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How long will it take Russian player to learn English?

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Idk what the best traits are but my guy Andrea seems like a quick learner. He's 21, traits are compassionate, respectful, true leader, anxious, enthusiastic, and humble. Has only ever played in Russian leagues until I signed him almost a month ago. Almost everyone else on my team speaks English or basic English, but one of my 1st line forwards (Andrea is also a 1st liner) speaks Russian and basic English. Could anyone please give me a rough estimate how much longer it'd take him to learn English? I know it and Russian are very different and it seems like he has good traits to learn but I have no idea how long it generally takes, it's like my 30th game. My guess was around 8 months but is based on literally nothing lol, would appreciate any help. I'm also wondering if half the line playing with him being Russian will make him learn slower? 

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