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A few things...

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Infinite Load time when loading save: Have had this happen to me quite a number of times before. Even went to load a save, left for about 10-20mins, came back... to find it still loading and pretty much locked up. Only means of a fix though is deleting the save and starting over again, even if you save before a game.

Roster/Transfer lock up setting: When using the tab of selecting say a position or in case of transfers who are interested, the tab will be locked entirely when you go back to it after doing some change.

Transfer coming back then wanting to leave: Not a bug or issue perse, more annoying than anything. When having a transfer who wants to transfer originally, only to ask to come back, only to then a day or so later ASK AGAIN TO BE ALLOWED TO TRANSFER... -RAGES- I get the mirroring of college football in that meaning given the recent transfer means, but I feel like it should be limited to a degree.

Morale/Back Ups: Noticed this when playing, when having selected back ups to play in games that are effectively blowouts, starters still end to be playing in the game, even with the option selected or even having cordinators allow for subs. While at the same time having morale for back ups plummet hard in most cases. Perhaps lessen the morale loss for back ups that are 3rd-4th on the roster by a small margin?

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