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Unemployeed (EHM07)

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Note: For this story I used the TBLv1.5 database, starting unemployed and then come January/February 2007 I will be applying for a GM job in the WHL.Keep in mind between now and then I will be applying to take over an U18 squad for the WJC or WJC D1 and work our way up to the WJC.


My nationality is set as Canadian with a 2nd Nationality of Italy.


August 2nd


I have applied for the following U20 GM jobs:


Austria U20

Czech Rep U20

Finland U20

Germany U20

Great Britain U20

Norway U20

Russia U20

Slovakia U20

Slovenia U20

Sweden U20


August 7th


Matej Chatrnuch named new Zvolen GM


August 10th


Viacheslav Fetisov as the new SKA St. Petersburg GM


August 14th


Anders Carlsson named Leksand GM


August 16th


Martin Lemesani named new Kosice GM


August 17th


Jeff Jackson has left Notre Dame Fighting Irish to become the new GM of Sheffield Steelers


August 18th


Cam Brown named the new Belfast Giants GM


August 20th


Esa Tikkanen named new HT Vaasan Sport GM


Eska Seretin named new Tuto Hockey GM


August 23rd


Bill Torrey was named as new Memphis Riverkings GM


Mike Miller was named as new Rockford Ice Hogs GM


August 24th


Sune Bergman named Sodertalje GM, Markus Forsman named as new Hammarby IF GM


September 1st


Warren Richardson named as Newcastle Vipers GM, Boris Rybalka named as new Hull Stingrays GM, Chris Westney named as new Basingstoke Bison GM, Joy Brittle hired as new Manchester Phoenix GM


September 7th


Czech Rep Four Nations U20 tournament was won by Russia U20


September 21st


Vladimir Ruzicka named new Czech Rep GM

Michael Antoniadis named new Denmark GM

Robert Ouellet named new France GM

Don Ellis named new Italy GM

Jozef Zagorski named new Poland GM

Frantisek Hossa named new Slovakia GM

Bob Clarke named new Sweden GM

Patrick Lengwiler named new Switzerland GM


U20 GM Hiring:

Hannes Bacher named Austria U20

Marek Seman named Czech Rep U20

Jarno Pikkarainen named Finland U20

Gennadi Yachmenev named Russia U20

Marian Troliga named Slovakia U20

Gunnar Johansson named Sweden U20


Jobs that were offered to me:

Great Britain U20

Norway U20

Germany U20


Bob Murray named as new Red Deer Rebels GM, Rejean Houle named as new Saskatoon Blades GM


I have decided to take on the GM job of the Germany U20 squad.


With the max of 26 players allowed to play on the U20 roster we will be selecting a 14 F 9 D and 3 G roster to take part in the U20 WJC tournament that runs from December 26th until January 6th or 7th


The tournament schedule will not be announced until October 1st 2006


The German Ice Hockey Assoaciation expects me to groom the stars of the future in the upcoming international games.


September 23rd


We have named Vince Hayes (American) as our Head Coach. His contract runs until June 30th 2008


September 24th


We have named Rory Galvin as our Assistant GM. He also is an American and contract runs until June 30th 2008.


September 26th


We have added Mher Jamalian who’s Nationality is Armenian who will be our goalie coach, as we have also added Markus Hallin who is from Sweden

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October 1st


The WJC U20 tournament has been drawn as we have been placed in Group A with Canada, USA, Sweden and Slovakia. Group B has Belarus, Czech Rep, Finland, Russia and Switzerland.


We open the tournament on boxing day against Sweden U20, followed by Slovakia on the 27th, Canada on the 31st and USA on the 2nd of January.


CHL Import, WHL Bantam and NHL draft rankings were listed today by ISS.


NHL Draft rankings saw Zach Hamill (Everett) ranked as #1, as followed by Center/Right Wing from London Knights OHL Sam Gagner, followed by Logan Couture from Ottawa who is listed as a Center/Right Wing


C – Elia Ostwald – ranked #123 in NHL Prelim Rankings


The top 3 CHL Imported Ranked players are:


The top pick is Finnish goaltender Harri Sateri (playing for Tappara Tampere Jrs from Toijala, FIN), followed by Czech Rep forward Tomas Vincour (playing for HC Brno from Brno, CZE), and Finnish forward Joonas Valisalmi (playing for Rauma Jrs from Rauma, FIN).


October 27th


USA is looking to name a GM for their club for the upcoming Deutschland Cup. The tournament round robin games run from November 9th to November 14th.


November 1st


Matt Thomas was named as the new USA GM for the Deutschland Cup.


November 9th


Finnish Four Nations U20 Tournament was won by Finland U20Russia U20, so that makes Russia 2-0 in tournament winnings.


November 14th


Slovakia has won Deutschland Cup as they finished 1st with 11 pts (3-0-1-0); Germany finished 2nd with 9 pts (3-1-0-0); Switzerland finished 3rd with 5 pts (1-1-0-2); USA finished 4th place with 3 pts (1-3-0-0) and Canada finished 5th place with 2 pts (0-3-1-0)


November 17th


Hakan Forsberg has been fired by IF Sundsvall


November 22nd


Petr Briza has been fired by HC Sparta Praha


November 30th


Craig Patrick has been named as the new HC Sparta Praha

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December 13th


Also Canada U20 and USA U20 begin their search for a new GM for their countries for the upcoming U20 tournament in Sweden.


I have decided that WJC stuff those games I will watch as the WHL games when i become a GM in the WHL will be simed. I decided to change my mind and start interviewing for GM jobs of WHL soon as GM’s start to get fired.


December 18th


Dave Rook was named the Canada U20 GM. Dave Rook currently is the GM of Medicine Hat Tigers, Jasen Testwuide was named as the USA U20 GM who currently is the GM of Chicago of SPHL


December 19th


WJC U20 Division 1 concluded today with Slovenia being promoted to the big leagues as they finished 1st in Group A with a 4-0-1 record tieing Latvia however Slovenia had a better GF/GA as Slovenia had 25 GF 3 GA as Latvia had 20 GF 10 GA as that is why Slovenia got the promotion.


Ukraine U20 got relegated from Group A as Poland got the better GF/GA of 7 GF and 15 GA as Ukraine U20 had a 12 GF and 28 GA


In Group B Austria finished 1st with a 4-0-1 record as Great Britain U20 got relegated with a 0-5-0 record


We have been asked to finalize our Germany U20 roster today of which we decided to take 3 goalies 7 defenseman and 15 forwards and 1 player who is a forward/defenseman


December 22nd


Russia Four Nations Tournament was won by Russia U20


December 23rd


Our club finally arrives in Sweden today as we prepare for the upcoming world Junior Championship.


Lance Nethery has been fired by DEG Metro Stars


December 26th


In the afternoon games it saw Canada take on the USA in Group A action as Russia takes on Finland in Group B action.


Canada beat USA by a score of 5-3, Canada (Chris Stewart 1g; Sam Gagner 1g; Ryan O’Marra 1g; Ben Maxwell 2g) – USA U20 (Carl Sneep 1g, Blake Geoffrion 1g; Trevor Lewis 1g)


Russia U20 and Finland U20 battled to a 2-2 draw, Finland U20 (Perttu Lindgren 1g;  Mikko Lehtonen 1g) – Russia U20 (Artem Anisimov 1g; Mikhail Glukhov 1g)


In the evening games it will see Belarus against Czech Rep and our Germany U20 against Sweden U20


Sweden U20 @ Germany U20


1st Period


No Scoring


After 1st period



Shots: SWE 10 – GER 6

Shots Blocked: SWE 2 – GER 10

PP: SWE 0 for 3 – GER 0 for 0

PIM: SWE 0 – GER 6

Hits: SWE 6 – GER 8

FO %: SWE 66.7 % - 30.0 %


2nd Period:


GER - Henry Martens (1) (Marcel Muller, Bruce Becker) 1-0 Germany

SWE - Moe (Carlsson, Moller) PP 1-1

SWE – Omark (From-Bjork, Isaksson) 2-1

SWE – Moe (Andersen, Sundstrom) 3-1

SWE – Ribbenstrand (Sundstrom) 4-1


After 2 periods



Shots: SWE 22 – GER 16

Blocked Shots: SWE 2 – GER 13

PP: SWE 1 for 5 – GER 0 for 2

PIM: SWE 4 – GER 10

Hits: SWE 12 – GER 15

FO %: SWE 73.7 % - GER 23.5 %


3rd Period


GER - Christoph Gawlik (1) (P. Gogulla) 4-2

GER – Constantin Braun (1) (Becker, Kramer)


Final: 4-3 L



Shots: SWE 28 – GER 27

Blocked Shots: SWE 10 – GER 16

PP: SWE 1 for 7 – GER 0 for 3

PIM: SWE 6 – GER 14

Hits: SWE 18 – GER 23

FO %: SWE 63.3 % - GER 35.7 %


B. Dirksen 24 of 28 saves


1st star: E.Moe (Sweden) – 2 goals

2nd star: A. Sundstrom (Sweden) – 2 assists

3rd Star: A. Ribbenstrand (Sweden) – 1 goal


In the other game this evening Czech Rep beat Belarus by a score of 4-0


December 27th


In the afternoon games for WJC U20 it has Canada against Sweden in Group A as well we are up against Slovakia in a must win game.


Germany U20 @ Slovakia U20


Henry Martens and Danny Fischbach will be the healthy scratches as we dress Alexander Oblinger and Andre Huebscher in their place. Benjamin Driksen will get another start in goal.


1st period


GER – Christoph Gawlik (2) (Marcel Muller, Philip Gogulla) 1-0

GER – Bruce Becker (1) unassisted 2-0

SVK – Cernak (Lelkes) SH 2-1

GER – Marcel Muller (1) (Christoph Gawlik, Constantin Braun) PP 3-1


After 1st period



Shots: GER 11 – SVK 5

Blocked Shots: GER 6 – SVK 2

PP: GER 1 for 2 – SVK 0 for 3

PIM: GER 6 – SVK 4

Hits: GER 9 – SVK 6

FO %: GER 66.7 % - SVK 33.3 %


2nd Period


GER – Patrik Gogulla (1) (Constantin Braun, Christoph Gawlik) PP 4-1

GER – Andre Huebscher (1) (Thomas Oppenheimer, Patrik Gogulla) PP 5-1

GER – Constantin Braun (2) (Torsten Ankert, Elia Ostwald) 6-1


After 2 periods



Shots: GER 22 – SVK 16

Blocked Shots: GER 11 – SVK 2

PP: GER 3 for 7 – SVK 0 for 5

PIM: GER 10 – SVK 16

Hits: GER 12 – SVK 19

FO %: GER 70.6 % - SVK 29.4 %


3rd Period


We begin the 3rd period with a 3:11 on the powerplay, as Gazur got a double minor for high sticking


SVK – Drabek (Pertrek) 6-2

SVK – Bartanus unassisted 6-3


Final: 6-3 W


Benjamin Dirksen 20 of 23 saves



Shots: GER 27 – SVK 23

Blocked Shots: GER 17 – SVK 4

PP: GER 3 for 7 – SVK 0 for 5

PIM: GER 10 – SVK 16

Hits: GER 16 – SVK 26

FO %: GER 58.3 % - 40.9 %


1st star: Christoph Gawlik (Germany) – 1 goal 2 assists

2nd star: Constantin Braun (Germany) – 1 goal 2 assists

3rd star: Thomas Ankert (Germany) – 1 assist


In the other afternoon game Canada beat Sweden U20 by a score of 5-1, Canada (Mark Katic 1g; Kenndal McArdle 1g; Jordan Staal 1g, Ryan O’Marra 1g; Colton Yellow Horn 1g) – Sweden (Niklas Backstrom 1g)


December 28th


In Group B action in the afternoon Belarus is taking on Switzerland, while Czech Rep is taking on Russia.


Switzerland beat Belarus by a score of 5-1, Swiss (Jacquemet 3g, Marhitola 1g, Weber 1g) – Belarus (Valuy)


Russia beat Czech Rep by a score of 5-1, Russia U20 (Zubov 1g; Glukhov 1g; Velichkin 1g; Prigaro 1g; Anikeenko 1g) – Czech Rep (Kazatel 1g)


December 29th


In Group A action Canada is scheduled to take on Slovakia, while Sweden is scheduled to take on USA U20.


Canada beat Slovakia by a score of 4-1, Canada (Ryan O’Marra 1g; Steve Downie 1g; James Neal 1g; Sam Gagner 1g) – Slovakia (Mihalik 1g)


USA U20 beat Sweden U20 by a score of 4-2, USA U20 (Sneep 1g; Kane 1g; Felde 1g; Bruneteau 1g) – Sweden (Lindqvist 1g, Isaksson 1g)


December 30th


In Group B action we will see Finland take on Czech Rep and Russia take on Switzerland. 


Finland U20 beat Czech Rep U20 by a score of 4-0, Finland U20 (Seppa 1g; Leinonen 1g; Enlund 1g; Sandell 1g) – Czech Rep 0


Russia U20 beat Switzerland U20 by a score of 4-0, Russia (Churilov 2g; Glukhov 1g; Zharkov 1g) – Switzerland 0


December 31st


USA U20 is taking on Slovakia U20 as we play host to Canada U20


Canada U20 @ Germany U20


We will be going with the same line up as our last game and Benjamin Dirksen will get the start in goal


1st period


CAN – Neal (O’Marra, Russell) PP 1-0

GER – Thomas Oppenheimer (1) (Ziesche, Hueebscher) 1-1

GER – Philip Gogulla (1) (Muller, Gawlik) 2-1


After 1st period



Shots: CAN 5 – GER 10

Blocked Shots: CAN 4 – GER 4

PP: CAN 1 for 2 – GER 0 for 2

PIM: CAN 14 – GER 14

Hits: CAN 4 – GER 6

FO %: CAN 63.6 % - GER 36.4 %


2nd Period


No Scoring


After 2nd Period



Shots: CAN 13 – GER 15

Blocked Shots: CAN 8 – GER 6

PP: CAN 1 for 4 – GER 0 for 4

PIM: CAN 18 – GER 18

Hits: CAN 9 – GER 17

FO %: CAN 63.2 % - GER 36.8 %


3rd period


CAN – Downie (Kohn, Couture) PP 2-2

CAN – O’Marra (Wilson, Russell) PP 3-2

CAN – Shutron (Maxwell) 4-2


Final: 4-2 L


Driksen 25 of 29 saves


1st Star: Ryan O’Marra (Canada) – 1g 1a

2nd star: Ben Shutron (Canada) – 1g

3rd Star: Kris Russell (Canada) – 2a



Shots: CAN 29 – GER 21

Block shots: CAN 10 – GER 13

PP: CAN 3 for 6 – GER 0 for 4

PIM: CAN 18 – GER 22

Hits: CAN 18 – GER 22

FO %: CAN 62.5 % - GER 37.5 %


In the other game USA beat Slovakia by a score of 5-1, USA U20 (T. Lewis 2g; Gergen 1g; Okposo 1g; J. Johnson 1g) – Slovakia U20 (Drabek 1g)

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January 1st


In Group B Switzerland is taking on Finland as Belarus is taking on Russia.


Finland U20 won by a score of 4-0 over the Swiss, Finland (Kerala 2g; Jaatinen 1g; Joensuu 1g) – Swiss 0


Russia beat Belarus by a score of 5-1, Russia U20 (Prigaro 1g; Kazionov 2g; Krysanov 1g; Kucheryavenko 1g) – Belarus (Voroshilov 1g)


The German Ice Hockey Association is very pleased with my performance as Germany U20 GM.


Dean Clark has left Kamloops Blazers and has been named the new GM of DEG Metro Stars GM. With Kamloops Blazers opening up I decided to pass because the team that I want to take over as GM I want to rebuild.


ISS Mid season rankings were released today.


NHL rankings were released as Everett Silvertips Center Zach Hamill was ranked #1. In 35 games so far this season he has 12g 25a for 37pts +24 12 PIM 95 SOG and 7.77 AvR. Ranked #2 is OHL’s London Knights forward Sam Gagner who had 8g 31a for 39pts +9 15 PIM 67 SOG 7.75 AvR in 36 games. The 3rd ranked player Logan Couture who is from Ottawa 67’s in OHL has played 35 games where he has 11g 20a 31pts -2 34 PIM 63 SOG 7.37 AvR.


ISS has released the CHL Import rankings for the upcoming CHL Import draft. Finnish goalie Harri Sateri who plays for Tappara is ranked #1 who has a record of 0-1-0 5.00 GAA .857 Sv % and 7.00 AvR in 1 gp. The 2nd ranked Import is Czech Rep forward Tomas Vincour who is playing for HC Brno where he has 1g 2a 3pts +3 18 PIM 12 SOG 6.00 AvR in 24 games. Lastly the 3rd ranked import is Joonas Valisalmi who is from Finland who plays for Rauma Jrs where in 10 games he has 1g 3a 4pts 8 PIM 9 SOG 6.00 AvR


ISS has released the mid season WHL rankings for the upcoming bantam draft. The top ranked player is Lynd Demers who is a winger that plays with Neepawa who is from Thompson Manitoba. In 28 games with Neepawa of MABL he has 11g 12a 23pts -3 34 PIM 64 SOG 6.64 AvR. The 2nd ranked player is defenseman Armand Mulock who plays for Midwest of CFBHL who is from Middle Lake Saskatchewan who has 5g 28a 33pts +13 74 SOG 7.04 AvR in 26 games. The 3rd ranked player is a 6`2 227lb defenseman Greg Pedersen who is from Vernon, BC who plays for Lumby for BCIBL, where he has 7g 9a 16pts -2 46 PIM 86 SOG 6.64 AvR.


January 2nd


Today is the last day of round robin games as Group B will see Czech Rep play the Swiss and Finland take on Belarus. In Group A it’s Slovakia taking on Sweden and our Germany U20 taking on the USA U20. If some how Slovakia can beat Sweden and we get atleast 1 pt against USA, Sweden will get relegated and we will be onto the quarter finals. If Sweden wins we will be relegated. The winner of the Czech vs Swiss get will move onto the quarter finals and the loser will be sent off to the relegation side.


Germany U20 @ USA U20


We will be going with the same line up as we did against Slovakia and Canada games. Benjamin Driken will get the start in goal.


1st Period


USA – Felde (Mueller, E. Johnson) 1-0


After 1st period



Shots: GER 5 – USA 12

Blocked Shots: GER 7 – USA 1

PP: GER 0 for 1 – USA 0 for 1

PIM: GER 2 – USA 2

Hits: GER 8 – USA 4

FO %: GER 66.7 % - USA 33.3 %


2nd Period


GER – Korbinian Holzer (1) (Marcel Muller) 1-1


After 2nd period



Shots: GER 13 – USA 18

Blocked Shots: GER 14 – USA 2

PP: GER 0 for 1 – USA 0 for 3

PIM: GER 6 – USA 2

Hits: GER 19 – USA 13

FO %: GER 54.5 % - USA 45.5 %


3rd Period


GER – Philippe Handle (1) (Bruce Becker, Alexander Oblinger) 2-1

USA – Kyle Okposo (Blake Geoffrion, Carl Sneep) 2-2


Final: 2-2 Tie



Shots: GER 23 – USA 24

Blocked Shots: GER 17 – USA 7

PP: GER 0 for 3 – USA 0 for 4

PIM: GER 8 – USA 6

Hits: GER 24 – USA 21

FO %: GER 52.9 % - USA 47.1 %


1st star: Bruce Becker (Germany) 1 assist

2nd star: Erik Johnson (USA) – 1 assist

3rd star: Korbinian Holzer (Germany) – 1 goal


Benjamin Dirksen 22 of 24 saves


In other WJC action in Group A Sweden beat Slovakia by a score of 5-1, Sweden (Moe 2g; Pettersson 1g; Wandell 1g; Lindqvist 1g) – Slovakia (Mikus 1g)


Finland beat the Belarus by a score of 5-0, Finland (Lindgren 2g; Lehtonen 1g; Makela 1g; Kemppainen 1g) – Belarus 0


Czech Rep beat Swiss by a score of 4-0, Czech Rep (Bezouska 2g, Sobotka 1g; Hanzal 1g) – Swiss 0 


With the Slovakia loss to Sweden we were sent to the relegation side with Slovakia, Belarus and Switzerland.  With our 6-3 win over Slovakia we just need pts against Belarus and Swiss and we will stay up in the big league for next yr.


The quarter finals are set as Czech Rep are up against USA U20 and Russia is up against Sweden U20.


Our relegation games are set for January 5th against Switzerland and the 6th against Belarus.


January 5th


Switzerland U20 @ Germany U20 (relegation game)


1st period


SWI – Bykov (Hasani) 1-0

SWI – Friedli (Lehmann, Marghitola) PP 2-0

GER – Bruce Becker (2) (Marcel Muller) PP 2-1

After 1st Period



Shots: SUI 6 – GER 11

Blocked Shots: SUI 3 – GER 2

PP: SUI 1 for 1 – GER 1 for 2

PIM: SUI 4 – GER 4

Hits: SUI 9 – GER 9

FO %: SUI 33.3 % - 66.7 %


2nd Period


No Scoring


After 2nd Period



Shots: SUI 13 – GER 25

Blocked Shots: SUI 10 – GER 6

PP: SUI 1 for 3 – GER 1 for 3

PIM: SUI 6 – GER 8

Hits: SUI17 – GER 17

FO %: SUI 25.0 % - GER 75.0 %


3rd Period


GER – Elia Ostwald (1) (Rene Kramer, Constantin Braun) SH 2-2

GER – Thomas Oppenheimer (1) (Torsten Ankert) SH 3-2


Final: 3-2 W



Shots: SUI 22 – GER 32

Blocked Shots: SUI 14 – GER 15

PP: SUI 1 for 4 – GER 1 for 4

PIM: SUI 8 – GER 10

Hits: SUI 22 – GER 30

FO %: SUI 40.0 % - GER 60.0 %


1st star: Bruce Becker (Germany) – 1g

2nd star: Thomas Oppenheimer (Germany) – 1g

3rd star: S. Friedli (Switzerland) – 1 goal


Benjamin Dirksen 20 of 22 saves


In other WJC action Slovakia beat Belarus by a score of 6-2, Slovakia (Gazur 1g; Brnak 1g; Mikus 1g; Bliznak 1g; Pertrek 1g; Direr 1g) – Belarus (S.Kostitsyn 1g; Voroshilov 1g)


In the quarter final games USA beat Czech Rep by a score of 4-2, USA (Collins 2g; Okposo 1g; Geoffrion 1g) – Czech Rep (Vojta 2g)


Russia U20 beat Sweden U20 by a score of 4-0, Russia (Tikhonov 2g; Zharkov 1g; Churilov 1g) – Sweden 0


January 6th


We have our last game of the WJC today as we play host to Belarus U20 in the last relegation game.


Belarus U20 @ Germany U20


Going with the same line up no line up changes as Benjamin Dirksen gets the start in goal


1st period

GER – Christoph Gawlik (3) (Marcel Muller, Phillip Gogulla) 1-0

GER – Bruce Becker (3) (Alexander Oblinger) 2-0



Shots: BLR 6 – GER 10

Blocked Shots: BLR 11 – GER 4

PP: BLR 0 for 0 – GER 0 for 3

PIM: BLR 6 – GER 0

Hits: BLR 11 – GER 7

FO %: BLR 25.0 % - GER 75.0 %


2nd Period


GER – Felix Schutz (1) (Matthias Potthoff) 3-0

BLR – Dobrynin (S.Kostitsyn) 3-1

GER – Patrick Buzas (1) (Patrik Gogulla) 4-1

BLR – Savilov (Korotky, S. Kostitsyn) PP 4-2


After 2 Periods



Shots: BLR 15 – GER 19

Blocked Shots: BLR 16 – GER 9

PP: BLR 1 for 1 – GER 0 for 3

PIM: BLR 6 – GER 2

Hits: BLR 19 – GER 11

FO %: BLR 25.0 % - GER 75.0 %


3rd Period


BLR – Savilov (Magdeev) 4-3


Final: 4-3 W



Shots: BLR 21 – GER 22

Blocked Shots: BLR 22 – GER 15

PP: BLR 1 for 4 – GER 0 for 4

PIM: BLR 8 – GER 8

Hits: BLR 25 – GER 21

FO %: BLR 19.0 % - GER 81.0 %


Benjamin Dirksen 18 of 21 saves


1st star: Sergei Kostitsyn (Belarus) – 2a

2nd star: P. Savilov (Belarus) – 2 goals

3rd Star: Patrik Gogulla (Germany) – 1 assist


Slovakia takes on Switzerland with the winner staying in the top tournament with the loser heading down to Division 1.


Slovakia and Switzerland battle to a 3-3 tie, Slovakia (Domin 1g; Lelkes 1g; Bartanus 1g) – Switzerland (Hasani 2g; Jacquemet 1g)


With the better GF/GA differential Slovakia heads down to Division 1 along with Belarus as Switzerland joins us in the big tournament next year as Slovenia and Austria join the big tournament next season.


January 7th


The WJC semi finals are setup for today as USA is taking on Canada and Finland is taking on Russia.


Canada heads to the gold medal game with a 5-4 win in overtime over USA, Canada (Ryan O’Marra 1g; Steve Downie 1g; Jordan Staal 2g, Ben Wright 1g) – USA (Ryan Stoa 1g, Peter Mueller 1g, Erik Felde 1g; Erik Johnson 1g)


Russia heads to the gold medal game to face Canada as they beat Finland by a score of 3-1, Russia U20 (Tikhonov 2g; Churilov 1g) – Finland (Seppa 1g)


January 9th


Finland is scheduled to take on USA for Bronze Medal as Canada is taking on Russia for Gold.


Bronze Medal Game:


USA beat Finland by a score of 4-3, USA (Trevor Lewis 1g, Peter Mueller 2g; Brian Lee 1g) – Finland (Jesse Joensuu 1g. Kemppainen 1g; Peltomaa 1g)


Gold Medal Game:


Russia won by a score of 4-3 in overtime, Russia (Zubov 2g; Tikhonov 1g; Krysanov 1g) – Canada (Sam Gagner 1g; Jordan Staal 1g; James Neal 1g)


Dave Torrie has been named the new GM of the Kamloops Blazers GM as now Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of OHL is starting to look for a new GM.


Slovakia U20, Sweden U20 and Czech Rep U20 all fired their GMs


January 16th


I have decided to leave Germany U20 and become the GM of the Czech Rep U20 GM. What I like as a GM of Czech Rep is that they are in 5 tournaments a year, Russian U20 tournament (Dec 19-21), Swedish Tournament (Feb 5-8), Finnish U20 tournament (Nov 6-9) and Czech Rep (Sept 4-7) as well as WJC (Dec 26th to January 9th)


January 17th


We have added Lance Nethery who is a Canadian was named as new Czech Rep U20 Head Coach


January 19th


We have added Czech Rep assistant coach Rickard Markusson and Karan Gustafsson who is from Sweden has also been assigned as an assistant coach


January 20th


We have added American coach Sean Meyers as an assistant coach


Matej Chatrnuch was named as the new Slovakia U20 GM


January 21st


Markus Forsman was named new Sweden U20 GM


January 23rd


We have named Kai Juntunen as our new assistant manager.


January 24th


Kalle Axelsson who is from Sweden has been added as our goalie coach


January 27th


All of our management staff and coaching staff get together to form the new Czech Rep U20 squad for the Swedish Four Nations Tournament on February 5th to 8th.


January 28th


Anders Holmgren was fired by IK Oskarshamn


January 29th


We have officially named the Czech Rep U20 for the Swedish Four Nations U20 tournament.


January 30th


Jurgen Pfundner was named as Germany U20 GM

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February 5th


Today is the first day of the Swedish Four Nations Tournament as we take on Russia U20.


Czech Rep U20 @ Russia U20


Jakub Kovar will get the start in goal


RUS – Zharkov (Anisimov, Glukhov) 1-0


After 1st period



Shots: CZE 3 – RUS 16

Blocked Shots: CZE 15 – RUS 1

PP: CZE 0 for 0 – RUS 0 for 3

PIM: CZE 6 – RUS 0

Hits: CZE 6 – RUS 5

FO %: CZE 14.3 % - RUS 85.7 %


2nd Period


CZE – Thomas Jurdic (1) (Martin Mach, Vladimir Ruzicka) 1-1


After 2 Periods



Shots: CZE 11 – RUS 27

Blocked Shots: CZE 18 – RUS 3

PP: CZE 0 for 2 – RUS 0 for 3

PIM: CZE 6 – RUS 4

Hits: CZE 16 – RUS 14

FO %: CZE 15.8 % - RUS 84.2 %


3rd Period


RUS – Velichkin (Krysanov, Anikeenko) 2-1

RUS – Cherepanov (Krysanov, Glukhov) 3-1


Final: 3-1 L


Jakub Kovar 44 of 47 saves



Shots: CZE 16 – RUS 47

Blocked Shots: CZE 23 – RUS 3

PP: CZE 0 for 3 – RUS 0 for 4

PIM: CZE 8 – RUS 6

Hits: CZE 24 – RUS 25

FO %: CZE 20.0 % - RUS 80.0 %

1st star: Thomas Jurdic (Czech Rep) – 1g

2nd star: M. Gulkhov (Russia) – 2a

3rd star: V. Anikeenko (Russia) – 1a


In the other Swedish Four nation tournament action Finland beat Sweden by a score of 5-4,  Finland (Larevaara 1g; Lehtonen 1g; Lindgren 1g; Ramstedt 1g; Leinonen 1g) – Sweden (Lindqvist 1g; Backstrom 1g; Carlsson 1g; Ribbenstrand 1g)


February 7th


We have our second of three games as we play host Sweden as the other afternoon game shows Russia taking on Finland.


Czech Rep @ Sweden


Jakub Kovar will get the start in goal


CZE – Michal Bezouska (1) (Thomas Jurdic) 1-0 00:27

SWE – Morin (Isaksson) 1-1 01:27


After 1st Period



Shots: SWE 10 – CZE 10

Blocked Shots: SWE 4 – CZE 4

PP: SWE 0 for 4 – CZE 0 for 1

PIM: SWE 2 – CZE 8

Hits: SWE 8 – CZE 5

FO %: SWE 42.9 % - CZE 57.1 %


2nd Period


CZE – Martin Mach (1) (Tomas Vincour) 2-1 22:05


After 2 Periods



Shots: SWE 22 – CZE 20

Blocked Shots: SWE 7 – CZE 6

PP: SWE 0 for 6 – CZE 0 for 5

PIM: SWE 10 – CZE 12

Hits: SWE 16 – CZE 10

FO %: SWE 45.0 % - CZE 55.0 %


3rd Period


CZE – Tomas Hudicek (1) (Martin Mach) 3-1 49:09

SWE – Nilsson (unassisted) 3-2 56:31

CZE – Viktor Musilek (1) (Vladimir Sobotka) EN 4-2 59:41


Final: 4-2 W


Jakub Kovar 27 of 29 saves



Shots: SWE 29 – CZE 34

Blocked Shots: SWE 15 – CZE 11

PP: SWE 0 for 6 – CZE 0 for 8

PIM: SWE 26 – CZE 12

Hits: SWE 26 – CZE 17

FO %: SWE 50.0 % - CZE 50.0 %


1st star: Martin Mach (Czech Rep) – 1g 1a

2nd star: L. Morin (Sweden) – 1g

3rd star: J. Nilsson (Sweden) – 1g


In the other tournament game today it saw Russia U20 beat Finland by a score of 3-2, Russia (Tikhonov 3g) – Finland (Lahti 1g; Lehtonen 1g)


February 8th


Today is the last day of the Swedish Four Nations Tournament as 1st place Russia (2-0-0) takes on Sweden (0-2-0) as we take on Finland U20 as the winner will finished 2nd place and the loser finished 3rd place.


Czech Rep @ Finland


Jakub Kovar gets the start in goal


FIN – Peltomaa (Kerala, Karevaara) 1-0

CZE – Freiberg (Ton, Barton)

CZE – Rindos (Mach) PP

FIN – Lindgren (Lehtonen, Sopanen)

FIN – Lindgren (Lehtonen, Jyrkkio) PP


Final: 3-2 L


Kovar 25 of 28 saves


1st star: P. Lindgren (Finland) – 2g

2nd Star: M. Lehtonen (Finland) – 2a

3rd star: K. Ton (Czech Rep) – 1a


In the other tournament game saw Sweden U20 taking on Russia U20, Russia won by a score of 4-0


Russia with the clean sweep of all tournaments as they won the Swedish Four Nations Tournament.


 Swedish Four Nations U-20 Tournament - Monday March 12th 2007
 2007-08 Table
Pos     Team                     GP     W      L      T      Pct     GF   GA   Pts  
1st     Russia                   3      3      0      0      1.000   10   3    6    
2nd     Finland                  3      2      1      0      0.667   10   9    4    
3rd     Czech Republic           3      1      2      0      0.333   7    8    2    
4th     Sweden                   3      0      3      0      0.000   6    13   0

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