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2022 Winter Games Sim- Sign Up Here

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Greetings! It's time for the return of the internet's most unusual sports simulation! I present, for the 3rd time, the Winter Games Sim. I'll be running daily sims alongside the 2022 Winter Games in China next month, and I'm inviting you to join me. The game we'll be using is my own program, Going for Gold (2020 Edition), which is a hobby project that I've been developing for a number of years. You will take control of a particular country, put resources into different sports to develop a stable of athletic stars, and then boost those stars up with coaching during the winter games to lead your chosen country to the top of the medal stand.

If you are interested in joining, please make a post in this thread with.....

Your e-mail address:
Your chosen country (see list below)

I really hope you will join me for this sim- I put a lot of time and passion into this project, and it would give me great joy to share it with others!

-Jeff (SecretAgentMan)


Winter Games Rankings 1.png

Winter Games Rankings 2.png

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