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Pirates / Rays Trade

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The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade:

RP Tristan Beck (ML)

RP Christopher Hanna (ML)

The Tampa Bay Rays Trade:

SS Miguel Leon (ML)
RP Bill Brown (ML)

RP Bernardo Gallo (ML)

The White Sox approve this deal.

We were actively looking for an upgrade at SS, and Miguel seemed like the best option on the trade market.  Beck is a big league reliever with serious talent, but we were also able to move Hanna and his $4.5m salary in the deal, so we're hoping Gallo can replace him as a lefty specialist at a fraction of the cost while feeling like we're only paying Leon about $1m instead of $5.4m.   Thank you to Comey for the talks over the past couple weeks.


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Rays agree to this trade. It's no secret that we have wanted to move on from Leon, who we do not see as with us when we are formally ready to contend. There were a few offers that came through here and there, with one that would have moved him a long time ago.

As it is, I'm happy to do this deal, with consolidates some of our arms and improves our rotation immensely in Beck. My scout absolutely loves him, and I think he can play really well in our park, whether in the bullpen, or in the rotation. Hanna is a guy, but he's a lefty who can perform. With Gallo losing a lot of his opportunities to rookie Craig Williams this season, I'm cool with taking Hanna into the same role.

I'm happy Leon is reunited with Hodges, and may he have success in Pittsburgh!

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