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On Paper Sports Football '24

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Hey everyone,

I am a huge "manager" game enthusiast and have been spending a lot of my free time recently working on this football GM mobile game called "On Paper Sports Football '24", its a football gm/manager game. You're trying to build your team from the ground up via free agency, trades, the draft, hiring coaches, researching new plays, training players etc. You can simulate a near infinite number of seasons & each play of every game is actually simulated out in the engine.

I am trying to find the sweet spot between super in depth-simulator but also somewhat casual & easy to pick up and play

Wanted to share it here to see if anyone was interested & also see if I can get some feedback to gauge what I should add/improve. I have a lot of stuff I want to add so hopefully getting some feedback will help me figure out the priorities. 

The game is available now on iOS & Android

Here are some links if you interested in checking it out:

App Store:


Google Play Store:


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Update 1.05 Notes (Jan 8th)

Added conference realignment in offseason and in the creation suite to create & edit conferences

Added new customizable logos (letters A-Z)

Added a team profile screen with team history, stats, & schedule.

Fix for android animation issues (if you encounter issues on android please reach out. I know some devices were experiencing issues before the patch)

Various small bug fixes

Added more “links” to player & team profile screens for ease of access to player & team stats.

New rankings & week results layout, week results can also now be tapped to view the boxscore for every game

Added ability to adjust team prestige in creation suite

Added ability to adjust player development rate in creation suite

Added autosaving after roster changes in career mode

Feel free to reach out with feature requests or any bugs you come across!

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