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New features

Premium and free plan
We're now introducing a forever free plan to Game Plan Hockey Manager! This free plan will have some limitations to it that can be lifted by signing up for a Premium plan. This means that there are two different plans playing this game; Free and Premium. Limited trials are removed. All current subscriptions will automatically be changed to a Premium plan and same terms of payment and subscription will apply. Any special offer subscription $1.99 will still be honored.

See our pricing page for complete plan coverage and what limitations that apply.        

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Reworked computer trading AI.
  • Reworked player trade values (less excellent trade values).
  • Reworked player reputation. Relative within league (less superstars in leagues).
  • Improved assistant's advice when receiving a trade offer.
  • Board veto. A trade can now be rejected by the board if ruled bad enough.
  • Players on their first year of contract can no longer be put on waivers.
  • Team player records are now available from team page's history tab
  • Affiliate team may once again be customised (premium only)
  • Jersey preview when changing player number
  • An opponent's player contracted role is now available by scouting
  • Update of start new career guide. One click start.
  • Adjustment on endurance loss during games.
  • Injuries will now heal extra between seasons.
  • Any pending trade offer made by a human manager is automatically canceled if the manager resigns
  • Goalie performance is now available from dropdown goalie cards.
  • Now possible to load archived chat messages
  • Fixed bug where affiliate team did not move up or down when team promoted or relegated
  • Fixed bug where regular season performance was shown on playoff stats
  • Fixed bug where an offered extension did not cancel/reject when the player was released.
  • Various performance updates
  • Various layout fixes

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I would have liked to have seen something like suggested with the UFA's (ability to limit, say I only want 1 forward .... out of 5 other forwards I'm trying to sign)
paired with the waiver news, but overall good stuff.

Edited by PT101

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