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Dodgers / Rockies Trade

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Rockies Trade:

RP - Dennis Moore (MLB)

2B - Rich Hall (AAA)

C - Ji-Man Choi (AAA)

RP - Yadier Alvarez (AA)

2B - Larry Parsons (A-)


Dodgers Trade:

RP - Jordan Walden (MLB)

**Walden 25% retention**

The bullpen continues to be a head scratcher. Tons of talent in the pen but we can’t consistently close out games. Jordan Walden is great talent who should hopefully add some stability to the 9th. 

Thoroughly annoyed we had to trade Moore.  He won reliever of the year in 2019 and was lights out. The last two years have been a bit of a struggle. He is still just 27 though.  Hall is great IF depth but blocked currently. Alvarez and Parsons we like as well but needed to include to get the deal done. Choi is the final piece. He has had some great moments in Colorado but was time to move on. 

We don’t get many in division deals done but always great working with Sam. 

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Dodgers confirm.

This deal was actually initialized by the Dodgers, checking in on some of the bullpen arms made available by Colorado. Walden entered the picture soon after. The main pieces that drove the deal were Moore and Hall. We still feel Moore can be among the better closers in the game and think that Hall can really swing it. Thrilled to add them both to the major league roster. The other players were secondary.

Walden will join a crowded Rockies bullpen, but with his groundball tendencies and great stuff the fit is there to maybe pitch better than some other pitchers would in Colorado. He'll be missed.

Pleasure doing business with you, Eddie.

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