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Rise of the Rock | An FM15 Story

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Football Manager. The game that has influenced some of the worlds top managers into signing that 16 year old wonderkid from Brazil purely because he won the Ballon d'Or in their saves 10 years in however it is also the game that has destroyed the futures of many teenagers as they have stayed up all night scouting for that next Messi in the third division of Japan when they have an exam in school the next morning. I have fallen victim to one of the above and I'm sure you can guess which one ;) After recently discovering this forum I was a little disappointed at the lack of Football (or soccer for you weird people across the pond)  so I thought I would share with you one of my amazing journeys in the world of Football Manager.


22nd June 2014


​Today I received a call from Allen Bula, former Gibraltar National Team Manager and now Gibraltar FA Chairman who is leading the search for their new Manager. Allen had been a close friend of mine for years, he was four years older than me and had played in the youth team with me at Glacis United during our glory days in the 80s. 


"Joe you know what this is about, I saw you got your National A License last week on facebook so you're going to meet me at Champions Bar in 30 minutes and we'll finalise the deal. Okay? Okay." He hung up the phone as I was about to actually try and talk but he'd always been the same, Chatty B*****d we called him in the changing room. 


25th June 2014


I arrived at the Elizabeth Hotel just after 2pm for the big day, I would be announced as the next manager of Gibraltar, 21 years after my 52nd and last game for Gibraltar as a Defender, possibly the best to have ever donned the Gibraltar jersey according to many, 'Magic Murph' I was called. 4pm on the dot and I walked into the Presidential room, used only for large media events. I sat down at the table with a smile on my face as I suddenly realised what was happening, this was the start of something big.


John Robbins : "There is a lot of pressure on national managers to hit the ground running and produce results from the off. Are you confident that you will be able to get a good start as the manager of Gibraltar?
Joe Murphy : " I have confidence that we can hit the ground running, we aren't the biggest team but I'm hopeful we can pull off some upsets."


JR : " In the modern ear players are put under greater demands by the sheer number of matches they play for their clubs. Will you be looking to develop a positive relationship with other managers in orders in order to find ways to prevent players 'burning out' when on international duty?"

JM : " I have a job to do and I will select the players I believe give us the best chance of winning, that may upset some domestic managers but I am paid to do a job"


JR : " Scott Wiseman is widely regarded to be key to any future success that the Gibraltar national team may have, do you agree?"

JM : " Scott is a wonderful talent and of course, any manager lucky enough to work with him would do everything in their power to maximise his effectiveness"


JR : " Will you be looking to change the captain or allow Roy Chipolina to continue?"
JM : " This is a fresh start and I have a few new names in mind for the role"



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I have to agree that more FM15 managers are needed. I love the challenge of trying to get a small club to be larger, expand the stadium and all that jazz.


I'll be following this one quite a bit. Nice to know you are also a Leaf Fan :)

General Manager (GM) Games

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