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MTBL has moved to ootp 15 need gms

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MTBL Has Moved to 15 Looking for New GMs

Hi All,

We have moved to OOTP 15 and are looking for new owners. Below is a list of the teams avaliable and the basic informaiton on the league. Email me if your interested:

Current Teams Opened:
Braves- Has caretaker
Red Sox
Yankees- Has caretaker
Mariners- Has caretaker

Full League Name (Initials): More Talented Baseball League (MTBL)
Website URL: MTBL Central | MTBL Central 
Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum Username: outkast2k
Email Address: [email protected]
OOTP Version: OOTP 15
Game Needed?: Yes
Players: Currently in the 13th in game season (Started in 2009 currently in 2023)
# Of Teams: 24
Exports Days & Deadlines: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 PM Eastern
League Time Per Sim: 7 Days
First Season: 2009
Current Season: 2023
Rules & Settings:
Financial System: Off
125MM Hard cap
Coaches: OFF
Scouting: OFF
Rule 5 Draft: Disabled
10/5 Rule: Enabled
Ratings Scale: 1-10
Injury Setting: Low
Draft Pick Trading: On (Current season draft picks only)
Minor League System: Complete
Playoffs: Modern (Division Series, League Championship Series, World Series) 5-7-7
Designated Hitter: AL Only
2012 CBA Rule Changes: Enabled







Eric (current commish) stepped up when the old commish just couldn't run the league anymore due to job and getting burnt out on ootp.

We lost gms before we were able to convince him he needed help.


Eric took over and we got stable again but need new gms to fill the void.

we started to have gms run a second team opposite of their current team league as a kind of caretaker.


We have three teams which such a caretaker and they are Mariners, Yankees and Braves.


We did lost a few Gms in the switch to OOTP 15 but thought the switch was necessary.


The league was once one of the top leagues in OOTP and we want to bring it back to that . 


But we need you to help bring this league back to glory.

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