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Cubs send:
3B Pablo Sandoval
50% retention

Cleveland sends:
SP Anthony Klumpp (AAA)

Thanks for the deal, Ayden! I can't tell if I fleeced you, you fleeced me, or if this is exactly an even deal. Time will tell. Pablo is better than people think he is and will lead you to a title, at the same time paving the way for Yordan Alvarez and Jake Burger to play fuuuuuull time.

Thanks Ayden, CLE to confirm.

Edited by reedjohnson

GO CUBS GO ... to the playoffs!

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We confirm.

I couldn’t afford Panda at his full cost but 50% retention sweetens the deal. Even if he’s not what he was, he’s a massive upgrade (figuratively and literally) over what we currently have. Klumpp lasted one start in his return to Cleveland but will be missed.


EDIT: We still confirm now that Jabs has put the players actual name 

You’re the best Jabs

Edited by Ayden

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