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So having played a fair amount, while this game is simplistic yet eagerly fun, there are a number of things that certainly could be inproved on.

Better Saves: Big issue I have is the issue trying to reload a save from the game yet ending back at the date 2/1/2021, along with the forced issue of having to exit out of the game entirely, only to reload the game and reload the save just to play a overwrited save/game. Certainly needs improvement there.

More Plays: As is... there isn't a whole lot of plays, let alone alot of the common base plays for both offense and defense.

Trying to Hire Unemployed Coaches: I've tried this number of times, ones that aren't hired already by teams and ends up crashing the game for some odd reason. Recommend fix.

Create Custom Coordinators/Position Coachs: A minor thing for me, considering how we are always just hired by a team yet we never get the chance to hire our own staff from the start. We always have a random set of coaches that are most times below average than good. Would be nice to be able to create our own Coodinators/Position coaching staffs that aren't too OP yet are more than serviceable. With an options to ensure to keep them even if a bad season happens.

-Following on that notion of Coordinators/Position Coachs, the stats for them seem more confusing and complicated, not to mention not being able to see all of the stats entirely for the coachs/coodinators in terms of respective positions. Suggestion: Simplify Coordinators/Positions

Coordinators: 6 Main Stats-Aggressiveness/Communication/Play Calling/Intelligence/Leadership/Focus. (Other Stats wouldn't matter)
Position Coaches: 6 Main Stats-Communication/Competitivness/Intelligence/Focus/Leadership/Position Training. (Other Stats wouldn't matter)
This way, the coaching staffs would be simplified and easier to target possible hires and streamline possible targets.

Custom Names for AD/Recruiter/Staff/Players: Know this has been mentions but would be nice to have a chance to edit the staff, with a possibly choice to have a female AD/Staffer. Just a thought.



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