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White Sox Brewers Blockbuster

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Brewers trade:

3B Ryan Kerr MLB

LF Blake Rutherford AAA

2B Patrick Fitzgerald AA

C Rob Markley A+

P Jordan Wicks A

White Sox trade:

CF Ronaldo Torres MLB

One of the weak spots in the Milwaukee lineup has been CF. With the division as tight as it is, and upgrade needed to be made. Torres will come in and play CF everyday and bat lead off. We see him as a possible all star. Giving up Kerr was a tough decision as he was getting ready to take over 3B but with La there we felt comfortable making the move. Thank you to Greg for the quick negotiations and I wish him all the luck in the AL.

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Posted (edited)

The White Sox confirm this deal.

While Torres is a solid player and potential perennial All Star the White Sox organization as a whole needs some work and this is the first step. Torres will be missed.

Coming in...

3B Ryan Kerr who will most likely take over full time duty at 3B. In his rookie season Ryan is hitting .235 with 2 HR's.

LF Blake Rutherford will take over in LF. Blake has struggled in his sophmore year at the plate leading to his demotion to AAA with the Brewers. His rookie year saw decent numbers batting .283 with 8 HR's in 203 PA in 2021. He is a solid defender and has the speed and instincts to swipe a good number of bases.

2B Patrick Fitzgerald will join the Birmingham Barons AA squad. Patrick has great defensive skills and brings a strong leadership profile which will hopefully help the Barons turn around a dismal start. Patrick has blazing speed and great instincts on the bases. If he can improve his OBP, he could be an ideal leadoff man.

C Rob Markley is a solid catching prospect who we have high hopes will develop into our starting catcher in a few years. Rob projects to have a decent bat with power. Still developing his offensive and defensive skills but only 22 so there is time.

SP Jordan Wicks is a left handed starting pitcher that we hope will develop into a solid #5 pitcher or possibly long reliever. He is projected to have 4 solid pitches, decent control and good stuff. Jordan is also only 22 so he has time to put it all together before being called on.


Thanks to the Brewers for the quick easy trade talks.

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