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WWCS College Soccer looking to fill openings

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Greetings! The WWCS (Weekend Warriors College Soccer) is about to complete its' 3rd season over at SimNation. We currently have 9 squads, 4 of which have human managers and 5 of which are computer-controlled. We are looking to fill some of our CPU squads with human managers for our upcoming season. The program we use, ESMS+, is free-to-play shareware and is pretty easy to use. Once you learn how to play, the sim process is pretty quick, and we sim 3 times a week.

We're about 2 weeks away from starting our next recruiting cycle, which means that it's a perfect time to join up and craft the future of your squad.

If you are interested, take a look at the team descriptions below and let me know who you would like!

-Jeff (SecretAgentMan)


-Louisville Cardinals- Made the title game in Season 2 and still have some young talent coming back for Season 4. Can you get them back to the mountaintop?

-Maryland Terrapins- The league's strongest offense by a mile; currently making its'Ā second straight playoff appearance. Would be a great fit for a manager looking for a high-scoring playstyle!

-Penn State Nittany Lions- Won an improbableĀ national title in Season 2, their first year of existence, but missed the playoffs this year. Can you build them back up?

-Virginia Cavaliers- An otherwise successful squad that has missed the playoffs in all 3 WWCS seasons. Will you be the one to get them over the hump?

-Virginia Tech Hokies- Currently competing in their 2nd playoffs in 3 seasons; the pieces appear to be in place for future title runs if they can recruit some good forwards!

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