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Looking to Trade (CHL)

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Hey this is Monty.

Regina Tornado just might have the deal for you!  I'm open to offers.  I'll say that I do prefer a more well-rounded player and I'll definitely take draft picks.  I'm probably leaning towards forwards but I will at least listen to anything.  Have a look at the menu, then call and we'll do lunch.

/////// forward - Aarni Harjula
* 71 overall sniper
* team leading scorer
* puckhandling shooting high 70s
* spirit over 90
* endurance over 80
* young, 21
* right hand shot
* 1 more year at 141k PC
>> depsite the decent contract need to make some room, STAR player needs a home

/////// defense - Jerry Pouastouk
* 71 overall 2-way
* defense physical shooting all in 80s
* decent size
* still young, 24
* right hand shot
>> just signed 2 big FAs on defense, can't fit this guy in, STAR player needs a home

/////// defense - Samuel Ilencik
* 2-way
* defense physical 80, skating shooting mid 70s
* extended at 37k, decent price
* decent size
* right hand shot
>> making some roster room, good player needs a home

/////// forward - Amir Leiva
* feisty gtrinder, energy player, versatile
* spirit endurance 80
* skating puckhandling physical mid 70s
* young, 22
* very handy to play multiple roles when injuries come up, scored 36 pts, faceoff 57
>> he's asking for 100k+ and I can't afford, hurts to let go but make me an offer

/////// forward - Oleksandr Tymoschuk
* playmaker
* puckhandling 91
* passing 81
* decent size
* right hand shot
* CHEAP contract
>> he's a bit too one-dimensional for my tastes but if you need some cheap skill for your powerplay call me

/////// center - Jan Taxner
* famous veteran 2-way
* faceoff expert 80
* passing 70
* defense spirit over 80
* good locker room presence
>> late in career but still a solid cheap defensive center

/////// goalie - Buddy Tarvin
-athletic with good reflexes
-still young, 21
> 109k it's a salary dump I admit



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Still trying to move Pouastouk.  May be willing to throw in a little extra to make it happen.  Make me an offer. ;)


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Thanks to everyone for wheeling and dealing.  Sorta closed for now but never completely closed. ;)


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