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Whitesox/Colorado Trade

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Colorado Trades:

OF- Andrew Taylor (AAA)

SP-Felix Hidalgo (AA)

Whitesox Trades:

RP-Clayton O'Neil (AA)

Cash: 200K

Andrew Taylor has been a nice bench weapon with his defense and speed. With an improved OF defense this year his presence wasn’t as critical. Hidalgo is a nice young arm with elite control. 
Oneal looks like a future MLB reliever and we are excited to add him into our system. 

Thanks to the Whitesox! Always fun trade conversations. 

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The White Sox approve this deal.

After hours and hours of deliberation and going back and forth throwing names and packages at each other, we finally committed to this deal.  While I really like O'Neil and agree with Eddie that he's a future ML reliever, potentially with a ton of upside, I made this deal to improve depth.  

We view Taylor as pretty much an ideal 4th OFer.  He plays all three outfield positions pretty much to perfection and brings elite speed to the table as well.  He may never start for us -- except in case of injury -- but think he will contribute a great deal as a 4th OFer.  Hidalgo has excellent control and that's a rare commodity these days.  So while I'm not sure yet how he will be utilized, we'll bring him  into the system, flex him into several different roles, and see where he excels.

Thanks, Eddie, for the patience to see this trade through, and best of luck in 2021.

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