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Guardians trade:

3B Pablo Sandoval (MLB)

* 50% of the salary retained by Cleveland


Cubs trade:

MR Enrique Diaz (MLB)
MR Craig Parker (AAA)
LF Jeff Rhodes (AAA)
SS Joaquin Moreno (R)


Guardians needed to cut some salary this offseason (currently no money for extensions OR free agents). Diaz will help out our middle of the pack bullpen. Parker and Rhodes provide some depth in the upper levels of the minors and Moreno is a prospect who my scout likes.

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Cubs accept. 

Although I’m excited for Jake Burger’s first full season, I am always a bit scared of injury or sophomore slump, and Pablo helps cover those bases at an above average clip. 

As Anthony said, Diaz is the real prize here - he finally put it together after literal years of up and down performance. I hope he keeps it up for you! The rest are decent depth pieces we were willing to part with. Parker leaves because our bullpen is crowded. Rhodes is more suited for an AL team. And Moreno is a great defender, but a bit far off for me to be terribly invested. 

Thanks, Anthony! 

GO CUBS GO ... to the playoffs!

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