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Rockies / Pirates Trade

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Rockies Trade:

C - Brett Cumberland (AAA)

SS - Andres Gimenez (AAA)

SP - Trey Taylor (A+)

SP - JoJo Booker (A+)

OF - Rodrigo Abril (A)

Pirates Trade:

IF - Felix Frias (AAA)

3B - Jake Bentley (A+)

OF - Max Gilliam (A+)

RP - TJ Haws (AA)

C - Ricardo Moreno (AAA)


lots of minor league talent exchanging hands here. Two organizations working together to align talent to the current team direction. 

Taylor and Abril are two talented 23 y/o that we liked. Especially since drafting Taylor in the 1st round in 2019. 
Cummberland was acquired recently to add some young catching depth. So no thrilled to have to part with him here. 
Gimenez was my best IF prospect.  He was on a good path and putting solid numbers up in AAA. Looking forward to see what he can do in Pit. 
JoJo Booker I hate to lose. I love good pitching and JoJo is someone I am a big fan of. 5 pitches, groundball guy, harworker. 


Moreno is a solid replacement for Cumberland 

Gilliam and Haws are two pretty talented prospects that have some good potential. 
Bently strong defensive 3B prospect that looks like he can develop a nice bat as well. 
Frias - for me this trade is centered around Frias. Athletic and young future MLB SS. We will take our time to develop him over the next few years. 

The Pirates Org is always a pleasure to work with!

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Pirates confirm.


The Pirates welcome new additions Ricardo Abril, Trey Taylor and JoJo Booker. They will all report to Bradenton A+ league  to get their careers started in the Pittsburgh organization.

We also welcome Andres Gimenez and Brett Cumberland who will report to Indy AAA.


Hate to lose Frias and Bentley but Bentley wasn't producing for us and a change of scenery may be what he needs.


Thanks for the long difficult talks Eddie. Would add more but out of time.


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