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We're an interactive simulation-style merger of fantasy sports & esports, with you being able to be as "hands-on" or as "hands-off" as you desire. You are given a platform to play, coach, be an owner or GM, or provide coverage letting out your inner analyst/writer.


It's for those of us who always wanted to see what it'd be like if we played in the NBA... for those of us who wanted to be sports analysts & columnists, for those of us that wanted to see how we'd do if we could call the shots... for those of us who hate seeing our favorite teams and players lose over and over again and wish it could be different... and for those of us that just simply love sports and like to be entertained. SimWorld is designed for you to be a part of, just as much as it is for you to follow!


SimWorld will curate the content but the sky is the limit in regard to what & how you'd like to cover the action.


Email at [email protected] with interest!

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