Angels / Astros Trade

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Angels Trade:

SP - John Lamb

Astros Trade: 

SP - Bryce Jarvis (Tri City)
SP - Caden Lemons (Lancaster)
CL - Julian Gompertz (Fresno)


Last deadline saw the Angels bring in Steven Matz and John Lamb. While Lamb was decent down the stretch during the regular-season, he was poor for us during the playoffs. We were looking to move one of them this off-season and this deal came about being what we felt was best...even as much as we dislike trading within the division. Biggest reason the trade was made was to give a chance to Houck/Morejon/Lange/Enlow to win a spot. We expect/hope Gausman/Matz pick up their production some. Gompertz/Lemons have power arms which we definitely always enjoy adding to the system.






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We agree. We were in pursuit of a top end arm all offseason, dangling some of our best pieces, to come up just short time & time again. So we pivot, to someone we feel has underperformed in the past. We think Lamb's addition to the rotation gives us 5 of the top 50 starters in the league, with 2 more in the top 100.
Giving up Gompertz hurts the most, as we saw him as a future closer for the longest time. But the emergence of Jesse Patterson, as well as the acquisition of Miguel Tobias makes us feel a little more comfortable moving Gompertz, especially as his control has fallen off. Lemons & Jarvis are guys we see as AAAA type, and when that's all we gave up to acquire a potential top flight SP on a reasonable contract, then we'll take it.

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