Pioneers of the Diamond Has Openings!! 60 PLUS yrs of History

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spacer.png Pioneers of the Diamond (POTD)


Full League Name (Initials): Pioneers of the Diamond (POTD)

Main URL:

Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum: Username(s): Kevin Tucker (Soadeathdealer) &Andy Ward (RoyEarl)

Email Address:¬†[email protected]

Google Number: 5408600123(Include POTD in the message so i know its regarding this League)

OOTP Version: OOTP21

Game Needed: Required

Players: Fictional

# of Teams: 28
Export Deadlines Days And Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 11 PM (All time are EST)

League Time Per Sim: 7 Days, varies in off season.

First Season: 2003

Current Season: Offseason December 2063

Special Rules & Settings:
Our Rules can be view Here

DH In ML and Minors.

We use Slack for communication as well as for posting trades .
We use StatsPlus for our drafts , awards ,reports, and mostly everything.

The Pioneers of the Diamond is a long standing 28 team fictional league currently past our 56th season! We have a strong core of GMs some of them original.

We are always open to active owners regardless of experience with OOTP or on online leagues.

History: Over 57 Sim Yrs Worth of History

Please Be aware that we have NEVER reset and therefore as we are a Fictional league some things may differ from leagues that frequently reset like Financials ,

Please visit our web page for more information and please feel free to contact our Commissioner with any questions you may have. We use Slack for our league communication.

WE USE Statsplus tools.

DRAFT Starts: a few in game months away and we will start around opening day and I will plus all comp on remaining FA's when I post the draft in S+

If you have interest in any of our open teams please contact:
(Soadeathdealer) or email¬†[email protected]
or post in this thread. I am also on discord (soadeathdealer)

Please Fill Out Our Application to Join POTDPlease ensure u check you spam folders for replies after u fill out the application. we should reply back within 1 -2 days ( I will send 1 email if ur accepted and 1 follow to ensure u get my email a day later and if no communicate ill move on (I may pm on ootp forum in addition to my email follow up if I know ur OOTP forum username)



OOTP Forum Post





Frontier Southern

laredo_border_jumpers_110.png Laredo Border Jumpers- Record: 75-87 / 2nd place this season . They need a gm to get this team back on the right track. Needs to drop payroll to give themselves some budget room . Has some good players in ml as well as 6 top 200 prospects. Has the 11th overall pick in the upcoming draft

spacer.png Redstone Ridge Raptors (Tentatively Taken)- Record 65-97 5th place. Needs a stable GM. Has some good players in the ml as well as 4 top 100 prospects and 2 more thats in the top 200.Has the 5th overall pick in the upcoming draft. In GREAT budget situation has loads of flexibility
spacer.png Crab Apple Cove Mashers - Record:70-92 4th place. Needs a stable Gm thats committed to getting them on track. They have a solid SP to build around in Kevin Underwood who is 2 yrs removed from being drafted and is already in the starting rotation and he needs support around him . Young LF Dean Lewis is a solid hitter for them hitting .345 in 155 games hes 23 yrs old and a solid piece to build around as well. Has the 7th overall pick in the upcoming draft. In EXCELLENT Budget Situation has tons of flexibility.

Frontier Northern


Frontier Coastal




Appalachian Southern


Appalachian Northern


Appalachian Coastal

spacer.png West Island Storm - Record 50-112. Has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft. Needs to shed salary to have a budget to use. Has 2nd ranked prospect in the top 100 as well as 2 more in the top 100 (18 & 62) and 2 more in top 200 prospects. has some good building blocks as well as some decent ml talent tho older . Needs to retool or rebuild
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Redstone has be Tentatively Taken and I will remove them from the list once they get that first export in.


WE still have 3 open teams


Crab Apple

West Island

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