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Rockies 2021 Trade Block

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Neftali Feliz - solid back of the rotation veteran with 4 pitches including an elite fastball. 2.89 era across over 9 spring training innings.   - currently on a minor league contract 

Jarod Parker - similar to Feliz would fit well in the back of a rotation. 4 pitches. Coming off a pretty successful season. 1.93 era across over 9 spring training IP. Minor league contract

Victor Sanchez - 26 y/o with 4 pitches with a plus change up being the highlight. 2.30 FIP in early start to spring.  Minor league contract


Taylor Guerrieri - 28 y/o who hits 100mph regularly. Arsenal highlighted by fastball/cutter combo. Minor league contract

Angel Mata - 28 y/o extreme GB who hits 99 on the gun. Elite stuff paired with a 4 pitch mix.  870k contract  w/ 2 options remaining

Cheap reliever options: Eduardo Sanchez, Bryan Escanio, Edward Concepcion, other AAA pitchers.


Ji-man Choi - in 3 years in Colorado he plays a part time roll playing 30% of the time and has consistently produced. 1.7, 1.7, 1.3 WAR over last 3 seasons. Dominating spring ball right now (.538/.647/1.339).  Currently making 4 million. Willing to retain in the right deal.

Justin Oconner - 28 y/o with some nice pop in his bat. He has been blocked for a few years so a little light on MLB experience but looks ready to contribute. 575k

First Base

Esteban Sanchez - 28 y/o speedy 1B who can play the right side of a platoon. Has crushed minor league pitching over the years but never got a consistent shot in the bigs. Hitting .357 this spring so far. Minor league contract

Bill Pyke - 26 y/o better suited for a DH. His has some strong ratings and has had some success at the MLB level. 575k

Ron Foster - 26 y/o who has has some small flashes in the majors but has spent most of his time at AAA over last few years. He has a little pop in the bat. Off to a decent start this spring. Minor league contract.


Zack Cox - MLB Pro vet that has racked up over 10 War in his career. Has been part of 4 championship squads in his career (yeah you guessed it, he played for the angles). Can play most IF positions but is best suited at 3B. Minor league contract

Josh McGee - 29 y/o who excelled in 2018 and 2019. 2020 only saw McGee getting 57 PAs. At 29 he still has some years of wreaking havoc on the base paths. Off to a fantastic start to spring (.357/.471/1.113). Minor league contract.

Mitchell Walding - 28 y/o who has made to most of his chances in the majors. 62 doubles in 747 plate appearances. He has some position flexibility and is good on the base paths. Having a good spring so far. 575k w/ 2 options left.


Charles Tilson - 28 y/o who has proven some solid value in the majors. 1.4 and 1.9 War in 19’ and 20’. Elite on the base paths. Good defender and can play all 3 positions. 1.2 mil contract.

Jose Tabata - 32 y/o solid all the way around. Having a great spring so far. Minor league contract.

Other cheap Bats: Chau, Chiang, S. Gordon

Return Package

Will be pretty flexible. Money and prospects are the two main targets. Not looking for any top prospects either.

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