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Need Lineup Help


I have a real problem here.  I have 3 goalies and suddenly 2 of them are hurt.  I put 1 on injured reserve so that I have room to bring in an emergency goalie, but it's after trade deadline and waivers takes 2 days.  I have no backup goalie.  Now I know that the software will sign a guy for me at the last minute but in the meantime I can't edit my lineup, like I can't even change the ice times because I don't have 2 goalies to dress 20 players.  It won't let me put a defenseman as a backup goalie so can't dress 20 guys and since I can't dress 20 guys it rejects *ALL* of my edits.  I have a big game tomorrow morning and this is kinda not fair.

My team is Regina Tornado, Buzzer, Copper.


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