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'(Score 8.2 / 10) "TM 2023 Review - Match engine allows you to gain more insight the more you watch" (Windows PC, Mac)' 🎾

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Ethan, my 20-year old American tennis talent, is having a career year. Ranked 563rd in the world two years ago, he started the year at 189th in the world. I’m honing him into a dominant serve and volley player. His serve, volley, reflexes and physical abilities are steadily progressing in training, but the results aren’t coming as consistently as I’d like them to. After a bumpy start to the year where he is clearly out-performed by Sebastian, an 18-year-old Austrian and my academy’s only other athlete at the time, Ethan begins to find his stride as he enters the hard-court season, Ethan’s best surface by far. With strong showings in several tournaments, Ethan enters the US Open in good form and just needs to qualify for the main draw to accomplish one of the goals we set for this season. After several good qualifying matches where our training and game-plan work finally appear to be paying dividends, Ethan achieves the elusive goal of qualifying for a Grand Slam. As his coach, I’m positively elated. Not only will I have a happy player who will probably want to stick around for another year at my burgeoning tennis academy, I’m also promised more money. Bigger tournaments, more cash winnings. Things are looking up! But that was only the beginning...

Such is the drama that Tennis Manager 2023 (TM 2023) provides in ample doses. Developed by French studio, Rebound Capital Games (a.k.a. Rebound CG), Tennis Manager 2023 is the latest release of this fledgling tennis management series. But how does it hold up? Let’s take a closer look. 


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