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Buzzer SEASON 10 GHL Awards

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Congratulations to everyone on an epic Season 10! 

I have been doing these awards for Cage for a few seasons now, and I am going to import them into Buzzer, to recognize the outstanding players and performances we have season over season. Input is welcome on Buzzer-specific awards or anything else.

I am making a judgement call on a couple of the awards and attempted to be transparent as to formulas - but feel free to discuss.



Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP):

NIKITA MINEYEV (Vermilion Black Devils) - 12W 2L / 2.04GAA / 92.8SV% / 1SO


GHL East Champion: VERMILION BLACK DEVILS (Alexander Rasputin)

GHL West Champion: WARMAN FIGHTERS (Wick Schozen)


Manager of the Year: Insera Reflex (Frost Giants) - 2nd place in Eastern Conference, playoff Conference Final first season after promotion



ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points)

AWALE PRUDHOMME (New Haven Ramblers) - 93 points     

Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx)

Simon Mineault (Outlaws)


OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer)

BOLESLAV ZIBRIN (Wyoming Lynx) - 51 goals (New league record)             

Pavel Statnik (Frost Giants)

Veijo Janhunen (Foresters)


GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) 

JEAN-FRANCOIS MALONE (Hamilton Sea Warriors) / JASON MELLOR (Warman Fighters) - 54 assists        

Simon Mineault (Outlaws)

Kyrylo Voloshyn (Lynx)


VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender)

AHTO KNUUTILA (Warman Fighters)               

Arnaud Belle-Lagrenade (Frost Giants)

Nikita Mineyev (Black Devils)


ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman)

NICKOLAS MCCOLLOUGH (Harrow Hawks) - 74 points                        


NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman)

MICHAEL BUXTON (McMurphy Golden Eagles)                       


  • ORR - Points leader among defencemen

  • NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D-men¬†[+/- + BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration¬†


SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward)

YANIS CHAMBERS (New Haven Ramblers)                   

Jamie Coursol (Buccaneers)

Dustin Karacan (Hawks)


  • Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA] Hits and +/- also relevant.


LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player)

PAVEL STATNIK (Fairford Frost Giants) - 86 points / 2 PIM              

Sylvain Monciau-Desormeaux (Frost Giants)

Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx)


  • Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM]



 AWALE PRUDHOMME (New Haven Ramblers)   

 Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx)

 Pavel Statnik (Frost Giants)



PETER RINGBOM (McMurphy Golden Eagles) - 64 points

Martin Oravec (Frost Giants)

Dmitry Mandrykin (Black Devils)



JESSE MAILLE-MAYER (Blenheim Pirates) -  92 giveaways (New league record)


NEWTON AWARD (Highest Plus/Minus)

JACHYM PAULIAK (Warman Fighters) / SANDRO KOCH (Vermilion Black Devils) / LOUKAS GADSBY (Vermilion Black Devils) -  + 58 


ANTI-NEWTON AWARD (Lowest Plus/Minus)

JESSE MAILLE-MAYER (Blenheim Pirates) - -114



GARY AUCOIN (Batchawana Tornadoes)

(Most Hits + PIM + MP)



ZIKMUND BOWMAN (Metairie Buccaneers/Mississauga Movement) - 40 years old, 41W, 2.84 GAA, 90.2 SV%

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