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Paul T

Team Achievement wording

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Posted (edited)

Hey Admins

I have what should be a relatively minor, yet simple suggestion.  I know this has been brought up a few times before, but the wording on the Team Achievement page can be a bit misleading (i.e. Playoff 2, Playoff 3, etc.).

Path:  Team Stats > Team History > Achievement


The labels that seem OK are:  Promoted, Saved by Playoffs, Missed Playoffs, Relegated by Playoffs, and Golden Cup winner (although I would capitalize "Winner" to emphasize it 😉

The ones that can use updating are:  Playoff 2, Playoff 3, Playoff 4 & Playoff 5. 

My suggested updates are:

Playoff 2 = 1st Round Playoffs

Playoff 3 = 2nd Round Playoffs

Playoff 4 = GHL Semifinals (to my knowledge, Playoff 4 only appears for GHL playoffs and none of the lower leagues)

Playoff 5 = GHL Cup Finalist (Playoff 5 only appears for GHL playoffs and indicates a loss in the finals)

*I was originally going to suggest that Playoff 3 = Quarterfinals, but that would only apply to GHL.  I think my suggestions above would be accurate for every league level.


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