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Red Sox / White Sox Trade

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The Boston Red Sox Trade:

RP Kelvin Herrera (waivers)

SS Arnold Flores (A-)


The Chicago White Sox Trade:

OF Arturo Cruz (ML)


The Red Sox and White Sox make a trade to send players across the field while involved in a series with one another.  The White Sox pick up a needed bullpen arm while trying to get a return of value for an outfielder in Cruz we just didn't have room for on the Major League roster.  We also pick up a low-level prospect with some middle infield upside to even the balance of the swap a bit.

Thanks to Brett, as always, for the quick & easy transaction, and best of luck in 2020.

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Crowded bullpen meant someone needed to go.  We are hoping Cruz and his power will help our putrid offense so far to date.   


Thanks Jonathan

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