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🚨 NEW REVIEW 🚨 '(Score 9.4 / 10) "DDSPB 23 Review - In-game model improvements make it the MOST fun yet" (Windows PC)' 🏀 from John Comey

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(Author’s Note: This review is long overdue. In full disclosure, I started writing this in December. It is now February 21. These reviews are all labors of love for me; it is likely not a surprise, especially given the second sentence of this paragraph, that the only payment I receive for writing these is a free game. I don’t say that looking for a handout, but to say this:

Unfortunately, life offline, where I am an introverted Social Studies instructor at a first-year high school in a year that is terrible to be a first-year high school (because many realized how difficult and defeating it is to be a teacher in America and decided to leave…ha ha, jokes on you, more jobs for me!), and the burnout that comes from the energy expended from doing that have made getting this done extremely difficult. Seriously, after this review, I may be done for a while…I don’t like half-assing things, and the amount of time and energy I pour into these make it way more difficult for me to commit to doing these in the future. Compound that with a two-week illness that overtook me in January, from which I am still trying to recover my physical health and some of my mental stamina) has completely sabotaged my attempts to finish this in a timely fashion.

To Gary Gorski and Wolverine Studios, as well as those who were waiting for a review on this game, I wholeheartedly apologize for the delay. Hopefully, it does the game justice. -JCiv)

I have one question for anyone who opens this review. Even if you click this by accident, you’re at GM Games. I’m not even sure what Rule 34 thing you could consult the Google on that causes you to arrive at GM Games by accident.

(Nor do I want to know.)

So you’re at GM Games by choice, then. That should mean that you’re into sports games, at the very least. And it likely means that you’re also into the sim management genre.

So, fellow enthusiast, this question is for you:

Why haven’t we gotten the Football Manager of other sports already?

Seriously, why hasn’t anyone even attempted it? Is Football Manager really that far advanced that nobody dares to make an attempt?


To read the full review, head to

General Manager (GM) Games

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