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Rays mid-season block

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A trade block, in 3 parts

First part are vets that of course don't fit any long term plans. Willing to retain as necessary, and even with retention I don't need much back prospect wise. These dudes are virtually free

SP Chad Jenkins - 7-2, 3.12 ERA for us last year in 12 outings, K/9 is up, BB/9 is down, but getting BABIP plus has had an issue keeping the ball in the park. Could be a great flyer if you need a 5th/6th SP
RP Mark Melancon - will retain all 4 mil for a pedestrian spec back
SP Tyrell Jenkins - Rated better than he pitches, could find lightening in a bottle though

Second part are vets that have current value. Would want of course more of a return than the part above

SP Gabriel Guerrero - Dude just wins. 18-4 in the bigs. Nice little 2-3 WAR guy, making the minimum. Groundballer who has a nice 8 K/9 on the year
SP Steven Matz - Matzie has had a nice little run with us after a tough 2019. 4-4, 3.68 ERA, 8.3 K/9. Reasonable arb numbers. Pace for a 3 WAR year
LH RP Scott Ronnenbergh - 70/65/55 vsL, doesn't make much in arb. 2.57 ERA in 21 G with a 1.05 WHIP on the year
LF RP Jason WIley - Struggled for me last year, but is back to 2018 form vsL for us (1.50 ERA, 0.67 WHIP vsL). On the league minimum
SS Deven Merrero - Glovely SS who hasn't hit in what few PA I've given him, but was a positive WAR 25th man for me in '18 and '19 - least expensive of this set of guys
C Brett Nicholas - Most underrated C in MLB Pro. On pace for 25 HR and 4.1 WAR this year. 20 HR each from 17-19. 14.1 WAR from 16-19. Walks a ton, is a better defensive catcher (stat wise) than his ratings say he should be. Can help with $ side
LF Edwin Rodgers - Nice little OF, probably more of a 4th man on a good team, but he's on 4 WAR/20-20 pace. Surehanded glove, still in arb
RF Kyle Parker - Solid righty OF has raked this year, also a leader. 
1B Jorge Alvarado - Had a team ping on him, and I listened so might as well state that I'd move him. Overall stats on the year suck, but he's been BABIP and he's been better of late since I let him play the field. I'm not selling low, so if your plan is to lowball me, save the time and don't reach out

Third part is the FAs I signed - I can't actually deal them til 6/1, but if you want to start talks, I'm happy to

SP Brett Anderson - Virtually free, and could be lightening in a bottle pickup
1B Paul Goldschmidt - Doesn't hit for average (or hasn't this year) but on 44 HR and 146 RBI pace, good for 3 WAR. Strikes out a lot, but also on pace for 70 walks. Can help with this years $ if need be, and he's got a nice little 5 mil cheapo team option for 21
2B Kolten Wong - Captain. I think he performs if he's on a winner (see how he's struggled this year and for Detroit, but was great for me when I had him in 2019). Can help with $$
SS Brandon Crawford - Solid 3rd MIF type on an inexpensive deal. If he's your 3rd MIF, his vesting option likely wouldn't vest (he's at 44/100 games played)
CF Yoenis Cespedes - Nice CF which can be a hard spot to fill. On pace for 29 HR and 2.5 WAR
RF Jay Bruce - Hasn't hit as I'd have hoped, but the power is there, not expensive at all
3B Anthony Rendon - The big-ticket item. Not going to be cheap prospect-wise. On pace for an amazing season at nearly 9 WAR as he's hitting .330.



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