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POTD An OOTP 21 league has Opening!!

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spacer.png Pioneers of the Diamond (POTD)


Full League Name (Initials): Pioneers of the Diamond (POTD)

Main URL:

History: Over 57 Sim Yrs Worth of History

Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum: Username(s): Kevin Tucker (Soadeathdealer) &Andy Ward (RoyEarl)

Email Address: [email protected]

Google Number: 5408600123

OOTP Version: OOTP21

Game Needed: Required

Players: Fictional

# of Teams: 28
Export Deadlines Days And Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 11 PM (All time are EST)

League Time Per Sim: 7 Days, varies in off season.

First Season: 2003

Current Season: Offseason Jan 2063

Special Rules & Settings:
Our Rules can be view Here

We have adding a DH to each ML League for the upcoming 2063 season.

We use Slack for communication as well as for posting trades .
We use StatusPlus for our drafts , awards ,reports, and mostly everything.

The Pioneers of the Diamond is a long standing 28 team fictional league currently past our 56th season! We have a strong core of GMs some of them original.

We are always open to active owners regardless of experience with OOTP or on online leagues.

Please visit our web page for more information and please feel free to contact our Commissioner with any questions you may have. We use Slack for our league communication.

WE USE Statsplus tools.

DRAFT Starts: Thursday in S+

If you have interest in any of our open teams please contact:
(Soadeathdealer) or email [email protected]
or post in this thread. I am also on discord (soadeathdealer)

Please Fill Out Our Application to Join POTD
Please ensure u check you spam folders for replies after u fill out the application. we should reply back within 1 -2 days



OOTP Forum Post





Frontier Southern

Laredo Border Jumpers - Record: 88-74 / 1st place made the playoffs this season . The current gm just had rl pick up as things are going back to normal where he is

Frontier Northern


Frontier Coastal




Appalachian Southern


Appalachian Northern


Appalachian Coastal

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