Leah (Pronounced Lee) Jamison Dynasty Report [DDSPB3]

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I finally had the money to pull the trigger and buy myself a real basketball sim, getting Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 3. Here is the dynasty report for my first GM. Its over on Wolverine Studios as well.

Its 2011. The League has been created with 27 teams. In the Eastern Conference, there are 14 teams in two Divisions: The Atlantic, and Central. In the Atlantic division, we have Miami Burn, New Jersey Hoops, Washington Americans, Philadelphia Freedom, Orlando Mystics, Boston Irish, and New York Metros. In the Central: Detroit Gears, Cleveland Knights, Chicago Bison, Indiana Racers, Milwaukee Moose, New Orleans Wasps, and Atlanta Eagles.

The West is made of 13 teams in the Midwest and Pacific Divisions. In the Midwest: San Antonio Outlaws, Dallas Rangers, Denver Peaks, Utah Blues, Houston Blast, and Minnesota Coyotes. In the Pacific: Phoenix Beams, Los Angeles Riders, Los Angeles Waves, Sacramento Royals, Golden State Spartans, and Portland Pioneers.

I, Leah Jamison, a 32 year-old GM fresh off a stint running a German team after retiring from my playing career abroad, have signed with the Philadelphia Freedom as their GM.


We finished 38-44 last season, and gave ourselves the ninth pick in the draft. When the Owner comes calling, I promise a playoff team that sits at around cap level.

First I fire the current coach, and hire a Jason Ashbury. He is fifty-one, with a decade of coaching experience, and a record in the 54% range. I pay him 3.5 mill for 3 years. He, and I prefer a deeper bench, younger players, and crashing boards.

Then, as I am over the cap by about 8 mill, I perform some trades. I get the 11th pick and a slight downgrade of talent at the Center for a discount of about 4 mill while also acquiring a decent SF. I also pick up a good young PF and shave off the rest of my cap room, while losing my second rounder.


The draft is a big complicated mess, filled with trigger pulling and trades. But I end up with 22 year-old PG Brandon Hemsley (3/3.5), 21 y/o SF Rowan Evans (2.5/3), 21 y/o PF Joey Spence (3/3.5), and no first rounder in 2012.

In the boondoggle that is free-agency, I come away with 21 y/o sophomore PG Griffin Harrington (4/4.5). Why he was a free agent is beyond me, but I’ll take him at 13.6 mill a year and count it cheap. RFA 23 y/o C, Tyrone Dudley (4/4) wasn’t finding good offers, so I am happy to have him for about 1.3 mill for the next year. I also acquired a couple of SF’s.

I send Rowan Evans, and 26th pick Reggie Murray to the D-league.


We were placed 5th in the power rankings this pre-season. I am feeling good about our prospects.

My roster/depth chart is as follows:

PG: Griffin Harrrington (PG-6’0-164-21 (4/4.5))

SG: Troy Knight (SG-6’7-195-27 (3/3))

SF: Natan Nagid (C-6’11-263-27 (3.5/3.5))

PF: Jason Ray (PF-6’8-228-24 (3.5/3.5))

C: Tyrone Dudley (C-6’10-289-23 (4/4))

6: Joey Spence (PF-6’9-227-21 (3/3.5))

7: Brandon Hemsley (PG-5’11-156-22 (3/3.5))

8: Jeff McCoy (SF-6’5-230-25 (3/3))

9: Corey Chambers (SF-6’8-204-32 (3/3))

10: Steve Roberson (SG-6’4-207-34 (2.5/2.5))

11: Hayden Karsh (C-6’10-264-27 (2/2))

12: Nate Thornton (SG-6’9-232-32 (2/2))

Inactive 1: Jarvis Henderson (SG-6’6-210-34 (1.5/1.5)

Inactive 2: Rowan Evans

Inactive 3: Reggie Murray


October 31, vs Washington Americans (0-0): W 143-105

I couldn’t have asked for a better game 1. A 38 point win is definitely the way to start things off. Player of the match goes to Griff Harrington, whose 29 points and 10 dimes are quite impressive. We shoot at an almost sixty percent mark as a team, and outrebound the Americans by a margin of 10.

Record: 1-0

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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I managed to crash DDS while playing, and realized I hadn't saved since creating the league. Time to start the process all over again.


I'll Skip all the nasty details of building a team, and give the results only.


We were placed 13th in the power rankings this season. That should give us a playoff berth, so I am looking forward to the season.

My roster/depth chart is as follows:

PG: Griffin Harrrington (PG-6’0-164-21 (4/4.5))

SG: Jody Jones (SG-6'8-202-20 (3/4))

SF: Natan Nagid (C-6’11-263-27 (3.5/3.5))

PF: Oliver Dobbins (PF-6'10-244-23 (3.5/3.5))

C: Tyrone Dudley (C-6’10-289-23 (4/4))

6: Naim Baykurt (PF-6'9-234-28 (3.5/3.5))

7: Troy Knight (SG-6'7-195-27 (3/3))

8: Aleem Dyer (SF-6'7-223-20 (2.5/3))

9: Delvin Mouring (PG-6'3-191-19 (2.5/2.5))

10: Steve Roberson (SG-6’4-207-34 (2.5/2.5))

11: Nate Thornton (SG-6’9-232-32 (2/2))

12: Rob Thomas (PG-6'3-182-33 (2/2))

Inactive 1: Jarvis Henderson (SG-6’6-210-34 (1.5/1.5)

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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October 31, vs Milwaukee Moose (0-0): W 114-79

My first game as GM goes well. Tyrone Dudley poured in 27 points, and pulled down 7 boards to take player of the match honors. Griffin (Griff) Harrington didn’t score much, only 9 points, but provided the team with 14 assists. Oliver Dobbins and Naim Baykurt both acquired their first double-doubles of the year. Dobbins had 10 points and 11 boards, but Baykurt’s was a bit more impressive: 18 points and 12 boards. SF Nick Porter led the Moose with 16 points and six boards.

Record: 1-0

November 1, @ New Orleans Wasps (1-0): L 103-109

Griff Harrington collected his first double-double, with 24 points, 11 assists, and 5 rebounds despite a close loss to the Wasps. Tyrone Dudley also had 24, with 8 boards, 2 steals and a block. Wasps PF George scored 25, grabbed 9 boards, and threw around 6 dimes to give them the six point win.

Record: 1-1

November 4, @ Milwaukee Moose (0-2): W 123-101

We’re proving to have a strong advantage against Milwaukee, and Dudley continues to run roughshod over them, with 31 points, 8 boards, and 3 blocks. The double-double party was made up of Naim Baykurt (20 points, 10 boards) and Griffin Harrington (16 points, 13 assists). SG Calvin Parks led the Moose with 19 points.

Record: 2-1

November 5, @ New Jersey Hoops (2-1): W 115-109

Despite the win, attitudes in the locker room are a bit wan, as Natan Nagid picked up a broken nose that won’t completely heal for more than a month. Griffin Harrington collected another double-double, with 24 points, 10 assists, and 5 boards. Dudley also had 24, Dobins had an 11 point, 12 board double-double, and Natan Nagid scored 19 in 20 minutes. Hoops SG Ivan Salinas scored 23 with 8 boards to lead the catch-up effort.

Record: 3-1

November 7, vs Detroit Gears (2-0): W 122-117

Baykurt and Dobbins are playing limited minutes due to their injuries (and the depth of those positons), but a monster showing of 46 points from Tyrone Dudley, to go with 12 rebounds, with 27 points and 7 dimes from Harrington pull us through a tough Detroit team. PG Kurtis Scholl led the Gears with 23 points.

Record: 4-1

November 8, @ Atlanta Eagles (2-2): W 108-104

Tyrone Dudley sprained his finger and will not be 100% for about 10 days, after sitting out nearly three quarters of the game. We pulled out a win anyways. Player of the match honors go to Griffin Harrington (with 19 points, 11 dimes, and 6 rebounds), while Baykurt and Dobbins were also impressive. Naim Baykurt had 22 points and 10 boards, while Dobbins had 16 points and 18 boards. Brandon Huss led the Eagles with 35 points and 3 boards.

Record: 5-1

November 11, vs New York Metros (3-1): L 117-126

Dudley had 25 points on a 66% FG%, while we commit 33 personal fouls, and allow a 58.1% field goal percentage from the Metros on the way to the loss, pioneered by strong outings from C Georgi Stoickkov, and SG Marcus Griffin with 32 and 27 points, respectively.

Record: 5-2

November 12, vs Miami Burn (1-5): L 106-123

The second loss in a row is hard to take, as it is to a team that we had every right to beat. Griffin and Jones both scored 20 points (actually, Jones had 21, but close enough) and we get outrebounded as a team by 8 boards, and allow a 54% field goal percentage. PG Marcus Alexander scored 33 to with 8 dimes and 6 boards to beat us.

Record: 5-3

November 14, vs Utah Blues (4-3): L 102-110

Each loss gets harder and harder. Tyrone Dudley missed 9 free throws, and we shot a dismal 15.8% from three. Our poor shooting behind the arc seems to be chronic, and I think that we need to find a solution and soon.

Record: 5-4


    To Seattle Speed:

          SG Troy Knight, SF Aleem Dyer

    To Freedom:

          SF Rowan Evans

Winner: Both Teams: The Freedom gain a fearless shooter who also has explosive mobility and athleticism which they are in dire need of. The Speed get Allem Dyer, who is a decent shooter, who tends to overthink things, but almost never makes a mistake. They also get a poison pill contract in Troy Knight. The Freedom gain a bunch of Cap space, and will likely use it to add depth and future potential.

November 15, @ Indiana Racers (3-5): L 87-112

Griffin had 31, but only two other players scored in double figures as we go down to a team that was a little more selfless with the ball, shot a much better percentage, out rebounded us, and was much more productive from the foul line.

Record: 5-5

6th Place in Easter conference (4th Atlantic Division).

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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November 18, @ Cleveland Knights (2-5): W 123-108

Dudley’s 37 points and seven rebounds lead us to a win against the Knights. We also get 21 from the Rookie, Jody Jones, while Griffin Harrington had 18 who 8 dimes, and 8 boards (He also had 8 TO’s but we won’t talk about that). No double doubles for today, and Knights guard Terrance Jefferson scored 20 to lead the team.

Record: 6-5

November 19, vs Houston Blast (2-8):  W 133-114

Dudley had 38 points and 11 rebounds, while Harrington generated one assist more than his point total, which was already pretty good, going for 18, with 19 dimes. Jones and Evans were also able to score a bit, scoring 18 and 15 respectively.  O.J. Mann was able to score 25, and led the Blast.

Record: 7-5

November 21, vs Cleveland Knights (2-6): W 117-96

Another win against the struggling Knights. Griffin decided that today was a good day to catch on fire, and drained 6 of 7 threes on the way to 34 points, 7 assists, and 5 boards.  Baykurt also scored 28 and grabbed 9 rebounds, while Dudley only had 18 and 7 boards. Knights center Pauk scored 32 to lead their team.

Record: 8-5

November 22, @ Detroit Gears (9-1): L 127-104

Gears C Reggie McAfee scored 35 to go with 14 boards and none of us were able pump out the offensive output needed to take down the machine that is this team.

Record: 8-6

November 26, @ Miami Burn (4-9): W 114-106

In his first game at 100% after straining his abdomen, Oliver Dobbins looked pretty good, scoring 21 on 9 of 13 shooting, but Dudley again takes the cake as the day’s most outstanding player-scoring 38, with 3 dimes and 5 boards, while the Burn could only answer with 25 points and 8 dimes from PG Marcus Alexander.

Record: 9-6

November 27, vs Atlanta Eagles (5-8): W 123-115

With 39 points and nine rebounds, Dudley nearly single-handedly beat the Eagles, but sixteen from Rowan Evans, 18 from Baykurt, and 17 from Dobbins definitely helped. Even Brandon Huss’ 40 points weren’t enough to beat us.

Record: 10-6

Player of the Month: Shaun Horan – SF, Utah Blues: 34.7 ppg, 8.3 apg, 6.9 rpg, 1.5 spg, 0.9 bpg

It’s hard to believe that this guy is only 26, having been in the league since he was 17, almost nine years ago. But he is showing that he is one of the best players in Pro basketball. He certainly was the best this past month, even though his team’s record is only good for 7th in the west.

Rookie of the Month: McEverett Woods – PF, New York Metros: 12.5 ppg, 1.4 apg, 7.0 rpg, 1.3 spg, 3.8 bpg

He is not yet a stellar scorer, but this 19 year old has all of the tools defensively and might even be a candidate for DPOY his rookie year. His team is doing better than the Player of the Month, with a 9-5 record, good for 3rd in the Conference. Don’t be surprised if All-NBA honors make it his way.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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December 2, @ Chicago Bison (7-8): W 122-108

After scoring on 12 of 15 shots for 25 points, grabbing 10 boards, and filching the ball over the place (to the tune of 4 steals and 2 blocks), Dobbins is showing that he is once again very healthy. Harrington wasn’t too shabby either, with 22 points, 10 dimes, four rebounds, and 3 blocks of his own. Baykurt had 20 points and 9 boards.

Record: 11-6

December 3, vs Boston Irish (13-4): W 120-102

How often have you seen someone shoot ~67% on free throws, yet still make 19? Dudley did that on the way to 35 points while picking up 3 blocks and 2 steals. Griff Harrington had 14 points and10 dimes, while Dobbins (can I call him Dobby? I’m going to call him Dobby unless someone objects) decided to go HAM and try for a trip-dub with blocks. He had 19 points, 13 boards, and 7 of those rejections. 6th man Center Jason Harriman had the best night for the Irish. He scored 21 to go with 14 boards.

Record: 12-6

December 5, vs Denver (12-5): L 107-100

Denver PG Dennis Thomas had 19 points, 7 assists and 4 steals, leading the Peaks to their victory over us. Griff’s omnipresent turnover problems continue to hurt us, and we answer the team’s 21 turnovers with only 7 steals. Both Griff and Dudley showed that they can score whenever they want to by putting twenty points on in the close loss.

Record: 12-7

Standing (for reference): 4th

December 6, @ Boston Irish (13-5): W 123-112

Naim Baykurt led the team in scoring tonight, for a change (with 26) he also had six rebounds, a block, and a pair each of steals and assists. Evans had 21, while Griff was Griff, with 17 points, 10 assists (and 4 turnovers). On the other side of the game, C Qian Dai had 27 points and 14 rebounds, with his partner in crime, SF Andrej Zore, who had 26 points, and 9 boards.

Record: 13-7

December 10, vs Los Angeles Riders (9-9): W 114-97

Dudley exploded! (No, not literally) He scored 43, to go with 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and a block. Griff had a different kind of double-double, going for 13, with 10 rebounds. Evans and Dobbins were both relegated to reserve roles tonight, as they get 26 and 21 minutes, respectively. Rookie Delvin Mouring plays for 14 minutes, goes scoreless and grabs 4 rebound and creates 6 assists, while making no mistakes. Riders SF Luka Borstner scored 24 to go with 6 rebounds.

Record: 14-7

December 12, vs Phoenix Beams (6-15): W 124-112

Dudley performed only slightly worse for the struggling Beams. He had 39 points, 7 rebounds, and a pair of steals. Griff plays 26 minutes before fouling out and gets 12 points and 9 assists (the best part is, he turned the ball over ZERO times). Mouring had 11 points and 5 dimes in 14 minutes of play, making his performance the best of the bench.

Record: 15-7

Standing: 3rd in East (2.5 GB)


League Leaders:

Points: Cory Alexander, GSW (6’10 PF): 34.0

Assists: Griffin Harington, PHI (6’0 PG): 9.3

Rebounds: Cory Alexander, GSW (6’10 PF): 12.9

Blocks: Tengiz Tsulukidze, NJ (6’11 PF): 4.0

Steals: Justin Toxey, POR (6’6 PG): 3.7


Rookie League Leaders:

Points: Erik McSwain, GSW (6’9 PF): 14.2

Assists: Alan Smith, CLE (6’0 PG): 6.6

Rebounds: Tyler Popp, WAS (6’9 C): 7.2

Blocks: McEverett Woods, NY (6’11 PF): 3.6

Steals: Boyd Gurley, POR (6’7 SF): 1.6

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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December 16, vs Milwaukee Moose (2-20): W 116-86

Welcome to tankapalooza 2011! Milwaukee had just shut down a 16 game slide. Well, Dudley dropped 30, and Griff gave up a few turnovers, scoring 14, dishing some, stealing some, and rebounding some in the process. Evans had 15, 5 and 5 (rebounds and assists), while Baykurt missed a double-double by a point, and Dobbins had 18 and 10 boards.

Record: 16-7

December 17, vs Dallas Rangers (18-7): W 118-107

We just beat the top seeded Western Conference team! Griffin Harrington was our MVP tonight, scoring 24, to go with 9 assists (with only 3 TO’s), 2 steals, 5 boards, and a block. Dobbins had 18 points and 5 blocks (plus some rebounds and a few assists) while Dudley pretty much only contributed 22 points. Natan Nagid started at SF and had 14 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals.

Record: 17-7

December 19, vs New York Metros (13-9): W 118-94

McEverett Woods had only 12 points, 6 boards and a block for the Metros. Granted, none of our rookies had that good a showing either. Dudley matched opposing PG Brooks Holmes’ 24 points, 2 steals, 6 rebounds, and 10 assists with 30 points, 5 boards and a block. Griff may be showing signs of improving in the TO category, going for 11 points, 17 assists, 7 boards, and 1 turnover. Natan Nagid also had a double-double, with 15 points and 12 boards.

Record: 18-7

December 23, @ Sacramento Royals (10-13): W 100-71

Dudley had 33 points, 10 boards, and a pair of steals to down the Royals in their hometown arena. We had two more double-doubles, with Dobbins collecting 13 points and twelve boards (he also had a pair each of steals and blocks), and Nagid whose contribution was 13 and 10 rebounds (as well as 3 blocks and steals). They both played only 24 minutes apiece.

Record: 19-7

Christmas Eve (Dec 24), @ Golden State Spartans (16-9): W 129-122

Our win streak extends to 8! Dudley had 41 and 10 (plus a steal and 2 blocks), while Griff had 20 points, 9 assists, four rebounds, and a steal. Baykurt had 17 points, 5 blocks, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. Golden State had 2 players with more than 35 points. Forwards Stevie Perine and Cory Alexander had 40 and 47 points respectively. Yet their defensive games weren’t that good and no one else really stepped up to the plate.

Record: 20-7

December 26, @ Los Angeles Riders (12-13): L 90-101

We do not get our 9th win in a row, thanks to 31 points from SF Luka Borstner and poor shooting from our half of the court. We shot at a 34 % clip and had only 4 players in double figures. Riders PG had a double-double with only 9 points, getting 10 assists, and 12 rebounds, while Griff Harrington was two boards away from getting his first triple double of his career. He had 21 points, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds. Dudley had 24 points and 8 rebounds.

Record: 20-8

New Years’ Eve (Dec 31), vs Brooklyn Hoops (19-10): W 153-103

Griff didn’t quite go bananas in this game, but he did have 28 points, 8 assists, and 2 steals. The team managed to assist forty of its 59 made field goals and out rebounded the Hoops by a 17 board margin. Dudley had 24 points, 2 blocks and 7 boards on the night and Nagid’s bench effort netted us 17 points, 4 blocks, 3 steals, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds (do I see a 5 by 5 in the future?). SF Josh Angeli had the best night for Brooklyn scoring 24 to go with 7 boards.

Record: 21-8

Standing: 1st in East (+.5 games) (4th best overall record)

Player of the Month: Shaun Horan

Rookie of the Month: McEverett Woods

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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I forgot to call him Dobby!

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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January 2, 2012, vs Sacramento Royals (11-17): W 117-92

Dudley is the heart and soul of the team, and he is ensuring that no one forgets that. He had 24 points and 9 rebounds against Sacramento. Griff had 10 points and 11 assists, also gathering 7 rebounds and a block. Dobby had 22 points and 4 blocks, putting at least one on every statistical category. Baykurt added his 5th double-double of the season with a season high 15 rebounds and 15 points. The rookie of the match is Jody Jones, whose play showed how multi-talented he is. His defense was highlighted by 2 blocks and 3 steals, he had 4 rebounds, and 3 assists, and was able to put in 12 points. Best for the Royals was John Moore, a 4th year veteran 6’4 PG who scored 22 points and got 9 assists (and seven TO’s).


January 3, @ Brooklyn Hoops (20-11): L 98-107

Dudley had an uncharacteristically low scoring night, with 13, he didn’t add too much else, with 5 boards, 2 steals and a block. His shooting numbers were terrible, only making 3 out of 15 field goals. That was a pandemic problem for us. We shot 39% on the night, allowing the Hoops to shoot nearly 10% better than we did. Tengiz Tsulukidze led Brooklyn to their 9 point victory.

Record: 22-9

January 6, @ Miami Burn (12-20): W 91-87

Griff really wants his triple-double, but has had no luck so far. He scored 17 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds and 2 steals against Miami and brought us the 4 point win. Dobby had another double-double, and Jody Jones again demonstrated that he is a versatile, skilled defender. PG Marcus Alexander had 37 for the Burn but didn’t get the win.

Record: 23-9

January 7, vs Indiana Racers (19-15): W 129-106

Griff had a double-double and no turnovers! He went crazy for 39 points and 10 assists, finding time to block a shot as well, while Dudley cleaned up the misses, with 27 points and 17 rebounds. We had five players in double figures, but only 3 of them were starting this game, whereas the other two came in of the pine this time. PG Romaine Rodenbach had 21 points and six assists for the Racers.

Record: 24-9

January 9, vs San Antonio Outlaws (6-24): W 142-112

“Oh! Lookie here, a basement team. Let’s run away with this.” That’s what I heard Griff Harrington tell the team during warm-ups. Running away with it is certainly an apt description of what he did tonight. He scored 35 points, threw the pumpkin around like it was a baseball (collecting 13 assists w/ only 2 TO’s), grabbed 7 boards, and had 2 steals. Nagid had a great showing from the bench, with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 steals. SG Brandon Hughes had 28 points for the Outlaws, as their best scorer.

Record: 25-9

January 10, @ Washington Americans (14-22): W 142-128

Griff Harrington had a league season best 23 assists (with only 3 TO’s), and 17 points, while Dudley took the POM honors with 33 points and 7 rebounds. Baykurt is defending his starting SF position with his life, as he scored 17 had 3 blocks and 2 steals. Dobby got his own double-double with 25 points and 10 rebounds.

Record: 26-9

January 14, @ Orlando Mystics (12-24): W 125-101

Dudley can ball. That was the message he was sending when he gathered 39 points in front of the 15 thousand fans watching in the Mystic Centre in Orlando. Dobbins gathered 15 points, 8 boards, and 6 blocks, while Harrington had 17 and 11 assists (+ 2 steals and a block). For Orlando there wasn’t a lot of light shining, but Brandon Gervin did manage to do well for himself, getting 20 points 3 steals, 3 blocks, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds.

Record: 27-9

Standing: 2nd East (.5 GB)


League Leaders:

Points: Scott Stukes, WAS: 35.0

Assists: Griffin Harrington, PHI: 9.9

Rebounds: Cory Alexander, GSW: 11.8

Blocks: Tengiz Tsulukidze, NJ: 3.9

Steals: Justin Toxey, POR: 3.6


Rookie League Leaders:

Points: Brandon Hemsley, BOS: 13.9

Assists: Brandon Hemsley, BOS: 6.5*

Rebounds: Justin Maye, MIL, 7.1

Blocks: McEverett Woods, NY: 3.8

Steals: DeJuan Stewart, HOU: 1.6

*Beat out Alan Smith by less than .1 assists per game.

Interesting that only McEverett Woods was able to defend the lead for his stat.


Draft Prospects Watch:

1. Justin Wells, SF (FR-Arizona): 6’10, 208

2. Carl Regis, SF (FR-Santa Clara): 6’7, 206 (Don’t see many from here)

3. Heddick Keyes, C (HS-N/A): 6’11, 276

4. Steve Martin, C (SO-Elon): 6’9, 284

5. Robert Radl, PG (SO-UCLA): 6’4, 178

Look out for Colin Edwards (#10) a 6’3 PG out of High School averaging a mean triple-double (24.9 pts, 12.4 ast, 11.3 reb, 1.4 blk, 2.4 stl).

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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January 16, vs Cleveland Knights (): W 135-99

There isn’t that much to write about this game. We dominated from start to finish, and no one had a particularly spectacular or terrible game. Dudley and Jones led the team in scoring with 27 points and 24, respectively. Dobby and Griff each had double-doubles. (D-18pts, 12reb—G-12pts, 12ast) and Rowan Evans managed to accomplish exactly nothing. Otherwise, we shot over 80% from the field, were dismal as always from behind the arc (36%) and had 62 points in the paint.

Record: 28-9

January 18, vs Seattle Speed (6-31): W 103-118

Remember that game against another basement team where Griff Harrington decided to run roughshod over the opposition? He did it again—the only difference this time, is that he got a bunch of the rest of the team to buy in. Griff had 28 points and 17 assists, only two rebounds shy of his first triple double (and with an assist-turnover ratio of a bit more than 4. Dudley had 28 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals and a pair of blocks, while Dobby decided he wasn’t going to score. He had only 8 points but was able to do everything else, gathering 15 rebounds (of which 7 were offensive boards), 4 steals, and 4 blocks. Baykurt had 22 and 9, while Jones had 20 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, and a block. Today wasn’t the day to be a bench player as Rowan Evans had a bench high 12 minutes of play. The one thing that soured the victory was that Dobby picked up a slight injury. He sprained his wrist and should have limited minutes for about a week, then return to normal play. He won’t be fully 100% for almost two weeks though.

Record: 29-9

January 21, vs Washington Americans (16-26): W 134-105

Dudley was bonkers in this game. 6’10 people are supposed to get more than 2 rebounds in 36 minutes of play. Why did he play thirty-six minutes if he wasn’t rebounding, you ask? Because he had decided that the ball was his on the offensive side of the floor. He wasn’t super efficient, but he had volume, with 37 points on 25 shots. Only two others shot less than 50% on the night and we can’t help but win. The most impressive player for me was Griff. He had 26 points, 14 assists, 2 steals, 4 rebounds and a block. His play has really stepped up since early in the season and I feel that he is the heart and soul of the team.

Record: 30-9

Suddenly I remember that Dudley will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, and I don’t want to pay the paycheck he will demand—since it won’t be quite worth it. So I begin shopping him around.

Immediately I get a bite. You remember who is leading the league in blocks? Tengiz ‘Zulu’ Tsulukidze, that’s who. He isn’t quite the scorer that Dudley is, but his D is beastly. I’m offered him and a second round pick—which I accept.


PHI Trade:

C Tyrone Dudley

NJ Trade:

PF Tengiz Tsulukidze

Winner: Philadelphia: This trade is all about Defense and you know the saying: “Defense wins Championships.” Dudley can’t defend a lead and Zulu is one of the best at his position on that end of the floor. Philly has no difficulty scoring, with an average of 117.0 ppg, but their defense is only tenth in the league.

January 22, @ Brooklyn Hoops (26-15): L 119-117

Pulling out a slim 3 point lead at the end of the first, we were feeling good, but when the game went to half-time tied at 59 points apiece, we were beginning to sweat—our protection in the paint, Dobby and Zulu, was beginning to get into serious foul trouble. Dudley took advantage of that, taking 24 foul shots over the course of the game on the way to a 41 point 3rd quarter (to our 28). It didn’t even matter that he was shooting at 66%, that’s still a s__t-ton. All in all, we caused 46 opponent free throws, while only shooting 19. Dudley had 30 for the Hoops, while PF Josh Angeli had 26, and Duany had 23. We had six players in double figures, topped by Griff, who had 22. Jones had 19, Baykurt 18, Evans 14, Zulu 13, Dobby had 12, and Nagid 10. We shot 54% to the Hoops 44%, came away with 13 blocks and 10 steals, but fell slightly behind in the last minutes for the two point heartbreaker.

Record: 30-10

January 25, vs Portland (33-6): L 114-104

Well, we fell behind out of the blocks and couldn’t really catch up. Getting rid of Dudley has opened our offense up, and we have started taking and making 3s at a much better clip. We come away with sixteen blocks after Zulu’s massive Trip-dub: 10 points, 15 boards, and 10 blocks. Griff Harrington fouled out before he could reach 30 minutes in the game—trying to deal with the all-point guard lineup of Cain Allen and Justin Toxey, who had 26 and 22 points, respectively—he still had 19 points, 8 assists in those 28 minutes. Our best offensive performances came from Baykurt and Jones, who each had 21. Baykurt and Dobby both added in double-doubles, but it wasn’t enough.

Record: 30-11

January 28, vs Boston Irish (29-13): W 131-99

This is why I wanted Zulu. I knew we had offensive firepower, but it was defense I was desiring, and these types of margins speak to what I wanted to accomplish. Player of the match today was Naim Baykurt: he had 30 points, and 10 rebounds, yes, but he also was a defensive powerhouse, blocking 6 shots and stealing the ball twice. Harrington had another impressive passing showcase, tossing 21 dimes and still getting 14 points. A few super impressive numbers on the box score: 18 blocks (our defensive total), 9.1% (opposing 3 point percentage), and 3 (the number of opposing players with double-figure point totals)

Record: 31-11

January 30, vs Utah Blues (21-21): W 113-109

Griff had 29 points, 11 assists, and 2 steals in the win, shooting 13 of 14 from the line, while opposing SF Shaun Horan had 42, and we didn’t really even make them work for it (He shot 13-23). Jones had 24 points, 6 boards, and a pair of thefts as well.

Record: 32-11

Standing: 2nd East (1 GB)

Player of the Month: Scott Stukes – SF – Wahsington Americans

Rookie of the Month: Jody Jones – SG- Philadelphia Freedom

Woo!!! He was an offensive beast this month, never scoring fewer than 9 points, and staying quite efficient, averaging 56% on 11 shots per game. He was hitting three’s galore, and also managed to play decent defense, picking up blocks, steals, and rebounds like he was bigger than he really is.

Draft Watch 2:

1 (1). Justin Wells, SF (FR-Arizona): 6’5, 208

2 (3). Heddick Keyes, C (HS-N/A): 6’11, 276

3 (N/R). Hristo Hlutev, C (Bulgaria-18), 6’10, 278

4 (2). Carl Regis, SF (FR-Santa Clara): 6’7, 206

5 (N/R). Bradley Green, SG (JR-Michigan St): 6’7, 212


Wells, averaging 32 points, 5 assists, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and a steal at Arizona, is going to be an offensive force, even though he is a lot shorter than reported in the first term. He is the undisputed number 1.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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League Leaders

Points: Scott Stukes, WAS (35.4)

Assists: Griffin Harrington, PHI (10.4)

Rebounds: Cory Alexander, GSW (11.2)

Blocks: Tengiz Tsulukidze, PHI (4.1)

Steals: Justin Toxey, POR (3.5)


Rookie League Leaders

Points: Brandon Hemsley (BOS, 14.2)

Assists: Alan Smith, CLE (6.9)

Rebounds: Justin Maye, MIL (7.3)

Blocks: McEverett Woods, NY (3.7)

Steals: DeJuan Stewart, HOU (1.8)


February 1, vs Golden State (24-20): L 108-120

For the first time since we acquired Tsulukidze, we shoot a slightly worse percentage than the opponent (42.5 vs 43) and we go down the rabbit hole accordingly. League-leading scorer Cory Alexander burned us for 35 points, while we held him to shooting 11 of 27.

Record: 32-12

February 3, vs Milwaukee Moose (8-39): W 118-95

Back to our efficient form, we shot 56% on our way to the victory. Dobbins had 20 points, 7 boards, a block, and a pair of steals, while Griff’s contribution was 13 points, 15 assists, and 6 rebounds. Evans was our lead rookie, scoring 15 points on 100% shooting, with five rebounds, 4 assists, and a block (all in 26 minutes of play).

Record: 33-12

February 4, vs Chicago Bison (15-28): W 132-91

A forty point blowout is usually a bit boring to be a part of (whether you’re on the floor or in the crowd), but Griff and Zulu managed to keep themselves interested. Harrington had 25 points, 11 assists and 4 rebounds, while Zulu had 13 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 7 blocks. Baykurt did only what was necessary for the double-double, with exactly 10 points and rebounds. In 16 minutes, scoring 6 of six field goals, and 5 of six free throws, Rowan Evans had 17 points, 2 steals, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds.

Record: 34-12

February 10, @ Houston Blast (19-28): W 123-109

Dobbins had 22 points and eleven rebounds; yet, more impressively, he had 4 blocks and four steals. Harrington had 22 points, and 13 assists, as well as six rebounds and a steal. Baykurt started, and scored 25, tallied 2 blocks, a steal, and 5 rebounds. With fifteen points, Zulu added 4 blocks, a steal, an assist, and 5 rebounds of his own.

Record: 35-12

February 11, @ San Antonio Outlaws (14-33): L 100-103

Outlaws SG Hughes had a near triple-double, with 25 points, 9 assists, and 8 rebounds, beating down Griff, who only was able to put out 17, 7 and 4. Both Evans and Jones were able to score 20 points, with a bit of defense as well. Zulu had 6 blocks and 7 rebounds to go with his 13 points and 3 steals, while we fall.

Record: 35-13

February 13, @ Los Angeles Waves (26-22): L 97-114

We fall despite 28 points from Dobby, largely due to great effort by Waves SF Terrell Cleaver who had 36 points, 3 boards, and 3 steals. Rowan Evans was disappointing in his start, only scoring 8 points, and fouling out after 23 minutes of play.

Record: 35-14

February 15, @ Phoenix Beams (19-29): W 114-92

We get back at losing to the Waves, by beating up on their rival, the Beams. Dobby went ballistic with 17 points and 19 rebounds, to go with 2 assists, 3 blocks, and 3 steals. Griff Harrington had 18 and 8, while Zulu had 18 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks.

Record: 36-14

All Star Weekend!!!

Dunk Contest:

Robert Gray, a shooting guard from Atlanta, took the dunk contest by storm by improving on his impressive dunks for the final.

Long Distance Shootout:

Alfons Korda, a power forward for Orlando, was the surprise of the final, coming from having the lowest qualifying score from the first round, he nailed 24 points (10 more than his first round score) in the final to take home the trophy.

Rookie/Sophomore Game: S 148-140

The sophomores beat up on the Rooks, as Griff Harrington drops 42 points, 12 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and a block on their heads. Jones was able to score 20 points in 30 minutes for the Rooks, but Evans played for only 7 minutes, and went scoreless.

All-Star Game: E 163-141

Eastern Starters:

Marcus Alexander, Burn

Marcus Griffin, Metros

Scott Stukes, Americans

Barry Jones, Irish

Tyrone Dudley, Hoops

Teams with Most All-Stars: Brooklyn Hoops (2)


Western Starters:

Shaun Horan, Blues

Cory Alexander, Spartans

Kevin Murphy, Rangers

Corey Atkins, Rangers

Justin Toxey, Pioneers

Teams with Most All-Stars: Dallas Rangers (2)


Griff had 24 points and 6 assists off the bench for the East as they fended off the East, but Stukes, the Small forward for the Americans, had 30 points, which claimed the All-Star MVP award.


February 19, @ Portland Pioneers (41-8): L 95-126

We haven’t played a home game since February 4th, and it is showing. We give up a near Triple-double to Toxey (33 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and four steals), and our leading scorer was Jones, with 21. Both teams had only 4 players in double figures, but 3 of those four had more than 20 for the Pioneers.

Record: 36-15

February 20, @ Dallas Rangers (45-7): W 116-108

Griff had 28 and 8 assists to take down the Rangers, pushing both Zulu and Jones over 20 points as well, with his exquisite playmaking. Defense was abound Zulu added 6 blocks and a steal, both Harrington and Nagid had 2 steals, and we held the Rangers to 43%.

Record: 37-15

February 22, @ Seattle Speed (9-43): W 115-88

I confirm a rumor that I have Roberson, an inactive bench player, on the block for a trade before a win against the Speed. Griff really likes going off against weak teams, and he showed it tonight with 32 points, 6 assists, 3 boards, 2 blocks, and a steal. Naim Baykurt had a respectable 21 off of the bench, showing he was fully healthy

Record: 38-15

February 23, @ Denver Peaks (34-19): W 121-113

Baykurt graced the starting line up with his presence again, and made the most of it. He had 35 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks and a steal. Zulu flexed his blocking ability, and rejected 8 shots, to add to his 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals. Yet Harrington had a night to forget, turning the ball over more times than assisting (6-5), and only collecting 7 points.

Record: 39-15

February 25, vs Minnesota Coyotes (26-29): W 120-102

Baykurt continued his strong play into this game, scoring 29, collecting 14 boards, blocking a shot, and stealing the ball twice. Griff showed that he was not, indeed, in a true funk, by scoring 24 to go with 14 assists and 6 rebounds. Dobby and Zulu combined for 33 points, 9 blocks, and 13 rebounds, even though Zulu fouled out after only 26 minutes of play.

Record: 40-15

February 27, @ Washington Americans (25-33): W 129-114

Zulu had nary a block in this game, but he did have 26 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal, so I am not mad. Harrington had 26 points and 10 assists, also tallying 2 steals and a block, while Dobby had 20, and Baykurt had 23.

Record: 41-15

The Gears pulled away during my long road-trip, they are now 4 games ahead of us.

Standing: 2nd East (1st Atlantic)

Player of the Month: Shaun Horan, Blues

Rookie of the Month: Brandon Hemsley, Irish

Draft Watch # 3:

1 (1). Justin Wells, SF (FR-Arizona): 6’5, 208

2 (N/R). Steve Martin, C (SO-Elon): 6’9, 284

3 (N/R). Mike Anderson, PF (SO-Kansas State): 6’11, 253

4 (N/R). Carl Regis, PF (SO-Michigan State): 6’7, 240

5 (N/R). David Burke, C (JR-South Carolina): 6’10, 255


That was a lot of turnaround in the draft stock. Green (#5) fell all of the way to 11th, and the others weren’t that much better off.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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March 1, vs New Orleans Wasps (35-21): W 133-105

With 24 points and fifteen assists, it is Griff who was the most outstanding player for our side. Zulu almost got his second triple-double, with 15 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 blocks, but was just a little short. Also with 20 points were Dobbins, with 23, and Baykurt, with 21. Evans has taken the starting spot from Jones for this game—let’s see if it continues.

Record: 42-15

March 4, vs Los Angeles Waves (29-29): L 98-116

Natan Nagid broke his arm, and will be out for about two months, recovering, and we suffer a big loss, in part due to early foul trouble for Harrington, all around mediocre offense, and crappy defense that allowed a 50% shooting percentage from a .500 team. Here’s a statistic for you. As a team, we managed only 9 assists (and had 32 TO).

Record: 42-16

March 6, vs Brooklyn Hoops (38-23): W 131-114

I took this win as confirmation that we got the better end of the trade, since without our true center, we still are able to trounce the Hoops. Defense wasn’t a priority for either team, as we score at a near-60% clip, and letting Brooklyn convert better than half of their attempts. 28 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 steals from Dobbins won the night, while PF T.J. Jones (someone who has averaged 13.5 minutes in 23 games with us, after being called up from 16 D-league games) got the nod for the starting center position, he had 6 points, 4 rebounds, a steal, and a block during his 24 minutes of play (where he was 3/9).

Record: 43-16

March 8, vs New York Metros (34-27): L 116-112

Harrington had 20 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds, and 5 turnovers for us tonight, while McEverett Woods made his case for Rookie of the night, blocking 8 shots, to with 6 points, 4 steals, and 5 boards. Our strength is inside the paint, and Woods was able to nullify it better than we could eliminate theirs. They scored precisely 1 more field goal than we did, (it was a 3), and that was all the difference they needed.

Record: 43-17

March 10, @ Detroit Gears (49-12): W 118-97

The comeback win that everybody needed came against the team that everyone wanted to beat—#1 seeded Detroit. Baykurt led the team from the bench, with 30 points, 12 boards, and 2 blocks, while Dobbins had 18 points, 6 blocks, 7 rebounds, and 3 steals.

Record: 44-17

March 11, @ Minnesota Coyotes (28-32): W 129-116

Harrington had folded into the woodwork for a couple days, but is now back in typical fashion. He had 26 points and 11 assists, also garnering 3 rebounds and a steal, as we down the Coyotes. Naim Baykurt, now kept out of the starting line-up by Nate Thornton (a SF, playing at the C), had 21 and 8, while Evans and Jones put up respectable numbers (14 points and 11 points, respectively).

Record: 45-17

March 13: @ Orlando Mystics (24-39): W 128-120

Dobbins was the best player of the night, with 28 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals, while Griff finally records his first Trip-dub (and it’s the right kind), with 21 points, 10 assists, and 11 boards. We make 8 of 11 threes as a team, and 54% of all shots, and can’t help but win. Evans was great, scoring 22 on 8 of 9 shooting.

Record: 46-17

March 15, vs Miami Burn (28-35): W 107-79

A twenty-eight point win, and our best scorer had ‘only’ 26? That means that our team is well rounded enough not to rely on the scoring of one single player (something we already knew). But Dobbins still had a monster night, taking those 26 points, adding 14 rebounds, and putting away a pair of rejections. 3 double-doubles were achieved by Freedom players, and none of them were Harrington. Zulu had 13 points, 10 boards, 2 steals, and 4 blocks on the night, and Baykurt completes the trio with 23 points and 12 boards, plus 2 blocks and three steals. Evans tried out passing, and went for 10 points, 5 boards, and six dimes—while only turning the ball over twice. I see good things in this boy’s future. It’s always helpful for a win when the other team wastes sixteen possessions on threes and makes the least of it, to score at a 0% clip.

Record: 47-17

League Leaders:

Points: Scott Stukes, WAS: 34.7

Assists: Griffin Harrington, PHI: 10.0

Rebounds: Kevin Murphy, DAL: 11.1

Blocks: Tengiz Tsulukidze, PHI: 4.2

Steals: Justin Toxey, POR: 3.4


Rookie League Leaders:

Points: Brandon Hemsley, BOS: 15.1

Assists: Alan Smith, CLE: 7.6

Rebounds: Justin Maye, MIL, 7.0

Blocks: McEverett Woods, NY: 4.1

Steals: DeJuan Stewart, HOU: 1.8

Essentially no turnover this period.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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March 18, vs Atlanta Eagles (26-38): W 114-105

Number 5 in a row is good. Also good is 30 points, 9 rebounds, and seven blocks from Zulu, who was 10 for 18 and 10 for 12 from the line. Baykurt had 25 and 13 boards, while 22 points and 15 assists were Griff’s contribution, which isn’t to be overlooked. Even SG Brandon Huss’s 37 point outburst wasn’t enough to pull even against us.

Record: 48-17

March 20, vs Detroit Gears (52-14): W 124-100

Baykurt had 30 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists, while picking up a steal and block, in our win against #1 seed Detroit. Yet we can’t discount the play of any of the other regular starters. Griff had 17 points and 12 assists, Dobby was a defensive demon with 4 blocks and 6 steals, but he also got it done on the other side of the court with 22 points and 13 rebounds, including 5 offensive boards, and Zulu was good as well, he had 19 points, 5 blocks and 8 rebounds.

Record: 49-17

March 21, @ Boston Irish (46-20): W 135-111

Our team’s quite willing to trade off who the best player is on any given night, and tonight, that player was Griff Harrington, who had 33 points, 6 assists, 3 boards, and a block. It really was only a two man show for us this time out, with Zulu pulling his weight by blocking 4 shots, scoring 25 points, and grabbing 7 boards. We shot 58% and nailed 11 of 21 threes, and stormed through the Garden like it was ours.

Record: 50-17

March 24, @ Cleveland Knights (37-31): W 111-86

Griff’s second triple double is spectacular. He had 29 points, 17 assists, ten rebounds, and a pair of blocks. As a team, we shoot about 54%, and hold the Knights to only 38%, which is a formula for a win in almost any situation. Evans started and shot 8 for 11 on his way to 20 points, 3 boards, and 2 dimes, while Zulu had himself another block party (with 8). Baykurt had a double-double, with 15 points and 12 boards, and so did Dobbins, with 15 points and 10 boards.

Record: 51-17

March 25, @ New York Metros (42-28): L 106-123

We have our win streak snapped before it can reach 9, due to quick and severe foul trouble for our two main defensive bigs (Zulu and Dobby). Baykurt played for all but one minute of the game, scoring 20 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, but he couldn’t make up for the other’s absence. Harrington had 23 and 12 assists, but turned the ball over 6 times, as Evans and Jones combine for 31 points.

Record: 51-18

March 27, vs Indiana Racers (37-33): W 113-100

Griff had a monster outing from the field, scoring 31 points, to go with 10 assits, 5 rebounds, a steal, and 2 blocks, while Rookie of the night goes to Jones, whose 19 points and 7 assists were just as impressive as his 6 steals and 5 boards.

Record: 52-18

March 29, vs Orlando Mystics (24-46): W 125-92

Baykurt had 32 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 blocks, while Zulu had 24, 10 boards, and 5 blocks, and Griffin Harrington had 25, 12 assists, and 2 each steals and blocks. Our 58% Field goal percentage is the capper on yet another dominating performance.

Record: 53-18

March 31, @ Indiana Racers (37-34): W 107-74

Griff dismantled the opposing defense systematically to score 20 points, with 12 dimes, 5 rebounds and 4 steals (a season high). Evans had 21 and rebounds were plentiful as each of the big men had double digit totals in that category.

Record: 54-18


Standing: 1st East (Head-to-head tiebreaker)


Player of the Month: Shaun Horan, SF, Utah Blues

Rookie of the Month: Justin Maye, PF, Milwaukee Moose


Draft Watch # 4:

1 (1). Justin Wells, SF (FR-Arizona): 6’5, 208

2 (N/R). Heddick Keyes, C (HS-N/A): 6’11, 276

3 (4). Carl Regis, SF (FR-Santa Clara): 6’7, 206

4 (N/R). Xavier West, SG (HS-N/A): 6’4, 218

5 (5). David Burke, C (JR-South Carolina): 6’10, 255

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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April 1, vs Miami Burn (33-39): W 127-104

Rowan Evans seems to have stolen the starting spot from Jones, and took advantage, scoring 27 points on 9 for 11 shooting and making all 3 attempts from deep. However, Griff stole the show again, with 18 points and 18 dimes, as well as a pair of blocks. Jones also nailed 8 of his 11 shots, playing 19 minutes on his way to seventeen points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds. Today wasn’t a day for rebounding (probably since both teams shot better than 50% (PHI 61.2%, MIA 50.7%)), and our lead rebounder was Zulu with 6.

Record: 55-18

April 3, @ Atlanta Eagles (30-43): W 116-110

Having gone 4-5 since our last meeting, Atlanta was hopeful that things were looking up, but we showed them that, as the #1 seed, we were still in charge. With 27 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 blocks, it was Griff’s night. He’s decided that, with less than 10 games left in the season, since he leads the league in assists by more than 100 dimes, he can’t be overtaken, and so he’s started scoring more.

Record: 56-18 (Still tied with Detroit)

April 4, @ Washington Americans (29-45): W 139-124

We had a bit of a scare in the first, ending up down by 5 at the break, but Griff led us back with a 42 point 3rd quarter, on the way to a 14 point lead. He had a near triple-double on the night: 25 points, 15 dimes, 8 rebounds, 5 steals, and a block. We had a 16 rebound margin as we send the team to the lottery, where it belongs.

Record: 57-18 (Detroit lost, so +1 game)

April 7, @ Miami Burn (35-40): W 114-107

Rookie Jody Jones was the player of the game tonight with 20 points, 3 dimes, 10 rebounds, and a pair of blocks, leading our team in both scoring a and rebounding (he had 5 offensive boards). Dobbins had 18 points, 9 boards, a pair of blocks, 3 dimes, and a steal, while 17 points and 13 assists were Griff’s contribution. Evans had 17 as well, with a steal, and two each rebounds and assists. Zulu’s 6 blocks were his main selling point, but he also had 11 points and 9 rebounds in the 7 point win.

Record: 58-18 (Detroit lost again, so +2 games)

Notable game: Milwaukee @ Detroit: 63-123:

That’s the largest margin of victory in a NBA game ever. Detroit scored more points in the paint than Milwaukee was able to score, period. Holy crap.

April 9, vs Washington (29-47): W 120-110

We had even more of a scare tonight, down by eight at the end of the third quarter. But we open the fourth with a 10-0 run and ride the momentum to the ten point win. Griff Harrington’s 20 points, 7 dimes, four rebounds, steal, and block were the most impressive on the night, but Rowan Evans, who started, wasn’t far behind. He had 1 points, 5 dimes, 3 boards, a steal, and a block on the night. Jones also played well, with both players putting in more than 30 minutes due to foul trouble. He nearly had a triple-double, with 16 points, 9 boards, and 7 dimes. Both were their usual efficient selves, and shot 13 for 21 combined as we extend our win streak to 8.

Record: 59-18

April 12, vs Boston Irish (55-22): W 117-107

Double-doubles abound, we extend our win streak to a season high 9 games. Dobbins fouled out after 36 minutes of play, but before he put up an impressive stat line. He had 18 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 3 steals, shooting 50%. Zulu fouled out much earlier in the game, but was on track to look even better from the floor. He had 18 points on 7 of nine shooting, with 3 blocks and 4 rebounds. Evans also had 18, but wasn’t quite as impressive in the rest of his game, though he shot 9 for 11 and collected 6 rebounds.

Record: 60-18

April 14, @ New Orleans (44-34): W 118-97

Win streak = 10! Evans score 27 points on 10 for 15 shooting but was again outshined by a near triple-double from Harrington, who had 17 points, 14 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 steals and a block. Zulu was also excellent, with 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 blocks. Jones only played 17 minutes of the bench, and had 5 points and 5 rebounds, along with a pair of assists, a steal, and two blocks.

Record: 61-18

April 15, vs Orlando Mystics (25-54): W 127-79

Another blowout win stretches the streak to 11, and Harrington was the chief force four out team. He had 29 points, 12 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 3 steals. Baykurt had 20 points and 13 rebounds, while the double-double club was also joined by Zulu, with 13 points and 10 rebound, and Dobby with 17 points, 2 blocks, 3 steals, and 10 boards as we cement the #1 seed.

Record: 62-18

April 17, vs New Orleans (45-35): W 122-98

With the #1 seed officially ours, and no chance of overtaking either of the West teams that have more wins than us, I would have rested our stars, but the Head coach had other ideas. With 27 points and 17 assists—plus 3 rebounds, a block, and 3 steals—Griff Harrington was our MVP, even garnering a chant to that effect when he was at the line. Rowan Evans didn’t miss any of his 10 shots on the night, making 2 threes as well.  He had 22 points, 6 boards, and a pair of dimes. Baykurt also had 26, also garnering 9 rebounds and a pair of blocks.

Record: 63-18

April 19, @ New York Metros (): L 106-111

Our final game of the season is a loss, despite heroics from our starters. Baykurt had 24 points, Zulu had 12 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 blocks, Dobbins had 12 points and 14 rebounds, Harrington had 10 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 blocks, Evans had 14 points, and Jones had 16 points and 8 rebounds. Yet it wasn’t quite enough as we go down by five points in the end of a tight game. Our win streak ends at twelve and the season end with a L1 in our streak column.

Record: 63-19

Player of the Month: Cory Alexander, GSW

Rookie of the Month: Rowan Evans, PHI

Evans has been on fire lately, and it’s nice to see him get recognition for it. He shot a ridiculous 70% from the floor, averaging 19.8 points per game, and missed 3 three pointers all month. He is incredibly motivated, durable, and a very likable gym rat, someone who can be super valuable to our team for a long time to come.


League Leaders:

Points: Scott Stukes, WAS: 34.7

Assists: Griffin Harrington, PHI: 10.5

Rebounds: Kevin Murphy, DAL: 11.1

Blocks: Tengiz Tsulukidze, PHI: 4.2

Steals: Justin Toxey, POR: 3.5

Field Goal %: Kevin Murphy, DAL, 63.7%

3-point%: Alfons Korda, ORL, 47.3%

Free Throw %: Griffin Harrington, PHI, 92.9%

Efficiency: Shaun Horan, UTA, 32.5


Rookie League Leaders:

Points: Brandon Hemsley, BOS: 15.0

Assists: Alan Smith, CLE: 7.9

Rebounds: Justin Maye, MIL, 7.1

Blocks: McEverett Woods, NY: 3.8

Steals: DeJuan Stewart, HOU: 1.9

Field Goal %: Rowan Evans, PHI, 59.5%

3-point%: Brandon Helmsley, BOS, 37.8%

Free Throw %: Brandon Hemsley, BOS, 85.9%

Efficiency: McEverett Woods, NY, 17.8


Final Draft Watch:

1 (1). Justin Wells, SF (FR-Arizona): 6’5, 208

2 (2). Heddick Keyes, C (HS-N/A): 6’11, 276

3 (N/R). Mike Anderson, PF (SO-Kansas State): 6’11, 253

4 (3). Carl Regis, SF (FR-Santa Clara): 6’7, 206

5 (N/R). Nick King, SG (FR-Gonzaga): 6’6, 218

OK, so I think that we might be able to name #5 Nick King after Nick Young, Swaggy T. It looks like he might pay a bit more attention on defense than his namesake, which is good, but the real story of the Draft is Wells. He may be a bit short for a SF, but he looks to be the goods. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in an All-Star game by year 3. He led the NCAA in scoring, averaging 35.5 a game for Arizona. He also has excellent rebounding instincts and can pass the ball pretty well. His defense is not off the charts, but he should be able to hold his own, especially with his blocking ability.

My guy, Colin Edwards has fallen to 18th, even though his stats have only improved over the season. I think that those numbers indicate something more than someone just taking advantage of crappy competition, but only time will tell.


So, I really liked what zike (on Wolverine Studios' forum) did when he put some of you in a draft class, but I can’t seem to edit my draft class at all (even in commissioner mode), it’s been a problem in all my saves, so… But I would like to do the same. So if you comment, I’ll assign you a draft position (1-20—so you don’t get to go to a top-seeded team unless there are trades), and I’ll change the player’s name after he gets drafted.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Eastern Conference:

Standings (Preseason place in parentheses):

1.  Philadelphia Freedom (6), 63-19

2. Detroit Gears (1), 61-21

3. Boston Irish (3), 58-24

4. New York Metros (2), 52-30

5. Brooklyn Hoops (11), 48-34

6. Cleveland Knights (8), 46-36

7. New Orleans Wasps (12), 45-37

8. Indiana Racers (13), 41-41

9. Miami Burn (5), 39-43

10. Washington Americans (9), 33-49

11. Atlanta Eagles (10), 32-50

12. Chicago Bison (7), 29-53

13. Orlando Mystics (4), 26-56

14. Milwaukee Moose (14), 14-68

Only two guesses were completely right, one was Boston, at 3rd, and the was Milwaukee at last.


Western Conference:

1. Dallas Rangers (1), 67-15

2. Portland Pioneers (9), 65-17

3. Denver Peaks (8), 46-36

4. Utah Blues (6), 42-40

5. Los Angeles Waves (5), 42-40

6. Golden State Spartans (4), 42-40

7. Minnesota Coyotes (2), 40-42

8. Sacramento Royals (3), 37-45

9. Houston Blast (13), 37-45

10. Los Angeles Riders (7), 34-48

11. Phoenix Beams (12), 31-51

12. San Antonio Outlaws (11), 19-63

13. Seattle Speed (10), 18-64

This was a better list, with only one playoff team projected in the lottery.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Eastern Conference Playoffs, round 1 Preview
#1 Philadelphia (63-19) v #8 Indiana (41-41)
Season Series: PHI 3, IND 1.
Positional Rankings:
PG: Griff Harrington (19.4 pts, 4.4 reb, 10.5 apg, 1.1 stl, .7 blk, 3.9 TO) v Romaine Rodenbach (20.3 pts, 4.7 reb, 7.2 ast, .7 stl, .6 blk, 3.3 TO)
Both Harrington and Rodenbach are their team’s best players, setting the pace for points and assists, but the per-minute numbers definitely favor Harrington, who is comparatively productive in almost 3 minutes less per game. What to look out for here is defense. Rodenbach isn’t a good defensive guard—in fact he is well below average (Think Lillard, Irving, a less drastic Harden) and while Griff isn’t a Rondo, Paul, or Conley, he still can hold his own, at least a little.
Winner: PHI, I can’t see Rodenbach matching up well to Harrington, as he was outscored in every matchup, by an average of 10.7 points. Harrington is going to eat him for breakfast.
SG: Rowan Evans (12.0 pts, 1.9 ast, 3.1 reb, .6 stl, .1 blk 1.3 TO) v Vernon Winkfield (16.7 pts, 1.8 ast, 6.9 reb, 1.7 stl, .8 blk)
Going on pure numbers here, Winkfield has a distinct advantage on Evans, including about 160 games of experience. Both have been on fire recently, but the main difference is efficiency. Evans led Rookies in FG%, and led the association in TS%. He was sixth on the all-league field goal ratings. Jody Jones can also ball, and they will be sharing minutes as rookies at this position.
Winner: IND, Vernon Winkfield beats out Evans, but I think that Philly’s SG position is going to be the more dominant.
SF: Tengiz Tsulukidze (12.9 pts, 1.3 ast, 6.9 reb, 1.1 stl, 4.2 blk) v Alen Trumbic (16.0 pts, 1.4 ast, 5.5 reb, 1.1 stl, .6 blk)
Okay. Zulu is a mobile 6’11 big man who leads the league in blocks. Expect him to take full advantage of the 6 inches (and 40 lbs) he has on Trumbic. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that an average of a double-double by Zulu this series isn’t out of the question. Look for above average numbers in essentially every stat.
Winner: PHI, Tengiz and Trumbic aren’t even comparable
Frontcourt: Since neither team has a center starting this series, I will lump both the Power Forward and Center position into a ‘Frontcourt’ monster category.
PHI: Naim Baykurt (16.4 ppg, 7.3 rpg, .8 stl, 1.6 blk) & Oliver Dobbins (14.6 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 1.5 stl, 1.9blk)
IND: Arthur Hays (10.3 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 1.1 stl, .6 blk) & Lafayette White (9.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg, .8 stl, .4 blk)
I would hesitate to even call this matchup a contest. Baykurt and Philadelphia’s resident house elf are going to eat this pair alive, especially since Lafayette White is replacing their injured Anthony Hampton (not that he would fare much better) who is out with a torn knee tendon.
Winner: PHI x2
PHI Notables: Jody Jones, Delvin Mouring, Nate Thornton
IND Notables: Cliff Gaines, Angelo Broderick, Eric Cook
Indiana’s first 3 off the bench combined for 17.3 points per game this season, compared to the 21.9 from Philly. But that isn’t even the biggest discrepancy. Philly’s all backcourt group averaged 9.5 rebounds, combined, while the group for Indiana, (none of whom are shorter than 6’6) were about a rebound and a half behind. Assists are the same: 6.1 for PHI, 4.7 for IND.
Winner: PHI
Prediction: Philadelphia Freedom in 5
This is a conservative estimate. It’s what it’ll take for the big men to slaughter their opposition, but if Harrington decides to go for 40 more than once, it’s broom time.
Game 1: vs Indiana Racers (Tied 0-0):
The first quarter was all Harrington. He had 16 points, off of 7-9 shooting, (making both attempts from 3) and was nasty on the offensive glass. Yet, it was still quite close, due to our allowing 14 free throw attempts in the first period. We led 37-31. We entered the break with another good quarter, leading 62-53. Tsulukidze was being a beast, (at least where offense wasn’t concerned), and we were in comfortable control of the game. We pull ahead to a resound 115-89 blowout win that emphasized how one-sided this series really was. Zulu ended with 12 points, 13 boards, 4 assists, 3 blocks and 3 steals, but Rowan Evans and his insane shooting percentage strikes again. He shot 11 of 15, including 2 of 3 from deep on his way to 28 points and 6 rebounds. He also had a block and four steals (which turned into plenty of dunks).
Game 2: vs Indiana (PHI leads 1-0):
Indiana was determined not to be embarrassed again, and put up a hell of a fight through all four quarters, where defense reigned king. Neither team shot better than 40% from the field. Behind by a singular point at the half, the coach berated the team that a 25 point win doesn’t make you unbeatable, and while we couldn’t turn the game around until the beginning of the forth, where we blew away their lead and coasted to an 8 point victory. Evans stole the show again, scoring 29  on an insane 100% shooting clip, complete with 5 threes and a pair of free throws, grabbed 6 boards, and had 5 steals. He did have 7 TO’s but no one was complaining to seriously. 92-84
Off we go to Hoosierville.
Game 3: @ Indiana (PHI leads 2-0):
It’s the playoffs, and in the playoffs, the home team’s fanbase usually goes insane. Indianapolis wasn’t any different, though there was a little less luster in the support of a .500 team going up against the 63-win powerhouse that was Philly. That trepidation was a crack in their armor, just as much as their defense was. We found those cracks, examined them, and pried at them until the whole works fell apart, allowing Harrington to truly step out into full form. He had 32 points, 12 assists, 2 rebounds, and four steals. Evans’ 20 came on an efficient 9 for 13 shooting, and Baykurt managed a double-double. Dobbins was quick to get into foul trouble, but Nate Thornton had his back, managing 14 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and a pair of steals in a reserve outing for the guy. 125-98
Game 4: @ Indiana (PHI leads 3-0):
No team, or fanbase likes getting eliminated, but its worse when it happens on your own floor. That’s exactly what the Racers were pulling out all stops trying to avoid tonight. Trailing by only a deuce at the half, and trimming that lead down to one at the end of the third was a great accomplishment for the crowd, but Baykurt’s strength at the Center position was just too much for cook, who spent only 22 minutes on the floor because of foul troubles, or anyone else who was put out to guard him. He had 24 points on a clean 11 for 18 night, and even though the Legendary Philly backcourt had an off night, the Big Guys took care of business. Zulu had 7 blocks on the night. 106-91
Everyone is sharing hugs as the team celebrates the conclusion of the first step in their journey to the trophy. Every man on this team wants a ring, and they all know what it takes. I join in the festivities, savoring the moment. It’s not quite justification for every brash move I’ve made, but I feel it coming.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Joining us in the broom closet was #1 Dallas, who destroyed #8 Sacramento. #3 Boston, #3 Detroit, and the Los Angeles Waves managed to close things up with only one extra (the Waves completing a minor upset as the 5 seed). #6 Golden State upset #3 Denver in six, just as #2 Portland upheld the status quo. Only one matchup went the distance, between the two NYC teams, the Metros and the Hoops. It took the Metros all 7 to take out Brooklyn, as the assumed Rookie of the Year enters the 2nd round.

Preview: #1 Philadelphia Freedom v #4 New York Metros

Season Series: PHI 1, NYM 4


PG: Griffin Harrington (22.3 ppg, 8.3apg, 3.8 reb, 1.8 spg) v Cain Allen (23.9 ppg, 8.1 apg, 5.4 reb, 2.0 spg)

Stat-wise, Allen seems to be better, but he also spent more than 7 more minutes on the floor than Harrington did. He also was playing against a much weaker defensive team in the Hoops (Remember Dudley?) Harrington’s assist numbers are also irregularly low, since he only dished out 2 in game 1, and then had 9, 12, and 10 in the last three.

Winner: PHI: Harrington is probably a top 1 or 2 PG in the league, while Allen is definitely top 10, it should be an exciting matchup, but Harrington has the Upper hand.

SG: Rowan Evans (21.8 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 1.5 apg, 3.3 spg, .8 bpg) v Marcus Griffin (26.3 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 5.0 apg, 1.9 spg, .9 bpg)

Young blood versus the old in this match-up. Both played about 2000 minutes this season, and the big difference was that of quality vs quantity. It was Evans who shot almost 60% from the field, and Griffin whose 48% shooting yielded 22 points per game. In the playoffs, however, Evans showed what he was capable of with the starting role. He shot an unfair 71% from the field, and demonstrated that he was a defensive force to be reckoned with. And that is what Griffin should be most worried about. He turned the ball over 5 times a game last series and could lose the series for the Metros if that continues.

Winner: PHI, the overall impact of Evans was tremendous last series. If he keeps up that level of play, he’ll eat Griffin alive.

SF: Tengiz Tsulukidze (10.8 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 2.5 apg, 1.5 spg, 4.3 bpg) v Darius Keady (22.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 3.8 apg, 2.5 spg, 1.0 bpg)

This is a hard position to judge, because Zulu rarely plays as a SF, since we have such a large big man rotation and Keady is a natural SG. Both are good at what they do, yet, in the Playoffs, defense always beats offense. Keady’s size and quickness will allow him to cause a lot of personal trouble for Zulu, so he takes home this matchup.

Winner: NYM

PF: Oliver Dobbins (12.3 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.5 spg, 1.0 bpg) v McEverett Woods (5.4 ppg, 6.4 rpg, .3 apg, .6 spg, 3.1 bpg)

If these playoffs have proved anything, it’s that the (presumed) Rookie of the Year isn’t ready for playoff basketball yet. That’s a long way off from saying anything about how his career develops, but it does indicate how truly outmatched he will be by the talent on this team.

Winner: PHI

C: Naim Baykurt (17.0 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 1.5 spg, 2.3 bpg) v Georgi Stoickkov (17.3 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 1.0 spg, 2.4 bpg)

OK, just based on stats, these two look to be just about evenly matched, right? If anything, Baykurt might have a slim advantage. Yet, there is a very big reason why I think that New York has the advantage here. That reason is size. Stoickkov has oodles of it. He is 7’4. I am going to repeat that for emphasis. He is 7’4. He also weighs in at just under 300 lbs, giving him both 7 inches and 60 lbs on Baykurt. Since he has the stamina to play 37 minutes per game for the Metros, I don’t see Baykurt matching up well.

Winner: NYM

Disclaimer: Take all of these frontcourt matchups with a grain of salt since our frontcourt rotation is pretty positionless.

Bench: Jody Jones, Nathan Nagid, Delvin Mouring v Rick Lyles, Mike Hopper, Nathaniel & Courtney Toney

Both teams run rotations that aren’t very deep—eight players and 9 players respectively. But Jody Jones and Nagid give the advantage to the Freedom, since they are able to put up real numbers and actively contribute to a W, while most of the Metros’ bench is just filler.


Prediction: Freedom in 7. They only were able to pull together 1 win against them during the regular season, and that is what worries me about this series. The playoffs are considered a whole different animal, and it’ll have to be if Philly wants to make it to the finals.


Game 1: PHI v NYM (Series tied 0-0):

Rowan Evans is going to be the difference-maker in this series. Either he plays well, and Philly wins, or he doesn’t and they lose. Tonight, Evans fouled out after 21 minutes of play, and they lost. Dobbins had 23 points and 18 boards. Baykurt scored 26, to go with 9 rebounds, but it fell short as Griffin had 40 points, 9 rebounds, 4 blocks and a pair of steals. Metros steal game 1: 119-102

Game 2: PHI v NYM (NYM leads 1-0):

Our crowd knows the importance of game two, and 20,444 fans inside the sold out Freedom Center made the building shake in support of our team. Oliver Dobbins put them on our back, and scored 27, with 14 boards. Evans had 16, despite poor (for him) shooting, and Jones also had 19 on 7 for 12. It was Evan’s defense that made some of the greatest difference, as he had five steals and force untold turnovers. We take back home court advantage: 117-110

Game 3: PHI @ NYM (Series tied 1-1):

Darius Keady took was the David to Zulu’s giant, scoring 30 and grabbing 10 rebounds in front of the 6’11 defensive big. Allen and Griffin were hot on his heels with 29 and 28, respectively. It was a game to forget from our side, as no player managed to reach 20 and only 6 made double figures. On the plus side, Natan Nagid returned and played 34 minutes. They win again: 134-104

Game 4: PHI @ NYM (NYM leads 2-1):

The best way to counteract the effects of a great crowd, like the one that the Metros enjoy, was to score… a lot. Evans led the way, gathering 29 points on 75% shooting, making all 3 three pointers, Harrington had 22, and Dobbins had 21. Evans continued to justify my prediction that this was his series, as he took over this game 136-121

No sweeps in this series. Only the Dallas-LA series is uneven, with Dallas leading 3-1.

Game 5: PHI v NYM (Series tied 2-2):

This is the game where we dominate, where we claim the series. It may not seem like it, but it is a must win for us. I don’t think that we can win game 6 away from home, so we need to do all we can to make sure we’re not the ones on the chopping block when it comes. Our crowd is preparing to rock the world with their energy and enthusiasm for our team, and we need every bit of it. Both teams fought for the lead at every corner of the floor, no team leading by more than 5 through any minute of it. But in the final moments of regulation, down by 3, it was the crowd who willed Harrington to make his floater, despite the foul. His free throw was a given, but the chants of ‘MVP, MVP’ made it all the sweeter. With the crowd behind us so strongly, the Metro’s showed their weariness in the extra period, and we took advantage, outscoring them 20-8. Baykurt led our team in scoring, playing 24 minutes off the bench—he had 28 points, 10 rebounds, a block and a steal (talk about using your time wisely). Dobbins and Evans were equally important to the team effort, both scoring 21 and contributing on the defensive end. It was Harrington who saved the team though. He had 20 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds, and a pair of steals. The final score read 128-116

No rest for the wicked after game five as Los Angeles managed to extend the series…

Game 6: PHI @ NYM (PHI leads 3-2):

The small forward spot was full of scoring, as Baykurt’s 41 and Keady’s 38 would attest to. Both of them had 13 rebounds, but Baykurt added a few blocks and 5 assists to his tally. The difference was, no one else really was able to make shots fall on our team, and the series goes the distance: 109-121

#2 Detroit and #1 Dallas advance to the Conference finals in 6 games, while Golden State and Portland are the other matchup to go the distance.

Game 7: PHI v NYM (Series tied 3-3):

If you’ve never been to a game 7, you wouldn’t understand the fervor that the crowd generates. Every time there was a score by the Freedom, you wouldn’t be able to hear it if a rock band had brought all there amps to 11 and started to play on the court. Yet, whenever a Metro would make a shot, someone all the way up in the nosebleeds would here it if the ref dropped a pin. Baykurt scored 34 and had 11 rebounds and 2 blocks. Zulu didn’t have a huge impact, but played hard-nose defense, had 7 boards, and made a few plays. 22 points from Evans was a huge help, and Nagid had 19. We dribble out the clock and move on, 125-119

On that final possession, no one was in their seats. Everyone was preparing to rush on court and congratulate someone. It took all the efforts of the security to make sure that the players could make it to their locker rooms. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt at seeing that 6 point lead. We had gone down big early, and slowly fought our way back into it. It was a dirty, tough, stressful game, and I am beyond glad it’s over.

Portland lost game 7 to #6 Golden State, who managed their second upset in their Cinderella journey through the playoffs.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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2012 Eastern Conference Finals: #1 Philadelphia v #2 Detroit

Matchup Preview:

Season Series: PHI 3 – DET 1

PG: Griffin Harrington (17.6 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 7.8 apg, 1.7 spg) v Kurtis Scholl (27.2 ppg, 3.2, 7.6 apg, 1.0 spg)

During the regular season, Kurtis Scholl wasn’t even close to contesting Harrington for a top spot on the list of the best PG’s in the league. But with Harrington’s decline through the first two rounds, and Scholl’s stepping up to take Detroit games over, this series will be a hot matchup between the two.

Winner: Draw

SG: Rowan Evans (18.7 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.8 spg) v Tadeusz Sbroczynksi (11.2 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 6.9 apg, .6 spg)

Rowan Evans has been surprising everyone with his consistently impressive play during the postseason so far, while Sbroczynksi hasn’t had a particularly praise-worthy month since the playoffs started. At 37, its reasonable to expect his play to start falling off, but we’ll have to keep in mind his experience in the matchup against Evans. Look for big numbers from Evans due to sub-par defense, and a decrease in steal numbers.

Winner: PHI

SF: Tengiz Tsulukidze (10.9 ppg, 7.1 rpg, 1.8 apg, 0.8 spg, 2.5 bpg) v Billy Wallace (15.7 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 3.4 apg, .7 spg, 1.2 bpg)

Zulu will be happy to face off against someone who approaches his size after having to deal with someone much smaller and quicker. He’s going to eat Billy up. Wallace isn’t a bad player, but Zulu is going to be hungry and there is little that he can do against someone as strong as Tengiz is.

Winner: PHI

PF: Oliver Dobbins (16.8 ppg, 8.9 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.1 spg, 1.5 bpg) v Nate Moore (19.7 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.7 spg, 2.8 bpg)

This is one of the most anticipated matchups of the series. It probably isn’t going to be that close, and it probably isn’t going to go our way, however. Moore is probably one of the top 3 PF’s in the game, and he plays like it. His efficiency isn’t spectacular, with a .500 FG% through the postseason, but he has an 80% stopping percentage on drives, and forces 2.4 TO’s per game. He is one of the League’s true two way players .

Winner: DET

C: Naim Baykurt (21.0 ppg, 8.6 prg, 1.5 apg, .7 spg, 1.6 bpg) v Reggie McAfee (14 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 2apg, 3 bpg)

McAfee has to show that he is truly healthy after missing most of the first and all of the second round of the playoff’s due to a broken finger. When healthy, he anchors the best frontcourt in the league, and will look to show it. Meanwhile Baykurt is riding peak form and will be looking to show dominance against a player just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Winner: Draw

Bench: Jody Jones, Natan Nagid, Delvin Mouring v Raymond Elloie, Ronell Wise, Donald Fox

Elloie is edging ever closer to the end of his career, but is still so good that when either McAfee or Moore step off for a spell, the Gears want for nothing. However, the rest of their bench isn’t so reliable. On Philly’s side. Nagid showed that he was back and ready to go after his late-season injury. He wasn’t particularly efficient, but could still showed he could do his thing.

Winner: Draw

Prediction: Toss-up in 7

I really can’t tell which of us will take this series in the end. If any of our players go off, the series is ours, possibly in less than 7 games, but I could also see Detroit slowing things down so much that we can’t beat them.


Game 1: PHI v DET (Series tied 0-0):

You’d think that at home, with four players scoring 20 points apiece, we would be pretty safe about taking a win in this game, right? Nope. In fact, it wasn’t particularly close. That all came down to rebounds. Remember me saying the Gears had the best front court in the league? Well they used that size to outrebound ups by a margin of 15!  Meanwhile, Griff Harrington had 9 rebounds, a team high. Also, apparently my coach likes Jones more than Evans, because he started tonight. Both did very well, but Evans’ performance definitely made me a believer of him over Jones. He went 8 for 11 (getting 22 points), had 3 rebounds (2 more than Jones), 4 assists (3 more than Jones), and a steal (1 more than Jones). But Ah well. Back to the drawing board for game 2 as we go down 121-136.

Game 2: PHI v DET (DET leads 1-0):

A 10 point loss puts us on the road and down 2-0. Evans started, and while he gave a subpar performance, so did almost everyone else. Zulu had 15 points, and 12 rebounds, but did little else, Dobbins had 19 and 5 steals, but turned the ball over 5 times, Baykurt managed 28 points, but missed 8 free throws. As a team, we shoot a terrible 36% and go 1 for nine from behind the arc (Evans made our only 3). Detroit takes us down 118-108.

The Rangers lead against the Spartans 2-0, going to Golden State for the next two.

Game 3: PHI @ DET (DET leads 2-0):

This game is must win for us, as I cannot recall any team winning four in a row after going down 3-0. And we cannot pull it off. Scholl schorches Harrington for 29 points, and the best we can offer back is 20 from Baykurt and 19 from Evans. Their efforts were negated by 22 from Moore and a 11 rebound margin for the Gears as they trounce us by 13, 126-113.

Game 4: PHI @ DET (DET leads 3-0):

By this point in the series, I’ve essentially given up any hope of moving on, yet the team wasn’t content to just roll over and let them win. Bykurt went for 29 points, while Griff Harrington was the story of the match, going 10 for 17, making 6 of 7 free throws, scoring 27, and piling on 10 dimes. He finally looked like his regular season self, and we only let the Gears lead by a single point 3 times over the course of the game where we led by as much as 23. Final result: 123-104!

Game 5: PHI v DET (DET leads 3-1):

3 more wins left to take the series. I know that I’m kidding myself if I believe we can do it, but I can’t make myself let go of that hope. Baykurt scored 39 and managed to keep my hopes alive! The crowd came to the game a little dreary. They knew that the Gears were, in all likelihood, going to take this game, and they were dreading having them celebrate on our home floor. But at the end of the first half, up by 14, the crowd realized that it wasn’t yet our time to die, and once we took back the floor, they seemed to get louder with every possession, trying to will us back into the series. Harrington was having so much fun that he forgot to score the ball. He miss all four shots he took, and promptly gave up and started passing instead. He managed to acquire 13 shiny new dimes for his collection. Evans scored 23, showing off his ungodly efficiency, and the whole team was laughing like maniacs as we took home our second win of the series, 132-105!

Game 6: PHI @ DET (DET leads 3-2):

Everybody and their grandmother knew that the Palace of the Auburn Hills was going to be a terrifying place for this game six. Motor City looked at us and believed that if we were able to take game six, and go back home for game 7, they would be toast. We would have too much momentum and to excited a crowd to lose. So they made it their business to win this game at all costs. But Rowan Evans told the world—and did it twice—that we weren’t afraid of them, that under no circumstances would we back down, and that this game was ours. And it was, even before it started. Yes it looked close through the first half, with Detroit even getting a 9 point lead for a while and going into the 3rd with a nickel for a lead. But that magical 3rd quarter came along and I couldn’t leave my seat to get a drink of water if I was dying of thirst. Evans finished the game with 43 points on 16 of 24 shooting, going 7 for 8 from deep, and gathering 8 rebounds and a pair of blocks. Harrington was back on point, scoring 21, dishing 17 dimes (mostly to Evans) and pilfering his way to four steals. We take our third win in a row to even the series and go Home for game 7, 123-104!

Game 7: PHI v DET (Series tied 3-3):

I almost couldn’t bring myself to attend the game. I didn’t want to see the magic of the last 6 days die. If we lost, I wasn’t sure how I’d react. Eventually, thinking of all the players I would let down if I didn’t show, I forced myself into the car, and drove to the stadium, arriving only an hour early. And I regretted it almost immediately. Detroit made a huge push that silenced the crowd. When the half-time buzzer sounded, we were only a few points in the hole, after giving up an 11-0 run and pushing back, but the court was so quiet that people in the nosebleeds heard it when the PA announcer sneezed into his sleeve (and away from his mike). While the crowd was busy being depressed, the locker was filled with thunder, fire, and brimstone. Coach Jones made it absolutely clear that this wasn’t a game that we were allowed to lose. That even if we suffered 11 injuries, that one last person was going to win us this game. The third quarter wasn’t the magical thing of the last game, but a tiresome, grinding battle to even the score. But even it we did. That gave us the momentum to push through the 4th and take a 13 point lead to win the game and advance to the NBA finals, 116-103.


The Rangers-Spartans series went the distance as well, but Dallas righted their ship and advanced to the finals, with 3 players pushing 30 points, 139-112.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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NBA Finals 2012! #1 Philadelphia Freedom (63-19) vs #1 Dallas Rangers (67-15)

Matchup Preview:

Season Series: PHI 2 – DAL 0

PG: Griffin Harrington (17.0 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 8.5 apg, 1.5 spg) v G Brown (19.6 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 6.4 apg, 0.9 spg)

Brown isn’t listed as a PG, and has been averaging more than 3.5 TO’s per game, but used a 57% field goal percentage through the first three round of the postseason to post a 22.2 Efficiency, topping Harrington’s 19.5. He is also one of the best at preventing opposing guards from gaining any penetration into the paint, stopping more than 90% of drive attempts. At this point, all Harrington really has on him is his ability to read passing lanes, on both Offense and Defense, for steals and dimes.

Winner: DAL

SG: Rowan Evans (20.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 1.6 apg, 1.2 spg) v Corey Akins (21.1 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 5.6 apg, 0.6 spg)

Evans’ efficiency went down slightly in the last series, but he also took 50 shots on his way to 101 points over the last four games. If Philly wins, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy became the first Rookie to win the Finals MVP. Yet, his matchup is a superb scorer and the matchup will be tight.

Winner: Draw

SF: Tengiz Tsulukidze (10.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.4 apg, 0.8 spg, 2.9 bpg) v Lamont Hedrick (15.7 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 3.4 apg, .7 spg, 1.2 bpg)

Hendrick, a 6’8 PF, is one of the best in the league, but his playoff stats against the superb defenses have been pretty underwhelming. Neither his defense nor offense is very flashy, though he knows what he is doing. Since he isn’t really a big part of the offense for Dallas, I expect to see Zulu ready and able to shut him down, and perhaps do something on the other end.

Winner: PHI

PF: Oliver Dobbins (16.2 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 1.4 apg, 1.8 spg, 1.6 bpg) v Francisco Fuentes (16.5 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 2.2 apg, 1.2 spg, 0.8 bpg)

Oliver Dobbins has just come off a favorable performance against a much better player than Fuentes, is going to have an easy series, expect him to get a little more offensive focus than in the past few rounds.

Winner: PHI

C: Naim Baykurt (21.8 ppg, 7.7 prg, 1.2 apg, 0.8 spg, 1.7 bpg) v Kevin Murphy (19.1 ppg, 10.4 rpg, 1.2 apg, 2.2 spg, 1.9 bpg)

Murphy is arguably the best player for the Rangers, and will look to exert his dominance over Baykurt. He has 20 lbs on him, and several years of experience. An All-Star starter usually doesn’t have too much to worry about a guy that wasn’t even in the running for a reserve spot. I think that Baykurt will be distinctly outmatched, but don’t count him out.

Winner: DAL

Bench: Jody Jones, Natan Nagid, Nate Thornton v Ernest Hargrove, Jerome Horan, Juhan Vasiliauskas

Dallas runs an incredibly shallow rotation, because only Hargrove is able to really produce much off of the bench, averaging 7.8 pts and 4.8 rebounds in 20 minutes of play, whereas Nagid and Jones have been in and out of the starting lineup throughout the season, and have each spelled the starters during the playoffs. Thornton has also adequately produced during Philly’s run.

Winner: PHI

Prediction: PHI in 6

Philly is incredibly grateful that Portland lost in the second round, and didn’t come out of the West, and is instead fighting the 1 seed. This is an easier matchup for them, but if Murphy stomps all over Baykurt, or the guard matchup is too overpowering they can definitely steal a match or two more and bring the series to 7 games and possibly win.

Game 1: PHI @ DAL (Series tied 0-0):

It’s the finals. The finals attract the strongest, biggest, loudest crowds, and the arena is deafening. Dallas rode that, the decibels helping them to a 57.5% conversion clip. We outrebounded them by 2 boards, but that wasn’t going to make a big difference. Harrington had 21 and 9 dimes, with a pair of steals and 3 blocks, but we couldn’t do it. Corey Akins had 30 points, 7 dimes, 2 boards, and a steal on the way to Dallas’ 118-102 victory.

Game 2: PHI @ DAL (DAL leads 1-0):

17 points and 14 dimes from Harrington lead us past the Rangers in game 2. We hold them to a 36.1% shooting percentage, with a 9 rebound margin. Akins was held to only 7 points, while 7 Freedom players were in double digits (Harrington, 17; Zulu, 16 (and 10 boards and 5 blocks); Dobbins, 15p, 9r, 3s, 2b; Baykurt, 15; Nagid, 14p, 10r; Evans 11; Jones, 11). Even 21 points from Fuentes wasn’t enough to pull Dallas out of the hole as they look at a 3 game road trip where we can take the series, losing 87-104.

Game 3: PHI v DAL (Series tied 1-1):

Until today, most pundits would give the Playoffs MVP (if we won) to Evans or Baykurt, but Harrington wants to outshine everyone with his finals performance. Today he scored 50 points for the first time in his career, totaling 54 on the night. But that wasn’t even close to all. He had 11 dimes, 3 steals, 5 boards, and one of the most spectacular blocks of the night. Evans performed well, tallying 22, to go with 5 boards of his own. Akins had 30, but no one could stop Harrington, and that cost Dallas game 3, 109-124.

Game 4: PHI v DAL (PHI leads 2-1):

Baykurt won’t give up his MVP chances without a fight, as he scores 31 and grabs 12 boards, yet Harrington was just as good, scoring 27, with 14 dimes as we continue to drown the Rangers. It’s beginning to look like they don’t really have any chance, as we pull down a 23 point win 103-80.

Game 5: PHI v DAL (PHI leads 3-1):

No team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals, but if Dallas wins here, they get the next two games at home, and might be able to pull it off. That chance is slim, but it could happen. What Philly fans are really worried about is that they won’t be able to see the Championship celebration on their home floor, so they are going all out tonight. The atmosphere at halftime was amazing. We were up by 8, and it looked like we could just ride it out to a game 5 celebration in the City of Brotherly Love, but we couldn’t pull it off. They evened the game by the end of the third, and pulled out a similar margin in the final period, with the crowd getting quieter each time the ball went into the basket.

Game 6: PHI @ DAL (PHI leads 3-2):

Losing the finals on your home court is honestly one of the worst experiences in the world of basketball fandom, and the Dallas crowd was trying to avoid that with every iota of their energy. They helped the team power their way to a 30-22 lead at the end of the first, and pushed for a few more points by halftime, where they led 70-60. By this point the crowds at the Philadelphia viewing party’s were screaming 3 words. “F--- the Ref’s!” They had called more fouls on us than we had taken foul shots, and they were making them at an almost 80% clip. We cut their lead to 6 at the beginning of the final period, but they pushed back out, commanding a 12 point victory to even the series and bring a 3-1 finals comeback within reach. We lose 117-129.

Game 7: PHI @ DAL (Series tied 3-3):

This has to be the craziest postseason ever. We expectedly rip apart Indiana in the first round, go the distance with New York in the second, fall 3-0 to Detroit before rallying for a game 7 victory, and Dallas is pushing back from a 3-1 deficit to force a game 7. And what a game 7 it was. Ahead by one at the end of the first, we push the lead out to 2 by the end of the half. We even commanded a 12 margin before they pushed back in the third, leading by 4. They pull away in the fourth and win 115-108. After watching the game, I wasn’t mad or disappointed, just shocked. We had a 3-1 lead and blew it, Portland Trail Blazers style, as George Brown went for 37, and Baykurt answered for 34. I suppose that all of the NBA conspiracy theorists will look at the free throw margin (which was spectacular) and point to that as evidence of rigging, but I think it just shows that they wanted it more. Our team is incredibly inexperienced, with our eldest starter only a 4th year player. It worked wonders for our salary cap, but didn’t let us win.

The 2011-2012 NBA Champions are the Dallas Rangers!

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Lottery Chances:

Miami: 1.1%

New York: 2.0%

Los Angeles ®: 3.5%

Washington: 4.1%

Seattle: 6.1%

Dallas: 6.7%

Chicago: 9.8%

Orlando: 9.9%

San Antonio: 14.7%

Seattle: 18.7%

Milwaukee: 23.3%


Pick 11: Miami Burn (0)

Pick 10: New York Metros (0)

Pick 9: Los Angeles Riders (0)

Pick 8: Washington Americans (0)

Pick 7: Seattle Speed (0)

Pick 6: Chicago (-1)

The champions are moving up in the lottery! WTF

Pick 5: San Antonio (-2)

Pick 4: Milwaukee (-3)


Pick 3: Dallas (+3) I am starting to believe the Rigging theory.

Pick 2: Seattle (0)

Pick 1: Orlando (+3)


MVP: Shaun Horan, SF for the Utah Blues (31.5 ppg, 6.7 apg, 6.8 rpg, 1.9 spg, 0.9 bpg)

DPOY: Justin Toxey, PG for the Portland Pioneers (25.3 ppg, 8.4 apg, 4.3 rpg, 3.5 spg, 0.0 bpg)

Sixth Man: John Paben, SG for the Los Angeles Waves (14.6 ppg, 4.9 apg, 3.4 rpg, 0.7 spg, 0.0 bpg)

Rookie of the Year: McEverett Woods, PF for the New York Metros (10.4 ppg, 1.6 apg, 6.7 rpg, 1.5 spg, 3.8 bpg)

Coach of the Year: Shyrone McMaster, POR (65-17)


All League 1st team:

PG: Justin Toxey, POR

SG: Romaine Rodenbach, IND

SF: Shaun Horan, UTA

PF: Cory Alexander, GSS

C: Kevin Murphy, DAL


All League 2nd team:

PG: Marcus Alexander, MIA

SG: Corey Akins, DAL

SF: Skott Stukes, WAS

PF: Josh Angeli, BKN

C: Georgi Stoickkov, NYM


All League 3rd team:

PG: Griffin Harrington, PHI

SG: Darius Keady, NYM

SF: Ramaz Artsruni, PHO

PF: Barry Jones, BOS

C: Bratislav Pauk, CLE


All Defense 1st team:

PG Justin Toxey, POR

SG Darius Keady, NYM

SF Shaun Horan, UTA

PF: Tengiz Tsulukidze, PHI

C: Kevin Murphy, DAL


All Defense 2nd team:

PG: Dennis Thomas, DEN

SG: Vernon Whitefield, IND

SF: Ramaz Artsruni, PHO

PF: McEverett Woods, NYM

C: Georgi Stoickkov, NYM


All Rookie 1st team:

PG: Brandon Hemsley, BOS

SG: Jody Jones, PHI

SF: Boyd Gurley, POR

PF: McEverett Woods, NYM

C: Tyler Popp, WAS


All Rookie 2nd team:

PG: Alan Smith, CLE

SG: DuJuan Stewart, HOU

SF: Rowan Evans, PHI

PF: Justin Maye, MIL

C: Lou Reyes, CHI


I would have thought that I would have gotten a tiny bit more All-NBA recognition, but I agree with just about everything else. Except for the DPOY award. That dude didn’t have a block all year. That should automatically preclude him from the award… Oh well.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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The Los Angeles Riders are moving to San Diego, to the new San Diego arena.


The owner was pleased with my performance this season, and I promise him another trip to the finals, this time, with a win. I tell him that were going to stay outside of the tax, and he is excited to see what we can do and not worried about how much we spend.


No coaches get extensions, the assistants need a championship to prove their worth, and Jones still has 2 years left on his deal.


Mock Draft:

1 – Orlando: Justin Wells (20 y/o, 6-5, 208, SF from Arizona)

2 – Seattle: Robert Radl (20 y/o, 6-4, 178, PG from ULCA)

3 – Dallas: Heddick Keyes (19 y/o, 6-11, 276, C from High School)

4 – Milwaukee: Colin Edwards (19 y/o, 6-3, 191, PG from High School)

5 – San Antonio: David Lopez (20 y/o, 6-4, 170, PG from Creighton)

6 – Chicago: Mark Wynn (20 y/o, 6-3, 160, PG from Texas Tech)

7 – Seattle: Bradley Green (21 y/o, 6-7, 212, SG from Michigan St)

8 – Washington: Xavier West (18 y/o, 6-4, 218, SG from High School)

9 – San Diego: Mike Anderson (21 y/o, 6-11, 253, PF from Kansas St)

10 – New York: Carl Regis (19 y/o, 6-7, 206, SF from Santa Clara)

11 – Miami: Riley Monroe (21 y/o, 6-5, 190, SG from Wake Forest)



I trade Jody Jones for Milwaukee’s #4 pick because I really like Edwards and I think that he is an amazing backup to Harrington who can become a top 5 PG in his own right one day.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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2012 Draft:

#1: Orlando Mystics: Justin Wells

If Orlando didn’t take Wells here, I would have flipped. He is a tier above almost everyone else, is NBA ready, and has All-Star Potential.

Trade: San Antonio send #5 pick to Philadelphia for Delvin Mouring.

Delvin was a decent player and playmaker, but here are so many better people at that position this year. It was an easy trade for me.

#2: Seattle Speed: Bradley Green

He may have gone really early here at number 2, but I think that he is a very serviceable shooting guard. However, if I were them, I would have waited until the other pick since he would likely still on the board then, as he was put there on the mock draft.

Trade: Detroit send #50 to Philadelphia for Rob Thomas

Also an easy trade. It opens up the cap space for me to get someone and also provides me with another pick in the second round.

#3: Dallas Rangers: Steve Martin

Not a good defensive player, can’t rebound, and probably about 8 picks high.

#4: Philadelphia Freedom: Colin Edwards

#5: Philadelphia: Carl Regis

#6: Chicago Bison: Heddick Keyes

#7: Seattle Speed: Riley Monroe

#8: Washington Americans: Mike Anderson

#9: San Diego Riders: David Burke

Locker room poison… Also not really that big or strong

#10: New York Metros: Xavier West

Masterful shooter.

#11: Miami Burn: Demond Pugh

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Summer League Summary:
Colin Edwards was pretty good during summer league, showing he had some ability. Carl Regis is quite raw, but is showing oodles of potential. TJ Jones isn’t earning a second contract, but Emerson Souza, a Center who played for Golden state most of last season, is looking like he would be able to earn a contract if he wants it.

Top 10 Free Agents

Kevin Murphy
Barry Jones
Doc Timmons
Jeffery Baker
Kurtis Scholl
George Brown (RFA)
Billy Wallace
Tyrone Dudley
Justin Toxey
Stevie Perine

I offer 40 mill over 4 years to Nagid, Zulu and Baykurt, my Mid Level exception to Emerson Souza, and my Low Exception to Ron Scholl.
The first signing returns Barry Jones to the Irish for 5 years, on a deal worth almost $80 million.
George Brown agrees to a $51.6 million offer sheet from the Gears, but as an RFA, Dallas has the ability to match it.
Darius Keady goes to the Americans for 4 years, earning $47 million on the way.
Toxey re-signed with the Pioneers, earning just about $80 mill over 5 years.
Due to a contract offered by San Antonio, I offer Baykurt a new deal worth $61 million over 5 years.
Dallas Matches George Brown’s offer sheet, and Baykurt accepted my $60 mill offer.
Both Nagid and Zulu resign.
I sign 31 y/o SG Clay Holland to a 1 year deal on my MLE.
Jeff Baker goes back to the Bison for $61 million.
Cain Allen accepts New York’s’ tender offer.
I sign PG Dennis Bailey on my LLE and am Done.

Meet your 2012-2013 ‘Revenge’ Philadelphia Freedom:
PG: Griffin Harrington
SG: Rowan Evans
SF: Tengiz ‘Zulu’ Tsulukidze
PF: Oliver ‘Dobby’ Dobbins
C: Naim Baykurt
6: Clay Holland
7: Colin Edwards
8: Natan Nagid
9: Dennis Bailey
10: Nate Thornton
11: Steve Roberson

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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Season Preview

Top 5 players
Shaun Horan (UTA), Cory Alexander (GSS), Kevin Murphy (DAL), Scott Stukes (WAS), Barry Jones (BOS)
Best by Position:
PG: John Moore (SAC), SG: Marcus Griffin (NYM), SF: Shaun Horan (UTA), PF: Cory Alexander (GSS), C: Kevin Murphy (DAL)
1. Boston
2. New York
3. Philadelphia
4. Orlando
5. Detroit
Last: Indiana
1. Dallas
2. Golden State
3. Michigan
4. Sacramento
5. Utah
Last: Phoenix

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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October 31, @ Washington (0-0): L 108-116
Baykurt was pulled out of the game after only 8 minutes of play, for an unknown reason. After the game, he railed against the coach to the media. Evans had 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists and Dobbins scored 23 to go with 3 steals and 5 rebounds. Harrington had 8 points, 12 dimes, 7 boards, 3 steals, and 2 blocks, but we fail to get the win, allowing 39 points and 11 boards from Scott Stukes. I refuse comment with the media on Baykurt, but in the morning, I call up coach, and ask him to play Baykurt a bit more.

Record: 0-1

November 1, @ Orlando (0-0): W 119-112
Griffin Harrington went off for 28 points, 13 dimes, and 4 rebounds against the Mystics, and Baykurt, moved to a slightly more natural SF position, had 21 points and 9 rebounds. We had 10 points from Edwards, who did little else while on the court for six minutes, though he had an assist and steal. #1 pick Justin Wells had 2 points and 5 rebounds in 12 minutes of play, shooting poorly to go 1 for 5.

Record: 1-1

November 4, vs Washington (1-1): W 123-99
We get a revenge win behind 29 points from Oliver Dobbins, who also had 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Harrington had 23 points and 11 dimes, to go with 5 rebounds and a pair of steals. Evans had 15 points, six, assists, and 4 rebounds on 6 of nine shooting. Darius Keady came off the bench for 15 points in 30 minutes, while Stukes had 43 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 blocks.

Record: 2-1

November 6, @ Brooklyn (2-1): 123-105
We beat Tyrone Dudley and his 21 points with a 30 point, 16 assist trip by Harrington. Baykurt had 21 points and 6 rebounds, after Zulu fouled out with only 10 minutes of play. Evans made 5 of 6 on his way to 15 points and 5 rebounds. Nagid had 12 and 7 boards, while Dobbins topped all but Harrington with his 18 points. 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Record: 3-1

November 7, vs Detroit (2-2): W 145-112
A big win against the team that almost eliminated us in the Semi-finals (albeit a gutted version). Dobbins had 27 points, 5 rebounds, 5 blocks and 3 steals, while Baykurt also scored 27, but had 7 rebounds and 3 dimes. Evans has 19 points, six rebounds and 2 steals, Zulu had 15 points, 9 boards, and 4 blocks, and Harrington topped the starting lineup off with 14 points, six rebounds, a steal, a block and 18 dimes. That isn’t to discount Nagid’s contribution of 19 points, 9 boards, 3 dimes, and 2 steals.

Record: 4-1

November 11, vs Cleveland (1-4): W 110-96
Dobbins had 18 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 4 steals on the way to our 14 point trouncing of the Knights. Harrington had 17 points and 7 dimes, while Rowan scored 19. Zulu had 14 points and 8 boards, while Baykurt had 14 and 9.

Record: 5-1

November 12, @ New York (6-1): W 117-100
The most famous arena in the world wasn’t going to stop Griff Harrington, who had 22 points, 7 dimes, 5 rebounds and a block against the Metros. Zulu was directly matched up against McEverett Woods and taught him what the NBA was about, holding him to 0 points in 28 minutes. He also had 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Marcus Griffin was best for the Metros, scoring 29 points and garnering 5 dimes, and 3 steals.

Record: 6-1

November 15, vs Dallas (5-2): L 116-110
Rowan Evans sprained his toe in practice on the 13th, keeping him out of the starting lineup, and limiting him to 15 minutes of play. Clay Holland started in his place, and had 13 points, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds. Harrington had 33 points and 11 dimes, to go with 3 blocks and 2 steals, but it wasn’t enough as Fuentes led the Rangers to a 6 point victory with 31 points, four boards, and 3 steals.

Record: 6-2

Standing: 2nd East (1 GB)

2013 Draft Class preview:
1. Jefferson Andrews, 6-7, 203, SF, SO Arizona (19.1 ppg, 3.3 apg, 5.7 rpg)
2. Orlando Thomas, 6-1, 185, PG, High School (29.6 ppg, 13.0 apg, 11.2 rpg, 2.3 spg)
3. Elton Jones, 6-9, 267, C, High School (14.7 ppg, 16.0 rpg)
4. J.B. Linderman, 6-10, 239 PF, SO Missouri (18.8 ppg, 9.5 rpg)
5. Roberto Marshall, 7-4, 270, SO Xavier (18.4 ppg, 5.6 apg, 13.9 rpg, 2.4 bpg)

A well represented top five. Not a great draft to be looking for an SG, as the first one is down at 11. Latvia has 2 international players listed at spots 6 and 7, I wonder how they will do. This has the potential to be a really deep draft, though only really in the offensive talent category.

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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November 18, @ San Diego (4-6): W 127-98
Griffin Harrington led the way with 22 points, 12 dimes, 5 boards a block, and 3 steals, while Baykurt had the most points, with 27 and also putting up 6 boards, a steal and a block. Evans was still taking it easy, and had 4 points in 12 minutes (going 2-2), while Clay Holland had 18 in his spot. Dobbins had 19 points, 11 boards, 4 steals and 4 blocks. Luka Borstner led the Rider’s losing effort with 22 points.

Record: 7-2

November 19, @ Golden State (2-5): W 133-129
Evans made it back into the starting lineup had had 11 points on 3 of five shooting, playing 25 minutes. Harrington continued to show that this was his team, scoring 33 points, with 11 dimes and 4 boards, while also gathering a pair of pilfers. Baykurt had 30 points and 7 boards, to go with a pair of blocks and Dobbins was his usual self, scoring 24, to go with 11 boards, 5 dimes, 4 steals, and 2 blocks. Edwards had 7 points, 7 dimes, and 5 boards, plus a steal, as he previews his ability to gather triple-doubles.

Record: 8-2

Philadelphia Receive:
C Thomas Havens (Miami)
2013 2nd Round Pick (Chicago)

Chicago Receive:
PF Tengiz Tsulukidze (Philadelphia)
PG Dennis Bailey (Philadelphia)

Miami Receive:
C Jeffery Baker (Chicago)

Winner: Philadelphia let go of Tsulukidze, who had a spectacular season last year, averaging more than four blocks per game. But, in the first ten games of the season, he fell to ‘only’ 2.1 blocks a game. Philadelphia was paying him almost $10 million a year to be the defensive anchor for the team, but it was becoming increasingly evident that Dobbins had took that role from him. So they acquired Thomas Havens, whose defensive prowess is evident (1.1 stl, 2.8 blk), and also is a good rebounder, only slightly south of the 10 rebound per game milestone. Bailey's career seems to be going nowhere fast, and Miami's center situation does improve slightly, at least on the offensive end.

I turn around to free agency and pick up 2 players for min contracts, and have also cut about 2 mill in salary.

November 21, @ Los Angeles (6-5): W 107-95
Naim Baykurt was killer tonight, with 21 points, 8 boards, 3 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks. Havens’ first game with us gave him quite a few opportunities to show how he’ll fit in, and 17 points, and 9 rebounds say that he should. Harrington had 23 points, and 7 dimes. Doc Timmons was the Waves’ best player tonight, with 16 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 steals, and 6 dimes in the loss.

Record: 9-2

November 22, @ Portland (9-1): W 112-95
This game was precisely the reason I brought Tomas Havens in. Harrington led the team in scoring with 26 points, also gathering 7 assists, 6 boards, 2 blocks and 3 steals. I even will forgive his 9 TO’s because he was facing off with the reigning DPOY. Dobbins had 4 blocks, 3 steals, 14 rebounds, and 20 points, while Baykurt and Havens didn’t put up too many points. However they were good on the other side of the floor. Havens had 9 rebounds and 5 blocks, while Baykurt had 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks. Edwards had 16 points, 3 steals, an assist, and 5 boards tonight.

Record: 10-2

November 24, @ Utah (8-2): W 123-113
Clay Holland regained a starter’s spot, but Evans moved to the Small Forward position, but tonight’s story is held within the following 2 statlines. #1: 35 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals. #2 20 points, 2 assists, 12 rebounds, 4 steals, 8 blocks. If you guessed that statline #1 belonged to Harrington and that statline #2 belonged to Dobby, you would be right. Baykurt was benched for the game, and had 15 points and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes.

Record: 11-2

November 26, vs New York (11-3): L 115-107
Harrington had 5 assists, and 4 rebounds, 2 steals, a block, and 24 points. Evans had 16 points and 5 boards. Dobbins had 18 and 10, with 3 dimes, and 2 steals. But we were shut down by the Metros, one of the only teams to outrebound us in a game, and Marcus Griffin, who had 20 points, 7 dimes, 6 boards, a block and a pair of pilfers.

Record: 11-3

November 28, vs Washington (3-13): W 128-84
Games like this make me feel sorry for Scott Stukes. He’s an All Star MVP, last season, earned an All-league 2nd team spot, but is now on the worst team in the East. Darius Keady is now earnestly regretting jumping ship from New York to play with the Americans* (I do not know if NY even offered him an extension during Free Agency), as his 33 points and 12 rebounds are demonstrated to be insufficient against our team. Tomas Havens had 28 points and 17 rebounds in our 44 point rout, also tallying 2 blocks and a steal. Dobbins was benched due to a sore calf, but still managed 17 points in 15 minutes, while Evans had 16 points, 5 rebounds, a steal and 2 blocks, Harrington had 25 points, 12 dimes, 6 rebounds, a steal and 3 blocks, and Baykurt had 16 points, 11 rebounds, a steal and 2 blocks. (Seeing the pattern there?)

Record: 12-3

Standing: 2nd East (.5 GB)

League Leaders:
Points: Cory Alexander, GSS, 36.8 ppg
Rebounds: Chris Shelton, SEA, 13.5 rpg
Assists: Griffin Harrington, PHI, 10.7 apg
Blocks: McEverett Woods, NYM, 3.7 bpg
Steals: Nick Porter, MIL*, 3.5 spg
Efficiency: Shaun Horan, UTA, 34.0
*Stevie Perine recorded 6 steals in the first game of the season, before breaking a wrist, which will keep him out until Christmas

Rookie Leaders:
Points: David Burke, SDR, 12.3
Assists: Robert Radl, IND, 4.9
Rebounds: Paris Carroll, HOU, 6.0
Blocks: Lamond Woods, DAL, 1.6
Steals: Bradley Green, SEA, 1.6
Efficiency: Bradley Green, SEA, 13.6
This is a pretty poor draft class in terms of immediate NBA talent. In a few years, however, I think that the rawest players will start to emerge as star talent down the road.

Player of the Month: Cory Alexander, GSS (36.8 ppg, 1.1 apg, 12.4 rpg, 1.1 spg, .3 bpg, PER: 30.8)
Rookie of the Month: David Burke, SDR (12.3 ppg, 1.3 apg, 5.0 rpg, .5 spg, .6 bpg, PER: 18.7)

My projects:


Saving the Sonics - NBA basketball Dynasty (Fantasy Players)


Football World 2013 - Data editing a new world for fantasy soccer simulations


PCF International - International Pro Basketball (Real Players)


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