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Athletics/Mariners trade...

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A rare AL West swap. 

Seattle sends:

  • P Riley "The Great" Cornelio (AAA - Tacoma)
  • P Lawrence Laffe (AA - Jackson)

Oakland sends: 

  • 1B Evan White (2022 salary retained)

When we saw Evan White was being demoted to work on some things, we inquired. We don't have the roster space for him now, but love his defense in the future. His bat is kind of fringey, but at worst, we see him being a back-up 1B and extra DH for future Mariners teams. In exchange, we give up two pitchers: Riley "The Great" Cornelio and Lawrence Laffe. We love what both have to offer as potential upper level RP (and maybe swingmen), but I also feel like this is a place of organizational depth for Seattle, whereas 1B is a black hole. 

Thanks to Scott for the deal and good luck with your continued build of the Athletics. 

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Posted (edited)

The A's agree to this trade. We traded for White to see if he could produce in the majors and so far he has not. We signed Miggy to DH for us and he have high hopes for Cam Randall at 1b and we have Gill in AAA who can play both 1b and 3b. We get two relief pitchers in return and think that Cornelio will develop into a setup guy. Laffe was more of a gamble because of his control issues. We hope that he will figure that out and become a solid relief pitcher down the road.

The A’s agree to cover White’s 2022 salary  

I appreciate Justin reaching out and asking about White. We wish Seattle good luck, until our rebuild is done at least!

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