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Boston Updated Offseason Block

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1B Alex Dickerson

1B Kenkichi Tanaka
1B Tae-Hyeok Nam
OF Claudio Echevarria
OF John Drennen
OF Arturo Gomez
OF Domonic Brown
SP Daniel Hudson
SP Neftali Feliz
SP Tijuan Walker
SP Daniel Hudson

Others available, just ask

Seeking upgrade at C, power hitter and LH MR. As always specs

Boston Redsox GM

Career Record:  610-686 

2012: 82-80 3rd place

2013: 93-69 World Series Champions

2014:  84-78 4th Place

2015:  73-89 4th Place

2016:  64-98 4th Place

2017:  72-90 5th Place

2018:  61-101 5th Place

2019:  81-81 3rd Place


"Sooner Born, Sooner Bred, When I Die, I'll Be Sooner Dead"



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