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Rockies / Rays Trade

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Rockies Trade:

OF - Jordan Brewer (A-)

SP - Connor Grammes (A+)

3B - Alberto Ocosta (R)

Rays Trade:

C - Brett Nicholas (MLB)

**60% Retention for this year**

The Rockies have had a good start to the year largely due to Jed McMinley slashing .452/.528/1.334. Learning about his 6 week injury yesterday was a big blow to the team. 

Brett Nicholas isn’t a Jed replacement.  He is someone we have been looking at for a while as a potential compliment to Jed. With a 6 week gap we didn’t like any of the current in-house options for this long of a stint. Also given our early year schedule is tough we didn’t want to chance it. So we pushed the timeline up and acquired Nicholas. 

Nicholas is off to a slow start this year but is a proven veteran presence who consistently has great ABs. He should help fill the void in the short term and then slot into the backup role nicely once Jed returns. 

We lose 3 young prospects who are all pretty intriguing. Grammes=Stuff, Ocosta=Power, Brewer=Personality/Athleticism/Power. All guys I liked but the injury forced our hand here a bit. 

Thanks to the Rays for the trade talks!  This came together pretty quickly after some light conversations a few weeks back. 

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Rays confirm! While Nicholas is definitely a favorite for us, he realistically doesn't have much of a home here beyond 2021. With a bevvy of young catchers in the org, we free up some playing time for Bob Heller (currently the other ML catcher) and callup William Contreras (starting in AAA) to both get some time in the bigs. That freedom will also allow us to slide our higher-end catchers up through the system more freely as they progress (we've got 4-5 similar guys to Heller/Contreras currently). 

The 3 pieces we get back are nice, for the reasons Eddie laid out. Probably the highest on Grammes who will likely move to a relief role in our minors at some point.

Nicholas will be in DFA, fyi

Thanks Eddie!

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