other offers. There are still lots of good players available. I think we’ll be okay.”


“Tell us about the week.”


We beat Morgan ST 74-58. Mark Witt had a great game, 14, 2 and great D. We actually got 31 from our bench. Our 2 starting bigs were in foul trouble from the start and we only got 18 rebounds, which is a nightmare, but 8 TOs and really good ball movement and shot selection made up for it.


“Then we beat South Fork, there, 58-50. Our guards dominated theirs, and that was the difference. Mark Witt had another good game. We had 33 boards and only 10 TOs, so except for poor shooting this was a well played game.”


“Let’s go to the phones. Mike in Leicester.”


“Coach, Witt is showin’ what givin’ kids a chance kin do. Ya need ta do more of that.”


“That’s a fair criticism, Mike. I probably waited too long to shake things up. I’m really pleased with the way Mark has played.”


“Jim in Hudson, New Hampshire.”


“Coach, any thought of starting Witt?”


“No, Web Monk is playing really well.”


“No, I mean for either Toll or the walk on.”


“Well, Tim May is our leading scorer and our leading rebounder so he’s safe. As to Clay Toll, I’m not ready to make that change yet. If Mark continues to play the way he’s been playing we will definitely increase his minutes.”


“Eddie in Southbridge.”


“Coach, I was on a while ago and I tole ya the team would do better with Port at the point. Glad you made the change.”


“I am too, Eddie. Thanks for the heads up.”


(Laughs) “Coach, who’s on tap this week?”


“We start off hosting 17-2, 8-0 MD Eastern Shore. Those guys can play. They do a lot of scoring inside and they take care of the ball. This will give us a good idea of whether we have a chance to win the conf.


“Then we travel to Samford. They’re 9-10, 2-6. They’re tough inside. This is an important game for us. If we beat MD we need this win to keep it going, and if we don’t, we need it to get back on track.”


Halfway through conf. play and you’re 12-7, 6-2. Is that about where you expected to be?”


“Well, I thought we’d do better in the pre-conf. games. Given that we’ve moved up 2 conferences in 2 years I guess 6-2 is okay, but how we got there is more a concern that the record itself.”


“Thanks Coach.”

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February 1967


25th amendment (Presidential Disability and Succession) is ratified


Largest U. S. offensive of Vietnam war


February 5


“Dick Hertz with Coach Clark on 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO! Another great week, Coach.”


“A VERY good week. We beat the #1 team in Conf., MD Eastern Shore, 76-70. Our 3 guards, Port, Silk, and Wood all had good games. Lan Wood had 16, 1 and 3 with 2 steals. Clay Toll had 17. We were +10 in TOs. The only down side was -5 on the boards. We need rebounders and that’s who we’re after in recruiting.


“Then we went to Samford and beat them 66-60. Tim had 23, and again, our three guards had really good games. 12 TOs, and +5 on the boards.”


“You’re alone in 2nd, one back of the leader with 6 to play.”

“That’s a good spot to be in, especially considering how long it’s taken us to start playing good, consistent ball. We’ve won our last 4 and 8 of 9.”


“This week?”


“Prairie View at home. They’re 10-11, 5-5. We think we can beat them outside. We need to do that and at least play them even inside where they’re stronger.


“Then we go to 14-7, 6-4 Inane Word. That should be a challenge. They’re very tough at the 2, 3, and 4 spots.”


“Let’s hope for another good week, Coach. We’re out of time.”


February 12


“Dick Hertz with the coach. A good win then a very tough loss this week. Tell us about it, Coach.”


We never trailed against Prairie View. I thought we needed to win the game outside but that’s not how it turned out. Our guards played in foul trouble all night and theirs definitely beat ours, but our bigs more than made up for it. 19 and 9 for Tim May, 13 and 8 for Web Monk, and Mark Witt gave us some good minutes. We were +8 on the boards. 


“Then we lost a heartbreaker at Inane Word. We didn’t play well, and we perhaps didn’t deserve to win, but losing on a 28 footer at the buzzer is tough. Tim was the only guy who really had a good game for us. We shot really poorly. That shows in the fact that we took 17 more shots than they did and made only one more field goal.”

“That puts you in a 2 way tie for 2nd, 2 back, with 4 to play. Who’s up this week?”


“Two home games this week, first is then comes Central Arkansas, 11-12, 6-6. They are yet another team that looks better inside than out. Then it’s No. KY., who beat us by 10 at their place. They beat us outside, especially with their bench, and they forced 19 TOs on us. We need to do better with the ball to beat them, and every game is big right now.”


“Should be an exciting week, Coach. Good luck.”


February 19


“’Sportstalk’ here with the coach on the line. Great week, Coach.”


“2-0, back to only 1 back of the leader.”


“Tell us.”


“Well, we beat Central Ark. 61-49. Tim and Dee led us. 11 TOs and really good D


“Then we had a terrific game against No. KY. 4 starters plus Mark Witt in double figures, and Dee had a really good game at the Point. 11 TOs and +10 rebounds.”


“2 games to go in the regular season.”


“Yep. So. Dakota ST is here. We beat them by 10 at their place. Tim and Dee had really big games that night and we got 35 rebounds.


“Then we travel to Miss. Valley ST for what could be a tough finish. We won by 8 here but these guys are 15-10, 9-5 and in 4th place. They can play. Their guards really lit it up against us. We need to do a better job of guarding them.”


“Keep it going, Coach. 2 in a row, 7 of 8, 11 of 13.”


February 26


“’Sportstalk’ with the coach. Interesting week, Coach.”


“That it was, Dick. We started off with a 67-39 win over South Dakota ST. We pretty much did everything right in that game. Tim led us with 16, 11, 4. We got a season high 42 rebounds.


“Then we went to Miss. Valley ST and lost yet another heart breaker, 64-66. They jumped out to an early lead and we had to play catch up. We caught them late and went up 4 and it looked good, but then they scored the last 8 to beat us, including two threes in the last minute. Their guards and their bench beat us. We knew guard play was key and we really focused on it in practice, but we couldn’t solve the problem.”

“#2 seed in the tournament, which means it will be hosted by MD Eastern Shore.”


“That’s right. No idea who we’ll play in the round of eight.”


“We’ll be on every night that you play and we’ll talk with you after the games. Let’s let the fans talk. Tom in Dudley.”


“Coach, the guard situation still seems up in the air. Wood’s been playin’ much better since you benched him.”


“Yes he has. I think he’s more comfortable coming in from the bench and I’m not about to change that.”


“Mary in Dorchester.”


“Coach, rebounding is still a problem most nights. Why haven’t you been able to fix it?”


“Mary, we address rebounding, and spend time on it, ion every practice. Believe me, we’re trying. Tim May is really our only consistent rebounder. We’re disappointed in Clay Toll’s rebounding but there’s really nobody behind him on the depth chart who’s doing any better.”


“Murray in Braintree.”


“Coach, I think Jon Dark is the answer.”


“Murray, both last year and this year we’ve given Jon every opportunity. He simply hasn’t shown us that he’s ready to step up. I am very much hoping that he will, and soon.”


“We’re out of time, Coach. Talk to you before and after your first game in the tourney.”

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March 1967


Adam Clayton Powell expelled from the House for corruption.


Jimmy Hoffa being 8 year prison sentence.


Sgt. Pepper cover photograph is taken.


March 2


“Dick Hertz here before the start of the game between UML and Northern KY. We have the coach on tape.


“Coach, all 4 play in games were upsets so you’ll play #10 seed No. KY.”


“That’s right, Dick. They’re 11-17, 7-9. We lost to them by 10 to begin conf. play, while we were still trying to figure out our lineup. Then we beat them by 25 at home. We feel like we’re better outside and they may be a little better inside, so our guards need to step up, and our bigs have to step up even more. The only trouble we had with them last time was with their bench play so we need to take care of that.”



“Dick Hertz here after the game. 72-46 win, Coach.”

“Yes, we were in charge all the way, and we didn’t do much wrong. Tim led us as usual with 18, 9, and 4, 4 steals, 2 blocks, but everyone played well. We had a fantastic 6 TOs, and 35 rebounds.”


“All the favorites won so you’ll play #3 seed Eastern Wash. They’re 20-8, 12-4, and you beat them by 21 in Lowell.”


“That’s right, Dick, but they had a really bad night. They’re much better than that and we know they’ll be looking to prove it. They use the 5 out on O, and play mostly man, and they press all the way. We were able to consistently break their press last time. We had only 8 TOs and we forced 19. We were only -1 on the boards and all 7 of our guys played well. We need all of that to happen tomorrow night.”


“Jon Dark got hurt.”


“Yes, he sprained his wrist. He’s out for the tournament but he should be back for whichever tourney we go to next.”


“Good luck, Coach.”


March 3


“Dick Hertz here after the game between UML and Eastern Wash. 59-48 but it wasn’t that easy, Coach.”


“No it wasn’t. Our bench did it for us. May and Toll were in could trouble most of the way and neither was particularly effective. With Jon Dark out that left it to Mark Witt and Sam Fry and they both came through. Mark had 9 and 6, Sam had 9, 2, and 1. Web scored 12 for us and Dee was terrific, didn’t have a TO. As a team we only had 9, 7 of them in the 1st half. We played great D from start to finish.”


“And Miss. Valley ST upset MD Eastern Shore. Good news or bad?”


“Good question. I’ll tell you after the game! Seriously, we beat MD Eastern Shore and split with Miss. Valley ST so it seems sort of like a toss up, although MD Eastern Shore had a much better season. But it’s Valley, and they were 19-10, 11-5. In both games their outside shooters and their bench gave us lots of trouble, and they beat us on the boards although our bigs scored easily. So we know what to expect and we know what we have to fix. Oh, their starting Point is out with a broken finger, but he was out last time they played us and they won. Still, it shortens their bench.”


“Talk to you after the game, Coach., Good luck.”


March 4


“Dick Hertz here after the title game. Coach, 57-44. Not that tough, all in all.”


“It was a great win, Dick. Our D was terrific, we were +4 on the boards and +5 in TOs. Dee. Lan Wood and Web Monk did the scoring and Tim had 9 boards. Mark Witt did a really nice job, too.”


“How high can you go in the NCAA tournament?”


“I think a 9 or a 10 is what we deserve but I’m guessing we’ll get about a 13.”


“We’ll be with you on Selection Sunday as the brackets are announced. See you then.”


March 12


“Dick Hertz here with the coaches and the players for Selection Sunday. What do you think, Coach Clark?”


“Well Dick, we’re still in a low conference and that will hurt us. Our RPI is 36, which would play out to a #9 or 10 seed, but I still think it will be about 13.”


“We’ll find out soon, the show is starting.”


“Not in the East.”


“#14 in the Midwest. The opponent is #3 seed, #14 ranked Pitt, 19-10, in conf. A, Coach?”


“That’s a little lower than it should be but not a shock.”


“What do you know about Pitt?”


“Almost nothing, but that will change before I sleep tonight. The coaches and I will go to work in just a few minutes.”


“Okay Coach, we’ll be speaking with you before the game, in Chicago, on the 16th.”


March 16


“Dick Hertz before the first round game between UML and Pitt. Here’s the coach on tape.”


“Pitt does most things well. They are really strong inside and we’ll need to find a way to contain them. They’re good outside as well but if we’re sharp we should be able to match them there. We need to avoid foul trouble, rebound, and just be on our best game.”



“Dick Hertz here after the UML-Pitt game. 62-76. Coach.”


“We did almost everything we wanted to do, but the shots didn’t drop. Part of that was the fact that they were quicker and they played really good D, but TOs and rebounding were about even, and we stayed out of foul trouble. Tim May had a great game, but all of our guys played well. We just didn’t shoot well. Hey, conf. T vs. Conf. A? I think we did okay.”


“So do I, Coach.  Next year it’s conf. S, and we’ll talk about that in April.”

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April 1967


Harlem voters re-elect Adam Clayton Powell.


U. S. bombs Haiphong for the first time.


Stalin’s daughter defects to U. S.


Muhammed Ali refuses induction into the army and is stripped of his title.


Expo 67 opens in Montreal.


April 9

“Dick Hertz here with the coach. Coach, as you know Pitt made it all the way to the title game before losing to Syracuse.”


“I guess that means we lost to a pretty good team.”


“Let’s talk about awards.“


Tim May got conf. POY and 1st team. Pretty good for a walk on! Web Monk also made 1st team. Clay Toll made 2nd team.”

“Any job offers Coach?”


“There were calls, but I’m not going anywhere.”


“Let’s hear from some fans. Kyle in Framingham.”


Coach, what about a scholarship for Tim May?”


“We’ve talked with him. He has a 3.9 GPA and an academic scholarship that’s a better deal for him. He’s not interested.


“Lou in Haverhill.”


“Coach, any luck with scholarships?”


“We feel like we’re very close with a few guys. I’m hoping we’ll sew them up in the next week or so.”


“Okay, we’ll be back at the end of the month to wrap up the season.”


April 23


“Dick Hertz on ‘Sportstalk.’ We’re here with Coach Clark. Coach, any luck with recruiting?”


“We got 4, 2 PGs, a PF, and a C.


“Great news. How about the ‘numbers?’”


“Team Prestige is 12. My record is 82-40, .672. Off- 13, Def- 21, Recruit- 55, Scout-3, Player Development- 17, Reputation- 18.”


“Let’s go to the fans. Bob in Leicester.”


“Coach, you been climbin’ the conferences like crazy. Is S gonna be too high?”


“I think we’ll be competitive, Bob. Frankly, until we get to maybe J, or even I, I think we’ll be okay. At some point, the other teams will hasve financial resources we just can’t match, but that will not happen for awhile. I don’t guarantee we’ll move up every year, but I think we will, maybe 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 years for some time.”


“Grace in Cambridge.”


“Coach, is that the time when you’ll consider leaving UML, when you don’t feel you can compete any more?”


“Great question. Honestly, I have given no thought at all to moving.”


“But at some point you’ll be able to make considerably more money somewhere else.”


“I suppose so, Grace, but I’m fine financially. If I were to marry and have kids to worry about that might change things but for now, I make more money than I need. I’m way too busy to spend any.”


“Ha! Good point, Coach. Vinnie in Concord.”


“Coach, how’s the Ph. D. coming?”


“Don’t ask! I have two term papers due next week! Seriously, I still love it. I’ll be taking two courses this summer and two more in the fall.”


“What do you want to do your dissertation on?”


“Right from the beginning I’ve wanted to do something on Lear’s Fool. I’m already gathering information, other dissertations, critiques, literary criticism. There’s a lot out there so the challenge is finding something new, but I have some ideas.”


“Too deep for me. I’m a finance major. We’ll talk to you in the spring, Coach.”

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May 1967


Student protests at many universities


“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” premieres


June 1967


6 day war begins in Middle East


Thurgood Marshall nominated to be 1st black Supreme Court justice


Muhammed Ali sentenced to 5 years for refusal to submit to draft


June 5


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with Coach Clark on the line. Coach, you can’t go after transfers this year.”


“No we can’t. No roster spots. Recruiting will be a nightmare, we have 8 scholarships.”


“Looks like you’ll have a good team this year.”


“I think we’ll have a really good team. My fear is what happens next year when all of these guys graduate. But I guess it’s a little early to worry about that.”


“Okay Coach, talk to you again soon.”


June 15 


“Dick Hertz here. ’Sportstalk’ just learned that Tim May, the walk on that has led UML for the last couple of years has informed Coach Clark that he will not be playing in this, his senior year. We’ll discuss this with the coach next time we have him on but I’m sure it’s a big disappointment.”


June 26


“Dick Hertz here with the coach on the line. Coach, did Tim May say why he’s decided not to play this year?”


“As you know, Dick, Tim is an outstanding student. He has enough credits to graduate in December and during fall semester he will be taking the last 2 undergrad courses he needs as well as his 1st 2 graduate courses. He just felt like it would be too much of a load to do all of that and to play as well. We will certainly miss him, but we wish him well.”


“How does that leave you up front?”


“Well, this is Jon Dark’s big chance. We truly hope he’s ready. We also have Clay Tool, Sam Fry, and Mark Witt back, as well as transfer Dave Smith, so we think we’ll be okay. We fell that we’re really solid in the backcourt.”


“8 scholarships. I’m guessing you’re looking at lots of kids.”


“We are, Dick. As you know we add to and take from the list as the process moves along. Recruiting Coach Ned Bain and I will make lots of calls and lots of visits over the next few months.”


“Thanks Coach.”


July 1967


Sgt. Pepper #1 for 15 weeks


Race riots in many U. S. cities


August 1967


45,000 more troops sent to Vietnam.


Naomi Sims first black model on U. S. magazine cover


August 21


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ at 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO! We have Coach Tim Clark on the line. First Coach, some good news.”


“Yes, Web Monk becomes the 1st UML player ever named to the Norton List. He’s at #35.”

“Great. So, have you offered scholarships?”


“We have offered to 5 guards and 3 forwards. 8 scholarships is a huge number. I’m sure we won’t get all 8 of these guys, but we’re going after them hard, and we’re talking to lots of other recruits as well.”


“Let’s take some calls. First, Grace from… LOWELL?”


“That’s right, Dick. I finished my Ph. D. in Educational Administration at Harvard and I’m now at UML as the Assistant Provost.”


“Welcome to town, Grace. Go ahead.”


“Coach, I was sorry to hear about Tim May leaving the team. I know we have lots of big guys coming back and at least one new one, but Tim gave us so much.”


“Yes he did, Grace. He was just a terrific player and at least as good a person. Even though he’s not playing this year we’re planning to honor him on senior night.”


“I’m very pleased to hear that, Coach.”


“Grace, before you go, we need to have coffee some time now that you’re on campus. Let’s get together.”


“Sounds great.”


“Good, I’ll call your office.”


“Well, a first! The first sign of the coach having any sort of private life.”


“And the last, Dick. I will just say that Grace has been a regular caller for so long, and is clearly so knowledgeable about the game that I just think it would be nice to chat with her. Don’t make it something it’s not.”


“Okay, Coach. Phil from Douglas.”


“Coach, how did you get into a situation where you got 8 spots to fill? Seems like poor planning to me.”


“Well, Phil, when you’re in the lowest conferences recruiting can be difficult. We take the best players we can get, whether their incoming freshmen, Junior jucos, or sophomore and junior transfers. Because we’re getting kids at three different class levels sometimes the group piles up in one year. If we insisted on all, or even mostly freshmen, we’d have a lot of open spots on the roster every year. We try to avoid that.”


“Thanks Coach. Talk to you again soon.”

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September 1967


Walter Washington elected 1st mayor of Wash., D.C.


British railroads end steam powered trains


September 18


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark. First Coach, I have to ask, how did it go with Grace?”


“All I’ll say is that I’m glad I asked her for coffee. End of subject.”


“You DO play them close to the vest. Okay, recruiting, what’s up?”


“We’re close with 3 or 4, still talking with a lot of guys.”


“The schedule?”


“We have one ranked team, Memphis, there. Not many good hoops schools wanted to play us at our place, but we played the best we could at home. On the road we schedule a couple of tough games and others where we felt we had a good chance. The road is tough.”


“Okay, let’s hear from the fans.”


“Rocky in Framingham.”


“Coach, what kind of music are you listening to these days?”


“Well, like most people I love Sgt. Pepper, and most of the other Beatles’ music. I like the Stones, Bob Dylan, The Doors... I think popular music is really good right now. There are lots of great artists, groups, and great songs.”


“Last time I saw you I noticed your hair’s a little longer, Coach?”


“That’s right, Dick. I think it helps with recruiting to identify with the kids, and I kind of like it.”


“Any thoughts of growing a beard?”


“Not at this time.”


“Jenny in Worcester.”


“Coach, I was going to ask about movies and TV.”


“Sure Jenny, I really liked “In the Heat of the Night,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “In Cold Blood,” although that was pretty chilling. TV, I think Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason are really funny. The Smothers Brothers too, but I don’t watch a lot of TV. Oh, Star Trek is probably my favorite show. I’m really disappointed when I miss it. I wish there was some way to record a program when you’re not home.”


“Maybe someday. We’re out of time, Coach.”


October 1967


Che Guevara captured in Bolivia


“Hair” premieres on Broadway


Widespread anti-war protests


October 2


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark on the line. Coach, what’s new with recruiting?”


We have commitments from a PG and an SF, and we feel like we’re close with a few other guys. We’re doing fine, really.”


“First day of practice.”


“Yes, I like what I saw, all in all. We may be a little short up front but we may not. We’ll see how things develop.”


“I see you’re picked to finish 1st in conf. S.


“Yes we are. Not sure if that’s good or bad.”


“Okay, talk again soon.”


November 1967


“Cool Hand Luke” released


Carl Stokes elected as first black mayor of a major city (Cleveland)


U. S. population reaches 200 million


Gen. Westmoreland declares that U. S. is winning Vietnam war


1st pulsar detected


Nov 6


“We’re back from break with Coach Clark on the line. Coach, how’s recruiting coming?”


“We’ve got 3, a PF, a PG, and an SF, and we think we’re close with a few others. Still working.”


Is the lineup set”


“Yes it is. We have Dee Port back at the Point, Curt Silk back at guard, Dee Monk back at Small Forward, our only new starter, Mark Witt, at Power Forward, and Clay Toll back in the middle. Sam Fry will be the first big guy off the bench and Lan Wood will be the first guard. I think that first 7 is very strong. 8, 9, and 10 aren’t bad either.”


“So we’re looking forward to another good year.”


“If we can stay reasonably healthy I think we’ll do well, yes.”


“Okay Coach. Time’s up.”

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November 20


“’Sportstalk’ here” and I’m Dick Hertz. Today we start our regular weekly visits with Coach Kip Clark of the UML River Hawks. Coach is on the line. Great first week, Coach.”


“Hard to complain! 74-47 over Hartford here, and 72-43 over Colorado ST at their place. A total of 16 TOs and 79 rebounds. Our front court was really powerful in both games and Dee Port moved the ball well.”


A big early test this week, though.”


“Yes, we travel to #21 Memphis. They’re the toughest nteam on our schedule so that game will tell us a lot.”


“How big a factor is experience, Coach?”


“It’s huge. We’re returning 4 starters, the 5th got bench minutes last year and the first 2 off the bench were also with us last year. That gives us so much. It should help out all year long.”


“Okay, Coach, good luck at Memphis.”


November 27


“Dick Hertz with the Coach. The lines are open. Another great week, Coach.”


“Definitely. We beat Oval Rabbits by 10 here, then we went to #19 Memphis and won by 17.


“Who’s doing the damage for you, Coach?”


“Well, in all 4 games we’ve taken really good care of the ball and we’ve won the battle of the boards big. Our front court is scoring and rebounding and they have been extremely impressive. Our guards are scoring and playing good D. So I guess it’s a lot of things.”


“And just about all of them in the plus column. Let’s go to the phones. Louis in Belchertown.”


“Coach, you’re ridin’ high. How ya gonna keep it goin’?”


“Well Louis, if we can stay healthy we’ll keep it going by keeping our focus and continuing to work hard. Complacency is a killer.”


“Gil in Revere.”


“Coach, you actually have 2 more ranked teams scheduled. Can ya take ‘em?”


“We’re at #22 Clemson, and host #23 Marquette. The rankings are fluid. These teams weren’t ranked preseason but now they are. As to whether we can take them I’ll only say that we’ll play hard.”


“Will in Somerset.”


“How’s the Ph. D. work comin’?”


“It’s a long road, with the limited number of courses I can take, but I’m enjoying it a great deal. Sometimes I wish I were less busy but I really want to do this.”


“Great Coach. Next week it’s Charlotte at home and at #22 Clemson. Two challenges for sure. Talk to you next week.”


December 1967


1st human heart transplant


DNA 1st created in a test tube


474,300 U. S. soldiers in Vietnam


Packers beat Cowboys in the “Ice Bowl”, -13 degrees.


December 4


“’Sportstalk.’ We’re back with the coach. Coach, the streak ended at 5.”


We beat Charlotte by 18 at home. 21, 8, 5 for Clay Toll, and all 7 of my guy played well.


“Then we went to Clemson. For the first time all year we didn’t take good care of the ball, 16 turnovers. Clay and Dee both fouled out. We got good bench play but we lost 76-81. This was the first time we gave up more than 55.”


“Bound to be an off night now and then.”


“Hopefully that will be the only one.”


“Hofstra and then at Prairie View this week, Coach. Cupcakes?”


“I wouldn’t say that but if we play the way we can we should beat both of them.”


“Thanks Coach.”


December 11


“’Sportstalk’ and we have the coach on the line. Another 2 win week, Coach.”


“We started off at home with Hofstra and beat them by 15. Clay had a big night, 28 and 12. Guard play was very good.


“Then we traveled to Prairie View where we won by 17. Clay, Curt Silk and Mark Witt all had big games; 11 TOs, 34 rebounds.”


“What’s next?”


“One home game a week for the next 3 weeks. Next week it’s Appalachian State.”


“And recruiting?”


“Nothing new, we’re still in contact with lots of recruits.”


“Thanks Coach.”


December 18


“We’re here with the Coach. Another win, Coach.”


“Yes, we beat Appalachian State by 17. We were in control all the way. Mark Witt had 18, 6, and 2. We had only 7 TOs, and 32 boards. Sam Fry had 14, 4, 2 from the bench.”


“I asked Coach to have his stat sheet ready. What do the numbers look like, Coach?”


“They look really good. Average pts. per game is a +16.2. Rebounds +8.5, TOs + 3.9. All of that reflects how well we’re playing.”


“Marquette this week. A challenge?”


“Oh yeah. They’re from conf. D. They have good guards and their 2 inside guys both score. Their Power Forward is a glass eater.”


“Talk to you next week.”


December 26


87-60 win over Marquette. Back on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach on the line. Pretty impressive win, Coach.”


“We really played well. 8 TOs, +7 on the boards. 4 starter sin double figures and the 5th, Mark Witt, had 9, 8, and 7. Wood and Fry had 6 each from the bench. We’re really playing great basketball.”


“One more before conf. play starts.”


“Wash. ST, from M is in. They’re having a really rocky season.”


“Okay, talk to you next week, Coach.”


“Wash. ST, from M is in. They’re having a really rocky season.”


“Okay, talk to you next week, Coach.”

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January 1968


Cost of a stamp goes from 5 to 6 cents.


Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In premieres.


Vietcong launch Tet offensive



January 1


“Big shocker this week for UML. Coach?”


We lost to Wash. ST in OT. This is a game we should have won easily.”


“What happened, Coach?”


“We saw their 1-9 record and got complacent. We shot very poorly, 33.3%, and 6-34 from three point range. We were -15 on the boards. The refs called 22 fouls on us, 10 on them, and they went to the line 11 times more than we did. Sam Fry and Mark Witt played well but no one else did.”


“And the lesson?”


“You’ve got to go out there and work hard every single game. You can’t take anything for granted.”


“Coach, I was at the game and I thought the officiating was terrible.”


“Well, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen from refs. But we didn’t adjust to the way they were calling them. I always talk about that, if they’re calling them tight back off a little. You need to think out there. It was a huge factor in our loss and it was very one sided but we didn’t adjust.”


9-2 for the pre-conf. season. Not bad.”


“10-1 would have been a lot better.”


“What does this say about conf. play.”


“I think we’ll do well in the conf. If we stay healthy I expect us to win or at least be in the top 2. But we need to work at every practice and every game to make that happen.”


“Two on the road to start conf. play.”


“Yes, Chicago ST is 4-7, Campbell is 5-6.” 


“Thanks  Coach.”


January 8


“Coach, a 1-1 week.”


“We shot poorly and defended even worse against Chicago ST. Witt and Port were the only guys who played well.”


“How did you react to 2 straight losses?”


“I raised holy he- you know what. Practices were not pleasant for a few days.”


“I guess it worked.”


“Well we beat Campbell but I didn’t think we played very well. Let me amend that, we played excellent D. On O our shot selection was poor and we weren’t patient. Web Monk had 18 points and Clay had 16 rebounds but we seem to have lost our focus on the offensive end. We’re standing around instead of working to get open. We’ll work on all of that at practice, but we’ve BEEN working on it."


“Sometimes it just takes time, Coach.”


“That’s right, Dick. In the course of a season you have ups and downs but my job is to lift us up when we’re down.”


This week?”


“Stony Brook at home. They’re 6-7, 1-1. Then UIC, there. They’re 5-8, 0-2. We need a 2 win week.”


“Hope you get it. See you next week.”


January 15


“88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO! ‘Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have the coach on the line and our lines are open. Coach, you got that 2 win week. Barely, but you got it.”


“That’s right, Dick. We beat Stony Brook by 22 here. We played as well as we have all year. 


“Then we went to UIC and almost lost to a team that simply isn’t as good as we are. We’ve been in a shooting slump and it was back. 35%, 6-27 from long range. +11 in TOs and +7 on the boards probably saved us.”


“How do you cure a shooting slump?”


“You work for open shots. You push it inside. You do back door cuts for easy lay ups. You shoot with confidence.”


“Let’s hear from the fans. Joe in Chelsea.”


“Coach, you’ve still got a lot of scholarships to fill. Any luck?”


“Well, we’re close with several people. We’re confident that we’ll fill most, if not all of the slots.”


“Mickey in Malden.”


“Coach, you guys have been in a slump for a few games. Any thoughts about changing the lineup?”


“Actually, when you look at the stat sheet, and then when you figure defense in, our starters are playing better than our subs. We just need to take better shots. We’re taking care of the ball, we’re out rebounding the other guys. I usually spend about half of every practice on offense and the other half on D, but lately we’re spending considerably more time on O. We’ll fix this. It just may take a little time.”


“Coach, we’re not hearing from  Grace lately.”


“No, she hasn’t called in in awhile.”


“Any ideas why?”


“No comment.”


“Who’s coming up next?”


“We have 6-9, 3-1 USC Upstate at home, then 9-6, 2-2 Eastern Wash. there. Two pretty decent teams.”

“Good luck. See you next week, Coach.”


January 22


“’Sportstalk’ back from the break. I'm Dick Hertz and we’re here with the coach. Great week, Coach. 2-0 and you’re alone in 1st place.”


“It was a very encouraging week, Dick. 68-46 against USC Upstate. We shot really well, inside and outside, +16 in TOs. Everyone played really solid D.


“Then we went to Eastern Wash. and won 66-50. Our shot selection was very good again and we were +11 in TOs. Our guards got more points this week than they have in a long time. Clay didn’t have a good game on the road but Sam Fry was terrific filling in for him."


14-3, 5-1. Who’s up this week?”


Miss. Valley ST comes to us. They’re 8-9, 4-2. Then we go to Pedestrian. They’re 9-8, 4-2. So neither is an easy game. we need to play like we did last week.”


January 29


“Dick Hertz with the coach on the line. A 2 win week but some bad news.”

“Yes, one of our committed recruits didn’t hit the SAT score. We thought that was a possibility with him. We’ve already offered to the next guy on our list.”


“And the games?”


Great D against Miss. Valley ST, but poor shot selection again. But +10 TOs and +4 rebounds got us through as well as 24 from Curt Silk, and great D.


“Then at Pedestrian we put it all together and won 78-58. 22 for Clay, 16 for Mark good games by everyone else. 11 TOs and 38 boards.”


2 game lead at the halfway point.


“Which is great, as long as we don’t get too cocky.”


“Who’s up this week?”


“MD Eastern Shore comes to us. They’re 7-12, 5-3, tied for 2nd. Then we go to 9-10, 5-3 Seattle, also tied for 2nd.”


“Let’s hear from the fans. Sam in Boston.”


“Coach, Sam Fry is playin’ too good ta not be startin’.”


“Well Sam, if I could start 6 he’d be starting. He’s a forward and my 3 big guys are all doing a great job. I like Sam Fry, he works hard. I give him minutes whenever I can.”


“Judy in Milton.”


“Coach, what do you think about the war?”


“I’m against it, Judy. I don’t see the Vietnamese as any threat to us, and I think the ‘Domino Theory’ is a bunch of hogwash. Having said that, I have a lot of respect for the troops. I hope we can bring them home soon.”


“Bill in Marlboro.”


“Coach, a patriot supports his country.”


“Bill, a patriot, works for what’s best for his- or her- country. Blind obedience to politicians isn’t patriotism. I love my country but I don’t just follow the leaders when I think they’re wrong.”


“Jeff in Framingham.”


“Hey! This is a sports show. Let’s get outta politics. Talk about Dee, your Point Guard.”


“He’s been terrific for us. I hate to see him graduate. He dishes the ball well, has a great assist to turnover ratio, and plays excellent D. Point Guard is the most important position in college hoops and he’s responsible, in large part, for our success.”


“Marty in Southea.”


“Coach you’re a dirty communist and I hope-“


“Thank you, Marty, but that’s more than enough of that.”


“Funny how to some people free speech only applies to people they agree with.”


“Okay, we’re out of time. See you next week, Coach.”

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February 1968


Richard Nixon announces candidacy for Presidency


Famous photo of Saigon police chief shooting Viet Cong officer in the head


Battle of Khe Sanh begins


Worldwide demonstrations against the war in Vietnam


1st U. S. teachers strike in modern times


February 5


“Dick Hertz with the coach on the line. Another 2 win week.”


“Feels like we’ve got our groove back. 62-45 over MD Eastern Shore. +13 TOs. We’ve really been great with the ball lately- most of the season, really. Everyone played good D.


“Then 86-60 at Seattle. 11 TOs, +10 on the boards. Clay had 22 and 9, Curt had 23, Mark had 14, 6, and 6.”


“Only one team still 2 back.”


“Yep, only Pedestrian. Everyone else is 3 or more behind.”


“And this week?”


“2 home games. So Carolina ST is 11-10, 4-6. Bryant is 8-13, 4-6.”


“Should be a 2 win week.”


“If we stay focused and don’t take anything for granted there’s no reason for us to lose this week.”


“Talk to you in a week, Coach.”


February 12


“’Sportstalk’ here with the coach. What a week! 2-0, increased the lead to 3 with 4 to play, and for the 1st time in UML history we’re ranked! Coach, how does it feel to be #18 in the country?”


“It feels pretty good, Dick. I’ve been thinking it might happen but given that we’re only in conf. S I wasn’t sure.”


"Tell us about the games.”


“Great D in both. 68-53 against So. Car. ST. 10 TOs. All 5 starters plus Sam Fry in double figures.


“Then an amazing defensive performance against Bryant, 52-37. They played slow down and they were very pesky. Their press forced 15 TOs, our worst in a long time, but we turned them over 25 times. Clay and Mark Witt led the way on offense.”


“Coach, talk about the numbers. Back in December you were +16.2 in points, +8.5 on the boards, and +3.9 on TOs. Now?”


“Now we’re +13.9 on points, +4.2 on rebounds, and an amazing +7.4 on TOs.”


“Great numbers. Who’s up this week?”


“We go to 9-14, 5-7 Navy, then back home with 11-12, 7-5 Chicago ST. They beat us by 5 at their place and we haven’t lost since.”


“13 straight.”


“Talk to you next week.”


February 19


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with Coach Clark. 2 more wins and the conf. is clinched with 2 left to play, and you’re #15. Coach?"


“Good times! We beat Navy by 12 there. 16 TOs, so that’s 2 games in a row when we’re less than great in that area. Still +6 though. Great D and Clay had an incredible 31 and 10.


“We crushed Chi. ST at home, 80-48. 22, 8, 3 for Web Monk, 19 for Clay, great bench play, great D, and 11 TOs.”


“You guys are really on a roll.”


“Yes, we’re playing excellent ball right now. After the last Chi. ST game I was a bit worried but since then we’re really playing well and playing together.”


“And let’s talk to the fans. Bob in Marblehead.”


“Coach, how do you keep a team focused and how do you keep them from getting too cocky when you’re doing this well?”


“We talk about the losses, especially the games we lost because we got cocky and lost focus. We drill and drill and drill on fundamentals- passing drills, working to get open drills, getting position for rebounding drills, fast break drills- you name it.”


“Jeff in Pittsfield.”


“Coach, who do you like for President?”


“Ha! It’s way too soon to say. I do like some of the things Gene McCarthy is saying, but ask me again in 7 or 8 months.”


“Lillian, here in Lowell.”


“Coach, everybody who gets significant minutes is going to graduate this year. What does that mean about next year?”


“Great question.”


“Well, we really like Chic Blue, who’s a transfer Small Forward. He has to sit out the year but he practices with us and he can play. Next year will be Jon Dark’s final chance and we hope he takes advantage. We have a few other guys, including 2 red shirt freshmen, and after that it’s who we can recruit. We’re working really hard on that. We will desperately need guards.”


“Time for one more. Hey, Grace from Lowell is on the line. Grace, good to hear from you, what’s up?”


“Hi Dick. Coach was supposed to make an announcement on your show today and I haven’t heard it yet.”


“Sounds like you have some inside information, Grace.”


“As a matter of fact, I do! Come on, Coach, make your announcement.”


“Happy to oblige, Grace. Dick, I need to announce to our listeners that as of two nights ago I am engaged to be married.”


‘”Wow! Tell us the rest.”


“Given our last phone call, you’ve probably figured out that my fiancée is named Grace.”


“Terrific news. We’re out of time, but congratulations to both of you. Gotta run!”


February 26


“And you close strong, Coach.”


“We lost our first conf. game and won the next 15. This week it was 77-52 over Campbell. Very strong guard play and Clay had a great night. 


“Then we closed the regular season at Stony Brook with a 10 point win. We weren’t great, but good enough to win. 22 for Clay, 16 for Curt, 8 TOs.”


“Let’s go to the phones. Mike in Haverhill.”


“Coach, how long can going up one conf. a year last?”


“I think next year might be a rebuilding year. I’m not so sure we’ll be able to move up. I’ll do all I can to try to make it happen, of course.”


“Emma in Oxford.”


“Coach, talk about coaching challenges.”


“That’s almost like a follow up to the previous question, Emma. Next year will be a big challenge because we will have very few experienced players. That’s one kind of challenge. Another is distributing playing time in a way that keeps guys relatively happy. Another is keeping players focused- that’s always a challenge.”


“Okay, we get to host the tournament so I’ll see you at Tsongas in a few days, Coach.”

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March 1968

Worldwide anti-war protests

My Lai massacre

Robert Kennedy announces for president

LBJ announces he will not seek re-election


March 2


“Dick Hertz here before the quarterfinal round of the conf. S tournament. UML plays Campbell. They met twice in the regular season with UML winning by 5 and then by 25.



“Dick Hertz here after the game with Coach Clark. 53-48 win over Campbell. Close call, Coach.”


“We weren’t at our best offensively tonight. Good rebounding and very good D got us through. Hopefully we learned a lesson about taking a game for granted. I’m hoping the poor shot selection was an isolated event.”


“All the favorites got through, Coach, so you’ll play #4 seed Miss. Valley State in the semis tomorrow. Tell us about them.”


“We only beat them by 10 at our place. We played great D that night, and like tonight, we didn’t shoot very well. They’re strong at 2 and 3. They’re Point is good but Dee all but erased him last time, so he’ll come in with something to prove. We need to stay focused. Thanks Coach, and good luck.”


March 3


“Dick Hertz here after the UML-Miss. Valley ST game. If you’re just joining us, UML won 52-50. Coach, that wasn’t a win, it was an escape.”


“Well put! At this time of year you just want to survive. We did, but barely.”


“Tell us about it.”


“We were flat. We didn’t shoot terribly, except long range, but we had 15 TOs. We forced 26 and that, along with very good D, might have been the difference. We were -4 on the boards.”


“And how about that finish.”


“Yes, we were up 6 with 40 seconds left. They came down and hit a 3. Then they fouled us and we made the front and missed the back. So now we’re up 4, and they hit another 3, and foul us again. And again we make the front only. We’re up 2 with 11 to play. They call their last time out to set a play. I change from the 3-2 we’ve been in for the entire 2nd half to a man and it just confuses them enough so that they can’t get an open look. They force up a 3 and it goes off the rim.”


“Whew! Tomorrow it’s #3 seed MD Eastern Shore, who upset #2 USC Upstate.”


“MD is 14-15. We beat them by 17 here in Lowell. They’re good outside, fair inside. We had no trouble with their starters but their bench gave us nightmares last time. We didn’t rebound very well either. So we know what we need to do.”


“And WLOW will be here to bring you the game, folks. Thanks Coach.”


March 4

“This is Dick Hertz here before the UML-MD Eastern Shore conf. S title game. I’m talking with Grace from Lowell. Hi Grace.”


“Hello Dick. Thanks for having me on.”


“My pleasure. For any of you who don’t know it, Grace is engaged to Coach Clark. Tell me Grace, when’s the big day?”


“The wedding will be on June 18.”


“So how did you and Coach go from call ins to the show to this point?”


“Well, you remember when I moved here and called in he said we should get together. We did, and we really hit it off. He asked me to dinner and then it just moved along. We have a lot in common, basketball of course, but also literature. I almost went the Ph. D. in Lit route but I thought my job prospects would be better going with Education Administration.”


“Sounds great. How’s the job?”


“I really like it. The atmosphere here at UML is terrific and the students are great.”


“You’re the vice provost. What does that mean?”


“There are actually three of us with that title. My job is vice provost of student affairs. I handle discipline issues, I’m the one students come to with problems that couldn’t be sol;ved at a lower level- really, if it’s student related it’s part of my job.”

“Sounds like it would keep you busy?”


“Oh yes.”


“Okay, so what are the keys to victory tonight?”


“Ha! Now I’m a color commentator. Well, we haven’t been scoring points the last two nights so we need to do that. We haven’t rebounded all that well either so that needs to improve. We need to keep playing great D and keep taking care of the ball, and we need to stop Rychart, their backup guard. He lit us up last time.”


“Thanks Grace, or seeing I’m a student I guess I should call you vice provost.”


“Well, not in this capacity.”


“Thanks again. We’ll be right back.”


Dick Hertz here after the game with Coach Clark. Congratulations, 76-65 and the title.”


“It’s great to win another one, Dick.”


“We were talking to Grace from Lowell before the game and she mentioned several keys to victory. What got you to the title, Coach?”


“Well, we didn’t play as much D as in the previous two games but we did play a lot more offense. We rebounded well, and we took care of the ball.  Oh, and we didn’t let Rychart go off on us.”


“Same keys she mentioned.”


“I need to mention the great job we did inside. Our guards played well but our bigs played very well.”


“So how high can you go in the dance?”


“I think we’ve earned a 3 or a 4 but I’m guessing we’ll get a 5 or a 6. We hope to get to at least the 2nd round this year and we think we have a shot at going further.”


“Thanks Coach, I’ll be with you and the team when the selection show is on.”


March 12


Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark and the team. The selection show has started. We’re waiting to see where and how high we’ll go. We’re ranked #9, RPI #13 in the latest poll, with a record of 27-3. Here goes:


“Not in the East.


“#6 in the Midwest. We face #11 Minnesota, 19-11. Coach.”


“I really thought we’d get a 4, or at the very least a 5. Oh well. We’ll deal with it and go out and show the committee we should have been seeded higher. That’s all we can do.”


“What do you know about Minnesota?”


“Not a lot. They have a good outside game and they play mostly 2-3. I’ll learn the rest over the next 12 hours or so, before practice tomorrow.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll be traveling with the team for as long as you’re playing. So listen in, folks.”


March 16


Dick Hertz here after the UML- Minnesota game. Great win, Coach, 87-69.”


“Thanks Dick. +9 TOs, +6 rebounds. Their outside shooters scored some but we expected that. We kept it reasonable though. Our bigs dominated inside. Clay had 22 and 11, Web had 26, 5, 6, Mark had 8, 5, 5. Our guards scored some and simply did not turn it over, and we got good bench play.”


#7 Michigan ST, from A next.


“They’re a very good team but they’ve lost 5 of their last 8. But all 5 starters score, they rebound well and they take care of the ball. This won’t be easy.”


“What’s the plan?”


“The staff will be up most of the night figuring that out. They play man so lots of picks for one thing. We’ll give it our best.”


“Thanks Coach.”


March 18


Dick Hertz here after the UML-Michigan ST game. Tough night, Coach. 69-81.”


“They were the better team. I thought our kids played well but they were overmatched. They turned us over 20 times with great D. We were -9 there. But we made it up by being +9 on the boards. I’m just so proud of all of my seniors. I truly hate to see them go.”


“We’ll be back with the coach at least a couple more times before the end of the season.”


April 1968


Martin Luther King is assassinated


LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act


April 4


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with Coach Clark. Coach, awards were announced today.”


“Yes they were. Clay Toll got POY plus 1st team along with Curt Silk and Mark Witt. Dee Port got Defensive POY, plus 2nd team." 


“And you were conf. coach of the year. Any recruiting news?”


“Yes, we picked up a PF who looks really god, and we’re-”


Just a minute, Coach. What’s that, Kyle? You’re sure? It’s official? We’re going to NBC national news, ladies and gentlemen. I am terribly sorry to report that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has just been shot and killed in Memphis.


April 23


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach. Coach, we’re at the end of another season. Let’s talk about recruiting first.”


“Sure Dick, but I just wanted to say that we were cut off last time by the assassination of Dr. King. I want to say that I think this is a horrible tragedy for our country and for the world. My sympathies to his family.”


“Thanks Coach.”

“We wound up doing great in recruiting. We filled all of our spots. We got 5 PGs, 2 PFs, and a C, and we think they all look like they’ll help us.”


“And the end of season numbers?”


Well we got a $2000 increase in the budget. Team Prestige is at 13, my record is 110-44, .714, Off- 16, Def- 26, Recruit- 72, Scout- 4, Player Development- 21, Reputation- 23. Pretty good, I’d say.”

“And next season it’s conf. R. Can you compete?”


“Impossible to say at this point. With 9 people coming into the program we’ll need to see what they look like and how well they play together.”


“Okay, Coach, congratulations on a great season.”

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May 1968


Vietnam peace talks begin.


Anti-war, race, and student protests in many locations around the U. S. and around the world.


June 1968


Senator Robert Kennedy is assassinated


Poor People’s march on Washington


SCOTUS Chief Justice Earl Warren retires


Daniel Ellsberg indicted for leaking Pentagon Papers


June 16


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportscenter.’ We have UML hoops coach Kip Clark on the line. Coach, I hear there’s some news.”


“That’s right, Dick. We signed 2 transfers, a PG and a C. The Point looks like a can’t miss. The Center is a bit of a gamble but I think he’ll definitely help us.”


“Thanks Coach. Let’s take a call or two. Larry in Methuen.”


“Coach, ya got just about all new guys on the team. How do ya think you’ll do?”


“Well Larry, since we’re 3 ½ months away from our first practice that’s hard to say. I think we’ll find a way to be competitive though.”


“Jim in Bridgewater.”


“Coach, you’re getting’ married in 2 days. Nervous?”


(Laughs) “Not at all, Jim. I’ve been looking forward to it.”


“Congratulations in advance, Coach. We’re out of time.”


June 26


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark. First, congratulations on the wedding.”


“Thanks Dick.”


“Did you go away?”


“It’s a busy time but we managed a long weekend on the Cape.”


“Great. What’s the story on recruiting?”


“We have a couple of slots and we’re looking at about 20.”


“Looking more at bigs or at guards.”


“You know, we’ll take the two best players we can get. We don’t have more of a need for one than the other. Our transfers took a little pressure off.”


“Thanks Coach. Talk again soon.”


July 1968


Revolt in Iraq


Race riots in several U. S. cities


Hoyt Wilhelm breaks record for most appearances by a pitcher


August 1968

R. M. Nixon nominated for POTUS by GOP.


Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia begins


Rioting in Chicago outside Dem. Convention


H. H. Humphrey nominated for POTUS by Dems


August 21


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have Coach Clark on the line. Coach, talk about recruiting.”


“We’ve offered to a PF we’re very high on and he seems very interested. We expect to offer our other scholarship to a guard but not for a couple of weeks.”


“Coach told us he only had a minute so we’ll take him at his word. Thanks Coach.”


September 1968


1st broadcast of 60 Minutes


“Hey Jude” goes to #1


September 4


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk.’ We’ve just learned that UML offered its 2nd scholarship to a Shooting Guard.”


September 18


Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach. Any commitments yet?”


“No, but we’re close with both of our guys.”


Tell us about the schedule.”


“We backed off just a bit from last year because our team is so untested.”

“Thanks Coach.”


October 1968


“’Sportstalk’ with a quick minute with Coach Clark. Coach, first day of practice.”


“Yes. I think we’ll be okay. I’ll know more in a few weeks but I like a lot of what I saw today. We don’t look like we’re very deep, but then that isn’t so unusual.”




“I am happy to report that we have commitments from Power Forward Russ Fill, and Point Guard Rick Hart. We are very high on both of them.”


“Great news! Oh, if you didn’t see the polls yet you’re picked to finish 2nd in conf. R, behind Northern Illinois. Talk to you again soon.”


November 1968


Richard Nixon elected POTUS


1st interracial TV kiss Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura


November 6


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. The Coach is on the line. So Coach, is the lineup set?”


“Well Dick, it is still up in the air in lots of spots. I expect to go with an 8 man rotation but in most cases we’re going to be trying different combinations. We have lots of guys who are fighting hard for minutes. Only game time will decide who gets how many.”


“Interesting. Is it a question of too much talent or not enough?”


“Ha! I think we have some talent, but it seems very close in terms of talent, desire, hustle- all the factors that count. And frankly, some guys are better practice players and other guys are better game players. Of course we want the game players in there as much as possible. The first few games will tell us who they are.”


“That might lead to some early losses.”


“It might, but it will find us the right combination well before conference play begins, and that’s what it’s about.”


“Thanks Coach.”


November 20


Dick Hertz with the coach on the line. Great start, Coach, 2 wins.”


“Yes, we went to North Florida and won by 7. Our guards led the way with 16 each. 11 TOs and +9 boards.


“Then we came home and beat the Fighting Icyballs of Nome 76-55. Jon Dark had 19 and 8. Chic Blue had  a great game from the bench, scoring 18. 12 TOs and +9 rebounds.”


“Let’s hear from the fans. George in Tewksbury.”


“Coach, looks like Dark is finally stepping up.”


“He’s had 2 very good games. I hope it continues.”


“Ralph in Dorchester.”


“Coach, what do you think about the election?”


“Well, I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate, McCarthy was my guy. I was determined not to vote at all for President, but when I got into the booth I had to vote against Nixon so I voted for Humphrey. I didn’t do it happily.”


“Fred in Fall River.”


“Coach, you’re playing pretty good D so far. Are you doing anything different?”


“No Fred, we’re still using the 2-3 about half the time, and splitting the other half between man and 3-2. I seem to have good defensive players though.”


“Who’s up this week?”


“2 teams from L, Fordham, then UNC Wilmington, both at home.”


“Thanks Coach. I just want to mention to the audience that we’re in the regular season so we’ll try to speak with the coach every week.”


November 27


“88.1 FM, WLOW. How LOW can you GO! Dick hertz and we have the coach on the line. Coach, a 2 win week, but just barely.”


“Hey, a win is a win. The Fordham win was a breeze, 66-43. Great D again, and really balanced scoring. Our bench was great, 25 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists. Jon Dark had his 3rd straight double digit game. 15 assists was more than I like but +3, and we were +13 on the boards.


“Then UNC Wilmington almost did us in, but we squeezed out a 79-78 win in OT. Dark had 27 and 7, and the bench had 19. Don Morr missed a bunny at the end of regulation to send it to OT. The overtime was strange. We got the first 10 and they got the last 9. They had the last shot- or at least tried to, our back up C, Del Bodd was in because Wild had fouled out. Bodd blocked an 8 footer and that was that. The only starter who didn’t get into serious foul trouble was Dark so the bench was a big factor, and they came through.”


“4-0, great start! Let’s here from the fans. Linda in Somerset.”


“Coach, Chic Blue and Del Bodd are playing some really good ball. I’m surprised they don’t get more minutes.”


“I love bringing those guys in from the bench. They give us a spark, and they usually get some points. BUT, they don’t play as much D as the starters, and they don’t rebound as well. Love having them on the bench though.”


“Roy in Brighton.”


“Coach, what music are you listening to?”


“The White Album, over and over again. The Supremes, the Kinks, the Stones.”


“Gee, sounds like you’re getting to be a druggy.”


“Easy does it, Roy. I like the music not the lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with that, and millions of people all over the world are listening to this music and not getting high.”


‘Well that was interesting. Who are you playing this week, Coach?”


“We’re at Low Point in conf. P, then at La. Tech, all the way up in H.”


“Okay Coach. Hope the streak continues but it sounds like it could be tough.”

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December 1968


Henry Kissinger named national security adviser by Nixon


Northern Ireland conflict heats up


NLS, precursor to the computer mouse and hypertext, is introduced.


Arthur Ashe becomes 1st black to be ranked #1 in tennis


White Album stays at #1 for 9 weeks


December 4


“Dick Hertz here with the coach. 1-1 this week, Coach.”


“Yes. Low Point beat us 65-56. Dave Brown got 22 and Deon Wild 11 and 7, but no one else could hit shots. We didn’t play that badly, 9 TOs, but you have to put it in the hoop.


“Then we beat La. Tech there, 68-60. We had 5 guys in double figures including Chic Blue from the bench. 19 TOs though, and that’s unacceptable.”


“Harry in Boston.”


“Coach, you’re playing 8 guys. Does it help to have your starters get a little more rest like they’re getting’ this year or does it mean you lose ground while they’re sittin’?”


“Harry, I don’t think we’re losing much ground when they sit, but to answer you, I’d much rather have my starters fresh for the last few minutes. My guys are in great shape and they could go the full 40 if necessary, but giving them a blow now and then makes them way better in crunch time.”


“George in Lexington.”


“Coach, did ya see “Night of the Living Dead?”


“Not my style, but Grace and I saw 'The Lion in Winter' and we loved it.”


“Who’s up next?”


“We go to Denver from S, and then we host Davidson from M."


“Talk to you next week, Coach.”


December 11


“’Sportstalk’ here with the coach. Another 1-1 week.”


Denver is 5-1, so they’re a good team, and they certainly were against us, 72-83. They really beat us up inside, we were -18 on the boards. We’ll work on that but they were that good inside. We won the outside battle, +10 in TOs, and our bench was terrific, Tony Lutz and Chic Blue had 17 each. 


“Then we came home and beat Davidson 65-52. We got scoring from 8 guys, all between 5 and 11 points, and we were +6 in turnovers, +2 on the boards.”


“Let’s give the fans a shot. Bobby from here on campus.”


“Coach, you don’t seem to have a go to guy this year.”


“We have pretty balanced scoring, Bobby. In many ways that’s good. It certainly makes us harder to defend. But it’s also true that in crunch time we don’t have that one guy we feel sure will get it done.”


“Rob from Dorchester.”


“Coach, the reboundin’ stinks!”


“Well, we’re +1.0, which isn’t all that bad, but we are working on it and I’d like to see a bigger margin.”


“One game this week, Coach.”


“Yes, we’re at Appalachian State from way up in J, and they’re undefeated, 8-0. We’ll need to be on our game.”


“Thanks Coach.”


December 18


“Dick Hertz here with the coach. Great win, Coach.”


“Yes, Appalachian State was 8-0 and we went there and beat them 67-57. Our PG Rod Book, and SF Jon Dark got 17 each, and we were +5 TO, and +2 RB. Our front court held their own and our bench contributed again. It was a very satisfying win.”


“Coach is in a hurry tonight so no questions. Who’s next?”


“South Carolina, in H, comes to town. They’re having a tough season but they’re way above us in the level of competition they face.”


“Good luck, Coach. Talk to you next week, on Monday though, not Sunday.”


December 26


“’Sportstalk’ here with the coach. Great win this week.”


“Yes, we beat South Carolina 74-60. Dave Brown had 15 with 5 assists and Jon Dark had 14.”


“Seems like different guys do it for you on different nights.”


“As I’ve said before, that makes us difficult to defend against. We also got 24 from the bench which is enormously helpful. +3 TOs, +6 RBs.”


“Columbia, here at home to close out the preconference season.”


“That’s right. They’re only 3-6, but they play up in K conf.”


We’re here next on new year’s day. Coach won’t be available so we’ll be speaking with the former Grace from Lowell, now known as Grace Clark.”


“I’m not sure how I feel about that but you asked and she agreed, so I guess I don’t get a vote. Be kind.”


“Of course!"

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January 1969


NY Jets become 1st AFC team to win the Super Bowl


U.S.- North Vietnam peace talks in Paris


Beatles perform their last live concert


January 1, 1969


“’Sportstalk’ and I’m Dick Hertz here with Grace Clark, wife of Coach Kip Clark, and vice provost here at UML. Maybe I got that backwards.”


(Laughs) “On campus, yes, on a radio sports talk show, no.”


“Let’s start with the game.”


We beat Columbia 76-63 here at home. Our guards, including our back up, Tony Lutz, had 35 points, Center Deon Wild had 13, 5, and 2, and we committed only 9 turnovers. Del Bodd, Jon Dark and Chic Blue all played well.”


“And you end the preconference season 9-2.”


“Yes. Kip is very pleased with that. You will recall that this team was unknown and untested. We played several teams from up in the midrange conferences. To compile this record bodes well for conf. play.”


“I agree. Do you get to see many games?”


“I see all of the home games. The staff films the away games so I eventually get to see those as well, usually about a week after they are played.”


“Do you watch them with the coach?”


“Yes, I usually do.”


“And do you get to have input?”


“Yes, my husband and I discuss the games as we watch. Of course he was there when they were played, but seeing them on tape, and for him, when he isn’t actively coaching, lends a very different perspective.”


“So he values your opinion?”


“He says he wants to hear what I have to say, and I will say that occasionally something I suggest finds its way into the game plan.”


“So you know your stuff about basketball?”


“Well, my dad was a high school science teacher and the head basketball coach all the while I was growing up. I loved the game and did stats for him starting at a very early age, and from the time I was 13 or so he and I discussed games, and discussed planning and strategy for upcoming games.”


“I think that’s really cool. Let’s take some calls. Joe from Medford.”


“I’m sorry but I don’t think a woman-”


“I’m going to stop you right there. Your first six words said it all. Jeff in Bridgewater.”


“How does coach like his chances in conf.?”


“He thinks we’ll do all right. At the beginning of the season we had no idea, really, but we’ve played well, and we play together, which is even more important.”


“Well enough to move up?”


“We aren’t making any predictions but if we stay healthy we should move up.”


“Mary in Concord.”


“So how’s married life?”


“After 6 and ½ months I can say that it’s going really, really well. We have many common interests, basketball of course, literature, we like the same kinds of movies and music, neither of us is much interested in television. Politically we’re very much in agreement. Neither of us is at all religious. We both respect each other’s need for alone time, but we really enjoy our time together.”


“This has been great. Thanks for being on Mrs. Clark. We’d really love to have you here again.”


“I think I’d like that as well.”


“Okay, we’ll see if we can make that happen. Next week we’ll be with the coach.”


January 8


“Dick Hertz here with the coach. 1-1 start, Coach, both in overtime. I guess this conf. is going to be a challenge.”


“It seems that way, Dick. We were lucky not to be 0-2. 76-75 at Lipscomb. We didn’t play outside D. They got 14 threes. We scored 10 of the last 13 points in regulation to force OT and then had to hit a three at the end for the win. 16 TOs. 


“Then we came home and gave one away. Texas-Arlington also hit 14 threes on us. We were up 7 with 3:33 to go and they came back and tied it by hitting threes while we missed too many free throws. Then they hammered us in OT to win 74-79. We were +13 in TOs but they beat us long range and at the line.”


“So are you re-evaluating things?”


“We’re always doing that. It’s not time to panic but it is time to work harder, especially with regard to defending against the three, and defending in general; we gave up way too many points this week.”


“And this week?”


“We host Cal ST Northridge. They’re 2-11, 0-2. But then we go to Western Illinois. They’re 7-6, 0-2 but they were picked to win the conf., so we expect a tough game.”


“Good luck Coach. Talk to you next week.”


January 15


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark. A whole different week.”


“Thankfully, yes. We beat Cal ST Northridge at home. It was too close, 67-59, but we were never in danger of losing. Dark had 20 and Brown 16. We had only 6 TOs, and we held them to 7 threes. We didn’t rebound very well though.


“Then we went to Western Illinois and won 63-48, easily our best conf. game so far. We held them to 31.4% shooting, 20% on threes. We threw it away 17 times but that’s all we did wrong.”


“And this week?”


“South Florida comes to us. They’re 8-7, 3-1. Then we go to MD Eastern Shore, 6-9, 3-1.”


“Talk to you next week.”


January 22


“’Sportstalk’ with Dick Hertz. We have the coach on the phone and the lines are open. 1-1 this week, Coach.”


We beat South Florida 58-48 at home. We played great D but our shot selection was awful. Fortunately they fouled us all night and we won it at the line.


“Then we lost at MD E. Shore, 63-67. 19 TOs really hurt. It gave them 12 more shots than we took and they made enough of them to beat us. I don’t like to give up 67 points but if we do we should be able to score enough to win. We weren’t that night.”


“So you’re 13-4, 4-2, in a 5 way tie for 2nd, 1 back of Sacramento ST.”

“Yes, we’re not in a terrible position. But we do have some things to fix.”


“Let’s go to the fans. Barney in Gloucester. “


“Coach, rebounding is a big problem. What are you gonna do about it?”


“Well Barney, we’re still outrebounding the opposition by 0.5 RBs a game. I’d like it to be a wider margin, and we’re working on it every day.”


“Louie in Malden.”


“Coach, Chic Blue’s playin’ some awful good basketball.”


“Yes he is. If we could get him to rebound a little better we’d be happy but he does a great job for us. Next year he will very likely start.”


“Thanks Coach. This week?”


“2 home games. First is 5-12, 3-3 Fairfield. Then 12-5, 4-2 Miss. Valley ST. They could be a real challenge but it’s important to win at home.”


“Thanks Coach.”


January 29


“Great week, Coach!”


“Yes it was, Dick. 2-0, and we’re now in a 2 way tie for 1st place.”

“Dick Hertz here. Tell us about it, Coach Clark.”


“Well we beat Fairfield 72-52. Deon Wild had maybe his best game for us, 20 and 8. We got very good bench play, 10 TOs and 35 RBs. 


“Then we beat Miss. Valley ST 75-64. They’re a good team. Dave Brown had 30, our best scoring effort of the season. We were +7 on the boards and even in TOs. Jon Dark had a nice, steady game, and the bench did it’s usual fine work.”


“Hank in Oxford.”


“Coach, you don’t get many fouls called on you. Does that mean you aren’t aggressive enough?”


“It’s a fine line, Hank. We try to teach our guys to play good, hard D without fouling. Often we’re able to do that, and we’ve won a few at the line. Have we lost some because wqe weren’t aggressive enough? It’s possible.”


“Benny in South Attleboro.”


“Coach, have you moved up too far, too fast?”


“Not yet, Benny. We’re very competitive in R. At some point that will happen, probably soon. Our resources are limited and that is a huge factor. It will work against us when we get to the higher conferences.”


“Who’s next, Coach?”


“We’re at 7-12, 4-4 Northern Illinois. Then home against 4-15, 3-5 USC Upstate.”


“Okay. Next week the coach is away so it’s the coach’s wife, Grace Clark again. We’ll be sure to have time for questions.”


. We’ll be sure to have time for questions.”

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February 1969


Yasser Arafat appointed chairman of the PLO.


Last edition of the Saturday Evening Post.


Golda Meir sworn in as prime minister of Israel


February 5


“Dick Hertz on ‘Sportstalk’ with Grace Clark, vice provost at UML and wife of head basketball coach Kip Clark. Quite the week for the team.”


“Yes it was. 1-1 with an injury. Dan Morr strained a hamstring and he’ll miss at least the next game, possibly 2 games.


Northern Illinois beat us 50-59. As often happens when we lose the problem is making shots, and even more so, shot selection. Kip works very hard at practice to get kids to make good choices about when to shoot, and to work to get open for a shot, but it’s ongoing- probably for every coach. Anyway, we shot 33%, and we got out rebounded. Tomy Lutz scored 15 from the bench but no one else did much on offense.


“Then we came home and beat USC Upstate 77-67. We shot over 50% and had only 6 turnovers. It was a real team victory with 9 players scoring. The only thing we didn’t do was rebound and that’s another ongoing frustration. Oh, Rod Book had 22 at the Point and Chic Blue had 11, 3, 4.”


“Let’s go to the phones. Danny from Boston.”


“Do you share your husband’s liberal views?”


“We’re both against the war and for equal rights for everyone. We both support helping poor people. Yes, there may be minor differences but we generally agree.”


“Bill in Framingham.”


“Have you seen the recruits yet?”


“I have. I traveled with Kip to watch both of them play. I think they will both be able to help us.”


“Norm in Brockton.”


“You play Sacramento ST at their place next. Can you beat them there?”


“They are an enigma. They’re only 7-14 overall and they’re 4-5 at home. But, they’ve won all 7 of their games since conf. play started, and so they’re 4-3 at home in conf. We think we’re the better team but the road is never easy.”


“That brings us to the upcoming week. Your other game is at Elon.”


“Yes. They’re struggling, 8-13, 2-8. But again, the road is never easy.”


“We’re almost out of time, but I wanted to ask one more thing.”




“Both you and your husband have high profile jobs, and jobs that require you to work lots of hours. How do you manage to find time together, and what do you do with it. Oh, and how do you divide up the household chores?”


(Laughs) “Great question! Yes, both of us spend a lot of time at work, too much sometimes. We find time together whenever and however we can. We often manage to have lunch together, either at the UML cafeteria, or at a restaurant close to campus. In the evening Kip is often on campus, sometimes very late. When that happens I do some of the work around the house but he does his share, laundry, outside work, things like that. On the rare occasions when we manage to have dinner at home together we usually cook together and we both enjoy that a great deal. I do most of the cleaning. As to how we spend our time together it is often just relaxing. We work hard and we need that relaxation time. On the rare occasions when there’s a good movie on TV we’ll watch but it isn’t unusual for one or both of us to fall asleep. If we get a day off there’s a lot to see within an hour or 90 minutes of Lowell, and we’ll do some of that.”


“Do you have a big house?”


“No, and that’s purposeful. When we became engaged we talked about that and decided we wanted a ranch, and not a really big one. We didn’t have the time for the maintenance, and we didn’t need the space. We found what we wanted and closed on it just before the wedding. We like the house very much.”


“It’s been a pleasure. We’re out of time.”


February 12


“’Sportstalk.’ Dick Hertz here. I have the coach on the line. Coach, a 1-1 week.”


“Yes, and it hurt us. We’re now in a 2 way tie for 3rd. Sacramento ST beat us 54-59. Once again, poor shooting did us in, along with horrible rebounding, -16! We made up for most of that by being +10 in TOs, and we actually took 13 more shots than they did but we couldn’t hit them. Dark, Book and Lutz shot well, but the rest of the team was 4-23, 1-12 from long range.


“Then we beat Elon, 73-60, there. We shot well, we took care of the ball and we were +4 on the boards.”


“Let’s take a call or two. Joe in Roxbury.”


“Coach, don’t ya think that the nights ya don’t shoot well, that’s caused by the other team playin’ good D?”


“That is certainly a factor, Joe, but it isn’t the whole story. We have lots of things in place for times when the D is taking things away from us. On a good night we go to those things and manage to get good shots. On bad nights we don’t. When I think the D has simply done us in and we did our best, I’ve said so. There are times when you’re in over your head. Most times though it’s poor execution.”


“Lenny in Westfield.”


“Coach, Del Bodd! Pretty good rebounder!”


“Yes, he is. Unfortunately, he needs to work harder on his defensive game. We’re trying to help with that and when it happens he’ll get more minutes. I’m hoping it happens soon.”


“This week?”


“Two at home. Grambling is 8-15, 6-6. Lipscomb is 6-17, 4-8. We can’t afford any slip ups because after this we close with 2 road games, one against Texas-Arlington, who are tied with us.”


“We’re out of time.”


February 19


Dick Hertz here with the coach. 2-0 week Coach.”


“Yes, and we’re in a 3 way tie for 1st with 2 to play.”


“Unfortunately your two are on the road.”


“We’ll have to find a way to deal with that, Dick.”


“tell us about the games.”


We beat Grambling 55-38 in as good a defensive effort as I’ve seen this year. Our scoring was balanced and we had only 7 TOs. Once again, we could have rebounded better.


“Then we beat Lipscomb 64-61 in a game I was afraid we might throw away. They were up 3 with 1:02 left. Fortunately we came down and got it to Chic who hit a 3. They ate as much clock as they could then missed an 8 footer. We rebounded, held for the last shot and Chic hit another 3 with less than a second left. Too close! We only gave up 61 but we didn’t play good outside D. They hit 12-22 from long range. We turned them over 23 times and had only 11 ourselves and that’s the key stat. We were +1 on the boards.”


“So 2 to play in the regular season.”


“Texas Arlington beat us in OT at our place. It certainly won’t be easier to win there. We gave up way too many threes that night and we can’t do it this time.

“We only beat Cal ST Northridge by 8 at our place. They’re having an awful season but they really challenged us. They beat us up on the boards so we need to improve there.”


“Okay, good luck Coach, we’re out of time.”


February 26


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Clark. Tough week Coach.”


“Very tough. We simply didn’t get it done. But we were lucky. A few other teams didn’t do any better than we did. We end up tied for 3rd, and with the #3 seed in the tourney.”


“So what happened?”


Texas Arlington smoked us, 78-51. It was the worst we’ve looked all season- in a few seasons, maybe. We were +5 on the boards and I can’t say much else that’s positive. 17 TOs, we allowed them to shoot 15-26 on threes, and 54% overall. Interestingly enough we were in it at halftime, down only 5. But it was like we didn’t show up at all for the 2nd.


“We tried to fix it before the game with last place Cal ST Northridge, but we got 51 points again, and that wasn’t enough. We gave up 59. We stopped the outside shot, but they beat us inside and on the line. 19 TOs sunk us and we were -4 on the boards. Dark had a good night, 15, 4, 2, Wild had 9 and 6, but that was it. My concern is fixing all of this before the tourney. We have 2 or 3 practices and there’s a lot to straighten out.”


“Coach has a plane to catch to Miss. Valley ST, who finished 1st, and so do I so we’ll sign off.”

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March 1969


Sgt. Pepper drops off the charts after 88 weeks.


Abe Fortas resigns from the SCOTUS


Chicago 8 (later 7) indicted


March 2


“Dick Hertz here before the UML-Elon game. #11 seed Elon upset the #6 seed to get here. We have Grace Clark doing color commentary for the tourney. Grace, tell us about Elon.”


“Well first, we beat them there by 13. We played well that night and led all the way. Outside shooting did the most damage. Elon plays man and they rarely press. On offense they like the high post and they shoot quickly. Their starting SF is hurt. He may play but I don’t think he’ll play many minutes.”


“Okay, Grace and I will be back with the coach after the game.



“Dick Hertz with Grace Clark and Coach Kip Clark here after the game. 78-59 win. Coach.”


“We really got it done tonight. We shot really well, made good decisions on offense, didn’t give them much when they had the ball, and made them foul us all night long. When my guys play smart they’re hard to beat. Six in double figures.”






“Do I know you?”


(Laughs) “Yes Coach, I think you do! Jon Dark had a really solid game. Talk about how he has gotten it together this year.”


“Jon was a kid we expected a lot from. It took him a LONG time to get it together. I’m thrilled for him that he finally did this year. He’s been a very important part of our success. Tonight he had 18, 8, and 2, and he played good D.”


You’re playing the upset special teams, Coach. #7 seed Western Illinois knocked off #2 Sacramento State. Tell us about your next opponent.”


“Well Dick, they’re a good team, 18-11, 9-7. We beat them by 15 at their place on really good D, but their Center had a very good night, and they turned us over too often. We’ll need to play well to beat them.”




“They play man on D and they rarely press. On O they like to take their time to find a good shot, usually inside, and they work the triangle.”


“You’ve got yourself a pretty good color commentator, Dick!”


“We thought you might feel that way. Good luck tomorrow.”


March 3


“Dick Hertz here with Grace Clark and Coach Kip Clark after the UML-Western Illinois semi-final tournament game. Coach?”


68-60. It took awhile but about midway through the 2nd half we took charge. Just like last night, we got Western Ill. to foul us frequently. We hit enough free throws to make the difference. 16 TOs did not make me happy, and we let back up Point Tim Hines go crazy on us, but otherwise we did fine.”




“Coach, you completely shut down their starters. Their subs got 39 of their 60 points.”


“That’s right. Sometimes I think there can be a psychological aspect to that. A sub comes in and the player on the other team unconsciously relaxes.”


“Hm. It would be interesting to have someone do some research on that. Coach, you play #1 seed Miss Valley ST for the title.” 


“That’s right Grace. We beat them by 11 at home. Dave Brown had 30 that night and their PG had 27. As much as I like Dave it’s not likely he’ll get 30 again so we need to make sure to shut down their Point.”


“Thanks Coach. Grace and I will be back before the title game tomorrow. See you then.”


March 4


“Dick Hertz here before the conf. R title game between Miss Valley ST and our own UML River Hawks. Here’s Grace Clark with a breakdown.”


“Thanks Dick. 22-7, 12-4MVS finished alone in 1st place. They like to run the 5 out on O. They can score inside and out and don’t really have a go to guy although their PG lit us up last time. On D they play the 1-3-1 so it’s important to get the ball down low, especially into the corners. That’s where the open shots come. The other place is on the wings. You want the front guy and the back guy on the 1-3-1 to get ping ponged. If you’re successful with that there will be lots of open shots. Then you need to knock them down. Their back up Point has a sore knee but he’ll play. The key for UML is, as always, to find the open man, and on D to mix it up. They score more points outside than in so we’ll probably see more of the 3-2 and the man than the 2-3.”



“Thanks Grace. We’ll be back after the game.”

“Dick Hertz here with Grace Clark and the coach. Coach, congratulations on a 67-57 win. Tell us about it.”


“Well Dick, we knew that we had to prevent their PG from getting open shots. We were able to take him completely out of the game. As a matter of fact their starters didn’t hurt us at all. But like last night it was the bench that gave us trouble.”


“Grace, give us the numbers on that.”


“The MVS bench had 37, 11, and 6.”




“Wow! Anyway, we knew that the 1-3-1 meant either get the ball to the corner or make quick passes for open shots on the wings. Fortunately our passing was terrific tonight. I haven’t seen the stat sheet but I’m guessing we had less than 10 TOs.”


“You had 9.”


“Thanks Grace. We didn’t rebound all that well but we shot well.”


“24-51 for 47.1%, and 14-24 on threes.”


“So we shot better from three point range. Cool!”


“Okay coach. How high do you think you’ll go in the NCAA tourney?”


“Good question, Dick. The honest answer is, not that high. Last year and the year before, when we had better records than we have this year, we felt that we went way lower than we should have. This year? I’d be very happy with a #14 seed, but I think it’s more likely to be a #15 or 16.


“Grace and I will be with you and the team on selection Sunday. See you then.”


March 12


“Dick Hertz and Grace Clark here in the UML gym with Coach Clark and the team. The selection show is just beginning. Coach, there were an enormous number of upsets in the conf. tournaments. Do you think this will help you to get a higher seed?”


“Not really, even though there was a record setting number of upsets. Our RPI is at 70, and that’s not going to help us.”


“Okay, here we go… That was quick! #15 in the Est, facing #2 seed Oklahoma State, 23-9.”


“Ooh, tough draw, Coach., #5 in the country, #8 RPI.”


“Yes it is Grace, but it’s no surprise. If we hadn’t won our conf. we would have been either in the NIT or the CHI, so we didn’t expect to be shown a great deal of respect.”


“Can you beat this team?”


“It won’t be easy, Dick. I don’t know a whole lot about them yet but I do know that their SG, Kevin Wells, is in the top 5 on the Norton list.”


“Will you double him?”


“We very rarely do that Grace, but it’s a possibility. Again, I need to look at some film and learn more about the team. The only thing I can tell our listeners right now is that we’ll give it all we’ve got.”


“Okay, Coach, Grace, we’ll be there for the game. See you then.”


March 16


“Dick Hertz here with Grace Clark before the first round game between Ok. ST and our own UML River Hawks. Grace.”


“This is going to be an uphill battle against an extremely good team. One thing we should remember though. When Coach Clark got here we had never been to the NCAA tournament. This is our 4th straight trip. UML fans have a lot to be happy about.”


“What do we need to do to win.”


“Honestly, we have to play the very best ball we are capable of playing and we then need to hope that Ok. ST has an off night. One of those two things won’t be enough. The only thing working in our favopr is that they are very thin at guard. Their first two back up guards are banged up. They’ll play, but not at 100%. And another back up guard flunked off the team. If we can get one or both of the starting guards, preferably Wells, in foul trouble, we have a shot.”


“What do they play?”


“On D they go all man, and they press often. It’s been an effective press. On O they are very deliberate, never in a hurry. They play the Princeton and play it very well.”


“Okay. We’ll be back with the coach after the game.”



“Dick Hertz and Grace Clark here with the Coach. Coach, 82-83 in OT. I’m guessing that you’re frustrated, but very proud of your team.”


“That really says it, Dick.”


“Tell us about it, Kip, I mean Coach.”


“Okay, Grace. We did something that we’ve done all year long. We got them in early foul trouble and kept them there. Every one of their starters and one of their subs had either 4 or 5 fouls by the end. Admittedly the officials called a lot of fouls, both of our guards wound up with 4, but that was still a huge help to us. Second, we held Wells to 16. Unfortunately he had 9 boards and 7 assists to go with them but still, 16 for him is an off night. We took great care of the ball, 13 TOs and had the most rebounds we’ve had all year, 43 for a +11. 


“Okay, we got off to an early lead and really put the pressure on. About 14 minutes in we were up by 14. Unfortunately they cut it to 6 at the half which put them right back in it. Then in the 2nd they caught us, and it was back and forth for the last 15 minutes. At the end we had the ball. We wanted to get the ball inside but they didn’t let that happen. Jon Dark was forced to take a long three and it went off the front rim.”


“Coach, how are you feeling right now?”


“Grace, as we said, I’m proud of my guys and I’m frustrated. But I’m okay, really. We gave it absolutely everything we had and I don’t see that there’s any more we could have done. I’m good.”


“Glad to hear it.”


“Dick Hertz here. You didn’t see that but our color commentator and the coach just hugged. Ordinarily we’d frown on that sort of thing but under the circumstances…”


“Coach, Dave Brown got 18, 3, and 6, and 9 guys scored, 7 of them had 9 or more points.”


“As I said, we did everything we could.”


“It’s way too soon to be thinking about next year but the only guy you’re losing is Jon Dark, and you have 2 good looking transfers and three recruits coming in- oh, and you’ll be in conf. Q.”


“Yes, and all of our untested kids will now be experienced p[layers. I expect to have a good year.”


“Okay, we’re out of time.”


March 19


“Dick Hertz here on ‘Sportstalk.’ The year of the upset in college basketball continues. The #2, 3, and 4 ranked teams in the country are all out of the NCAA tournament in the round of 32.”


March 26

“Dick Hertz here. The final four is set. #1 ranked Michigan State will play #14 UCLA, and #21 Kansas will play unranked Maryland. So we have a 1 seed vs. a #4, and a #5 vs. a #9. Very unusual!”

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April 1969


Massive anti-war demonstrations world wide


Rioting in Northern Ireland


1st human eye transplant


April 4


“Dick Hertz and Grace Clark here with the coach. First, the string of upsets in the NCAA tournament ended with #1 seed Mich. ST winning it all. Grace.”


“Coach, today is awards announcement day. Tell us how you did.”


“Deon Wild got Freshman of the Year, Jon Dark got 1st team, which made me really happy, and Dave Brown made the 2nd team. Pretty good considering we finished tied for 3rd and the voting is based on the regular season only.”


“Any job offers?”


“Well, Grace, there were lots of calls but my beautiful, talented, brilliant wife and I decided that we’re not going anywhere for some time to come.”


(Laughs) “Well said, Coach. This is Dick Hertz. We’ll visit the coach, hopefully with Grace, at least once more before the end of the season.”


April 23


“Dick Hertz here with Coach Kip Clark. Grace Clark couldn’t be with us tonight. Coach, first, what did you ask for from A. D. Jack Lacy, and did you get it?”


“I asked for more budget money. I got  nothing.”


“You went 22-9, won the conf. tourney, lost in the NCAA to a #2 seed by 1 point in OT, and you’re moving up to conf. Q. Pretty good considering you had almost zero experience on your team.”


“A lot of people came through for us. It was a very satisfying season.”


“I’m sure it was. And now your 6 year record as a head coach is 132-53, .714. Your Off. rating is 19, Def.- 32, Recruit- 80, Scout- 4, Player Development- 25, Reputation- 25. Pretty impressive.”


“Thanks Dick. I’ve been a little lucky, I have great assistant coaches and a great A. D., and my kids are the best. I’m looking forward to another exciting season next year.”


“Okay. I want to say goodbye. I’m graduating. We’ve been training freshman Woody Johnson to take over and he’ll be the sports guy at WLOW starting this summer. This is Dick Hertz signing off.”

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May 1969


Monty Python troupe forms


Apollo 10 circles the moon


June 1969


Last episode of Star Trek


Warren Burger confirmed as Chief Justice of SCOTUS


Stonewall Gay Bar riots


1st Jewish worship service ever at White House


June 12


“Woody Johnson here on ‘Sportstalk,’ 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO! We have Coach Clark with us. Coach, I hear there’s some news about transfers.


“That’s right, Woody. We nabbed three, a Shooting Guard, a Power Forward, and a Center.


“So what do you think?”


“Well, the nice thing and the bad thing about transfers is they sit for a year. The bad is obvious. The nice thing is they can practice with the team for that year, learn the system, improve their skills, get used to our coaching style.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll talk again soon.”


June 26


“Woody Johnson with Coach Clark. Coach, 3 scholarships. Tell us a little about who you’re looking at.”


“Sure. We’re taking a different approach this year. We’re only looking at 8 guys all guards. We will add new guys as needed, as the process moves along.”


“Very different approach. Interesting. The reasons?”


“Well, we wasted lots of resources on guys we never had a chance with. This way that shouldn’t happen, or at least not as much.”


“Makes sense.”


July 1969


U. S. troop withdrawal begins in Vietnam


Serious rioting all over Northern Ireland


Two men set foot on the Moon


August 1969


Manson family commit the Tate-LaBianca murders


Rioting and bombings in Northern Ireland




August 21


“’Sportstalk’ with Woody Johnson and we have Coach Clark on the line for a very quick update on recruiting. Coach.”


“Woody, we started with 8, we’re down to 7 , and all 7 are at least somewhat interested.”


“Have you offered any scholarships?”


“Not yet. We expect to do that during the first week in September.”


“Thanks coach. Just a heads up to our fans. We’ve made arrangements to have Grace Clark, the coach’s wife, and vice provost in charge of student affairs on with us from time to time.”


September 1969


First ATM in U. S.


“Abbey Road” released


September 18


“Woody Johnson here with Coach Clark. Coach, how’s recruiting going?”


“We feel we’re really close with all three Point Guards we offered to.”


“And you have a schedule.”

“Yes we do, Woody. Nobody who’s any good is willing to play us at home but we have one ranked team and a couple of others in high conferences in our road schedule.”


“Thanks Coach.”


October 1969


Millions protest the war


Paul McCartney publicly announces that he is not dead


SCOTUS orders immediate end to all school segregation


Race riots in several cities


October 2


Woody Johnson here with Coach Clark. Coach, How’s recruiting going?”


“Great! We have commitments from 2 Point Guards.”


“Today was the first day of practice.”


“Yes it was. I liked what I saw but it’s early. We have 7 or 8 guys I’d be happy to put in at crunch time. We’ll see how I feel in 6 weeks when the season starts but a good first impression.”


“Did the guys come in in shape?”


“Every one of them.”


You’re picked first in conf. Q.”


“The upward climb has to slow at some point but I would be very happy if the pundits were right.”


“Talk again soon, Coach.”

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November 1969


Sesame Street premieres


250,000 protest war in Wash., D. C.


SALT talks open


Draft lottery begins


November 6


Woody Johnson here on ‘Sportstalk’ with Coach Clark. Coach, exhibition games showed you something I hear.”


“They showed me that Lee Seitz might be the best player I’ve ever coached.


“He’s your transfer Center from Pitt.”


“Yes. For whatever reason he wasn’t happy there and we were able to grab him. Believe me, he can play.”


“Great. What about the rest of the lineup?”


“Rod Book and Dave Brown are back at the guard slots. They did a great job last year and now they’re experienced. Chic Blue is back. He did a great job from the bench last year. We’re going to start him at Small Forward. Dan Morr was our Power Forward last year and he’s starting there again. Deon Wild is our first big guy off the bench, and Tony Lutz our first guard. They’re both experienced players and we won’t lose anything when they come in.”

“Sounds great. Did you get that last recruit yet?”


“Still working on it, Woody.”


“Okay, we’ll talk again soon.”


November 20


Woody Johnson here on ‘Sportstalk,’ 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO! This is the first of our weekly sessions with the coach, He’s on the line to tell us about the first week of the season. The lines are open. Coach?”


“Hi Woody. It was a great first week. We started with Milwaukee from conf. I at home, and we beat them 66-45. Seitz lived up to our expectations with 31 and 10, and Chic Blue added 14 and 7. Deon Wild had 6 and 5 from the bench and we were +14 on the boards. So our inside game was more than solid. Our guards didn’t score much  but we only had 11 TOs. I thought we played really good D.


“Then we traveled to Portland State from U, and played even better D in a 49-38 game. Lee had 13 and 11, and shut down the other Center. Dave Brown had 11, and Tony Lutz had 9 from the bench. It was a low scoring game so no one else did much in terms of points but Deon Wild had 5 and 6. We had only 9 TOs so we’re really taking care of the ball.”


“Let’s take a call or two. Kyle in Dudley.”


“Coach, Deon Wild is playing some terrific ball. He did last year, too. I’m surprised he’s not starting.”


“Well, Kyle, he’s not going to beat out Lee Seitz. He’s a true Center and he isn’t that good with the ball. He can play the 4 spot, but Dan Morr is a terrific defender. I’m not saying Deon won’t be a starter at some point but for now we like him coming in from the bench. He gives us a real boost.”


“Joe from Pittsfield.”


“Coach, Brown isn’t getting’ that many minutes.”


“That’s true Joe, but it’s because he’s gotten into some foul trouble in both games. I want him out there more but I have to sit him when he’s in foul trouble.”


“Mike from Roxbury.”


“Coach, I guess you’re happy now that we’re losin’ the war and takin’ our troops out.”


“I don’t want us to lose the war, I just want us to get out of there. We never should have gone in and I don’t want to see any more American boys killed or wounded in a fight we never should have made.”


“Bill from Fitchburg.”


“Coach, Seitz seems to be everything you said he was.”


“He’s a big time player, Bill. We’re very happy with him.”


“Some tough opponents this week, Coach.”


“Definitely, Woody. We have Seton Hall, from E, here, and then we travel to Ohio State, also from E.”


“Good luck. The coach will be away next Sunday so we’ll be here with vice provost and coach’s wife Grace Clark.”


November 27


“Sportstalk’ back from break. I’m Woody Johnson and Grace Clark is with me. Grace, twll us about UML’s week.”


“Okay, Woody. We hosted Seton Hall and played really well in a 75-50 win. Lee Seitz had 34 and 8, Chic Blue had 12, 9, and 5, Book andf Brown had 8 each, Wild and Morr each had 5 and 5. We only had 6 TOs, which is terrific, and we were +7 on the boards. There wasn’t much Coach Clark could complain about in this game.


“Then we traveled to Ohio State where we won 74-66.”


“Quite a week when you beat 2 teams from E!”


“Absolutely! eLee had 36 and 7. He’s all but impossible to stop whn he gets the ball inside and Coach spends a lot of time at practice finding ways to get the ball to him. Dave Brown had 12, 2 and 4, and Chic and Dan had good games. Rod Book was in foul trouble throughout but Tony Lutz did a great job filling in. Deon Wild had another good game from the bench. We were +6 on the boards. The only thing we didn’t like was 18 TOs.”


“Let’s go to the phones. Jimmy from Cambridge.”


“4-0, 3 against teams from high conferences. Looks like it could be a really good season.”


“Yes it does, Jimmy. If we can stay healthy we feel very optimistic.”


“Rob from Quincy.”


“You’re beating up on the other teams. Do you think you’ll be ranked soon?”


“Well Rob, we’re still in a low conference so it will probably take a lot of wins for that to happen. We’re at #20 Butler in 2 weeks. If we’re still unbeaten after that game it could happen.”


“Steve from Dorchester.”


“So you and your husband are against the war. Do you take part in the riots?”


“I don’t know of any riots connected with war protests. We have taken part in a few legal demonstrations in Boston and New York. These demonstrations all took place with legally obtained permits, and they were completely peaceful.”


“Yeah but you’re still a bunch of traitors and commun-”


“And that’s enough of that, thank you. Jenny here on campus.”


“Jeez! Anyways, I was going to ask if you think people in leadership positions, like you and your husband, should take part in demonstrations for peace, and for racial and gender equality, and things like that?”


“What do you think, Jenny?”


“Well, I think leaders should lead by showing that their on the side of the people.”


“That’s what Coach Clark and I think, too. Now, we won’t be a part of any violent demonstrations, but we intend to continue to participate in peaceful protest. That is our first amendment right and we both feel it is important, especially in these troubled times.”


“We got a little off track here, but yes, these are troubled times. We’re just about out of time but I want to remind our listeners that we only cut you off if you’re rude or offensive. You can say almost anything you want as long as you say it courteously and without making accusations. Thanks to Grace Clark. We’re here 5 nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, and we’ll have the coach with us next Sunday.”

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